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  1. I was just part of a discussion that seemed to capture many angles of this lingering aspect of sexual experiences.

    Jamie is a pretty hot milf where I work. She is a dirty blond and wears it long. I would say she is an eight, very fit. I will give her a seven or seven in a half if I ever find out (at work so I only listen and don't pry... this situation was given to me without prompting) her pretty large breasts, must be a c-cup are not natural.

    Though this discussion was way too open I didn't mind and in her "defense" we were only ones there and I have been her shoulder to lean on for some other relationship stuff.

    At the morning greeting done perfunctorily I heard as passing by her desk to get to coffee room "I feel awesome, it is amazing what great sex will do for ones mood."

    Though we have talked in depth about her relationships I knew nothing other than that she claims to have a high drive about her sex life. This sure changed in the five minute conversation this morning, actually two days ago in the morning.

    She had taken the big step with a new lover. They had had sex at her place. She was all dreamy eyed and left out a few things that were quickly filled in by me. Her boyfriend of a year must be officially out of picture. I knew it had fizzled but didn't know she was officially dating again.

    "It was the best sex I have ever had by far."

    I think this was her second or third comment.

    I was not so sure that I wanted to talk this directly about sex at work so shifted to relationship part. I inquired about whether or not it is officially over with other guy or does she need to complete that yet or given status of last I heard of all but dead relationship does she even need to do so formally.

    "What should I tell him?" She asked me making it clear that though the prior was over it was not officially communicated yet.

    With a laugh I said with mock encouragement to leave what she had just declared out of it but that she should say something to make it final. I suggested something along lines of just letting him know in case he does not already that he needs to get his stuff (guy has own place but stays over enough to have personal belongings to pick up).

    I don't think she heard me. As soon as I stopped speaking she continued on, "He was so big, I mean like ten inches, at least nine."

    After saying my part I was fading away to go to my desk but stopped - she had raised my interests.

    "I was really scared at first. I mean he was so big you know. I just didn't think it would work, you know, how does such a thing get inside of me?" Her question was said rhetorically. I was kind of in the moment and her enthusiasm over what she had experienced the prior night was just bubbling over.

    She continued with something that showed how naive she can be given it was not a correct thought line, "I was thinking about not even trying but then thought about fact that woman can have babies (she has not yet) and so it has to be possible."

    She skipped forward in her eagerness to tell someone so I have no idea about foreplay time or lube used or anything else, "but he went slow for about minute and he did get in me."

    She paused then proclaimed, "I had no idea how well sex could feel. He brought me to orgasm during penetration. I have never thought that was possible for me."

    A woman being so open and speaking of sex in such glowing tones and words gave me a chubby. It being a work environment I just repeated my comment about prior relationship needing to formally end and went off to my desk noting another real episode that goes against the constant truly false "size does not matter."
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