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  1. I dont know why, but today seemed to keep drawing attention to my dick. I had to work today, and the pants I decided to wear are old, but the fit me really well (It makes me look very bulgey as well). At around 3pm I had to go piss. When I finished up I put my penis back in my pants and "zipped" my pants. Apparently my zipper broke but, I have no idea when, but I walked around work for a good 30 minutes with my zipper open. I had a few more customers smile at me then normal lol now I know why. I ended up getting another pair of pants to wear the rest of the day.

    When I got off work, my girlfriend and I spent time with my dad, and then we went to her grand parents house for there fathers day get together. Near the end of the party I had to go pee, and as I was standing at the toilet, my girlfrinds dad opened the bathroom door (Which is about a foot from the toilet). He seen everything, said "Oh shit Nate, sorry" and shut the door. I so embarresed.

    Later that night Angel and I had gone back to her parents house to give her dad our gift, and we ended up staying untill 10:30PM. Angel had gone to the car, as I was walking out of the house I shook Donnies (the dad) hand and told him happy fathers day one more time. He started to tell me happy fathers day, but stopped himself and said, "Wont be long untill you and angel have kids, It shouldn't take much with the equipment you've got." and he laughed while I turned beet red haha.

    Today has just been.... wow
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