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  1. My wife has made leaps and bounds of the sexual kind in the last few years. It took me awhile for her to admit to me some of her fantasies and boy are they yummy!

    Our last sex sesh we had was something different, she completely shocked me! I was pounding her doggy (she asked me too) and I as usual told her “Baby, I’m going to fucking bust a nut!” She likes oks back over her shoulder and outta nowhere says “ Baby, please cum in my face” I was taken by surprise, she always said cumming in someone’s face was degrading. Which I explained 3 months ago, that it isn’t if she’s in control of the situation. No talk of it for 3 months and now she more or else begs for it? I pulled out and told her to get on her knees, I stroked my cock now completely engorged until the largest load I’ve shot in months comes out and absolutely sprays her face, shoulder and both breasts. I have no idea I could still cum like that, in that quantity. What can I say, I was impressed with myself and impressed and shocked by her sudden turn around on facials. I watched as she grabbed my cock after the massive cumshot and bury it in the back of her throat. She kept deep throating me until I couldn’t stand the after climax tickle anymore. She reached down with her hands and spread my cum all over her mouth and breaths. It was a night of surprises and one we repeated shortly after, cum shot again massive! I honestly didn’t think it would turn me on like this and she remarked how surprised she was to actually enjoy taking my load on her face. Only rule??? She says everything below the eyes is mine! She said and I quote “ I just got these lashes done 3 days ago and I’m not having you cum on them!” Loud and clear my dear, loud and clear. I do wonder what changed her mind on facials though?
  2. “Porn Music Video” of the day, if you want to see more? Head over to general sex discussions in the forums and check a few more I posted under (PMV’s)
  3. Ladies: my wife loves anal play In fact she would rather have a good stretch applied to her backdoor then her front. Dildos, plugs and rim jobs are all big hits during our playtime? What are your favorite anal delights or stories?
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