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  1. Ok, so I'm a little annoyed today..​

    I've been reading the majority of the posts here, even though I don't comment on all of them. I've come to some conclusions, opinions, judgements, whatever you want to call them.​

    We are all here for our own reasons. To meet others in the same situations, to let out the good and bad in our lives that is not so easily done at home, to build our self-esteem, friendship, sexual frustrations, fantasies, opinions and the list goes on!​

    So why the need for some to have that perfect- almost God complex? That life is absolutely perfect and I've got an answer for absolutely everything.. Sometimes there is some good insite, but other times it just seems like you are bull shitting your way through an answer. Pretty shallow is what I think.​

    Some people are looking for serious answers and others are just looking to have some fun. Why not be totally honest and have fun? ​

    No one is perfect. ​
  2. I had the most Amazing orgasms last night. I think he is finally coming to grips with the whole gushing and squirting! I'm going to try and give you a visual.

    We were spooning. I was higher up than him so my shoulders were at his head. I'm short! His arms were around me, kneading my boobs and rubbing my clit. He started off really slow. He increased the speed and pressure of the rubbing. I felt this deep intense desire just building. A finger found it's way to my ass and just barely penetrated. OMG!!!!!!!!!!! Next thing I see is a stream flying through the air. Finger releases and pressure increasing as he is rubbing my clit.. Finger goes back to my ass again and an even larger longer stream flies out and up! My body is already starting to shake.

    I sit up and he lays back and i grab his cock, rock hard and waiting. Pumping it with my hand... He lays flat. Reverse cowgirl, with a twist.. One of his legs between mine. Me on my knees. I crawl on and he plunges in! Rocking and plunging. I'm rubbing all four fingers on my clit.. Sheer heaven or so I thought. I'm so beyond excited. I clench and unclench my walls, and that sends him engorging and pulsing till he cums inside of me.....I heard a huge intake of breath and a moan. He says it feels like I'm milking his dick. I'm still rubbing myself and my orgasm pushes him out and lets out a mad gush. I hear a sharp intake of breath from him. I Keep going and gush 3 more times completely drenching him. The longest and biggest orgasms of my life.

    I want repeats of that everyday for the rest of my life!​
  3. I got an e-reader for Christmas. I have always read romances. I am a romantic at heart :lol Never bought books from book stores, have always picked them up at thrift stores, garage sales, anywhere cheap. So just picked up what was available.

    Not anymore!:D A whole new world has opened up. I have found some of the most hot and steamy reads ever. Well for me. The sex is very detailed and I can close my eyes and see it! Better than porn because I can visualize it in my head and make the characters look how I want them to look! (and none of the yucky sounds from porn video's:lol) Not to mention the romance side. I can read a book or two a day if time allows. But all the reading, keeps me horny even more than before.

    I even picked up a book on how to give blow jobs. One of the best things, I've ever done! While my husband enjoyed them before, he really is enjoying them now!:p

    Definitely has opened my eyes to more and more! The more I read, the more I want.
  4. About Me

    Something I don't normally even think about. My attention has always been on my family.
    I'm 39 and have been married almost 22 years. My husband is the love of my life. I got married young and had my children young. I would not change that though. I love being a mom. My oldest is on his own but I still have one at home for a few more years. Finding I have more time to devote to me now and to my husband.

    I dabble in lots of crafts, sewing, etc. Money was always really tight when I was young and this let me create things for everyone around me and I got hooked on it. I also love to cook, but hate cleanup. My favorite to do is grilling. I have a few friends that call me Suzy Homemaker. Not sure if that is a compliment or not. I've been dabbling in photography for a few years. I'm an avid reader (will do another post on that sometime)

    Since having more time to devote to me, I'm finding a whole new person inside. Maybe she was always there but just hidden. I love sex. My drive is high. Hence my name 'Need4more" I'm even dreaming of sex when I sleep.

    Enjoying reading here and being apart of the forum. Learning so much.
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