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  1. This was just after high school my friends and I had planned a day out at the beach but when the day arrived for the outing. only two of the girls and I showed up. the others we later found out all had to work or had to do things with their families. Well after about an hour of waiting the three of us decided to just enjoy being at the beach together and headed to the "oasis" to change into our swimsuits. When we met back up I was very pleasantly surprised at what I saw as both girls had very sexy bikinis on and I had a hard time hiding the effect they had on me. but soon we were all splashing around in the water or taking short breaks to sun ourselfs. Around 6 that evening we decided to go get some dinner and then go to one of the girls house afterwards. Well we went and got changed again and headed to the restaurant we always hung out at. but we were the only ones there so after dinner we went to, I'll call her Mel, Mel's house and found out that her parents had left for the day and were not expecting to come home till the morning. So the three of us got comfortable in front of the TV and popped in a movie to watch. Well about half way through the movie Mel and ,I'll call her Kim, pulled off their shirts and I saw that they had kept their bikini tops on. So I pulled off my shirt and we finish watching the movie. Mel then smiled at me and got up and sat next to me on the couch and then kissed me. Then Kim sat on the other side and when Mel was done kissing me turned my head to her and kissed me. I wrapped my arms around both girls and slid my hands into their bikini tops and softly started to fondle their tits. Both girls s unbuttoned my jeans and pulled out my cock as the slowly stroked it.

    Mell looked at Kim and smiled as she lowered her head and said this is how you give a guy a blowjob. then she licked the head of my cock a few times before she slowly slid her mouth half way down my cock . Then she slowly moved her head up and down my cock getting farther down with each bob of her head. I ran my hand across Mel's back and found the tie to her bikini top and pulled it so it came undone. I then reached under Mel and fondled her tits as she gave me a very nice slow blowjob. Then Mel sat up and looked at Kim as she said, now it's your turn. just take it slow. and you'll feel how much he likes tit. Kim then hesitantly bent over my cock and at first she just likced the head and shaft of my cock before she slid the tip of my cock into her mouth and sucked. Mel removed her top and then helped me take kim's top off of her as we both caressed and fondled her tits. Mel smiled at me and then kissed my as Kim slowly slid my cock into her mouth and down the shaft of my cock till I felt her nose brush against my balls. Mel looked down at Kim and smiled as she remarked, that is it take his cock all the way . then Mel Went back to kissing me as she reached between my legs and gently fondled my balls as Kim slid her mouth up and down my cock. I reach down Mels bare back and slid my hand into her shorts and discovered that she wasn't wearing anything unde them. I reached farther into her shorts and found her wet pussy and slid a finger into her and slowly finger fucked her. Mel then reached over and unbuttoned her short to let me get a better angle. then reached over and slid Kim's shorts down to her knees and both mel and I slid fingers into Kim and fucked her . As our fingers entered Kim she gasped as she got very wet. Soon both Kim and Mel shuddered as they started to cum. Mel gasping told kim to stop sucking on my cock and then with one quick gulp swallowed my cock just as I started to cum. after swallowing my cum Mel then had Kim suck and lick my cock clean.

    Mel and Kim then softly stroked my cock till it was hard again and mel stepped out of her shorts straddled my waist and grabbed my cock and told Kim to watch how she slid my cock into her pussy. them as Kim pulled my jeans off of me Mel slowly lowered herself onto my cock. Then she started to slowly grind back and forth as she kissed me Kim then reached up and gently caressed my balls as Mel Start to bounce up and down on my cock going faster and faster ti she grabbed my shoulders and shuddered as she started to cum around my cock . then when she was done . she slid off my still hard cock and swallowed it to my balls as she cleaned off her cum from my cock. then Kim looking at Mel climbed on to my lap. She looked at my face and whispered is it okay? I smiled and just kissed her lips as I set her on to the tip of my cock. She reached between us and positioned my cock against the opening of her dripping we pussy and slowly wiggled herself down my cock. I looked at her and then Mel as she shuddered. I asked, are you okay Kim. she smiled and replied, your bigger then what I am use to is all. Kim then said,This is amazing. As she slowly bounced on my cock. Mel then went under both of us and started to lick my balls as Kimm bounced harder and faster on my cock. then Kim yelled out as her pussy clamped onto my cock as she came hard. her body shuddering so hard her tits jiggled. then she collapsed against me a panting. then she gave me a kiss and said, So that is what it is like to cum. Mel smiled as she then said well now that He gave us a shuddering orgasm. we should let him cum as well. so lets go up to my room and finish there.

    We all grabbed our clothes and headed up to Mel's room. then Mel laid Kim on her bed and climbed on to Kim till both girls pussies were next to each other. Mel then looked back and remarked, We are ready so just start were ever you want to. I smiled and then knelt down between the girls legs and starting with Mel I licked and sucked on their clits as I finger fucked both girls till the shuddered and covered my fingers with their cum. Then I stood up and placed my cock against Mel's pussy and then with a hard thrust slid into her pussy. I then pounded Mel's pussy for a few strokes then switched to Kim's pussy I alternate between both Mel and Kim till both shuddered a second time as they came. then both Mel and Kim turned around and stated to lick and suck on my cock till I couldn't hold back any more. Letting both girls know I was about to cum Kim started stroking my cock faster as she held the tip against Mel's mouth. I then started to cum into Mel's mouth then Kim switched to her mouth between spurts of cum and both girls swallowed my cum. We all three plopped onto Mel's bed naked and smiled at each other. Mel gave out a tired chuckle as she remarked, Well the others don't know what they are missing. We fuck a few more time that night before I took Kim home for the night.
  2. She sat next to me on the bus stop bench. I could smell her perfume wrapping around me like a robe. She looked up at me and shyly smiled. I looked At her and smiled back. She slipped her hand into mine and squeezed it. I squeezed her hand back. She leaned her head on my shoulder. I softly kissed the top of her head. She murmured she liked when I did that. I did it a second time. The bus came and we got on it. We sat next to each other. She slid her hand between my legs. I wrapped my arm around her shoulder and cupped one of her breasts. She fondled my balls through my jeans. I slipped my hand into her shirt and softly fondled her breast. Our stop came up and we got off the bus. We walked to our secret hideaway. She pulled out the key to the door. We walked inside. Clothes scattered across the floor. I lifted her up and softly sucked on her nipples. She slowly stroked my cock. We headed to the bed. She pushed me onto my back. I pulled into a 69. She greedily swallowed my cock. I hungerly licked and sucked her clit and pussy. She moaned loudly as she came. I groaned as I shot my cum into her mouth. She turned around and laid on my chest panting. I caressed her back and shoulders. She smiled. I smiled back. She reached down and stroked my cock till I was hard again. I slid two fingers into her pussy and slowly fingered her till she was dripping wet. She slowly slid herself down onto my cock. I fondled her breasts as she slowly bounced on my cock. She gasped as she got closer to orgasum. I grew thicker as I got ready to shoot my cum into her. She yelled out as Her pussy clamped hard around my cock as she came. I groaned as I shot my cum deep inside her. She got off of my cock and laid face down on the bed, her Ass thrust up into the air. I spread her Ass Cheeks and Fingered her asshole. She wiggled her Ass in excitement. I slid my fingers deeper into her Ass. She looked back at me and smiled. I looked into her eyes and smiled back. She held her Ass Cheeks apart. I rubbed my hard cock against her Asshole. She wiggled her Ass against my Cock head. I slowly thrust my Cock into her Ass. She loudly moaned in excitement as I filled her Ass. I thrust my Cock balls deep inside her Ass. She Gasps. I Grunt. She Begs me to pound her hard. I oblige her. She yells with each thrust of my Cock. I grip her hips to thrust even deeper into her Ass. The bed shudders as we fuck. She screams out loud as she Cums. I thrust faster to make her cum again. She reaches under her and fondles my balls. I grip her hips tighter. She gently squeezes my balls. I thrust deep into her Ass. We both cum hard. The bed moans as we collapse onto it. I roll off of her. She softly kiss me. We lay in each others embrace.
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  3. this happened back in college. One day when I was looking for a book back in the far reaches of the Schools library I had an interesting encounter. This girl and I kept running into each other while we were looking for the book related to our very different subjects. (she was Poly Sci and I was Mechanical Engineering). After about an hour of this we started chatting and we moved from one subject to another while helping each other look for our books. I was girl friendless at the time and when that subject came up she was surprised by that. I told her that I had just gotten back from deployment and was taking classes to get a certain Watch That I needed for my Surface Warfare Pin. She told me that she just found out her girlfriend was cheating on her with a guy in their Communications Class. I told her I was sorry about that and if she wanted I would take her to dinner after we found the books we were looking for. As we went farther into the back of the library I noticed she stealing quick glances at me. I stood up and stretched out to relive the crink in my back when I all of a sudden had her standing in frount of me and kissing me. I being the guy I was back then wrapped my arms around her and kissed her back. after a long few minutes of kissing she pulled back from me. Then unexpectedly She dropped to her knees and started unbuckling my belt and pants I looked around and saw that we were alone in the stacks and relaxed. she got my cock out of my jeans and started softly sucking on its head before she slowly swallowed it down to my balls. I put my hand on top of her head and steadied myself as she gave me a slow blow job. She then started fondling my balls and soon I whispered I was about to cum. She pulled my cock out of her mouth except for the head and stroked my cock swiftly till I blew my cum into her mouth. She then swallowed all my cum and smiled at me. I looked at her lifted her up and Knelt down and lifted her skirt and moved her g-string to one side ans started to suck on her pussy and clit. After a few minutes of that I lifted one of her legs up and to one side so I could slide my fingers into her wet pussy. I slowly finger fucked her till She shuddered and her pussy clamped around my fingers as she came. As I stood up she looked down and saw I was Hard again so she grabbed my cock and turned around and after I pulled her skirt up and she bent over and slide my cock into her pussy. I draped her skirt over her hips. She then slide back and forth on my cock, her hands holding onto the bookshelf's. I held onto her hips and guided her as she rode my cock> I then reached down and I grabbed her tits and started to fondle them as they swayed back and forth. I then slid a hand down her side and around her waist and stated to fondle her clit as she slowly fucked my cock. She reached under her and softly fondled my balls. soon I could feel I was going to cum and told her so and she panted that I should as she had already cum twice. She gently squeezed my balls and then my cum exploded into her dripping wet pussy. After I finished cumming we stood there catching out breath. She then stood up and straighten her clothes. I quickly followed suit. She looked at me and asked if we could go have that dinner I offered and then go back to her place for some more fun. I agreed. Now I have some very fond thoughts and ideas about libraries.
  4. A bout ten years ago I went back to college to get a few refresher classes to keep up to date on my degree. I was in class on the first day sitting off to one side, watching all the young kids milling around and feeling a little out of place because I was much older then the rest of the class. When a rather cute blonde walked up to me and asked if anyone was sitting next to me . I told that no I was alone and she could sit were ever she wanted to. She then put her books on the table next to me and scooted her chair closer to mine. She and i chatted till class started then after all the first day crap was over and class let out. I got up expecting her to leave also. when she asked if I could stay for a minute or two. I said sure,and looked around the classroom and noticed rather disgruntled looking guy glaring at me. I , being me, gave him that "if you have a problem with me ,we can take it outside look". and he got up and left in a hurry. I looked down at the blonde and saw she was looking at my course schedule. She looked up at me and happily said we have the same classes lets be lab partners. I agreed and we went to our next class. The same guy was in a few of our classes and keep glaring at me like I killed his favorite puppy. Over the next few week the two of us went to classes together and went out to lunch more than a few time together. One day she asked if I could go with her to do some shopping and I said ok. After spending an afternoon in clothing stores watching her try on different outfits. She told me there was one more store she wanted to go to and then we would be done. While we were at the dressing rooms I keep looking around and not seeing anyone were we were, to tell the truth the store felt deserted. She then called me to the dressing room she was in and asked if I could give her my opinion on an outfit she was trying one. I said sure thing and when she opened the door she was wearing only a bra and pantie set that left nothing to the imagination. I looked her up and down and told her I thought she was sexy and if i saw her in that I would do her in a heartbeat. Her reply was good as she grabbed my hand an pulled me into the dressing room. She planted a long kiss in my lips as she struggled to get my belt undone. I pulled back and asked her if this is what she really wanted. and she looked me in the eyes and said that yes she wanted this very much. So I knelt down and pulled the sheer panties off of her and spread her legs apart as I started to eat her out. she gripped the top of my head in her hands as she shuddered with each flick of my tongue on her clit and then she gasped as I slowly slid two fingers into he dripping wet pussy. I slowly finger fucked her till she moaned and her pussy clamped down on my fingers as she came and then came a second time. She then sat on the bench and tried to catch her breath she finally unbuckled my belt and pulled my pants down to the floor. she then softly grabbed my hard cock and swallowed it all the way down to my balls. she swirled her tongue around my cock as she gave me a great blow job. she popped my cock out of her mouth and sucke on my balls then she slide my cock as deep into her mouth and throat and played with my balls till I could no longer control myself and as I stated to cum in her mouth she swallowed every drop of cum. After I finished cumming she got up and leaned against me and told me she had wanted to do the since we first met. I looked down at her and said we can go back to her place or mine and keep doing this for the weekend. Her eyes lit up like she had won the lottery and said ok lets go to my place it's closer. I agreed and we got dressed quickly and I bought her the bra and pantie set before we left the store.
  5. We got out of the pool and headed to the locker rooms to shower and change we thought about sneaking into one of the showers together but an influx of people coming into the pool prevented that from happening. So 20 minuets later I was waiting for her outside the woman's locker room. After she got out we kissed and then headed to the parking lot I asked if she wanted to drive with me or take her car and follow me. She said she would follow me to the restaurant. I drove to a Steak House. As we ate dinner we talked about how we should finish our day. We finally desided to go to a hotel and get a room, so while we were waiting for the check I made a quick booking at a decent hotel and paid for it online. She insisted she pay for dinner as I paid for the room. We drove to the hotel and I checked us in and got the key card for the room. We then went up to the room and went in. As soon as we got into the room we started stripping off each others clothes. We went to the bed and I sat her down and spread her legs and started sucking on her tits as I fingered her clit and pussy. She reach down and stroked my hard cock as we fell back onto the bed. We kissed our way down each others bodies until we were in a side by side 69 position. I grabbed her waist and rolled onto my back pulling her on top of me. She yelped then giggled excitedly as she got a face full of my cock. She quickly slid her outh down my cock as she reached down to fondle my balls as she swallowed my cock down her throat. I spread her legs apart and started sucking on her clit as three of my fingers found their way into her wet pussy. I finger fucked her pussy slowly as she swallowed my cock down her throat to my balls. Soon she pulled my cock out of her mouth as she moaned loudly as her pussy clamped down around my fingers as she came. After she finished cumming she rolled off of me and laid on the bed with he head off of the beds edge. I took the hint and got off the bed and stood over her face ans she grabbed my cock and slid it into her mouth and down her throat. She pulle me closer to her and I started slowly thrusting my cock in and out of her throat. soon I was throat fuck her as my hands caressed and fondled her tits. and pinched her nipples. I grunted as I felt my balls about to explode I stopped playing with her tits and told her I was going to cum. she grabbed my hips and pulled me closer to her face. I then started cumming down her throat and she swallowed with each spurt of my cum. After i was done cumming I pulled my cock out of her throat and mouth and we sat on the bed gasping and catching out breaths. As we recovered we kissed and chatted till she pushed my back onto the bed and straddled my waist, I lifted he up and guided my hard cock into her wet pussy as the head on my cock pushed into her pussy she softly moaned and she bounced slowly up and down my cock until it was balls deep into her pussy. She the started to slowly grind her pussy and clit on my cock as I reached up and fondled her bouncing tits. She reach back and placed her hands on my legs and she slowly fuck my cock. She could feel my cock getting thicker as I got ready to cum again and she shuddered as she started cumming around my cock. This triggered me to start cumming also. After we collapsed, we decided to get something to snack on So I ordered something fro room service. we grabbed a robe and recovered as we waited for room service. We looked at each other and knew that the night was going to be a nice and long one.
  6. We waited for a bit till it was safe for us to get out of the pool. we then sat next to each other and chatted for a bit sneaking caresses when we could. soon the other people left the pool and we again had it all to ourself's. She quickly slipped her hand into my trunks and pulled out my hard cock and softly sucked it till it was very hard. I slid my hand s into her swimsuit bottoms and slipped them off of her and slowly fingers her still wet pussy and asshole. I then lifted her up and slipped both of us back into the pool as she grabbed a swim board and slid it behind my back. Facing each other she grabbed my hard cock and slid it into her pussy till I was balls deep inside her. then she pulled her swimsuit top over her tits and I got to fondle and suck on her tits as she squeezed my ass with each thrust of my cock into her pussy. soon she gripped my shoulders and shoved her pussy deep onto my cock as she gasped and moaned as I felt er pussy clamp onto my cock as she came hard. I let her rest up a bit before she switched places with me and floated in front of me with her ass open and ready for my cock. I slowly slide my cock's tip into her asshole as I fondled her tits. She thrust her ass down onto my cock. So I gripped her hips and with one hard thrust I slid my cock balls deep into her ass. She gasped loudly with pleasure as I slide my cock in and out of her ass with long slow thrusts. she shuddered as the first of her orgasms overcame her. After she came two more times she looked over her shoulder and told me to cum deep in her ass. I looked at her and smiled as I gripped her hips hard and I them started to pound my cock into her willing ass. She reached under us and started to fondle my balls as I thrust into her. soon I could feel I was about to cum so I told her I was going to cum. She gasped and I felt her asshole clamp down around my cock ash she moaned loudly as I filled her ass with my cum. When I was finished cumming. she laid her head on the edge of the pool and smiled as she gasped for breath. I asked her if she was okay thinking she might have swallowed some pool water but she looked at me softly and said she just was satisfied and completely worn out. and needed to rest a bit. I found my swim trunks and her swimsuit bottoms and we reluctantly got dressed. I offered to buy dinner and she agreed. She said she didn't want the day to end and dinner would be a nice thing before we had each other for dessert.
  7. I was at the fitness center this past week and I was in the pool slowly swimming my laps for my mile swim when I notice a few lanes over a young lady keeping pace with me. She kept up with me for about 6 or 7 laps before she stopped at the edge of the pool and floated there as I finished my last few laps. I then ducked under the lane markers to get into the lane next to her and I asked why she stopped swimming. She replied that she couldn't keep up with me and that she was enjoying watching me swim. I laughed and asked what she liked the most about watching me swim. Her response was that she liked watching my ass as I made my turns. I smiled at her and thanked her for thinking I had a nice butt, she said there was something else she liked even more now that she had gotten a better look at it. I grinned and said well it is like it is because the view was very sexy. the girl blushed and then serendipitous looked around and noticed that the two of us were the only ones in the pool. She took a quick breath and ducked under the lane buoys and slide into my arms and kissed my very soundly. I kissed her back as I slid my arms around her ans squeezed her tight ass. She slipped her hand into my swim trunks and softly stroked my hard cock as I pulled the bottoms of her swimsuit to one side and rubbed a finger against her clit. She moaned as my fingers found the entrance to her pussy and slipped into her. As I slowly finger fucked her she clutched me around my shoulders with both arms as my fingers pushed her over the edge and she came hard around my fingers. After she finished cumming, I lifted her onto the pool edge and pulled her swimsuits bottoms off of her. I then spread her legs apart and started to suck and lick her clit as my fingers slid into both her pussy and ass. She gripped the top of my head as she shuddered with each flick of my tongue and thrust of my fingers. Soon she let go of my head and gripped the edge of the pool as she gasped and loudly moaned as she came a second time. After she finnishe cumming again, she slid off the edge of the pool and told me it was my turn to cum she then took a deep breath and ducked under the water and pulled out my cock and started suck on it underwater. A minute later she popped her head back up and as she kept stroking my cock she pushed me to the pools ladder. I sat on the top rung as she slipped between my legs and started giving a very enthusiastic blowjob. I griped the handles of the ladder as she energetically bobbed her mouth deeper and deeper down the shaft of my cock. soon I was moaning as I got close to cumming. I told her I was about to blow my load and she sucked my cock into her mouth and throat as I started pumping my cum into her mouth she swallowed every spurt. When I was finished cumming she slid my cock out of her mouth. and smiled up at me. I slid back into the pool and held her close as we both recovered our breath and wits. I took us back to were her swimsuit bottoms were and grabbed them just in time as a group of people walked into the pool area. She and I smiled at each other and laughed. I held her bottoms so she could get into them easier she leaned into me and whispered into my ear that she wanted my cock inside her. I whispered back that my cock wanted to be inside her other two holes also. She smiled at me and softly said that could be arranged very soon.
  8. As we waited for the pizza we both showered and got some more wine and I put on some soft jazz just to have some background noise and I asked Beth just what she was expecting form this night or over the next few days. She looked into her wine glass and said right now I just want to satisfy all those urges I have had about you over the last few months. and if it takes a week or two I'm ok with that. I nodded and said I can understand that Beth, but what else after you have finished letting me ravish your body in all the ways I know you have wanted to be ravished? She looked up at the ceiling and said I don't I can't go back there right now and I have enjoyed what we have been doing all night and I am hoping to continue after we eat. And right on que the doorbell rang as the pizza arrived. So I slid into my jeans and went to pay the pizza guy and and Beth wrapped a throw around herself. After I finished paying for the pizza, the two of us dug in and eat like we were starving. After we had devoured the pizza We were sitting on my couch, when Beth got a sly smile on her face and said she wanted to do something more then nice for me. She then crawled onto my lap facing me and started to grind her still wet pussy on my cock. I slid a bit to give her more room to grind as I reached up to fondle her tits. Beth arched her back and moaned as I pinched her nipples between my thumb and forefingers I then pulled her tits up by her nipples and she gasped in pleasure and muttered that she had forgotten how much she loved have that done to her tits. I got a wicked grim on my face and pulled some more on her nipples and she started to shudder as per pussy got very wet. She then begged me to fill her pussy with my cock and I told her she should slide it into her as I was playing with her tits She quickly reach between us and lifted herself up. She then placed my cock's tip against her pussy and slowly lowered herself down onto my hard cock. As I pinched and pulled on her nipples and tits Beth bounced son my cock. Slowly at first but as she got more and more turned on by my playing with her tits she got faster and fasted. she then arched her back and thrust out her tits as she placed her hands on my knees and started grinding her clit against the base of my cock. I soon felt her pussy clamp down around my cock as she yelled out as she started to cum hard. soon she was finished cumming I then turned her around on my lap and leaned her against my chest and as I pulled her nipples out I started to rapidly pound her dripping pussy with my cock. Beth then tried to reach between our legs to fondle my balls But I grabbed her arms and pinned then against us as I pound my cock harder and faster into her. Beth then moaned OMG as she started to cum a second time. and after she finished cumming she whispered oh god please fill mu pussy with your cum. I then thrust ed my cock deep into her pussy and I started pumping cum into her pussy. As soon as I finished cumming I let her get off of me and Beth sat next to me and thanked me for the very satiating fuck. I told her she was welcome and I had to guess I found out that her little secert was she liked to be dominated. Beth nodded and said yes I do. I looked at her and told her that we were going to spend a lot of time exploring just how much she wanted to be dominated. She looked into my eyes and said that she would like that.
  9. After Beth and I saw her friend off and out the door. I suggested we take a shower and get cleaned up and get something to eat before we did anything else. So I took Beth into the kitchen and rummaged around my fridge and pulled out some leftover Shrimp Alfredo that I made the night before and a warmed it up for a light snack. after we had finished eating I lead Beth to the bathroom and got the shower started. Beth kept being grabby as we soaped up each other so I pinned her faceing the shower wall and as the water cascaded over us I slid two fingers into her very wet pussy and my thumb up her ass and then slowly at first then faster and harder I finger fucked Beth's pussy and ass till she was moaning. I then slipped my fingers out of her pussy and replaced them with my hard cock. I then pounded my cock deep and hard into her pussy making her moan loudly and begging to let her cum. I slid my hand around her waist and rubbed her clit till her pussy clamped down around my cock as she came. Then I let her get off the shower wall and she dropped to her knees and slide my cock into her mouth and down her throat and slowly at first then with greater speed she bobbed her head up and down my cock till I told her I was about to cum. She then swallowed my cock down her throat and gently squeezed my balls as I stated to cum. Beth swallowed with each spurt of my cock. I lifted her off her knees and we rewashed ourselves and then got out of the shower and dried off. Beth and I then went to my bedroom as she sat on the edge on my bed she admitted she was a bit nervous about taking my cock up her ass even if it was something she wanted and suggested. I told her I understood her being nervous, but I would be ok if we waited to do that till she was ready. I would be ok with just her being in my bed for the rest of the night if that is what she wanted. Beth smiled at me and said I was sweet and that is why she was here and not at her friends place. I held her close as we talked and soon she let her hands wander over my body and soon was slowly stroking my cock as my fingers slide into her pussy and my mouth sucked on her tits. Soon Beth was moaning and before I knew it her pussy clamped down on my fingers as she came again. Beth then laid back on my bed and scooted to the edge of the bed and said that she wanted my cock up her ass and that now was fine. I told her ok and grabed some lube from my nightstand. and liberally coated her asshole and my cock with it. I then lift her legs up and over my shoulders as I worked the lube into her ass with first two fingers, then with three. just to get her use to her ass being stretched out. Beth shuddered as My fingers worked their way in and out of her as and she moaned. As soon as I thought she was ready I place the tip of my cock against her asshole as I slid my fingers out . The I slowly slide the tip of my cock into her Ass. Beth Gasped as My cock entered her ass and I stopped and waited for her to get use to my cock. after Beth had relaxed I slowly slid my cock deeper into her ass. Stopping every time when she gasped or yelped.Letting her get use to the feeling of my cock as I went deeper and deeper.Soon My cock was balls deep in Beth's ass. I stopped and Beth gasped and said that it was an interesting feeling, but she liked it. I told her I was sorry I didn't have a vibe for her clit, She said that we could take care of that next time we did this and to just fuck her ass hard as I wished. I then slowly started thrusting my cock in and out of her ass and soon she was gasping and moaning as she gripped my bed sheets. Beth yelled out OMG as she arched her back as her ass clamped around my cock as she started to cum and cum. Soon she colaped back onto my bed and gasped out that she had never cum so much or so hard. I smiled at her as I kept thrusting my cock into her ass and said she was welcome but I was about to cum now. With a hard deep thrust that slid my cock balls deep in Beth's ass I started to cum inside Beth's ass. Beth gasped as she felt my cum filling her ass. As soon as I was done cumming I pulled my cock out of her ass and sat next to her on the bed. She leaned her head against my shoulder and thanked my for the evening so far but she was hungry again. I smiled and looked at the time and told her I was going to order a pizza and we still had a long time to get to explore each others body's before morning
  10. I meet Beth on a social media site. we got along and flirted with each other all the time even after meeting up in the real world. We talked about everything and anything. She even told me some of her fantasy's and we tried to get her husband interest in her biggest on. Beth had always wanted to be spit roasted but her husband nixed the deal. So Beth dropped it. A few days ago I got a frantic call from Beth she wanted to meet me and she sounded upset about something so I told he I would meet her at our coffee shop. I got there and waited a bit for Beth to show up. When she got there she was with a friend of hers from work and looked like she had been crying for hours. I asked her what was wrong and she started crying as she told me why her husband didn't want to help with her fantasy. he was having an affair with two guys. I looked over at her friend as Beth sobbed on my shoulder. He said that she got home early and found the three of them in bed going at it. I winched as I wrapped my arm around Beth. It took a few hours and a lot of coffee but we got Beth calmed down but she was adimant she didn't want to go home. so I told her she could stay the night at my place. The tree of us then went to my apartment and I I brought out a bottle of wine and some glasses. We then talked for awhile and after Beth had finished her second glass of wine she looked at me and asked if I was still up for what she had always fantasized about. I told her I was always ready to help her out when it came to fulfilling her desires. Her friend looked a bit confused when Beth turned to him. She told him what she wanted and asked if he wanted to help her accomplish that. He hemmed and hawed a bit before Beth told him that she knew that he wanted to fuck her and right now this was the only way that would happen. He looked a bit poleaxed at her statement and I leaned back in my chair and stated I had no problem with what Beth had in mind for the evening. The poor guy looked around and finally told Beth ok lets do this. Beth smiled and got up off the couch and treated us to a nice strip tease as her cloths came off and were scattered across my living room. as soon as she was dressed in only her black lace panties she crawled on all fours the her friend was sitting on the couch and unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants as she pulled out this cock I slid up behind her and slowly stroked her ass and pussy beneath her panties. As Beth slowly sucked her friends cock into her mouth she moaned in pleasure as I reached my free hand up her body and founded her tits. She reach behinded her at slowly stroked my cock though my jeans as I pulled her panties to one side and slowly finger fucked her pussy getting even wetter then it already was. Beth had her friends cock deep down her throat when he stiffened up and grunted. Beth started swallowing as her friend blow his load down her throat. After he finished cumming sje whiped off her lips, took a sip or wine and kissed him then told him it was time to switch places with me. She then pushed me back into my chair ans the pulled my jeand off of me and then she slowly started to swallow and suck on my cock. I put my hands on Beth's head as she took my cock deep down her throat. her hands started to caress my balls as her friend came up behind her and started sucking and licking her pussy and clit. He then pulled her panties off of her ass ad they joined the rest of her cloths on the floor. Beth then pulled off my jeans and tossed them to the side of the chair, as I pulled off my shirt. her friend quickly pulled off his shirt as well and soon the three of us were naked. Beth pulled my cock out of her mouth and asked if I minded if her friend got first stab at fucking her pussy or if I wanted the first fuck. I asked what she wanted. she looked at me and said I want you but I think he should be first. I told her I was ok with that. I then got up and went to the bathroom and got my box of condoms. I tossed on to Beths friend as she was sucking his cock back into hardness. She helped him put the condom on and then turned around and slowly slid her wet pussy onto his cock. Beth then slowly fucked him till he was deep inside her pussy before grabbing my cock and putting it back into her mouth. She the started to rock back and forth on our cocks slowly at first then faster and faster. Beth soon was into a very nice rhythm. Her friend soon grunted and gripped her hips and pulled her hard down onto his cock as he started cumming. Beth wiggled her ass and hips as he was cumming. After he finished she turned around and pulle doff the condom and started sucking his cum covered cock as she slid her pussy onto my cock I then gripped her hips and slowly fucked her pussy as i slid a thumb into her ass. soon Beth started shuddering as her pussy clamped around my cock as she started to cum. after she finished cumming she slide off my cock and turned around and slid my cock down her throat and started to give me a very brisk blowjob as she fondled my balls till I blew my cum down her throat. She then got up and sat on the edge of the couch and picked up her glass of wine and slowly sipped at it. Her friend had been getting dressed as she had be giving me the blow job. he asked if she was staying at my place. Beth nodded as she said she was. He bent and gave her a kiss on the forehead and left. Beth looked at me and smiled and asked if I still had anything left for the rest of the night as she found a new fantasy to try. I said sure I did and what was her new fantasy. She said to see if she could take my cock all the way up her ass. I looked at her and smiled.
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