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  1. There is an attractive woman who works at the pool where I go to swim in the morning.

    After my swim I strip off and shower. As I'm showering she's sometimes standing just outside chatting to her friend. The warm soapy water runs down my body and over my balls and penis. I listen to her sweet voice chatting and laughing with her friend.
  2. When I see a woman swimming I admire the power and gracefulness of her body and think about the power in her legs and body as she moves through the water. It sometimes makes me think about what physical needs she has and what would satisfy her. If a woman is wearing an outfit that shows off her legs and body or she is dancing or doing anything physical it makes me think the same thing. The power in her legs and body shows her sexual power but the full depth of her passionate feelings remains a mystery. It makes me feel excited but also a bit intimidated, it makes me aware of my own sexuality but also wondering if I could match her sexual needs.
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