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  1. You take a moment surprised at how much ur dribbling wet pussy has managed to squirt looking at me in disbelief and amazement you soon relax enough to want more you grab my cock and devour it hungrily again while you dont allow me to touch you the sensation of you sucking my hard cock drives me insane with lust thrusting my hips in time with you again u slide my cock out of ur mouth stroking it uncontrollably saying you want to fuck me dont you? my loud moaning is all I can muster so u stroke it even harder saying sorry I didnt quite get that with a very determined and demanding look on ur face while I scream out OH GOD YES I SOOO WANT TO FUCK YOU.
    You giggle a little knowing you literally have me by the balls and soon my cock is good and hard again. You lay down on ur back and spread ur pussy exposing how wet it is and i soon rub my hard cock on top of ur throbbing pussy teasing it even more u dig ur fingers into my back forcefully turning me on even more and u demand that I fuck you and I dont disappoint I slide the head of my cock inside ur wet pussy the sensation makes ur body tremble with excitement and i slide more of my cock deeper inside you making you scream in pleasure.
    I thrust my hard cock deeper and faster inside you making you moan like you've never moaned before telling me faster give it to me and with a smile i kiss ur lips passionately while i slam my cock all the way inside u ur screams and moans echo inside my mouth as we kiss uncontrollably our tongues licking deep inside each others mouth passionately, my balls slapping hard against ur throbbing wet pussy lips our moans echo all throughout the house each thrust of my cock makes us both moan uncontrollably the feel of ur hot wet pussy wrapped around my hard cock makes me moan louder then i sit up my cock still deep inside ur cock hungry pussy and bend u over pulling ur hair tightly as i slam my cock faster and harder inside you making u scream uncontrollably yelling thats the spot baby dont stop.
    i passionately kiss you from behind while ur sexy breasts sway heavily from side to side the slaps of my my balls slap harder driving you insane with lust loving every thrust wanting more so i use my free hand and finger fuck ur tight ass taking you by complete surprise while i whisper in ur ear come on babe ride it as u whimper in pleasure u thrust uncontrollably into my hard cock and my long wet fingers soon screaming again as you take my fingers all the way to my knuckle not wanting to stop while my hard pounding fucks u in time with ur riding.
    You try to moan out that ur about to cum but it feels sooo good that the words never leave ur mouth and with a loud moan u tightly wrap ur pussy lips around my cock as u cum hard ur pussy juices pouring out and running down ur legs but u dont stop fucking me and with ur pussy lips still tightly around my cock i cant help but scream out in pleasure even more with every thrust with my cock trapped deep inside u and u not wanting to let go I start moaning out its coming babe u start to scream out that ur gonna cum as well lets both cum together babe where do u want me to cum? I say screaming u still dont want to loosen ur grip on my cock so you tell me cum inside u I love the idea of cumming inside you and soon we both scream out together IM CUMMMMMMING.
    I EXPLODE DEEP INSIDE YOU my hot cum shoots deep inside you while u squirt uncontrollably again practically collapsing as soon as u do but i catch you in time looking back at me moaning out its sooo hot baby I fall back onto my back your body collapsing on top of mine we face each other completely out of breath my hot cum pouring out of ur throbbing pussy looking deep into each others eyes we smile and u say merry christmas before falling asleep on my chest I wrap my arms around you and whisper merry christmas in ur ear and we fall asleep

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  2. Its early Christmas day I wake up I turn to kiss you good morning but you are not there I look surprised so i get up and go down stairs to the loungeroom where the christmas tree is it looks wonderful the lights glowing their colours and a mountain of presents under the tree one curiously big gift catches my eye with a tag saying merry xmas enjoy, now I know I should wait but I cant find you anywhere so i undo the big red bow and the box flattens out completely sitting there is u in a santa hat and a red bow over where ur nipples are and another where ur sexy pussy is.
    You give me a sexy smile and winking at me asking if I want to open my xmas gifts? I nod in complete agreement while u giggle cheekily as I come and kiss you lovingly slowly sliding off ur bow on top of ur nipples as soon as i remove the bow ur sexy tits bounce out fully exposed for me to see looking at ur sexy tits longingly u start to blush almost as red as ur santa hat saying its embarrassing I think its cute seeing u blush like that and i tenderly kiss ur soft neck while my fingers caress ur sexy tits slowly and almost teasingly feeling as ur soft nipples soon become hard in between my fingertips.
    Your body slowly trembles in excitement awaiting for what I will do next and you soon find out I slowly and softly kiss down ur neck towards ur collar bone kissing it even more excitedly while u lay on ur back rubbing ur tits against me trying to get me to play with them harder. I soon start to pinch ur nipples a little harder and a slight excited moan is heard while u bite ur bottom lip I slowly kiss towards ur erect nipples using my tongue lovingly on ur tits while still playfully pinching ur hard nipples while the sensation sends shivers up and down ur spine.
    I soon squeeze ur tits together using my tongue to lick from one nipple to the other uncontrollably ur soft hands soon running through my hair while trying to press my mouth onto ur delicious tits and it works my mouth opens up wide and my mouth is soon being smothered by ur amazing tits ur hard nipples slapping against my tongue while my hands start to slowly wonder up and down ur leg.
    You press ur tits against my face more excitedly loving the sensation of my mouth and tongue licking and sucking ur tits like a man possessed while the sensation of my hand running up and down ur leg teasingly gives u goosebumps and a shivered moan can be heard leave ur hot mouth.
    You soon lift my head up and whisper to me to remove the other bow and I smile cause u dont have to ask me twice i sit up and slowly use my warm hands to slide up and down ur inner thighs ur panting increases in excitement knowing ill remove the bow and soon i slide off the other bow which is wet by this stage looking at ur deliciously sexy pussy i can see it throbbing already wet and aching to be touched u soon spread ur legs placing ur hand over it as if u were trying to stop me from looking at it you tell me to take off my boxer shorts and I do so to ur astonishment u see that I am already hard and drop of precum glistens at the very tip.
    Like a hungry animal u pounce on me I soon land on my back and u sit ur wet throbbing pussy onto my face while u hungrily lick the head of my hard cock tasting my precum loving the taste while I grab ur hips tightly and slide my long tongue deep inside u making u moan loudly the taste of ur hot pussy makes me even harder and soon ur hungrily devouring more of my hard cock.
    You suck my cock uncontrollably the taste of my cock puts ur head into a spin unable to control urself with pleasure while i thrust my tongue deeper and faster inside ur dripping wet pussy each thrust of my tongue makes u moan louder and more hungry for my cock to fuck you I slowly start to thrust my hips upwards in time with ur mouth taking more of my cock inside ur hot mouth.You start to thrust ur throbbing wet pussy harder on my tongue every thrust makes u feel like convulsing and the faster u thrust the more you are unable to control urself, you start to moan out to me that ur gonna cum I soon grab ur hip with one hand while i rub ur throbbing clit uncontrollably and soon u start screaming IM CUMMING!!!!
    Your body is unable to hold back and explodes unexpectedly the first time you ever squirt and I frantically lick all ur juices loving their taste the licking makes u collapse on top of me more than surprised that u just did that it seems that squirting took more out of you than even you realized and u ask if u can rest a moment while u try to recover a little

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  3. Its a beautiful warm day and im coming to visit you im staying at a local pub near where you're living and i call you and tell you that im here and that ill see you soon ur voice so excited over the phone that im finally here soon rushing around to come to the pub.
    You jump straight into my arms still somewhat surprised that im really here kissing my lips lovingly now knowing im really here, I hold u tightly in my arms kissing u more passionately not wanting to let you go. I then whisper in ur ears i love you and i can see the back of ur neck getting goosebumps you whisper that u love me too and i smile warmly, I tell u that i have a gift for you but you already know what it is and ur more than anxious to see it up close. Its a new toy for you and i have also brought my laptop you wonder why but i wink and i soon show you.
    You smile eagerly as you realize that there's some of ur favorite porn on it but you realize ur not wet so i whisper ill massage ur sexy body and just like that i slowly slide my big warm hands over ur shoulders while i softly kiss the back of ur neck. I tell you that id be able to massage ur body better with ur top off and u give me a sexy shy look as u slowly remove ur top ur sexy tits still covered by ur bra teasing me with its presence then i slowly return to massaging ur shoulders my tender kisses continue on the back of ur neck sending shivers up and down ur spine.
    You begin to watch whats on my laptop willingly and surprisingly it isn't long until u are sitting awkwardly still with ur pants on, i whisper in ur ear go on babe take them off you smile somewhat embarrassed but you do it teasingly slow while my big warm hands are now massaging ur back harder than on ur shoulders. You tell me that ur bra is feeling a little tight and ask me to remove it smiling seductively you sit on the bed and i slowly remove ur bra as soon as i do ur sexy tits bounce almost hypnotically and i slowly start to massage your tits almost immediately from behind the sensation makes you softly bite ur bottom lip
    You grab ur panties and slide them off letting out a slight moan as i slowly start to rub ur nipples in between my big warm hands
    You continue to watch the movie and look back at me kissing my lips more lovingly the sounds of the moans on the movie soon gets u more excited u grab one of my hands and move it towards ur trembling pussy while u squeeze my other hand tighter around ur tit our kisses becoming more passionate and ur moans become louder in my mouth as i slowly trace around ur sexy pussy teasingly ur body shivering in excitement from my touch you grab ur other tit and start playing with it harder pinching ur nipple ur moans now becoming more intense from the sensation.
    You frantically start telling me to slide my finger inside you and i smile telling u to look at the movie as i run my finger over ur clit rubbing it playfully ur body shakes and tries to move to get my finger inside ur throbbing pussy but it doesn't help i rub ur clit faster with every attempt making u moan out loud wanting me to finger fuck ur pussy. I whisper in ur ear do u want me to finger u hmm? u moan in response yes please baby do it, i stop rubbing ur throbbing clit and slide my finger deep inside ur wet trembling pussy you moan and arch ur back with every thrust while u look at me and the movie unable to stop watching the more you watch the more ur turned on the echoing of ur moans and and the moans in the movie turning me on too.
    You cant take it anymore u grab ur toy and u start it up the vibrations take you by surprise and u rub the head of ur toy over ur throbbing clit instantly u almost scream in pleasure the sensation almost too much for u to handle you look back at me and moan out that ur sooo wet and that u want ur toy inside you i smile and nod as i lay you down on the bed i remove my pants, my cock already hard but that doesn't stop u grabbing it hungrily sucking the head of my cock like a lollipop while i slide the head of ur toy inside ur juicy pussy. you moan uncontrollably and squeeze my hard cock tightly as it spreads ur wet pussy lips apart, i slide just the head inside ur wet juicy pussy while u take more of my hard cock into ur hot mouth.
    You grind ur hot pussy on the toy expecting more of it while u continue to devour my cock so i slide more of it inside you taking you by surprise and screaming out loud with my cock in ur mouth you look up at me and moan out yes baby more so i smile at you and point out ur handcuffs you brought and i soon have ur hands cuffed to the bed
    I slide my hard cock back inside ur mouth which u take eagerly and not only do i slide more of ur toy deeper inside u but i also push a button for it to vibrate harder, you clamp down on my hard cock not hard enough to hurt as i thrust more of ur toy inside ur cock hungry pussy ur moans and screams only echoed by my moans and the moans in the movie.
    I slide ur toy out of ur throbbing pussy and u look confused as to why i stopped so i turn u on ur side and i lay on my side and slide my long tongue deep inside ur wet pussy, your legs clamp down on my head as u continue to devour my cock uncontrollably. I slowly thrust more of my hard cock inside ur mouth while ur screams in pleasure seem never ending as i flicker my long tongue deeper inside you. you moans and screams become move violent and u clamp down tightly down on my head as you EXPLODE over my tongue ur cum pouring over my tongue and you cant seem to stop urself but you don't care.

    I slide my hard cock out of ur hot mouth and you look at me hungry for more so i uncuff u and bend u over ur wet throbbing pussy lips aching to be fucked so i spread ur pussy lips open and slowly slide my hard cock inside you you scream out as i slide my hard cock deep inside you while i pull ur hair back hard my balls slapping against ur wet pussy lips as u thrust in time with my thrusts, ur screams get louder as u grab ur toy and have it vibrate against ur clit your screams now turn to cries of pleasure as u demand i fuck u harder well i don't disappoint i slam my cock in deep and hard pulling ur hair back enough to kiss the back of ur neck passionately.
    Your wet pussy continues to grab my cock with every thrust but i just thrust it in harder and faster i grab ur hair with one hand and slap ur ass with the other taking u by complete surprise but u beg for another and another while ur sexy tits bounce furiously with every slap and thrust making u more demanding which im not afraid to do ur screams and cries almost sound painful but you threaten to hurt me if i stop, then you feel like ur going to cum again i go back to grabbing ur hips and thrusting my cock faster moaning out loud that ill cum in a moment, you beg me to hold on a little longer so we can cum together and i hold on just we both scream out that IM CUMMMMMING
    I EXPLODE DEEP inside you which is what you thought but i had a condom on my hot cum flooding the rubber deep inside your cum hungry pussy while u gush all over ur toy and collapse almost passing out from pleasure i slowly slide my cock out of ur cum dripping pussy and collapse next to you looking deep into ur eyes as we kiss lovingly and you cuddle up to me and fall asleep

    and then you wake up and we do it all over again ;)

    THE END ;)
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  4. It's a beautiful summers day and we decide to go bushwalking a small backpack on both our backs with food water and first aid kit just in case, we go to an area you know really well cause you have been there plenty of times before. You warn me that the rocks can be slippery and that it can be easy to hurt urself if ur not careful i smile warmly and we continue on, we get pretty far into our bushwalk when we decide that we need a rest we take off our bags and take out our water and food a nice spot for a snack
    Neither of us had noticed just how hot and sweaty we really were at that moment I could look to where u are sitting and see ur top completely covered in sweat ur hard nipples almost visible if it wasn't for ur top. I cant help but notice how hard ur nipples look through ur top if I didnt know any better id swear you were not wearing a bra, then it happens you notice a gaze and you realize what I was looking at you give me a cheeky smile and say like what you see hmm?
    At that moment I knew I was in for it a good slap across the face... but instead you casually come and sit next to me your warm smile looking even more amazing this close, I can clearly see the sweat trickle down ur amazingly sexy body and I apologize for looking but u whisper in my ear '' I'm not wearing a bra'' you grab my hand and slowly slide it over ur sweat soaked top, my hand slowly closing around ur soft tits.
    You softly bite ur bottom lip as I continue to slowly run my big hand over ur sexy tits ur top still covering them teasing me as i softly pinch ur nipples looking into ur eyes i smile and kiss ur lips lovingly taking you by surprise, our tongues enter each others mouth hungrily while u press ur hand on top of mine squeezing ur tit and soon my other hand is soon helping to play with ur other sexy tit through ur sweat soaked top making you shiver softly soon you stop kissing me and push me back a little grabbing some of ur water and pouring it over ur top, the water exposing ur sexy tits through ur top and showing how hard ur nipples have become.
    you soon coax me over again and i kiss u passionately my big warm hands cupping ur sexy tits uncontrollably making you moan softly in my mouth you look at me hungrier and grab my hands and slide them under ur top my hands rubbing ur amazingly soft tits my fingers pinching ur nipples playfully while i feel ur hands sliding under my top soon ur sliding my sweaty top off smiling cheekily as you do it and you also slide ur top off slowly exposing ur amazing tits ur nipples nice and hard and i cant help myself i latch onto one of them licking ur hard nipples with my long tongue, you sit back up against a rock and run ur fingers through my hair as i continue to lick ur hard nipples uncontrollably sucking them now like a baby ur nipples gently nibbled on while ur sexy tits are sucked and played with like a man possessed.
    You grab my head and look back up at me simply saying ''my turn'' pushing me back onto the grassy area covered by trees sitting on top of me kissing me passionately ur sexy tits swaying as we kiss harder and more passionately i try to grab ur sexy tits but u slap my chest playfully going mmm mmm not yet ur knees now on my hands so i cant reach you so you can take ur time with me. The cool gentle breeze makes u shiver and once again makes ur nipples grow harder again. ''You're all mine'' you eventually say telling me not to move u sliding ur surprisingly wet panties off and with a grin sit on my face.
    You didnt have to tell me twice i grab ur legs and spread them wider exposing more of ur throbbing pussy my long tongue sliding deep inside you making u tremble and scream almost instantaneously leaning back placing ur hand on my chest as u start to ride my long tongue while u rub ur clit slowly ur tits bouncing in time with every thrust. You cry out ''MORE'' and i slide my whole tongue deep inside ur throbbing wet pussy as you moan uncontrollably as u scream ''GOOD BOY THAT'S THE SPOT''
    soon you cant take it anymore you pull my shorts down still laying on top of me grabbing my hard cock and sliding it inside ur hot mouth making me shiver and moan deep inside ur pussy you dont hesitate taking my cock and devouring it uncontrollably pushing my legs down so i dont thrust into ur mouth so i spread ur juicy wet pussy lips spread them wider and slide my finger deep inside you while i continue to lick like a man possessed making u scream all over my cock while u thrust ur hot trembling pussy down on my finger driving us both wild with lust.
    You soon sit up off my hard cock and lay in the shade spreading ur wet pussy lips wide shivering with excitement as you say ''please fuck me'' i smile hungrily as i lay next to you kissing you passionately as i rub my hard cock on top of ur juicy pussy teasing you a little making you squirm uncontrollably and then i slide my hard cock slowly inside ur hot throbbing pussy you push down hard on the grass as i slide more of my hard cock inside you but you stop me and i dont know why you ask me if i have protection? i smile and place a condom on my hard cock and i slide my hard cock back inside you making you scream with delight.
    You wrap ur legs around me begging me to fuck you and i kiss the side of ur neck passionately as i slowly start to thrust my big hard cock deep inside your cock hungry pussy, ur cries of pleasure turn me on and i start to slam my cock in deeper and faster making u moan uncontrollably digging ur fingers into my back shouting ''FUCK ME BABY'' and i do just that i thrust deeper and faster my balls slapping hard against ur wet pussy lips, we both moan uncontrollably the echo could be heard from all around and u dig ur fingers deeper into my back as you scream ''I'M CUMMING''
    My thrusting doesnt stop in fact it only gets faster you push me over and sit on top of my hard cock sliding all of my hard cock deeper inside u bouncing on top of my hard cock ur breath escapes u with every thrust.
    you ride my hard cock faster ur sexy tits bouncing uncontrollably with each thrust making us both thrust in time making my cock slide deeper ur hot pussy slamming down on my balls while i grab ur tits and suck on them hungrily again the sensation driving us both wilder with passion our hot moans echoing again all around us ud think wed be busted but at this stage neither of us cared, then u tell me ur getting tired and that you want me to get you on all fours and fuck you from behind.
    Soon u slide off my still hard cock and bend over and i soon get behind u and grab ur hips and pull ur hair playfully as i slam my hard cock deep inside u again making us both scream uncontrollably in pleasure, the sensation of ur hair being pulled and my hard cock slapping deep inside u drives u insane with lust rubbing ur clit uncontrollably moaning as if ur life depended on it then i can feel like it wont be long i grab both ur hips hard and thrust my hard cock deeper and as hard as i can moaning over and over that im gonna cum baby your screaming utters a few words of ''ME TOO'' and with a final thrust i EXPLODE deep inside ur cock hungry pussy my big hot load caught by the condom as u also scream out ''I'M CUMMING'' your body convulses from the sensation so much that you collapse in pleasure and i collapse next to you my protected cock still inside u as we catch our breath grabbing some water from our fun day out

    the end
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  5. It's an exciting day we are finally on our way to visit our friend in the USA, bags packed and everything is safe and sound and we are comfortably sitting in our seats. You have the window seat loving the view as we are soon in the air nothing but the beautiful blue sky with clouds that almost look like cotton balls the idea of being that high up makes u feel a little nervous but I help you relax by reassuring you that everything is going to be alright
    Your smile soon recovers as you soon relax again in your seat wondering about what to do until we land, you look at me and whisper very cheekily that u have to go to the bathroom and that you may need a hand I soon get up and walk over to the bathroom none of the stewardesses are near the area so I enter the bathroom still a little unaware as to what is on your mind.
    We both enter the bathroom and as soon as i turn to face you you kiss me passionately taking me by surprise but I soon hold you close and return your passionate kiss making your body shiver happily. You lift your top up exposing a red bra covering an amazing looking pair of tits, the sensation giving you goosebumps as our kisses become more intense. I smile as our tongues entwine with each other the feel of your bra against my chest beginning to turn me on and you know it, you soon slide your warm hands over my pants feeling the bulge and teasing it at the same time while I squeeze your sexy tits through your bra the sensation makes us both moan softly in each others mouth.
    Your soft warm hands continue to rub the bulge of my pants teasingly and soon I cant take it anymore I lift your bra up exposing your sexy tits your nipples already nice and hard from the sensation of us in the bathroom and I rub your amazing tits playfully at first gently squeezing your hard nipples in between my fingertips, you moan louder in my mouth and soon you have your warm hands inside my pants the feel of my hard cock in your hands makes me moan and tremble in pleasure from your touch.
    You soon stop kissing me and you place my hand inside your now wet panties biting your bottom lip you mention that your pussy is aching wet for my touch and you don't have to tell me twice,I move your panties over to the side and gently rub your clit driving you insane with lust.
    You soon drop my pants my hard cock flops out and you look at it hungrily I whisper it's all yours and without a second hesitation u slide my hard cock inside your hot mouth, the sensation makes me bite my bottom lip in pleasure loving the sensation not wanting you to ever stop. Your tongue frantically licks all over my cock while I rub your clit faster and harder making you smile and moan louder while looking up at me the hungry look in your eyes turns me on even more and I soon stop rubbing your throbbing clit and I slide my fingers inside your hot wet cock hungry pussy, the sensation making you almost gag in excitement while your sexy tits continue to bounce uncontrollably from your hot mouth sucking my hard cock harder.
    My fingers thrust deeper and harder inside your throbbing wet pussy and u thrust your hips in time with my fingers hoping to slide them in deeper which only drives you even hungrier with lust so you drop your dripping wet panties and push me onto the seat ur throbbing and shaken pussy begs to be fucked I grab you and grab you from behind sitting you down on my hard cock, the feeling instantly makes u almost scream but you cover your mouth so no one can hear but I soon move your hand and cover it with my mouth while I thrust my hard cock deep and hard inside you while you grope ur sexy tits uncontrollably. The feel of my hard cock inside your hot throbbing pussy makes us both moan uncontrollably inside each others mouth as you continue to bounce on my hard cock your tits now bouncing freely as you place ur hands on my lap so you can ride me harder.
    It drives me insane with lust I grab your tits roughly and play with them uncontrollably while your trying not to scream from pleasure, you ride even faster now my balls slapping hard against ur wet juicy pussy lips making you almost cry in pleasure in my mouth tightening up your pussy uncontrollably as u scream in my mouth as you cum hard all over my cock,my moans to become heated and uncontrollable either knowing I'm about to cum u slide off my hard cock and slide it in between ur big sexy tits just as you do I hurriedly place my hand over my mouth as I completely coat your tits with my hot sticky cum.
    I collapse back on the seat and u giggle a little bit as u wipe all the sticky cum off you some trickling down ur sides as you do then we help each other up get dressed and go back to our seat and fall asleep in each others arms
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  6. It’s a beautiful summers day and we decide to have a picnic a nice big blanket a basket full of food and a big drink we choose a nice grassy area no body around the warm sun shining on us you have worn a lovely skirt and top while I have a pair of shots and tshirt, We roll out the blanket sits us on it easily the only thing warmer than the sun is ur warm smile we have a lot of food and a big fruit salad for dessert, We sit down to our meal and enjoy every bit the drink still very cold awaits to be used however when you open it it spills over ur leg I quickly come to the rescue with some paper towels and I start to pat down ur leg looking warmly into ur eyes as I dry you off smiling softly I kiss ur sweet lips we both continue to smile as our lips meet, As soon as I remove my hand from ur leg u quickly grab it again this time slowly sliding it under ur skirt our kisses becoming more passionate as I realise where ur placing my hand I place my free hand behind ur head and gently lay you down on the blanket ur hand gripping my hand under ur skirt more intensely, My hand under ur skirt is directed to ur panties but to my surprise ur not wearing any our kisses become more intense as I slowly draw around the outline of ur pussy the sensation makes u shiver in pleasure as we slide our tongues in each other’s mouth almost hungrily while u rub the front of my shorts with ur free hand squeezing gently making me moan inside ur hot mouth, U grab one of my fingers under ur skirt and slowly rub it on top of ur tingling pussy lips letting out a sigh of pleasure into my mouth soon u stop my hand under ur skirt and wrap ur arms around me u softly whisper in my ear that you want me to play with ur tits u rub ur tits still under ur top against neo can clearly tell ur nipples are hard and that my cock is getting harder from the sensation, U press ur tits teasingly against me rubbing faster smiling as u do it whispering if I want to play with them I smile in anticipation and soon uve lifted ur top enough to expose ur sexy tits I grab them playfully making u bite ur bottom lip in pleasure my warm hands massaging ur sexy tits while u tease me by running ur hand up and down my shorts I whisper feel free to play with it but u smile and continue u soon lay on top of me we are eye to eye ur hand still teasing me while I now start to rub ur nipples softly, I stop playing with ur hard nipples and kiss u hard and passionately taking you by surprise while I slowly slide my hands under ur skirt ur legs trembling in excitement spread willingly while we kiss uncontrollably and soon you have opened the front of my shorts my cock almost jumps out I can tell you like it cause ur soon rubbing it playfully while I slowly spread ur legs open a little more and trace slowly around ur throbbing clit, You moan deep in my mouth as u move ur hips trying to get my fingers inside you but I spread ur legs wider and spread ur juicy pussy lips open rubbing ur clit playfully the sensation making u rub harder against me the sensation makes you thrust against my finger wanting more ur moans becoming more intense to the point where you want to scream in my mouth, I start to rub ur wet throbbing clit faster and harder ur moans take over and soon all you can hear are ur sexy screams ur hips thrust harder wanting more while u roll me onto my back unable to take it anymore u pull my shorts off quickly grabbing my hard cock and suck on it I soon grab ur hips and sit you on my face while you continue to devour my hard cock my long tongue slides deep inside your hot juicy pussy while we both moan uncontrollably, I grab ur hips and slam my long tongue deeper inside you soon start riding my tongue screaming with every thrust with my hard cock still inside ur hot mouth soon u sit up off me and demand that I fuck you, Before you give a chance to say yes u jump onto my lap and raise ur skirt up high enough so you can show me as u slide my hard cock inside ur hot wet pussy you don’t bother to do it slowly you want my cock now and slide all of my cock deep inside you making u scream I soon grab ur sexy tits and play with them unmercifully as u ride my hard cock harder soon my thrusts are in time with urs making you grab me and kiss me even more passionately than before, U move ur hips faster as our kisses become unimaginably delicious I wrap my arms around u and start slamming my hard cock deep inside you faster taking you by surprise making you cry in absolute pleasure the sensation is a lot better than u expect but u want more u tell me to bend you over but not to slide my cock out and soon ur bent over ur ass exposed and pointed in the air as I grab ur hips and thrust my hard cock unmercifully inside you, I continue to slam my hard cock deep inside you wet cock hungry pussy the look on ur face is of lust and pleasure while u reach for ur tits and squeeze them forcefully making u scream as u thrust ur wet pussy in time with my thrusts while I grab ur other hand and place it on ur pussy whispering play with ur horny clit, I spank ur ass playfully as I slam my cock faster inside ur dripping wet pussy ur screams are getting too much for you as u start to cry in pleasure even more while you rub ur horny clit uncontrollably u rub it soo hard that you don’t realise it when u start yelling out that you’re sooo close to cumming I soon grab ur hair and pull it gently while I continue to spank ur ass driving you insane with lust begging me not to stop, U scream loudly each thrust sending ur body into convulsions I pull ur hair tighter you can’t hold on much longer u can feel ur body about to explode uncontrollably this sensation makes u move ur hips like ur life depended on it I whisper go on babe do it explode all over my cock let’s see you do it u start to scream out that ur cumming you can’t stop rubbing ur clit and with one final yell you tighten ur pussy lips around my cock with the last of ur strength as you cum hard you literally cum sooo hard that you can’t stop but you don’t want it to stop, You keep cumming uncontrollably unable to stop but you don’t care the sensation feels too good I spread ur sexy ass open and gently slide my finger inside you driving you wild demanding that I keep going I slide my finger in deeper making u almost squeal ur hot cum dripping pussy continues to trap my hard cock deep inside you ur hot sexy ass soon throbs from my finger as I finger ur ass faster and harder, Ur hot cum dripping pussy throbs uncontrollably as you feel urself about to cum again screaming so loud that ur taken by surprise I slide my wet finger deeper inside ur tight sexy ass ur body shaking from the pleasure I slide my finger out slowly and grab ur sexy tits from behind kissing ur neck seductively then whispering do u want my cock in ur ass? You nod ur head ferociously and try and scream out yes soon your cum soaked pussy lips let go of my hard cock te sensation making you collapse in pleasure I soon cradle u look into ur eyes and kiss u romantically sitting down this time I sit u on my lap my hard cock finds ur tight ass easily and I slowly slide my hard cock deep inside your ass u don’t hesitate to wrap your arms around me as I slide my cock in deep and slow so u can get used to the sensation while we look deep into each other’s eyes as u start to ride my hard cock hungrily, mmmm I wrap my arms around you kissing you deeply the sensation of our kisses and you riding my hard cock takes your breath away but it doesn’t stop u in fact u push me onto my back grab onto my hands and ride my hard cock harder and faster your beautiful tits bouncing deliciously in front of me almost teasing me, You slide down slower on my hard cock the feeling of pleasure and pain my balls slap softly against ur tight ass while u rub ur incredibly horny wet pussy ur screams of delight aren’t slowing down they continue faster ur sexy tits bouncing back and forth as u place them on my face while ur ass is fucked harder and faster ur body shakes violently from the sensation, You smother my face with ur deliciously sexy tits and I don’t hesitate I lick and flicker ur nipples uncontrollably making ur back arch and make u shiver sexually I grab ur hips again while ur sitting on my lap and slam my cum drenched balls harder taking u by surprise demanding that I keep going and that I do not stop, I thrust my hard cock deeper inside ur hot tight ass u scream out of breath but u start to grind with every thrust while I devour ur delicious tits faster and harder making u scream for more I slam all of my cock deep inside u my balls slapping hard against ur hot ass ur moans turn into screams as u cum suddenly all over my chest the sensation makes me moan surprisingly, My balls continue to slam uncontrollably against ur ass while suck ur sexy tits faster and harder almost nibbling on them my hard cock thrusts surprisingly quick that you don’t know if you want me to stop or keep going but soon you have my moaning becomes unbearable as you realise that I am close to cumming you get excited by this and slip my hard cock back inside ur cum dripping pussy it slides all the way in riding my hard cock like your life depends on it as our moans become unbearable screams as we shout out at the same time IM CUMMING my cum floods out into the protection I had on and u collapse on top of my chest and like that I wrap the blanket over the top of us and we fall asleep in each other’s arms

    The end ??
    You like this.
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