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  1. I am done my final paper. One beautiful, 42 page grant proposal is ready to be passed in tomorrow. If I had been a little earlier, I'd be at Staples getting it bound. Oh well, a folder and a binder clip will do wonderfully. Yeah, it's that good. If it were real, I'd be getting my project funded.

    So now, a test that doesn't matter and a month off!

    Holidays with the family are inescapable, but after that I might hop on a military flight to Europe, just to explore.

    Right now, however, I think a hot, sudsy bubble bath is in order. Maybe some time with my showerhead ;)
  2. One more final (open book) and finishing up a large paper and I'm free until the end of January!

    I am so excited to have made it through this semester and I'm looking to blow off some steam. It's been nice to show up here and just relieve tension. I'll really need you guys and girls next semester, when I have six classes. I'm a glutton for punishment, apparently ;)
  3. Sorta new to SF. I like looking around, but I don't really have anything to say on the forums right now. This seems self-contained... I can just sort of sit here and talk to myself. And if somebody overhears me and wants to join in, fine ;)

    I'm a non-traditonal college student. I've been in the military, and I'm about to turn 32. Right now I'm settled down, trying to write a paper, and something has occurred to me.

    Whenever I find myself on my bed studying, or writing a paper (which is often, as it's my favorite place to do so), I get amazingly horny. It has no connection to what I'm studying. It could be organic chemistry or it could be ethics.

    As I try to type or read, I find myself getting wound tighter and tighter. And then I find myself here. Sometimes I'm lucky enough to find someone to chat with. Sometimes I just find something hot to read. It turns into me with one hand down my pants and the other pinching a nipple until I can't take it anymore. It ends with an amazing orgasm, or two, and then a return to some very productive studying.

    Ahh, academia.

    There. For posterity. ;)
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