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  1. The Swede and I were just watching "An Inconvenient Truth" for his ecology class. One of the rather interesting statics mentioned in the documentary is that in 1950, the population of the Earth was about 2 billion. It's now about 6.5 billion, which is just incredible. It took countless generations to get to 2 billion, and a single generation to get to 6.4 billion. This has been caused by advances in modern medicine and technology, and an incredible economic prosperity in many parts of the world. Populations cannot increase without surpluses of food and other resources.

    And of course, people have been doing a lot of fucking. :)
  2. My metal-head Swedish boyfriend really blew my mind yesterday when he said he wanted to start a collection of Classical and Baroque music. He didn't really know where to begin. So, having studied music in my early college days, I said I'd take a look for him. There are lots of sites that offer free and legal downloads of classical music.

    So I've been spending the morning listening to some of the greatest music over well as doing a lot of air conducting. :)

    Mozart and Beethoven really were the rock stars of their day.
  3. I know that for some this might seem like the ultimate teenage boy's fantasy, but it must have been quite traumatizing for the boy, otherwise he never would have told his mother, who then reported it to the police as rape. You can read the original story here:

    On the discussion board for the site, many posters are talking about how "lucky" the boy is for what happened to him. They just don't seem to understand that there are some teenage boys who would not enjoy being gang raped by four girls. Maybe he was a sensitive or shy lad, or maybe he was raised to believe that sex before marriage is wrong....or maybe he was gay. :shrug

    Yes, there are many young men (and men in general) who don't behave like sexually driven animals willing to engage in indiscriminate fornication with anyone who comes along.

    And yet, some of them were calling him a "lucky bastard."

    Imagine the indignation and the outrage if this had been a girl sexually assaulted by four boys. I guarantee that no one would consider that girl lucky.
  4. For three glorious months I was a professional writer. I wrote about one article a week, which was published in due course, and then I was paid for my work. It was the most fun ever.

    But now it looks like it’s all over. I received word about a week ago that the website for which I’ve been writing is on hiatus, has lost its funding, and has been ordered so cease and desist all operations until further notice. Supposedly, this is a fairly common occurrence in the world of startups. I was hoping that this was only a relatively minor and temporary setback, but it’s now been a full week since there’s been any news.

    Although all outstanding invoices for articles will be paid, what I’m most disappointed about is that the last article I wrote will most likely not be published. Of course the money was always nice, but seeing my name and work in print was a far greater reward.

    It was fun while it lasted.
  5. [​IMG]

    This is one of the pans. Somebody help me eat these...:D
  6. They sure do have some weird holidays here in Sweden. An example is Waffle Day, which happens toward the end of March. Right now people don't do anything more than eat waffles on the day, but it started out as a religious holiday, called "Varfru" day ("Our Lady" aka The Virgin Mary). It's pronounced so similarly to "våffel," the Swedish word for waffle, that people began to eat waffles on the day. After a while the religious significance of the day was forgotten and Varfru Day became Våffel (waffle) Day.

    Tomorrow is Cinnamon Bun day, which doesn't have any religious significance at all. You're just supposed to make and/or eat cinnamon buns on that day. So that's what I'll be doing tomorrow...making and then eating them. :)
  7. I never thought I could ever love anyone this much, but everyday I love him more and more. He's my lover, my sweetie, my Viking warrior (this works great when we play "rape the maiden") and my life-size teddy bear.

    We'll be this evening celebrating with cake and champagne.
  8. The Swede and I sat down for lunch today and I observed that he was eating a microwaved frozen pizza, and I was eating a bagel with cream cheese, tomato and cucumber slices.

    "My lunch is a lot more nutritious than yours," I said.

    "Yeah, but I'm drinking water and you're having beer," he pointed out.
  9. You guys wanna hear something funny? My boss just asked me if I want to teach a few lessons (2 and a half hours) at a school that I just discovered is four and a half hours away from where I live. She's got two little boys and said there's no way in hell she's going out there. I guess all those moms must think that we childless women have endless amounts of time on our hands.

    Anyway, I told her that 9 hours of total commuting for 2 and a half hours of work was completely insane.
  10. I work on Saturday mornings now, which pretty much prevents me from having any kind of a Friday night. The thing is that everybody gets drunk on Friday nights here in Sweden. Since I work in another city that's a two-hour commute away, so I go into the city on Friday night and spend the night there, and then get up and go work at 9:00.

    Anyway, I just got home and the Swede told me about the party he went to on Friday night at his cousin's house. It was a relatively small get-together: only the Swede, his brother, cousin, cousin's girlfriend, and one extra girl. They played drinking games including "spin the bottle" in which capacity everyone French kissed everyone else and made out with everyone else.

    So next Friday I'm planning on going drinking with my Swedish and ex-pat friends in Gothenburg. I can't stay out very late because I have to work at 9 the next morning.
  11. I've got eight packages of bacon in the freezer. Guess it's bacon and eggs for breakfast this morning.

    Real American-style bacon used to not be available here in Sweden. The "Canadian" type was the only kind you could get. No offense Heely, but that just ain't bacon. It makes a fine pizza topping, though.

    By the way, what do Canadians call Canadian bacon, anyway? :lol
  12. And I'm not talking smooth and wrinkle-free. I know I'm probably not the only adult acne sufferer out there, but...*sigh* Last night I told the Swede that I felt physically repulsive. I never really had problems with acne when I was a teen, so why oh why am I having problems with it now??

    It's probably a hormonal thing. But I'm on BCP so I shouldn't have any surges of hormones. Somebody please give me some advice. Even if it's useless advice, I don't really mind.
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