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  1. It occurs to me that the question of size is more important to females than we men sometimes think.Am I right, or am I wrong?.

    Asian girls I've had sexual experience with have always commented that I'm "big", but I've always considered that it's because they are smaller in size and therefore I am "big" for them.

    My penis is 7.2 inches long and quite thick [eg please see the photos in my album] so I am little longer/thicker, than average, but not "over-sized".

    One girl, who is a friend and a sometimes-sexual partner, has told me that to her I'm a perfect fit, not small but not too, too big [she is very slender so an oversized penis is not to her liking, as she's told me].

    Actaully, the nice thing about this friend is that we are just that, we don't 'love' each other in a romantic way but 'love' each other as 'best-friends'.

    She's Asian [Chinese], pretty and has a lovely, kind personality::we meet often but usually to catch up, take in a movie, have a nice dinner and then chat and chat and chat...

    A year ago I told her I was really missing sexual contact with females, and she stunned me by taking my hand and leading me to my bedroom [we were in my apartment] and she started undressing me...

    The rest you can imagine, but suffice to say it was one of the most wonderful sexual experiences I've ever had, especially because it was not only unexpected but it was pure and simply "sexual".

    She made it evident/clear that this would be simply a 'sexual' arrangement between us, and I was in no doubt at all that she was being genuinely kind to me, she just wanted to 'help' me as a 'best-friend'.

    And she also wanted to be able to enjoy sexual pleasure with 'no-strings attached'.

    So she usually stays with me on weekends and we do all the normal things friends do, but we make love twice: late Friday night and again Saturday.

    Friday night is usually quite quick, because we both need to 'relieve' our pent-up sexual arousement. Saturday, we often spend 2 [sometimes even 3] hours making love, and that is a very special time when take great delight in pleasuring each other - we both really enjoy exploring our sexuality with each other.

    Mostly during the longer sessions she gets me to masturbate myself whilst she watches, which is extremely exciting for me and -she tells - she finds it arouses her greatly, especially when she see me ejaculating.

    Because I'm then 'relieved' it allows me to prolong my arousal considerably, so we are thus able to spend much, much longer in sexually pleasing each other::we eventually get to a point where we both feel the most incredible sexual excitement which leads to unbelievably intense orgasms for each of us.

    Occasionally she has multiple orgasms and, just occasionally, so have I::that is a very, very special feeling for both of us whenever that happens.

    She says she really enjoys the feeling when I penetrate her, she often asks me to stay still inside her so she can writhe around a little bit and enjoy the feeling of my penis.

    Usually [mostly] we make love in the Tao technique [which I've described in my 'Sexuality' blog earlier] so our orgasms are always, always very, very intense.

    What amazes me is how much we enjoy each other sexually::and I really mean that, the sexual pleasure we achieve with each other is absolutely sensational, we both feel such electric sexual excitement in these encounters.

    Yet we've been able to maintain a wonderful friendship and we're able to discuss sexual matters in a very open and frank way.

    Hence my question about the importance of penis-size to females: my friend tells me she like my length but more especially enjoys the thickness of my penis as it gives much more sensitivity to the inside of her vagina, and the labia/vaginal lips, when I'm inside her.

    Incidentally, I'm waxed ie my pubic area + gentitals are completely hairless and my friend is also waxed/hairless: we both agree that this makes for such a wonderfully nice feeling when we are making love.

    And as I've had a vasectomy [after my marriage break-up, as my family are now grown-up] my friend + I are able to enjoy sex 'au naturel' ie without condom::she says that she loves the feeling when I ejaculate inside her, she claims it is gives her the ultimate feeling of sexual pleasure as it coincides with her orgasm.

    For me, to ejaculate at precisely the same time as she reaches her orgasm, well, that is the most wonderful + exciting feeling of all!

    I would love to hear any comments, or receive any emails, about this from girls who can understand such a special male-female relationship, as I obviously am not free to discuss this with any of my friends as they all know my female friend.
  2. Sexuality

    I am a mature but youthful man, and I enjoy sex nowadays even more than when I was younger, probably because I make love better than ever as I am more experienced and know much more about how to please a girl sexually.

    Physically [sexually] I consider myself to be reasonably well-endowed: not extremely large, but not small::my penis is 19cm / 7.2 inches when erect.

    A question often asked is: “does size matter?” The answer is simple: of course it does!

    For males it’s a ‘feel-good’ thing::a matter of pride, a physical feeling of satisfaction with his sexuality.

    For females, a penis that is long will fill their vagina much more satisfactorily than a small penis::and there is no doubt at all that a penis that is thick will give a stronger feeling of it’s physical presence in the vagina, thus providing much greater sexual pleasure during intercourse.

    Having experienced sexual activity + lovemaking with Anglo-Saxon girls and Asian girls I can honestly say that the physical attributes of Asian girls - slender bodies, smaller but firm breasts, and smaller + tighter vaginas - are more attractive to me.
    xual Sexual pleasure can come in many different ways: through masturbation, oral sex and of course through vaginal penetration::each has it’s own unique sensual feeling, and different techniques can result in feelings of sexual pleasure/orgasm that can be extremely intense.

    I very much like the concept of the Tao technique for lovemaking

    The Taoist 9 in 1 technique is a thrusting sequence in which you insert the erect/hard penis into the vagina 9 times shallow (1 to 4 inches) and 1 time deep (the whole length of the erect penis), then 8 times shallow, 2 times deep, 7 times shallow, 3 times deep...keep going in this sequence until you get to 1 time shallow, 3 times deep...always thrusting quite slowly but firmly.


    Shallow Penetration 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
    Deep Penetration 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

    Then you repeat the sequence over and over again varying the speed of the thrusts. When you start to feel yourself near to ejaculation, try to slow down to ensure your sexual partner is ready to orgasm too::if she is, then firmly but slowly thrust 1 time shallow, 2 times deep again + again until you have reached the point of no return::by then, your ejaculation will feel so amazingly intense that it will be a whole new, wonderful experience

    This technique needs practice but when mastered it leads to the most amazingly slow, incredibly intense ejaculation/orgasm for the man, and it will stimulate the girl to a level of heightened sexual pleasure, leading to a really intense orgasm and ultimately to multiple orgasms.
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