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  1. am too panty fetish..and am doing for the last 10 years..starting from my mo m panties to sis panties..smelling of used panties makes me mad and coulnt resist me to masturbate with them..last night i was in my relatives house for party with family..i saw a panty outside..i couldnt control my self and i bought that panty wiht me..i am scared if somebody had seen me while picking that panty..but really njoyble..i used it twice now..awesome smell...
  2. yesterday i caught ...when i just about to smell crotch of mom panty in mom just enter the bathroom and saw me..said wht the hell u doing with that??am embarrased and kept took panty from my hands and left the bathroom with til now so much embarrased to even talk to my mom and how to face her...pls advice me now wht i have to do..but i cant live without panties sniffing, jackoff cum and all pls help me
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