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  1. I'm going to try and free myself from the whole blog as a diary kind of thing and just talk about whatever I feel like. A little while ago I ran into someone that was at the same party where I met hubby. (it was actually a dinner party so imagine a party and then add pretentious food and coversation and remove anything remotely fun)

    My sister had invited me with her then bf. She begged me to go to make up the number as her dickhead bf was making such a fuss out of it. Anywho I had just gotten back from Iraq and was on post tour leave but I was staying in camp for the first few days before I went on holiday to cyprus with some mates.

    Anywho it was just awful, there was one other single bloke there but neither of us was interested. Then there was this shrew who kept wanting to talk about the wars in Iraq and afghanista. And her mate and and my sisters bf who were apparently her little cohorts kept pushing her along.

    So anywho I just started to get drunk on the wine (some more snide comments but it made the company bearable) and just nodded and smile. But this shrew's bf kept interrupting everybody and saying they should all listen to my opinion. I actually didn't have any opinion, but I was quite chuffed that he cared what I thought so I did my best to form one quick time. So I spouted some nonsense which he didn't actually agree with but managed to rephrase for me so it didn't sound quite so witless, and he managed all this without being condescending.

    Anyway future hubbie is looking red hot:dgrin right about now, and I'll be honest the fact that he's the shrew's gf only makes him more appetising.
    So i'll skip through dinner to when I managed to get him alone in the hall and put my knickers in his hand and whispered that it would be worth his while nipping upstairs with me for 10 mins.

    Of course he didn't. I was v shocked and v upset. So I went back to the table and just got more progressively drunk.

    Anywho I'll skip ahead and make clear why the story of how I met hubby isn't really one I can't tell in polite company. I was very drunk struggling to walk drunk I was also getting a bit aggressive towards the shrew.

    Anywho how to get me back to camp, my dimwit sister was going to call me a minicab, untill future hubbie pointed out that he wasn't going to put a woman that could barely walk into a cab alone. So he was going to drive me home and shrew and her mates were taking a cab (he's actually teetotal)

    Anywho Shre wasn't happy, I was sensing that my oppurtunity was coming around again. It wasn't:eyes

    On the trip back he managed to fend off my several attempts to fellate him, he also ignored my suggestions of good places to pull over.

    anywho back to camp, I'm still not sure how he managed to get onto camp, I think what happened was he asked for a female member of the guard which there wasn't. He wasn't prepared to leave me in an all male guardroom (which I don't blame him for) and wanted a female to take me back to the room.

    The guard commander couldn't care less he wanted me to make my own way back to my bunk. But future hubby wasn't having it. So the guard commander sent us both on our way he shouldn't have he didn't know hubby from adam, but I think cause he was dressed smart and spoke confidantly he was a bit intimidated.

    Anyway back to my room, where I had one last try confidant this would be the one. No chance. So i chucked off my dress which caught him by surprise cause I wasn't wearing any undies now and got into bed and that was all I remember. He actually left the knickers I gave him in my laundry basket.

    So yet another turn as a social hand grenade. Any who a few days later when I was about to leave on holiday I got a call from the guard room someone was at the gate for me and i didn't recognise the name. It was future hubby, asking if I wanted to do to dinner, anyway I was getting ready to leave so we just went to a cafe for a tea.

    He'd chucked his missus, I was fucking astounded. I was embarressed and got angry about what he expected to happen. But he was perfectly calm and let me rant for a bit, and I left with his phone number. He actually woudn't take my mobile no cause he said he didn't intend annoying me.

    Anyway I didn't play the usual game of making him wait the flight to cyprus was long enough. I rang him in the airport got his email and spoke to him 2 or 3 times a day along with long sessions in the internet cafe.

    So thats it I came close to having a shag a few times but I just didn't feel like it. The whole holiday was intended as a shagfest so my mates got a bit pissed with me and I got dumped. So I was reduced to sightseeing around one of the most staggaring beautiful islands in the world !! imagine:eyes
    What would happen is future hubby would research where I should go, then off I'd go and see it.

    Anyway he was waiting at the airport when I flew back.
  2. Oh dear I suspected when I started this blog that I'd lose interest after a while, hence 3 entries in fairly rapid succession and then nothing for weeks.

    Maybe it's because I was struggling with the concept of whether this is meant to be a kind of online diary or just an outlet for whatever random thoughts are going through my head.

    Anywho one worry I had that I might be recognisable and that some of the personal things I'm writing about myself or other people in my life, might come back to bite me in the arse, the fact that few people are reading it is putting my mind at rest:)

    Anywho whats been happening recently, my sister in law has got a new bf which will be her second. The first one was such a nice bloke but she messed him around and she got chucked. I think she was a bit surprised that he felt entitled to chuck her and it took a while for her to get over it. I advised her to apologize and make ammeds but she wasn't having it.

    Still she got a new one in fairly quick time who again seems like a nice bloke so she's obviously doing something right. She's feeling a lot more confidant these days cause she'd lost a lot of weight. I had promised her in the past that we'd go clothes shopping. She reminded me off it last week so off we went. Though I made her bring K with her, D hasn't got many friends so she needs to look after the ones she has.

    D wanted fairly fancy stuff rather than just lounging around. She does have fashion sense of a sort and ended up with some nice outfits she really wanted to start wearing dresses, and she ended up with a nice halter black one which worked nice for her figure although I noticed that when she found one she liked all the others were similar, although she had her own sense of what she wanted so I didn't argue.

    K just looked lost though wouldn't pick anything herself but would try on anything I suggested, so I'll be honest I just treated he like a doll for the afternoon. She also didn't have that much money so hubbies magic credit card made an appearance. Rather than just embarress her I'd kind of confuse things I'd let her pay for one thing herself, then make a fuss over something and mix her other items up with mine and just distract her so she didn't realise I was paying. I think D noticed (I know she's said before to other people that I freely spend hubbies cash:mad, which is true:))

    anywho because K basically been copying my work out her tummy is really toned now and I was telling her to show it off. So rather than fancy party clothes I got her lots of tops and shorts and skirts. We left one shop with her wearing a halter and shorts and I could see she was really uncomfortable and I didn't know whether I had done the right thing but after a while she didn't seem to notice.

    Later on I was debabting to go looking at frillies, I asked them if they wanted to go into ann summers. I got the impression D wanted to say no and then for me to argue so she could act like I was dragging her along but that she was above it all.

    Anywho they both said yeah, they ended up with some bras and knickers. D actually followed my advice and got a nice chemise (cause she is still overweight) and K did the same. But then D really shocked me when she asked about some of the lubricants she saw on the shelf. For the first time I got the impression that sex might have been a bit of a struggle for her.

    Instead of making a big deal of it I just acted blase 'yeah I said everybody uses them, its normal look at the amount of choice you've got' she really surprised me when she picked 2 that i reccomended. I didn't want to go into a big detailed description of my current usage of lubricants with her brother. I just wanted to make her feel like it was the most common thing in the world to buy.

    Anywho I was feeling better about the whole day then. So I brought them to an independent lingerie shop off the high street which lets you try stuff on (at their discretion). Things were going really well now D realised she felt a lot more comfortable in a teddy. I sensed she was uncomfortable being naked in front of someone so i made a point of mentioning that you could keep it on during sex. Which caught her attention even if she didn't say so.I had tons of lingerie so I bought another cami and bra and knickers set.

    When we got home I asked D how she was getting on with the new bf but she wouldn't give details, she's still not comfortable talking about sex and because I felt she had gone quite a distance today I didn't push.

    She lives at home with her parents and even though they wouldn't mind I know she hasn't had either bf stay over. I know that she doesn't feel comfortable when she stays at a mans house so I offered her the key to our granny flat as kind of neutral ground though she didn't say yes or not.

    All in all I think my relationship with her is improving.
  3. I got everything waxed today, I was going to leave it another week because usually I wait till I have a fair amount of stubble. But I was reading a post today about shaving your pubes and I remembered that the girl I had last time said that I didn't have to wait that she'd be able to do it at any stage. So I booked myself in this evening.

    I'm mad about this new girl, she doesn't try to make idle chat totally professional and in less than half the time the old girl took.

    Anywho hubby was a bit miffed when he got home he saw me lounging around in a rugby top and he guessed. He's not keen on me removing my pubes. we had an arguement a few months ago ,when my sister in law noticed at the gym and started mouthing off about it weirdo that she is. At the time I was in kind of two minds about it but now that its an issue I refuse to back down.

    I started shaving my pubes when I joined the army, some of the girls were already doing it but when my cpl said that she did just because it was easier to clean yourself when you were on exercise I just took it as gospel so my first weekend off I got my bf to do it for me presuming he'd have some knowledge of shaving. I also nicked a load of his boxers agains on my cpl's advice cause they're more comfy on exercise plus with the buttons on the front you can get at yourself to clean without having to pull everything down.

    Anywho it was a lot easier to clean myself pubes are sweat and dirt magnets if you shave you can just give yourself a quick clean with a babywipe plus guys go crazy about it which at 16 is no small thing.

    I'm 29 now and I just don't want to look in the mirror and see something different looking back, plus my pubes are like wire. Anywho my hubbie stared at me distracted for a little bit but decided it wasn't worth the arguement
  4. I got a shock this morning. I post quite regularly on another forum to do with army. I'll be honest at times I got a little bit wound up and safe in my anonymity, I mouthed off a lot.

    I think a lot of it was to do with the fact that while you're in the army you're expected to keep your mouth shut and just get on with it. Anywho I've been posting quite a while and ahm I've ahm got a few negative comments. Anywho someone read through all my posts that refering to different places I served and was able to work out my real name.

    I think the main reason he did it was to make sure that I was actually in the army and not just some flamer anywho I got an email this morning and I nearly wet myself. Hubby had to remind me that I wasn't in the army anymore and there was fuck all anybody could do.

    Anywho I don't know who this guy is he said he had no intention of posting my name on the forum he just said that I'd annoyed him with one particular thing I had posted and that he had wanted to check up on me.

    Anywho I don't think anything will come of it but I'm taking it as a warning lesson. I've posted so many embarressing episodes from my sex life in here that the last thing I want is for this to get out.

    * * *

    Anywho as for my day well it started off with a shag as per usual. I've never really been a fan of sex straight after I've woken up but hubby and I made an agreement that we'd stick to our routine sexually. Anywho I was aching downstairs after the sex last night. I was very nearly going to play the 'I'm sore' card but then thought better of it. Hubby would only feel guilty about fucking me while i was dry yesterday.

    Anywho hubby splashed loads of lube on so it was okay. Actually the best part was hubby putting on the lube. He's always really gentle when he handles my vagina he's never realised that he doesn't actually have to work the lube right into me, but it feeels quite nice so I've always let him do it. The disadvantage of the lube is that he lasts for ages and I have to really bear down on him to finish. Plus though he doesn't realise himself he's quite big, and he doesn't really start to feel it untill he's all the way in.I don't cum myself but I rarely do in the mornings.

    It's time like these I wish he'd let me give him oral sex. I know he does sometimes think about it when I kneel down to wash his cock in the shower but I doubt he'll ever change his mind.

    * * *

    Anywho D came by about noon, when we getting ready in a plaintive way she said that she had lost 6 pounds in the last month. I really felt for her and tried to boost her confidence saying she'd have to buy all new clothes soon.

    Then I discovered that she had been a bitch and not invited her friend again so I kicked off and insisted she ring K there and then and that we were going to wait for her. Anywho D does work in the gym these days but only if I make her, and fuck up my own workout in the process.

    Anywho I felt more alive after my work out and i even went for a run when I got back. Being a true housewife I just finished dinner as hubby's working late tonight. I'm still not really in form for a heavy shagging tonight so the plan is for dinner then a good snog on the couch and then a nice gentle shag after he's good and worked up.
  5. Right I'm going to start a blog, I think I'm just hogging the threads with my long winded messages so this would probably be the place to get everything off my chest.

    Oh Easter sunday, I don't even think it's a proper holiday. Anywho hubby and the in-laws are the only people I know that make a big deal out of it. So we had a proper extended family dinner. Which of course was a culinary disaster. Which of course I knew it was going to be.

    I think secretly my sister in law is addicted to disaster. She fucks something up bursts into tears and then everybody gathers around to console her. She tried to do this hugely complicated venison roast (which she ended up trying to fry) and I was just sitting there wondering if I was going to get away with having my second class of wine watching the whole train wreck happen, or would I have to wait till dinner.

    Anywho my sister in law (lets call her d) and I are destained to spend a lot of time together. Neither of us work for a start me because well.. I don't want to. Hubby made a deal that if I left the army there was no need for me to take another job (not that Im especially qualified for anything anyway) I worked for a while as an unpaid researcher and I volunteer a little. D however well she's meant to be helping look after my father in law (super guy) he's a wee bit disabled but anywho it's really him that looks after D.

    So D and I live a few hundred yards away our days are usually free so we spend time together. Recently I've started taking her to the gym with me. She's a bit of a chunky monkey so she's trying to lose weight, but none of her previous methods involve her eating less or working out so the results were pretty mixed. This actually ties into today's dinner cause she was trying to cook something low calorie - silly moo.

    So I take her to the gym most days, and recently she's even started to put a bit of effort in (we had a bit of a hiccup at first) she has a friend who's desperate to come but D often forgets about her so its me that has to go collect her. Her friend is getting a lot more out of it and I think D is getting jealous.

    She struggled with the concept of things like changing rooms and communal showers. At first I had to stand outside while she showered cause she didn't want anybody to see. that was actually a compromise cause originally she didn't want to shower at all but I insisted as its quite a drive home and we usually stop for lunch.

    Anywho I actually felt we were achieving something when she eventually did start sharing the shower first with me and her friend and then with strangers. We were making fuck all process with her fitness.

    Sometimes I feel sorry for her, she had a really nice bf for a while (who was a bit of a catch I think) but she didn't realise that couldn't treat him the way she did her friends and family cause he could always leave, which he did. She blames her weight but its not. I was expected to try and talk to her about it when she was having trouble at 29 he was her first boyfriend.

    I read sex into just about everything. I suggested that maybe she might want to spend the night regularly with him but she just looked offended I think she thought she was doing him a dirty favour when she had sex with him. Anyway I tried to ask and give a few suggestions but she wasn't having it.

    I'm a bitch I know my first blog entry dedicated to bad mouthing my sister in law. In the army I was used to having to live and work with people that I didn't especially like so you think I'd be able to deal with it.

    Maybe its because I haven't really made that many close friends since I moved out here and I kind of want her to be like a proper sister.

    Anywho this is a blog on sexual forum so whats happening in my sex life. Sex this morning wasn't great hubby had things on his mind but it's our routine that we have sex in the morning and he would have been annoyed if I had told him we didn't have to.

    Sex this this evening was a lot better I did a short workout in an empty upstairs bed room then called him in to help me stretch. Like I've done a few time before I made a big deal of noticing his hard on and getting angry, telling him he was interrupting my workout. Then with an attitude telling him he had better fuck me so (when i call sex fucking it freaks him out).

    When I put on an attitude its usually his queue to take me from behind and the he can be a little rough. He loves it doggy style with my knickers and pants pulled down. He also loves it when I'm a little dry so I put him into me a little early this time. It does get sore but he knows not to go too deep untill I get wet. when we fuck like this he always puts both hands under my shirt resting on my bra (he's got a thing for sports bras) Because I was so dry when he started he didn't last long enough for me to orgasm.

    It was only really foreplay for me anyway. I made a big show of pulling my knickers and shorts up and going back to stretching for a few minutes. We have this awesome shower (which deserves a post all to itself ) so a few minutes later hubbie was waiting there. This is the bit I love when he strips me off and takes me insides and starts washing me so all I have to so is stand there with my hands by my side.

    It's kind of a tease to be honest cause I'm ready to go long before he gets to my vagina and bum (this is actually the only time hubby touches my bum) but he does my whole body down to my toes before we fuck again and its bloody brilliant

    Anywho thats my day so far.
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