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  1. This is a short piece that I worked up with the roommate of a former student, both of whom have pics in my album. Feedback appreciated.

    Me: I just wiped off enough precum to glaze all four fingertips
    ‎ what do you think I did with it?
    kara idk
    Me: guess
    Me: what would YOU do with it?
    kara_ itd be in my mouth
    Me:hehe...that's where I put it...MY mouth
    kara_ fuck !! rlly??
    Me: the next surge goes to coat your nipples and areolas
    kara: this is hot
    Me: I want to stand behind you in front of a big mirror,bury my hard shaft between your asscheeks
    kara: we could fuck on her bed ; )
    Me: I KNOW she does...feel my heat nestled there...push back into meas my hands explore your soft sides,rising to cup your round breasts...finding your pink nipples and SQUEEZING.
    Me: then slowly raising your shirt as both of us watch as more of your skin is revealed
    Me: my precum has totally lubed up your soft, warm asscrackand we grind into each other with intensity
    kara: don't stop now !!
    back to grinding my stonehard cock up and down your globes...warm and slippery in reach back and squeeze your cheeks together harder...and feel my flared head dragging back and forth across your sensitive lil rosebud
    Me: I reach around with both tugging the hood of your pussy upwardwhile my other finds the slippery heat of your drooling lips...I search for your exposed nubbin of a clitand trace light circles around and around I move to the downstroke,you raise up on your toes,causing my shaft to go horizontal along the base of your velvet pussy
    kara: fuck u are good !!
    Me: I KNOW!
    kara: keep going!!
    Me: you quickly bring your right hand forward before I can move awayand capture my straining head,pressing him up to grind into the swollen cove of your thickened labia.
    you catch my eyes in the mirror...asking my permission,which I give you by smiling and slowly nodding my head
    kara: fuck me !!
    Me: you bend at the waist with your hand still pressing upward...and I push slowly throbbing cock sinks easily inside you
    kara: fuuuuuck
    Me: even though your little pussy is amazingly tight...I feel you milking the length of my shaft as soon as I bottom out in you at the end of one long, slow balls are squirming against the delicious backs of your can feel my rapid pulse pounding in my shaft every time you bear down to squeeze him with a grip that makes knees weak and threatens to float my head off my shoulders
    Me: you speak in ragged gasps, saying: " (your cue)
    kara: oh tony ur big cock feels so good in my pussy fuuuuuuck...pound my pussy !!
    Me:"I want you to cummm all over my cock Kara! Make it messy! Drench us in your nectar
    Me: I rub furiously along the sides of your pussy with my fingers
    kara: I'm going to squirt all over ur huge cock
    Me:...hoping for the magic spot to unleash your fountain,you guide me right to itand help hold three of my fingers knees are about to give out...let me lay on my back on the bed with you on top and make our slippery pool there...fuck fuck fuck fuck cock is as hard as it has ever been,but your liquid velvet grip is not going to allow him to cummmm until just the right moment, but he is ready, willing and screaming for be ALLOWED to cummm deep inside you
    kara: fill my pussy!!! !!
    Me: we are a moaning steaming stack of sweet smelling sex and sweat...our sheen glows in the light...the feel of our slippery skin sliding in delicious friction drives us to a fever pitch...I am desperate to cummm, knowing that your release will instantly trigger mine
    kara: I'm about to squirt tony keep going !!
    Me: both my hands are feverishly rubbing and massaging your clit and turn your head and bury your tongue halfway down my throatas I moan deeply into your mouth...a small noise at the doorway causes both of us to open our eyesand we see Cate standing there, bathed in her own sheen, with three fingers jamming in and out of her pussyas her abs ripple with definition from the tension
    kara: Cate does have some killer abs ha ha
    Me: she slinks over to the bed and we both watch as if in slow motion
    kara:‎her pussy looks amazing
    Me: as her open mouth approaches the spot where our bodies are joined most intimately
    kara: fuuuuuck
    Me: she plasters her mouth to the joined spot,circling and lapping at the frothy cream surrounding the base of my shaft...she grasps the base and slowly extracts it from your clutching pussy
    kara: noooo
    Me: locking eyes with you, she deep throats it in one gulp...she smiles and then lines it up with your flaming pink pussy...and guides it back into your depths
    kara: fuck me tony
    Me: she flattens her tongue to assault your clit as we reestablish a deep rhythm...I make a little twisting motion with my hand for her to seeand she grins evilly around your clit
    then she turns around, straddling your upturned face...and lowers her steaming dripping pussy straight down onto your outstretched tongue...she returns the favor by plastering her mouth to your rocking pussy and my plunging shaft
    kara: yummy
    Me: we are a writhing sandwich, with beads of nectar and sweat and pussy butter sliding mind is nearly turned to jelly from the combination of two goddesses fucking the SHIT out of me and each other...I feel Cate's legs squeezing both of us and realize that she is about to cummm and cummm HARD
    Me: fuccckkkkk....releeeeeaase meeeee...mussssstttt shooott...I feel a sudden rush of extra-warm nectar and realize that you are squirting
    kara: Fuuuuuck
    Me: instantly, the pressure wave from my prostate screams its way to the base of my tightly gripped cock
    kara: Fill my pussy
    Me:...and blasts through with such ferocity that you involuntarily open your eyes, saying, "Oh MYYYY GODDDDD, I FEEEELLL you cummming in meeeeeeeeeee...blasting my pussy with hot cummmmmmmmm....fuuuccckkkkkk
    kara: Yesssss !! wow,that was amazing
    donnnnnn't stoppppp, don't EVERRRRR stop...cummm cummmm cumm rivers of cummmm in meee
    Me: did you make a nice puddle?
    kara: Oh yeahhh!!
    kara: fuck!! That was awesome, baby !!
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