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  1. Well most know that I'm married and just about a month ago, I went outside my marriage to find someone who could give me what my husband wouldn't or can't. It wasn't really sex I was after, more like a friendship and a closeness that made me feel important and wanted in some sense.
    Anyways, things went great for the past 2 weeks until I slipped and gave in. We had sex last Saturday, and I should of knew it was the end right there, but I didn't.
    All week I've been brushed off and of all weeks, my mom just had to be in the hospital all this week due to tumors of her here I am in need of someone to talk to about it all and he just didn't have the time all of the sudden to be there for me like I was for him with the finalization of his divorce last Wednesday.
    So, I'm such a stupid blonde to not have seen it coming.:mad Honesty would of been nice to have had from him. If you don't want more than what we've already had, you could of told me then instead of now trying to tell me that I've hurt his feelings by apparently talking to his ex's boyfriend and sending pics....WHAT? I've never met his ex and I sure in the hell don't know his ex's now he's just playing the field like a wounded victim instead of just maning up and saying he's a jerk.:asshole
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