jus out of boredom

so what do I know about it, the health? I know a lot, imo, but where to start?

so I'll start wth eating, I guess. what do I know about eating. first thing that I remind of is there are a lot of people that wanna lose weight. you know once, I was one of them. I tried. but I never succeeded. how long ago that was. I tried, so one day I was like, there are people that will never gain weight, no matter how they want it. so I was like I fuck maself about it, but some don't even have the loss of the weight as an issue. so I was like, fuck it. I am gonna be like this, fat ugly bastard. yea, call me fat, I hate if you'd say that nice words describing something that really means that I am jus fat, simple. I am fat. don't call me other shit. so, I never gave a fuck abou
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  1. so basically, I am not even talkin about the weight loss, it is a side effect. sugar fucks your health, simple. but the first place from food is animal fat. animal fat is a pure calorie just like sugar, but, it when it gets into your liver, that is how you get all the cholesterol, which later gives you an infarct

    what is really fucked up about the eating, is it is such a giant habit, so when you imagine that you gotta change everything, you are literally collapse when you imagine, trying to. jus like I said before, don't add sugar into your coffee, tea, that is the first thing to do, because it is the easiest. don't change everything. keep on eating those cakes you so like, candies, etc. do at least something. don't concentrate on the overall goal. if you wanna improve yourself today, no fuckin sugar in your coffee, tea

    that is the first thing to do

    by the way, I am fat

  2. so when they say this candies are nice because they are better then the other candies, because they contain less sugar. so then you buy that bullshit, then the candies

    thing is, for a fuckin second, imagine, sugar is a pure carbohydrate, a pure energy, a pure calorie. some people can balance, they eat sugar, they stay thin, etc. you can also. I don like that shit though. I can eat sugar if it is already in a product, but I don add a sugar. it is jus like a thread about the recipes here. like what is the difference between pig that is high on fat, or a sausage done from chicken that is low on fat, with some pig fat in it? giant. a giant fuckin difference, cause you add the fat yourself. that is a difference. avoid sugar if you wanna do yourself at least a minimum favor

    do you wanna loss the weight, without gainin a giant appetite to take those calories back that you jus lost on those disgusting diets? now what tha fuck is a diet? it is a calorie cutter. you need calories, don't cut them. a most easy thing to start from is not to add a sugar at least in your coffee, tea. if you can do it, you did yourself a giant improvement

    but wait a second, do you smoke tobacco? or sniff tobacco? or chew it? forget everything that I jus wrote above if you take tobacco. if you can quit tobacco, do it as soon as possible. jus like bbc said recently, here are some tips for all the viewers to decrease your chances on getting cancer. now the first one to be is to quit tobacco. so you see? it is not mostly about people being that weak, that they are getting cancer all the time. it is tobacco, first fuckin place. if you can, then quit it. if you can't then, I guess keep on reading if you want to
  3. 2 weeks ago from today or something:

    first prostate orgasm

    1 week ago:

    one more

    2 hours ago:

    one more


    november 28 2012

    08:00 gmt

    got fourth few days ago

    got one more, so it is five now

    by tha way, gotta say, there are kinda 2 diff prostate orgasms, weak, strong. basically, you can say there is one strong, but I like the stance of weak too, because it easier to get

    one more yesterday while standing

    one more

    one more
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