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  1. I have done a reasonable amount of pornography in my time, both photographic and video work. Apart from recommendations, getting pornographic work is the same as any other job in that it requires an interview. Even when recommended you still need to be interviewed.

    Most interviewers will want to meet and chat, and most like to do a quick photo/video shoot or some other test to see how you do. The porn industry is well known for its casting couch interviews, where a casting director will expect sexual favours in return for offering the role. I had been recommended to a company and asked to attend an interview for a porn role I knew a little about. The company specialised in fetish and exhibitionism events and videos and if successful they had several roles available for me.

    When I arrived I was greeted by a lady at reception, shown to a small room, offered a drink, and asked to fill out a questionnaire. It was a lengthy questionnaire, after the personal info there were numerous categories on various fetishes all with 2 boxes to tick, would I do it and did I have any experience of doing it. There were questions about quite extreme forms of bondage including both dom and sub role-play, exhibitionism, cosplay, femdom, and many others; as well as questions about age ranges of sex partners, sex positions and sex toys, and fetish clothing. There were also questions about sexual health and check-ups, something I was pleased to see they took seriously. I am very broadminded and have a wide range of experience, so fortunately I was able to tick nearly all of the boxes.

    Next I was interviewed by a man called Jack who co-owned the company with his wife Kendra. He was dressed smart but casual in a shirt and jeans with shoes, and was a very good looking older man. He already had some photos of me from my portfolio and basically just went through the questionnaire confirming my answers to some of more extreme fetishes and chatting about experiences. He seemed very impressed, especially about a medical role-play scenario I had done which encompassed various quite extreme fetishes and was one of the reasons I was recommended. He also questioned me on messy play, not just pee play but slime, gunge and mud play. He loved the fact that I have a lot of experience of messy play anything from nuru gel in massages to wet mud in mud wrestling matches. He liked the fact I was a nudist and comfortable being nude in front of others, as well as being exhibitionist. He'd seen me performing an explicit sex show in a sex club, the other main reason for my interview, and asked if I was comfortable fucking any of the ladies I would be asked to. He'd also seen photos of me dressed in various fetish costumes and asked if I’d wear anything too. He realised just how broadminded I am and finished his interview ushering his wife in to interview me as the other co-owner of the company.

    Kendra was wearing skin-tight wet-look leggings, with high heeled boots and a satin basque top that only had half cups, doing very little to support her very clearly enhanced large breasts that were in constant danger of slipping out. I was surprised when she started asking exactly the same questions again, although it did make the interview easy. She went into more details about a CFNM scenario I had done when I was naked for a large group of ladies I had to submit to, focussing on the submissive and humiliating aspects of it. She focussed on exhibitionism and fetishes too, and like Jack she asked if I was happy to fuck any of their ladies. She pouted and raised her eyebrows as she asked "including me?". It was a good direct question designed to catch me out. Without hesitating I smiled and replied "I would love to fuck you".

    Upon being satisfied by my broadminded nature her next question was more of a rapid-fire statement "so let’s see you naked then". I undressed and stood posing in front of her turning to show myself to her from all angles as she stood up and looked me up and down. I was already semi hard from the questioning; I focussed on her pouting smile and her cleavage and breasts and felt myself getting fully hard for her. Fortunately, she was impressed, and very complimentary. "So you'd happily stick that in any of our lovely ladies then?" she asked. I agreed. "And you'd shoot your cum where you're told too?". Again, I agreed. "Including in their pussies, no condom?". I faced her directly, smiled, still fully erect and replied "Yes, sure, including you". She gave a broad smile and replied "I look forward to that, we are looking for some decent big cock for all of our ladies to fuck".

    Kendra turned around to make some notes before turning back to face me. "Let's see you in action then" and with that she opened the door and called out "get Mary". Not long after Mary walked in, a smiling and confident looking fairly large lady with very big breasts and a fuller figure, wearing D&G glasses, ridiculously high strappy platform heels and nothing else. Very sexy, I thought, my erection throbbing now. Kendra leaned back against the desk and simply said "Mary, what do you think?" Immediately Mary was knelt in front of me stroking and sucking my cock.

    After a short while playing with me, Mary got up and smiling straight at me she leaned back against the desk next to Kendra, spread her legs wide, and invited me to fuck her. I had a beautiful view of her naked body, her breasts really were massive and her pussy was completely smooth and wet. I stepped forward between her legs and placed the tip of my cock against her pussy, I could feel just how wet she was, and gently slipped my cock inside. I started by fucking her ultra slowly so Kendra could get a good view of my cock sliding all the way in and out and slowly increased my rhythm. I placed my hands on her breasts but soon realised I was obstructing Kendra's view so I stopped so she could see. She smiled at me and placed a hand on my bum.

    "Fuck her hard please" came the polite instruction so I started to thrust deeply and quickly, with my hands on Mary's thighs now. Mary moaned like hell as Kendra gave a couple of polite compliments until she eventually said "when you’re ready shoot your load over her". She leaned over and placed her fingers on Mary's clit playing with her as we fucked. Mary leaned right back and started shouting and screaming, whether she was really cumming or faking it I couldn't tell.

    Eventually I withdrew and Kendra grabbed my cock as I shot cum all over Mary's tummy and up over her breasts. Not long afterwards, Mary stood up and cheekily said "I'd hire him!", and walked out of the room still smiling as I waited for Kendra to finally pass comment. She turned to face me and said "thank you" as she held her arms out to give me a warming cuddle not caring that I was still erect and dripping cum onto her leggings as she held me. "I enjoyed seeing that. Are you ok?" she asked, to which I replied "yes, fine", after which she surprised me by kissing me on the cheek and whispered "I look forward to fucking you one day too".

    As she let me go and turned to walk away she said "Please could you wait, I'll be back shortly, oh and stay naked please". It wasn't long before Kendra returned and explained that having chatted with Jack they would like to take me out and chat about some work over a drink. "Let's make it sexy and see how you perform" she added, clearly this wasn't just a relaxed drink it was going to be a fetish and exhibitionism test too. If everything went well they would be happy to offer me various roles. Kendra led me, still naked, to a changing room clearly used by all their actors and actresses to change and prepare hair and make-up etc. There was one lady already in the room. Meet Din said Kendra, she'll be joining us, there are some clothes there for you to change into and some DM boots your size under the chair.

    Din was a very pretty lady of Asian descent, long black hair, quite petite apart from her huge breasts covered by a small ripped t-shirt with the word 'slut' emblazoned across it. She also wore some tiny hotpants leaving nothing to the imagination and high heels, nothing else. We introduced ourselves to each other and briefly embraced before I got dressed in the clothes provided. All that had been left for me were a pair of Doc Martin boots, some stretch lycra tiny hotpants, and a ripped t-shirt with the word 'whore' emblazoned across it. Like Din's hotpants, my shorts also left nothing to the imagination, my ass half on show and my cock extremely obvious stretching the material.

    It was interesting to chat briefly with Din. She mentioned the exhibitionism and bondage fetishes were what the company specialised in and was pleased to hear I had a lot of experience of those things. I complimented her on her figure, she replied that all the ladies they use have big breasts and smooth pussies, it's a requirement. I asked her if they had any requirements of the guys they use, she smiled and just said "big smooth dick and just do as you're told to when you're told to, fuck, get fucked, dress up, get naked, get tied up, get used, shoot your cum when and where you're told to, and fuck Kendra when she wants it". She added "just whore yourself, the money is excellent, you're paid by the fetish, the more bizarre it is the more you get. While they use you like a whore though, they do take real good care of you too, money, food, hotels, everything". I knew what I was letting myself in for, and was pleased to hear they obviously take care of everyone too.

    "When you are ready we go" said Din, and she led me out of the room and along to the reception where Jack and Kendra were waiting. This was clearly an exhibitionism test, but I was comfortable dressed as I was, and the 4 of us got into a waiting taxi and drove off a long way to a popular and lively area of town full of people. Everyone chatted in the taxi but nothing much about work, there was little physical contact with everyone having their own seat. We got out of the taxi and started walking along the street mixing with everyone else.

    It was a very warm evening and plenty of others were dressed in skimpy outfits, but no-one quite as revealing as Din and myself, and no-one with words like 'slut' and 'whore' written across their tops. We were definitely attracting some attention, mostly Din whose breasts were bouncing around with her ripped t-shirt likely to expose them at any moment. Her nipples were obvious through the material and her top didn't quite cover her breasts completely leaving them slightly exposed. I could feel my cock swaying around too as I walked, the thin material of my shorts doing little to cover me. I could hear people walking behind us, I didn't turn around, but they would have had a lovely view of Din's ass which was half on show with her hotpants covering so little, and mine too. Kendra had covered her breasts with a denim jacket, although i still had a good view of her cleavage. We all walked side-by-side, Din and me in the middle holding hands, Kendra alongside me holding my hand, Jack the other side holding Din's hand. It felt like Jack and Kendra were parading us, which they were really, whilst acting as though everything was perfectly normal, before leading us into what looked like quite a classy looking bar.

    The doormen looked us up and down, Jack announced we were going upstairs, to which one of the doormen simply replied "ok, and welcome, have fun". We were led up 2 flights of stairs to a lively bar, full of people but not overcrowded, with music playing. Jack and Kendra bought a round of drinks and led us outside onto a balcony overlooking the balcony of the bar on the floor below us, which also overlooked the main street. We all chinked glasses, said cheers, before Jack started the conversation, asking me to enlighten them about my various porn experiences. It was clear this was a time to be as explicit as possible describing various things I had done, not holding back on the intimate details. Jack and Kendra kept pushing for more details occasionally asking if these were the sort of sex acts I would be happy performing with Din. Obviously I would be happy to, I'd love to, and with that I had Din fondling me soon followed by Kendra too.

    Their intentions were clear, get me fully erect with my shorts doing nothing to disguise it. They were playing with me openly, anyone in the bar who wanted to could see, we had already attracted a lot of attention when we entered the bar. My only thought was to let them enjoy themselves, and join in the fun by playing with Din too. I was stood facing Din facing sideways to the bar with her openly playing with my cock through my shorts, so I started caressing and fondling her breasts through her t-shirt too. Din clearly enjoyed what I was doing so I took it further and slipped my hands up under her t-shirt to fondle her breasts, occasionally exposing them. It was clearly what Jack and Kendra wanted, exhibitionism and openly playing with each other, not caring who was watching.

    It was Kendra who held me from behind as Din fondled me, encouraging me to turn and face the street. It was busy down below, too busy to notice if there was anyone staring up at us. With Kendra behind me and now Jack behind Din, Din and me stood next to each other, Jack put his arms around Din and started fondling her breasts and Kendra put her arms around me and fondled my cock. Din enjoyed the moment Jack lifted her t-shirt and fully exposed her breasts as he fondled them, as Kendra slipped her hand inside my shorts and grabbed my cock. With her other hand she slipped my shorts down at the front just low enough to expose my cock as she slowly started to stroke it. I placed my hands behind me on Kendra's thighs allowing her to do as she pleased.

    It was only a brief display of exhibitionism and I felt like I had passed a test when Kendra covered my cock and spun me around to face the bar again. We drank more drinks and continued the explicit porn chat whilst the fondling just continued naturally. The nature of the fondling became more explicit too, Din's breasts were frequently being exposed briefly, and with her hotpants so minimal it was easy and a pleasure for me to also fondle her pussy. My ass was being fondled a lot too now, and both Din and Kendra had their hands inside my shorts too with scant regard to exposing my cock as they fondled me.

    I tried to ignore the main bar area but I could tell we were attracting a fair amount of attention. We were approached by a couple who stood real close watching all the fondling before commenting "looks like you guys are having a lot of fun". It was Jake who offered them a quick fondle themselves, the man embracing Din and fondling her breasts quite openly while the lady embraced me, kissed me full on the lips as she grinded against me, before lowering both her hands to fondle my cock through my shorts. Having seen this happen a few other groups approached us but Jake was adamant it was couples only and only allowed one other couple to enjoy the fun the same way as the first couple had.

    We were probably getting too much attention now and it was time to leave. Again we walked side-by-side as though being paraded along the street in the same direction we had previously been walking. On one side the buildings stopped and there was a large open park that Jack and Kendra led us toward. The entrance and main path were well lit but the smaller paths leading off it weren't lit and led off to much darker areas of the park. I had my arm around Din now, as she did around me, and I was impressed by how easily she walked in such high heels, as I was too by Kendra in her stiletto boots. The main path clearly led somewhere and was reasonably busy with people walking and others sat on benches that lined the path.

    Jack and Kendra led us along one of the darker side paths before we stopped out of view of the main path now. Kendra turned to face me as Jack turned to face Din out of my view. I embraced Kendra and we started kissing as she pressed her body against mine. She grinded against me getting me hard whilst slipping her hands under my t-shirt and slipping it up and over my head so I was now shirtless. Kendra didn't stop me when I started undoing her denim jacket and fondling her breasts, even allowing me to completely expose them. I didn't mind her taking my t-shirt off and wondered what would come next. Sure enough she slipped my shorts down and she held them as I stepped out of them, leaving me stood naked just in my boots embracing Kendra who held my t-shirt and shorts in her hand. She continued to grind against me and fondled me until I was fully erect.

    It was no surprise when Kendra let go of me and I turned around that Din was also stood naked except for her high heels. Unexpectedly, Kendra opened her shoulder bag and took out 2 ropes, throwing 1 to Jack. As Kendra tied my hands behind my back, Jack tied Din's too. Then Kendra placed a gag over my head carefully placing the silicone ball in my mouth as Jack did the same with Din. We were well and truly their slaves now as we continued our walk along the footpath walking slowly with Din and myself now fully exposed and unable to cover ourselves or speak. Kendra had pulled the basque back up to cover her breasts as much as it could. We came to a junction where another path crossed and started to walk along it. Soon another couple walking the other way saw us and smiled but didn't say anything. We walked past another couple kissing and cuddling each other, fully focussed on each other until they realised we were naked, they stopped and stared at us walking past, smiling at us as we did so. It was another minute until we saw another couple approaching us in the distance.

    Jack instructed us to stop and simply said "here will be good I think". It was a clear instruction to Din as he undid the rope around her wrists to face away leaning against an old-fashioned lamppost that wasn't switched on, as she spread her legs and leaned forward in a clear invitation to fuck. Kendra undid my wrists too and I didn't wait for either Jack or Kendra to confirm this is what they wanted, I just took it they did, and I stepped up behind Din and placed my cock against her pussy and slipped it inside. I gently started to fuck Din, who was extremely wet, taking slow deep thrusts so it was obvious what we were up to. I was oblivious to the couple approaching until they were right there standing with Jack and Kendra watching us. Little was said but they stood and watched until Jack told us to stop. In many ways I was disappointed not to continue as I was enjoying fucking Din but Jack made it clear it was very risky.

    Neither Jack or Kendra made us the offer of our clothes back, instead we were tied up again with the gags also still in place, and we just started walking with this new couple back along the path the way we had come. The kissing couple were still there and we all took the path that led back to the main brightly lit path. "We train our sluts well, don't we" said Jack to the couple. It was the lady who replied "you sure do, this is so hot" before the man added "fuck me this is way more than just hot!". Jack made the point of giving them a business card with details adding if they wanted to see more he has DVDs available but are always looking for extras to watch during filming, adding "and you 2 are pretty hot yourselves".

    We continued to walk and I could see people on the main path in the distance, we could see people but I doubted they could see us along the darker path. I wondered just how far Jack and Kendra were going to parade us naked. The answer to was within a few yards of the main path where anyone taking a quick glance sideways would have seen us, as undoubtedly some had. Jack and Kendra helped us dress, as did the new couple allowing us to lean against them a little to steady ourselves. We walked, or paraded, dressed as we had previously been and without gags or ropes now back along out to the main street where the new couple promised to buy some DVDs and hoped to meet us again real soon. Enough exhibitionism for one evening as Jack hailed a taxi and we all got in.

    The journey back started with Jack and Kendra telling me I had got the job and they were super impressed with what I had done. They would pay me for the evenings work too, but only a minimal payment, if I were to do that again for real they would pay me much more handsomely. They explained they would normally have 2 or 3 people filming discreetly and told me what type of shots they would have filmed that night had it actually been filmed. They would have included allowing more people to fondle us in the bar, fucking for longer in the park with more people watching, and an explicit cumshot. Then they started telling me all about other roles they had for me, mostly roles that included exhibitionism or bondage fetishes, or a mixture of both. We chatted all the way back to their offices which also doubled as their studios for some of their film work.

    Everything was much more relaxed now, it was late anyway and they invited me back the next day to look through some storyboards they had for some new projects. The scenarios took some fetishes to extremes, extremely kinky and daring, hence their growing reputation in the porn business for those kinds of specialist films. They showed me to their studio, a warehouse split into different sections. One resembled a dungeon full of bondage equipment, another was a boudoir full of kinky sex toys and a four poster bed in the middle, another was full of chains hanging from rafters and sex machines and various other sex devices. One area they described as their messy area and had a mud wrestling pit in it. No wonder Jack was impressed when I told him the previous day I had experience of mud wrestling. He was quick to point it out too, and said he couldn't wait to see me in action naked and getting messy. Kendra added "with me I hope". Everywhere I looked catered for different sexual fetishes and there were open wardrobes too full of kinky fetish clothing.

    I was genuinely excited by what I saw, and they could see I was, and asked if I would like to try anything. I wanted to and accepted their offer. They asked if I would like to get dressed up for the occasion, I said yes and added that I would wear whatever they wanted me to. Both Jack and Kendra were pleased that I didn't choose, that I was willing to wear whatever they chose, I made it clear they could choose anything and I'd wear it, and it wasn't long before an extremely minimal outfit was presented to me designed to both humiliate me and fully expose me. All they handed me was a pair of rubber stockings with some talc to help get them on, a pair of patent black stiletto shoes, and a waitress's lace hat to make the point I was there to serve them. They walked me round showing me all the equipment, and I willingly volunteered to be tied up to most of the equipment they had. I could see why they were earning the reputation they had, most equipment left me completely bound and unable to move, and very explicitly sexually exposed for anyone to do as they pleased.

    Kendra briefly took advantage, groping and fondling me, and there was some light bondage too. I didn't resist, I enjoyed most of it anyway, and it was clear to them I would let Kendra do whatever she wanted. Whilst the restraints were set very tightly there was only some gentle use of a paddle, plenty of groping, and some use of sex toys too. Whilst restrained in a set of stocks Kendra lubed up a dildo and gently slid it in my ass to fuck me with it, and clearly enjoyed what she was doing, as she remarked how good I was and how she would love to be pegging me with a strap-on right now. When I responded that I wished she was too, it was like passing a final test that I was willing to do whatever they wanted, Jack was first to respond saying that's great and that there will be plenty of dressing up as I was and being tied up and pegged, with Kendra adding she wanted first go before any of the other girls got to peg me.

    There was no offer of my clothes back when we had finished and I walked back to an office still in my outfit and still completely exposed. Kendra sat next to me and Jack the other side of a table as he got a portfolio out that contained images of all their girls for us to browse through. For each girl there was a double page spread of explicit photos. At some point soon they would want me to do a portfolio photo shoot for their own use too, explicit in both dom and sub roles. Kendra kept stroking my rubber stockings as we sat close to each other, clearly enjoying the feel. She allowed me to fondle her too. As we browsed the pages I remembered Din telling me that big breasts and smooth pussies were a requirement, looking at the photos they certainly were. All the girls had huge breasts, some natural some enhanced, and none had any pubic hair. The girls covered a wide age range and also different skin colours, like they were trying to cover all their options available. It was a very explicit conversation, chatting about what sex acts would be appropriate with each girl. As we chatted about sex acts Kendra had gently taken hold of my cock and was now slowly masturbating me. We discussed financial arrangements and sure enough they were willing to pay very generously some a lot of sex acts.

    The last pages in the portfolio were reserved for photos of Kendra. She looked beautiful naked, her huge enhanced breasts clearly a major attraction in their porn films. In all her photos she was in a dominating role, whether it just be naked with a huge strap-on swinging between her legs, or dressed up in one of many fetish outfits. I made a point of saying how stunning her photos were, a point that was very much appreciated. Again we discussed sex acts, with all the suggested ones having Kendra in a dominant role. Both me and Kendra, and Jack too, were genuinely excited about me and Kendra performing together. This was the start of a long relationship working for Jack and Kendra. As we finished our discussions and all stood up I was rock hard from Kendra playing with me, I'm sure it was obvious anyway to Jack what she had been doing.

    Kendra offered to walk with me to go back and find my clothes and dress again. I walked arm in arm with her, still hard and excited myself. Kendra spoke about how excited she was too, and about how good she thought I looked, remarking how she wanted to tie me up and use me looking like they way I was. It was an off the cuff remark, but she wasn't expecting me to respond by saying of course she could. As we got back to the warehouse Kendra led me towards the boudoir where my clothes were, but completely ignored them. She told me to lie back on the bed, there wasn't any tying up but she just said how wonderful I had been and deserved some reward. The next I knew she was between my legs forcing them wide apart so she could play with and suck on my cock and balls. "I won't just be wanking you when you're tied up" she said, as she started to masturbate me quite vigorously. She smiled when I replied I hoped she would be using me for more than just a wank. It wasn't long before I was cumming and she clearly liked it messy, shooting my cum all over her face as she licked her lips. Next I knew she was leaning over me then laying on top of me, she was still fully dressed but she grinded her hips thrusting herself into me and pressing her breasts into my chest as she very passionately kissed me.

    When she eventually got off me it was so obvious what she had been doing, she had cum stains all over her wet-look black leggings. She helped me remove the shoes and stockings and also helped me get dressed. Jack suddenly appeared, or maybe he had been there all the time, I wouldn't have noticed. "Enjoy your blowjob darling" he asked casually. "Mmmm yummy, sweet sweet cum" replied Kendra. "If he asks nicely he can cum in my mouth anytime he likes, but he only gets to cum in my ass and pussy when I say so" she added. Just to be cheeky I asked "what about when I want to cum all over your tits?". They both laughed, "I can see we're all going to get along fine" said Jack. Jack handed me an envelope with money inside, even their so-called minimal payment was generous, and we discussed when I was available to film my first role. A week later I was back in a bar dressed the same way I had been the previous day, with Din, Jack and Kendra all dressed the same too, being discretely filmed as I was played with and exposed by Kendra and other people who had approached us. One lady even started sucking my cock on the balcony. Then it was a walk to the park to be paraded for longer whilst bound and gagged and to film those additional scenes that had been mentioned. The whole evening was a success and became the first of many I filmed for them.
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  2. I was on holiday in Switzerland staying in a spa hotel in a beautiful resort near one of the lakes. I had been travelling in Germany seeing friends and although it was out of the tourist season I treated myself to an overnight stay in this hotel before travelling on to France. The hotel was beautiful, but with not many guests at that time of year. During the afternoon I had made use of the gym facilities, and also gone for a long walk around the hotel and along the lake shore enjoying the views. After dinner I decided to just chill out and make use of the spa facilities. By the time I got there it was quite late in the evening.

    In the relaxation area was a pool in the middle, a jacuzzi at one end of the pool, and around the sides a number of relaxation rooms such as a sauna, steam room, aromatherapy room, and several more rooms. There were also loungers around the pool. The whole spa facilities were clothing optional, and as I walked in with just a robe around me I could see a couple nude on a pair of loungers, and another couple had just walked past me also nude. There was also a couple in the jacuzzi although I couldn't tell if they wore swimwear or not, and I couldn't tell if there was anyone in any of the relaxation rooms as all the glass doors were darkened. In such hotels in Europe the spa areas are often nude only, but some such as this one are clothing optional only to appease certain guests who are uncomfortable with nudity. As a nudist I was pleased to see others nude and was not wearing any swimwear myself.

    I hung my robe on one of the stands and stepped into the pool and casually glided up and down for a few lengths enjoying the warm water, before just relaxing and floating face up in the water. As I did so I saw 2 couples leave one of the relaxation rooms, probably the sauna, both nude, and 2 ladies leave another room, one nude the other topless. The 2 ladies looked like they left the spa, whilst the 2 couples went off to another room. The couple on the loungers had made eye contact with me and both smiled and said hello as I got out of the pool and walked past them.

    I decided to have a look around and wandered naked around the spa checking out what facilities there were. I showered first and went in the turkish steam room, which was lovely and very hot, before showering again and trying out an aromatherapy room. I went in about 5 or 6 rooms, the 2 couples were in the swedish sauna, but otherwise all the rooms I tried were empty. It was the rainforest room when I was relaxing that the couple who were in the jacuzzi entered, said hello, and sat opposite where I was laying looking straight at me. They spoke in German, I recognised the language, although my German is not good enough to understand what they were talking about, especially as they were mostly just whispering to each other anyway.

    I laid on my back, they had a good view of my naked body, and if I glanced to my right I had a good view of them too, they were both naked. Occasionally we exchanged smiles, they were both always looking at me, and on one occasion the man simply asked 'you English?' to which I replied 'yes'. I asked if they were German, but it turned out they were Swiss but not local to the area. They spoke good English, as I find many Europeans do, and asked if I spoke German. I replied I did a little, but not enough to understand anything they had chatted about. It was the lady who then said they had been admiring me and guessed I hadn't understood any of their conversation. They introduced themselves as husband and wife, Lionel and Sofia, I introduced myself too, and it was Lionel who mentioned I hadn't tried the jacuzzi and wondered if I'd like to join them. I enjoy being admired, and it was difficult not to admire them too, Sofia clearly enjoyed me looking at her and I felt myself becoming semi erect. I accepted their offer and we all left the rainforest room and showered before walking along the pool to the jacuzzi. The couple on the loungers were still there reading their books and magazines.

    Lionel and Sofia were in their 50s I guessed, although I'm not good at guessing ages. Lionel was a larger man, very hirsute, although balding on his head too. I couldn't help noticing he was not well endowed at all, in fact his penis was very small and hardly noticeable. Sofia was a much more petite lady, both shorter and much slimmer, long dark hair, small breasts and a pretty and small dark triangle of pubic hair.

    They offered me to get into the jacuzzi first, which I did, and then followed me in and sat next to me with Sofia in the middle. We were sat fairly close, I put my arms outstretched behind me so that one arm was behind Sofia, close to her but not touching her. It wasn't long before I felt her hand on my thigh, gently stroking up and down, which got me very aroused, especially as her hand got closer and closer to my cock with every gentle stroke she made. We had been casually chatting too, like me they were both nudists although whilst this was my first visit to this spa they had been a few times before. They lived at home as nudists and enjoyed nude holidays too, the conversation never sexual but constantly focussing on nudity. It was Lionel who asked me that, as a single man, it must be nice admiring nude ladies, which I agreed it was. Then in a clear reference to how small his own penis was, he commented that it must be much harder for someone much larger than himself to admire another lady without it being obvious. I replied it could be, but often being obvious doesn't cause any problems and can seen as a compliment, and an erection is only natural anyway. It was at that exact moment that Sofia's fingers first brushed my cock, gently running all the way up and down.

    Lionel continued to talk and paid me a very nice compliment saying how enjoyable it was to see my penis swinging around as I walked. He was quite descriptive about the size of my penis, reminding me that they had both been admiring me in the rainforest room, in the shower, and again as I walked with them. Sofia then added to the compliments too, saying that it was nice for ladies to look too and every lady enjoys seeing a nice big penis.

    I placed my hand on Sofia's shoulder and she leaned into me a little as if she enjoyed the affection. Lionel continued talking saying it takes confidence to walk with an erection and asked if I ever did, I replied I did, saying again it was only a natural reaction, at which point Sofia's hand slipped around my cock. The look in her eyes was one of wanting to see what she was stroking, mixed with that tell-tale comment directed at Lionel that she doesn't normally get to see a big penis. I guessed Lionel knew exactly what was going on under the water when he asked if we should all enjoy using the cabin instead. It was agreed and as if to prove the point just made I stood up and faced Sofia with my erection at about the surface of the water and clearly visible just inches from her face. It was unexpected when Sofia commented how nice her view was, and I took her hands and helped her up and we all got out of the jacuzzi. It was only a short walk to the sauna I thought, assuming that's what Lionel meant by cabin, near but not straight past the couple still there on their loungers.

    Sofia continued to hold my hand as we got out of the jacuzzi and we followed Lionel along the pool. As we neared the couple he announced 'to the log cabin' and we followed right past the couple on the loungers. I saw them both looking over their books at us checking us out, the lady even lowering her reading glasses, both smiling at us. Sofia's nipples were hard and she looked sexy with water running down her body, I was wet too and still hard, walking along not caring I was fully erect. Lionel guided us down a small passageway I hadn't noticed before and, without grabbing any towels or robes, through an exit door and then a few paces outside to a log cabin that I don't know existed.

    Lionel open the door for me and Sofia to walk in, the cabin had sauna-like benches around all 4 walls with burners in the corners nearest the doors. The benches though were much larger and deeper, and scattered around were many blankets and furs for comfort. It reminded me of a cross between a sauna and a snug. One of the original couples I saw were in here, otherwise it was empty. Good evening, said the couple in the cabin, in German. We all said good evening, some other pleasantries were exchanged in German, one of them towards me as Lionel told the couple I didn't speak German just English, and so the lady simply looked at me and said ok, look good, which I took as a compliment.

    We sat on the middle tier of benches on the left almost opposite the couple, the cabin was very large and there was plenty of space. I sat down then Sofia sat a couple of feet away with Lionel next to her. Sofia then swung her legs round up on the bench so she was leaning against Lionel, her toes touching my leg. The man of the couple opposite offered to go get some drinks, I think he was probably just going anyway, and he came back with beakers and a jug of iced water for everyone. When everyone had drunk and was settled Sofia started to smile at me as if something was about to happen. Sure enough it did. She lowered her right foot down to the lower bench so I had a view between her legs. Her pussy was lovely and smooth, the dark triangle of pubic hair finishing just above her pussy. It seemed a subtle move, but the next move certainly wasn't. She raised her left foot up onto the highest bench so her legs were wide open, and then gently started to stroke her pussy.

    I enjoyed watching, as did the other couple who were clearly intrigued, but I'm more one for taking part and not just watching. I leaned towards Sofia and placed my hands on her legs slowly working my way upwards. She didn't do anything to stop me and when my hands reached her pussy she took one had and placed it on her pussy as she spread herself as wide as she could. I gently stroked her, teasing her a little, before sliding 2 fingers inside her which clearly pleasured her. She placed her hands on my head running her fingers through my hair as I kneeled between her legs, she slowly pulled my head closer and with fingers fucking her pussy my tongue started to lick her too. I couldn't see how the other couple were reacting, or Lionel either, I just heard Sofia groaning with pleasure until the moment came when her pussy tightened around my fingers as she started to orgasm. I continued to lick as she came, licking her juices from her pussy and from my fingers until finally I felt her relax and tell me to stop. I looked up at her and with her juices all over my lips she leaned forward to kiss me.

    As I sat back I glanced at the other couple who smiled back, both sat fairly explicitly having been masturbating themselves or each other. It was Lionel who got more iced water which was well needed. After a drink he said I bet that I needed a lay down after that. I took it as a hint and lay on my back on the middle tier bench, my erection resting on my tummy. Sofia positioned herself laying face down on the top tier bench looking down at my face.

    I felt her hand wandering over my chest and then over my tummy as she reached down, and then go straight for my cock. The first thing she did was hold my cock upright for everyone to see, and immediately started masturbating me. I glanced up at Sofia who was just smiling at me, then I glanced across at the couple who were both masturbating. I couldn't see Lionel from where I was laying. I closed my eyes and heard a lady say something in German I didn't understand, Sofia just replied yes, and the next I knew not only was Sofia masturbating me but the lady was now sucking my cock too. Sofia's technique was wonderful, slow and gently milking me, and the lady was licking and sucking me very sensually too, and the best thing for me to do was just relax and let everything happen. They continued and eventually Sofia could feel me throbbing and started whispering cum darling, cum. She gently squeezed and milked my cock as I came, shooting cum straight into this lady's mouth.

    Sofia climbed down from the top tier and took over from the other lady as she gently licked my cock clean of cum. The other lady leaned forward to kiss me, her breasts brushing my skin as she did so, and I was shocked and surprised to realise this was not the lady from the couple already in the sauna, but the lady who had been on the loungers by the pool. I had no idea she was even in the cabin, apparently they had entered whilst I was pleasuring Sofia earlier and I hadn't noticed.

    After kissing me she positioned herself so I could suck on her breasts, which were much larger than Sofia's. As Sofia continued to gently lick, suck and play with my cock and balls this new lady stood up and lifted one leg high onto the bench above me for a clear view of her pussy. Even with a large strip of trimmed pubic hair covering her pussy I could clearly see she was dripping wet and with some clever manoeuvring from us both she gently lowered her pussy onto my tongue and started to masturbate as I licked her. She was quite frantic and made herself cum very quickly, flooding me with juices and she came.

    Her husband came to her rescue and led her back to a bench next to the other couple, the lady still pleasuring herself, the man I could see had already cum. My German language is very limited but I do know general sex words from my experience working in German porn, and the lady masturbating clearly asked Sofia if we were going to fuck. Sofia asked who would like to watch, at the same time holding my cock showing me off to everyone. I was the only one Sofia didn't ask, although by this time I definitely wanted to fuck her too. I stayed laid on my back as Sofia climbed above me and lowered herself down reverse cowgirl so that everyone had a good view between our legs. She teased as she brushed her pussy against the tip of my cock, she was very wet as she lowered herself further and slipped me inside her pussy. She rode me up and down very slowly, raising her body as high as she could to give everyone a good view as she lowered herself each time right down taking my cock as deep as she could.

    I couldn't see what everyone else was doing, which was a shame as I wanted to, I was just aware of some movement and guessed the others were all playing too. I sensed someone stand up and I felt a hand cupping my balls that wasn't Sofia's, the person gently stroking my cock when it was on show and I guessed stroking Sofia's pussy too. The fondling stopped and totally unexpectedly I suddenly got drenched in a warm flow of juices as one of the ladies clearly just gushed all over us. I got drenched and could feel the force as the juices hit and splashed over us, the lady clearly flowing to start with followed by much shorter sharper squirts. It was incredibly erotic for both of us, and both me and Sofia reacted the same, it wasn't long before we were both cumming, Sofia sat right down on me with my cock deep inside her as her pussy tightened as she came, triggering my own orgasm filling her pussy with cum.

    With that we were both desperate for water and I have no idea who handed me a beaker but I downed it quickly followed by another too. One of the ladies was playing with my cock, gently licking it clean, I just laid there without a care who it was, only knowing it wasn't Sofia as she was shattered and laying down next to Lionel. With my sex session with Sofia finished and everyone having watched and those who wanted to join in doing so, I assumed that was the end. I relaxed as the lady played with me, it was the lady originally in the cabin who had been masturbating very openly, as I looked up at her she smiled and continued to tease my cock. She knew I didn't understand much German but I did easily understand the 2 words she spoke, 'fuck, yes?'. I smiled and said yes, the next I knew she had stood up and faced her husband who was still sat down, she placed her hands on his knees and bent over, I had a beautiful view of her bum as she began to talk in German.

    It was Sofia who translated, fuck her hard darling. I stood behind her and slipped my cock in her pussy. She was totally drenched, it must have been her who gushed, I went deep and felt my covered in juices where she had already cum, which was very erotic. She continued to talk, as though her words were instructions, Sofia translating faster faster, harder harder, and I started to pound her pussy slamming my cock deep inside. Her moaning and groaning were all I needed to know this is what she wanted.

    Sofia had openly fucked me in front of her husband, this lady was leaning against her husband while I fucked her, and the lounger lady had sucked my cock while her husband watched too. What had started as an innocent relaxation in a spa hotel had turned into a cuckolding orgy. Three cuckold men, all enjoying watching their wives have sex with me, was far from what I had expected. The lady I was fucking now was leant right over, her legs spread as far as possible, to my right were Sofia and Lionel watching, to my left the lounger couple, the lady gently masturbating as well as playing with her breasts, the man having cum already. With every thrust I felt and heard my body slapping against hers, I reached round to play with her breasts that were swinging wildly, she liked me being rough with her breasts too.

    I was shattered and ready to cum one last time, Sofia was calling out to cum inside this lady, clearly what she was shouting in German. Then I realised the words cum, cum, cum were an instruction as she almost collapsed onto her husband as she came to orgasm herself. I thrust deep inside and moved as her body fell forwards, filling her with what cum I had left in my body.

    At that point I pretty much collapsed and was revived with beakers of water. We all exited the cabin to the cool air of the outdoors and back into the main spa area. By now it was very late and the place seemed deserted. I took a cool shower and freshened up, as did everyone else, and there were lots of hugs and handshakes as goodbyes were said. My robe was back by the pool, and the lounger couple had left their books and magazines as well as their robes there too. We walked over together as the others walked off and we collected our things. They chatted to each and then turned to me. There was a clear language barrier and I didn't understand what the man said, but we shook hands anyway. Then the lady hugged me, our naked bodies pressed against each other briefly. As we parted her hand slipped around my waist and to my cock as she gently brushed it with her fingers. My hands were still on her and it seemed natural to fondle her large breasts that clearly aroused me.

    I didn't understand what she said other than it included the word fuck and was something about the 2 other ladies. I took it to mean something about enjoying watching me fuck the other 2 ladies. Then the man showed me their room card, with a key fob clearly displaying their room number. I took it they were inviting me to their room but I was still shattered. They could see that and pointed to a clock and spoke again, I picked up the German word for 30 and mimed to them the time it would be in 30 minutes. The lady said yes, and so did I. I took it to mean I was invited to their room in 30 minutes, if I had enough energy left I would go, if I didn't they didn't know my room so no harm done.

    The lady kissed me full on the lips and I was certainly excited by her. We left and I went back to my room to relax. I showered again and drank plenty of water and relaxed. 30 minutes later I decided I was definitely excited by this lady and had recovered enough for at least a little bit of fun, so I left my room and made my way to their room. It was the lady who answered, wearing her robe. She invited me inside where her husband, also wearing a robe, greeted me then sat in a chair at the end of the bed. With the obvious language barrier very little was said, the lady took my hand and led me round the side of bed and offered me a drink. I accepted, and we each drank then putting glasses to one side we stood facing each other holding hands.

    We slipped off each other's robes, both naked underneath, and she gently pulled me on to the bed and indicated to me to lie down. She was extremely gentle with me, and knowing I loved her breasts she gently tit-fucked me before leaning forward to let me play with her breasts and then suck her nipples. After that she got up and turned around so that she was now facing her husband, laying on top of me legs spread as she lowered her pussy onto my face whilst taking my cock in her hands. She clearly enjoyed masturbating and sucking me right in front of her husband, teasing him whilst playing with me, her play also including my balls, perineum and bum too. I kept swapping between flicking my tongue over her clit to licking up and down and inside her pussy, as my hands explored her bum I slipped a finger in her ass gently at the same time that she was fingering mine.

    This continued for some time until a sudden flow of warmth drenched my face as she began to cum, not an earth shattering orgasm more a slow and long lasting orgasm she clearly enjoyed every moment of. She started to wipe my cock all over her face I guessed to enjoy my pre-cum on her skin, as she got off me long beads of her juices made a mess over my face and down her leg. Her face was glistening with my pre-cum, our lips covered with each other's juices, and we kissed passionately as she positioned herself over me, her legs spread above my cock. She kissed my face all over too, enjoying tasting her own juices on me.

    Then reaching down she took my cock and placed the tip against her pussy. Without using her hands she pushed down on my cock giving her husband a clear view as my cock slipped inside her pussy. She laid on top of me and gently writhed around and I embraced her and we continued to kiss. She ran her fingers through my hair as she laid on top of me, not so much fucking but more just gently making love to each other. I could feel her large breasts pressed into my chest as she kept slowly raising her thighs and lowering them to give her husband a good view of my cock sliding in and out of her pussy. I was so aroused and eventually she brought me to orgasm inside her, she was clearly controlling herself too as soon after I had cum she held me tightly and had the most gentle orgasm too.

    I had every intention of returning to my room but when I woke up in the morning I was still naked in bed with this lady, with her cuddled up to me. She was already awake, and had been for some time, whilst there was no sign of her husband. We kissed passionately again, fondling and caressing each other, before she suggested eating the breakfast she had ordered as room service. After eating we showered together, again fondling each other as we did so, before returning to bed for more cuddling, plenty of oral sex, before more traditional sex with me on top.

    Her husband never returned to the room before I left. When I left she made a point of slipping a note in my robe pocket which I checked as soon as I left the room. It just had an email address on it surrounded by plenty of kisses. My travels took me on to France before returning home, when I took the opportunity to email her. I left a simple message saying how much I had enjoyed myself. I write to other people in Germany fairly often, which always involves using Google translate to read their replies. It's not perfect but it's enough to understand the messages, and it was enough to understand the lengthy reply I got this time.

    In short, they are both voyeurs who love to watch couples having sex as well as porn in general. They watch a lot of porn to give them ideas, but rarely get to indulge in actually watching couples for real. Cuckolding was a real fantasy and in cabin and then the bedroom that night was the first time she had cuckolded him. They both thanked me and would love for that to happen again, and have invited me to stay with them if I am ever in the area again. She is also very exhibitionist and would love to cuckold him with me in front of other people too. And they would also like to watch me with someone else, they even suggested a person, just watching us having sex with the lady occasionally joining in. Their fantasies also include her hiking naked with me through the beautiful countryside whilst he carries our clothes, she wants to push her exhibitionism further and he wants to push his humiliation fantasies further too. I have not travelled through that area before, but I am very tempted to go back. Summer is always very busy for me but that is when they have suggested, for the warmer weather to be outdoors naked.
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  3. As a masseur I have many friends who are also massage therapists who I have met through my chosen line of work. One is Sally, who owns a salon, and offers a variety of professional massage services. It's illegal to offer sexual services from a salon, not that she would anyway, but a salon opened up near to her that she was suspicious about. A few clients, all men, stopped appointments with her, so she asked me to investigate for her. As her friend of course I would, she knew if they did offer anything I'd go along with it and report back to her. So I made an appointment, the last one of the day, always the best as they aren't in a rush to finish before the next client, to find out what was on offer.

    On the day I arrived a little early and found 2 ladies in the waiting area who introduced themselves to me. They were my therapists as I had booked a 4 hands full body massage, the most expensive they offer. A sign of a good salon is they will display certificates of qualifications on the wall, there were 2, but they just confirmed each had attended a training course and could practise as a massage therapist. The rest of the waiting area was very professional looking, all newly painted and decorated with pastel colours and pictures of paradise style beaches. The older lady introduced herself as Bixie, explaining Bixie was an abbreviation of her name no-one could pronounce. The younger lady was Kimmie, and together they welcomed me to their new salon and offered me a drink. Both looked elegant in long summer dresses.

    Bixie did all the talking, starting with the professional questions she should ask about, health issues, choice of massage oil etc, as though it were a tick list from her training. The mood was light and humorous and I could feel we were getting on well. She confirmed I had booked a 4 hands massage and checked I still wanted that now I had met them both. I confirmed I did and the questions moved on to politely asked ones that weren't from any training. The more interesting ones were all asked with a lovely smile and I smiled too as I responded:
    Would you prefer to wear swimwear or underwear, or will you be naked?
    Naked if that's ok with you.
    Yes fine, absolutely fine, the room is lovely and warm. It's easier not to drape you in towels unless you'd like us to?
    (Towel draping is almost an art form of massage, not using any towels even just for modesty is unprofessional, so this was the first suggestion the massage may include some extras)
    No towels is fine with me, as long as it is with you.
    Yes fine, absolutely fine, it's far easier to work without towels anyway. Is there any area of your body you'd prefer us not to touch, like ticklish feet for example?
    No, anywhere is fine, I assume you massage all over.
    Yes of course, it is an all over massage, head to toes, and everywhere in between. Is there anywhere you'd like us to massage more than others?
    (I guessed this is where some men would say their penis, but I wasn't going to be that obvious, not quite anyway)
    I'm sure I'll enjoy you massaging me all over, as will probably be obvious if I'm naked with no towels.
    (Bixie laughed). Well you're certainly not shy are you, and there's no need to be, let's hope your pleasure is very obvious.
    I'm sure it will be.
    Would you like to pay a little extra for a shower before and after, and a few other treats?
    Yes please, I'd like the best massage you offer please.

    With that there was a quick discussion about money and I paid up front for the massage, shower, and 'treats', whatever they were. Bixie made it clear time was not an issue at all, they would lock the door anyway in a few minutes so we weren't disturbed. Kimmie, who hadn't spoken but just smiled throughout the questions, invited me to follow her from the waiting area around the partition wall to an open changing area. There were hangers, hooks and shelves for my clothes. Bixie then appeared and showed me to an open shower area, telling me when I was undressed to take a relaxing shower, use as much soap as I liked, and she would be along to towel dry me. She then asked Kimmie to prepare the massage room, reminding her I'd asked for the best massage possible.

    The shower area was open, no cubicle, no curtain, just a wet area on view to whoever passed by. I took the few paces back to the changing area as Bixie left me alone, undressed and folded my clothes, and went over to the shower which Bixie had turned on and was running nice and warmly. There were a few shower gels and soaps to choose from, I took the unscented one and showered well, washing my hair too with shampoo. When I had finished Bixie was already there waiting for me with a towel in her hand.

    The first thing I noticed was she was no longer wearing her long summer dress, but was now wearing tight white lycra shorts and a white bikini top, nothing else. She asked me to turn around and face away from her while she gently towel dried me. She was soft and gentle, drying my hair first, then gently patting my whole body with the towel. It was sensual and arousing, and when she asked me to turn around I was semi erect, and as she had previously said, I wasn't shy about it either. She discarded the towel and took another fresh one, and towel dried my face and chest working her way down my body. As she bent down in front of me she gently held my cock in her hand as she dried around it. Looking down I had a clear view of her cleavage and I quickly went from semi erect to fully erect. She wrapped the towel around my cock and then unwrapped it, to dry it gently, followed by moving lower down to towel dry my left leg. As she worked her way back up my leg she dried up in between my legs and quite deliberately brushed her face across my erect cock as she dried my right leg.

    Once finished she discarded the towel and as she arose again she deliberately brushed her face again against my erection. I was stood naked and hard in front of her, looking at a very loosely tied white triangle bikini top, and tight white shorts with one of the most obvious camel toes I've ever seen. I have friends with micro bikinis that have specially designed camel toes and this looked just like one of those. Very nice, thank you, I said. You're welcome, she replied, and very obviously enjoying it too, as she glanced down at my cock that was pointing straight at her. Well, your bikini doesn't leave much to the imagination does it! Cheeky, she replied, very cheeky!

    She led me naked to the massage room when Kimmie was waiting. Kimmie deliberately looked me up and down, then asked me if I was ready for my massage. Like Bixie, Kimmie was also all in white, a Nike crop top with orange piping covering her very small breasts, and matching white very short Nike tennis/badminton skirt. I lay down on the massage table, face down, both Bixie and Kimmie making sure I felt comfortable. As they had said the room was certainly warm, as was the gently heated massage oil as they started to massage my back from either side of the table.

    The massage itself was gentle and soothing, relaxing rather than invigorating, and very wet as they made liberal use of the oil. I couldn't tell who was doing what but it was a good mixture of one doing long strokes working a larger area as the other did shorter ones working a much smaller area. They were slow and gentle and clearly in no rush as time seemed to slowly pass by. My bum was frequently massaged, I parted my legs too and frequently felt hands running up my inner thigh and touching my balls. It was very pleasurable and got me very aroused, as was obvious to them when they asked me to turn over.

    As I lay on my back I was looking straight up at Bixie who was leaning over massaging my head and face. She had a beautiful smile and seemed to be enjoying it as much as I was. Kimmie started by massaging my feet and then as she massaged my legs with long strokes up and down Bixie leaned further forward to massage my chest. Now I could see just how loosely her bikini was tied as her breasts swayed forward above my face for me to look straight up at. There was no material underneath, just the triangles over her nipples, from the view I had she might have well been topless. As she massaged my chest her breasts swayed more and more, as I felt Kimmie's hands move higher and higher up my legs to the point where they were brushing against my balls every time.

    With everything they did they took their time, massaging for several minutes before moving on to a different area. Next Bixie massaged my shoulders as Kimmie massaged my arms, before Bixie moved round to the side and took over massaging my arms as Kimmie massaged down my side and over my chest and tummy.

    Then with Kimmie massaging teasingly close to my cock I felt Bixie's hands move close to where Kimmie's were, then gently move to slowly massaging up and down my cock with long strokes, as Kimmie started to massage my balls too, with one hand sliding between my legs over my perineum. It was pure pleasure and I wondered if this was the highlight of the massage, I had no idea how far they would go. I couldn't see what they were doing, just feel it, all I could see was the back of Bixie's head as she leaned across me.

    In case this was the highlight I took the opportunity to be cheeky and, flicking Bixie's hair out of the way, I undid the already very loose bikini top. Nothing was said so I gently tugged at the bikini and Bixie raised her body a little until I slipped her bikini top away.

    Kimmie took over massaging my cock and all around too, very teasingly, as Bixie turned around until I had a perfect view of her topless. Then lifting my head with one hand she gently pulled me towards her breasts as she leaned over for me to suck them. As she did my hand wandered around her body to fondle her bum and between her legs, the thin material of her shorts allowing me to run my fingers over her pussy.

    As Bixie stood up making no effort to remove my hand from between her legs, Kimmie moved to stand the other side of my body facing away from me, legs together. Bixie massaged around my cock without touching it as Kimmie started massaging my legs, long strokes up and down, brushing my balls every time. As Kimmie bent over the higher the short skirt rose to reveal her bum and no underwear. Then Kimmie slowly parted her legs for a clear view of her pussy. Having fondled Bixie it was now time to fondle Kimmie, no shorts in the way, her skirt raised up showing everything, my fingers already exploring her exposed pussy.

    Bixie stayed topless as the massage continued, with Bixie now gently stroking my cock while Kimmie had climbed onto the table and was sitting astride my thighs, both her hands on my cock too, both of them starting to gently masturbate me. They were very good and they continued to pour oil over my body including my cock so it was a very wet massage. After a while Kimmie looked up at Bixie and simply asked, shall I? Bixie replied, entirely up to you, I'm sure he'll enjoy it. With that Kimmie shuffled forward on my body and with my cock in one hand she slipped it against her wet pussy and started to grind against my cock. She moaned and groaned as she held my cock against herself, then lowered herself onto me, until I was deep inside her pussy. Instead of riding me up and down she just gently grinded, clearly pleasuring herself as much as she was pleasuring me.

    Kimmie lifted her tight fitting crop top up over her breasts to reveal her almost flat chest and pert nipples. Her gentle grinding continued and she could feel me throbbing inside her. Don't cum, she gasped, I'm so close. Her grinding became more intense until suddenly she froze, her pussy clenching my cock tight inside her, her body rigid for a while until finally she relaxed again. She raised her body and shuffled back as she took my cock by her hand, all shining with her juices. Bixie was now leaning over me, her breasts resting on my body, her mouth wide open as she went to lick Kimmie's juices from my cock.

    As Kimmie climbed off me, Bixie finished licking my cock clean and had now turned towards me and massaged my chest and face, giving me a full view of her breasts again. Both Kimmie and Bixie made me feel relaxed as I was gently massaged again. They encouraged me to relax even though my hands couldn't help wandering onto Bixie's breasts and massaging her nipples. Kimmie had pulled her top down again to cover her breasts as she walked round to give me a gentle head massage. After a while Bixie asked me if I had enjoyed my massage. I said I had enjoyed being massaged by both of them, and was continuing to enjoy it now too. We can carry on, she said, and have another shower when you are ready if you'd like.

    The point at which I was ready was fairly obvious, my cock was still hard and enjoying every moment Bixie brushed against it. Eventually Bixie said, time for your shower I think, clearly you're ready and there are better places to finish than just my hands. With that comment she then asked Kimmie to go prepare the shower and let her know when it was ready. With Kimmie gone her gentle stroking of my cock continued as her fingers stroked the tip of my cock getting sticky with pre-cum. I can't believe Kimmie actually just did that, she said. Mind you, she added, I can see why she got carried away.

    It wasn't long before Kimmie returned, saying the shower is ready and running for you now. As Bixie helped me down from the massage table, naked and erect, I put my arms around her and briefly held her close to me. She did the same, and I could feel my cock pressed against her body. She still had her shorts on as Kimmie started to tidy up the massage room, then me and Bixie turned and she led me to the wet area with the shower. We were holding hands and as we got to the shower I stepped in without letting go of her hand. She didn't care she was getting wet and asked if I would like her to soap me down. I agreed and as Bixie took a bottle of shower gel and a sponge she asked me to turn around and started to wash my back. Her hands wandered everywhere, lingering on my bum and between my legs as she thoroughly washed me, the lather streaming down my body and being washed away. Then she asked me to turn around.

    I was still hard, my cock pointing straight at Bixie. I hadn't realised, but quite surreptitiously she had removed her shorts and was naked too. She looked gorgeous as my eyes couldn't help glancing down, a small triangle of dark pubic hair above a smooth pussy. She continued to wash me as though nothing had happened, lathering up my body and washing me from head to toe, finishing with gently washing my cock. She took me in both hands, the lather dripping from my cock looked very erotic before she rinsed it clean. Then without any hesitation she stood up and placed her hands on my hips, and stood under the rushing water with me, pulling me close again with my cock pressed up against her. I put my arms around her, one on her bum, as her hands moved round my back her breasts pressed against my chest.

    She slowly slipped one hand down over my tummy before reaching for my cock and slipping it between her legs. Her face was against mine, cheek to cheek, as she whispered in my ear, can I get carried away too? It's only fair to share, I replied. Like this, or do you want me to turn around? However you would prefer. Bixie placed her hands behind my head and kissed me as she raised one leg and wrapped it around me. No hands were needed as she positioned herself just right for me to slip inside her pussy, she was very wet. Bixie's eyes widened as she stared at me as I went deeper, she started to breathe much faster, gasping and catching her breath as she took me as deep as she could.

    It was very erotic fucking Bixie under the shower, the water streaming down our bodies, it felt like we could go on forever, and for quite a while we just continued having sex. Our hands were all over each other, we even kissed too, at one point I held Bixie so she could wrap both legs around me. Eventually Bixie leaned back and we both had a good view before she pulled me close again and started to exclaim she was close to orgasm. I felt her body shudder soon after and held her tightly as I felt her grip on me loosen. I need to stop, she said, unable to stand on one leg any longer, and so we did as she withdrew me and embraced me again. Sorry, she said, there's nothing to be sorry for, I replied. You're still so hard, would you like Kimmie again? No, just you, and with that she kissed me again before letting go of me. She turned around and faced the wall with the shower above, placing her hands on the wall and spreading her legs wide open as she bent down for the most explicit view I'd had of her.

    Fuck me hard, as hard as you like, it wasn't so much an offer more a demand, and I didn't need any encouragement to place my hands on her bum and slip my cock back inside her drenched pussy. She continued to demand I fuck her as hard as possible so I started to really slam my cock deep inside her with every thrust. Bixie was starting to scream clearly enjoying being fucked hard, as she instructed me to fill her pussy with cum. It wasn't long before I was, I continued thrusting as I orgasmed then held myself deep inside her for a while.

    It was Kimmie's hand that reached over to turn the shower off. I had no idea how long she had been there, but she was holding towels and passed one to Bixie who towelled herself dry as Kimmie started to towel me dry. Bixie smiled at me, no words, as she walked off. Kimmie finished drying me and ushered me back to the changing area where my clothes were. The next I saw of them they were back in their summer dresses again. I embraced Bixie and thanked her for a wonderful time, then did the same with Kimmie.

    Wow, I said, I bet you're very popular and busy, fishing for info which was the real reason I was there. Just to let you know, Bixie said, we don't normally do that, not at all ever, a quick tease and a fondle is the most anyone else has ever got. Well I'm more than happy you did more than just tease and fondle, I replied. Will we be seeing you again, she asked? Well if you don't normally do that... Oh but there's always the exception to every rule, isn't there Kimmie? Definitely, Kimmie added, as she moved to embrace me. She kissed me, then pouted her lips, and to my surprise she said, and we can be pretty exceptional. Bixie embraced me again and we shared a full on passionate kiss. Exceptional as in we've never got naked for anyone else before, let alone do what we did. She looked into my eyes, that's if you want to again of course, the 3 of us, before ending the embrace clearly wanting to finish with those words. I want to, keep in touch, I said, and we all said goodbye to each other. The next day I received a text message, it simply read: Looking forward to our naked threesome tryst, massage table or bedroom? xxxxxx
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  4. Several people have shown an interest in various porn work I have done, so I thought I'd share a script/storyboard from a film I was invited to shoot. Those that have asked how I got into it I have responded to, and once known I occasionally get asked to do more work, and was sent this script. The script adds to the theory that porn actors should just act and speak as little as possible! This is the original script, handwritten changes were made before shooting.

    n.b. republished with kind permission from Roger @ RJ Productions and Natasha @ GoBetween.

    Male meets his female next door neighbour and her daughter, various sex scenes.

    Messy cum shots/cum play.

    Approved Alterations:
    Updates to get F1 and F2 naked quicker, check flow of script.

    M1 - Male, athletic, well hung, smooth genitalia.
    F1 - Female, athletic, significant enhanced breasts, smooth genitalia, similar age to M1.
    F2 - Female, young looking (above legal age), small pert breasts, smooth genitalia.

    Scene One:
    M1 - T-shirt and shorts.
    F1 - Thong bikini bottom, small bikini top semi exposing breasts.
    F2 - Small bikini top & bottoms.

    F1 and F2 are sunbathing in revealing bikinis on their garden patio.
    The doorbell rings.
    F1 answers to M1 at the door.
    M1 introduces himself as F1s new neighbour and gives F1 a bouquet of flowers.
    F1 invites M1 indoors, M1 follows F1 to kitchen clearly admiring her body/ass.
    F1 and M1 casually chat as F1 arranges the flowers in a vase, F1s breasts semi showing.
    F1 and M1 return to the lounge where F1 places the vase on the mantelpiece.
    As F1 walks breasts bouncing (minimal bikini top), ass on show (thong).
    As M1 walks obvious bulge in shorts from erection.
    F1 invites M1 to join F1 and F2 sunbathing.
    M2 accepts and removes his t-shirt, adding had he known he would have worn swimwear.
    F1 says it's ok he can sunbathe in his underwear.
    M1 seems hesitant and doesn't reply, so F1 playfully kneels before M1 and pulls his shorts down.
    (Non-dialogue section, only sexual sounds follow)
    F1 is left shocked then excited staring at M1s erect penis inches from her face.
    F1 holds M1s penis in her hands and starts to suck M1.
    (Main scene, F1 gives oral to M1:
    money shots: close-ups of cock licking/sucking/masturbation, ball licking/sucking)

    Scene Two:
    M1 - naked.
    F1 - same bikini.
    F2 - same bikini.

    F2 wonders what is taking so long and quietly walks indoors.
    F2 is shocked then excited to see F1 giving oral to M1.
    F1 and M1 don't see F2 enter the lounge.
    F2 relaxes on sofa, slips bikini bottoms to side, and masturbates.
    Update: F2 removes bikini bottoms to expose vagina more clearly.
    (Main scene, F2 masturbating:
    money shots: close-ups of F2 masturbating, exposed vagina)

    Scene Three:
    M1 - naked.
    F1 - same bikini.
    F2 - same bikini. Update: bikini top only.

    While F1 is sucking M1, M1 strokes F1s hair.
    M1 then reaches down and undoes and removes F1s bikini top.
    F1s large breasts fully exposed.
    F2 continues masturbating, exposing breasts too.
    F1 masturbates M1 to orgasm.
    Update: F1 also removes her bikini thong to masturbate whilst sucking M1.
    Update: F2 removes bikini top to play with her breasts.
    (Main scene, F1 gives oral to M1 to orgasm:
    money shots: 1st take: close-ups of M1 ejaculating (real) over F1 (facial).
    money shots: 2nd take: close-ups of M1 ejaculating (real) over F1 (breasts).
    money shots: close-ups of F2 masturbating, exposed breasts and vagina.
    F1 covered/drenched/dripping in semen - real and fake.)

    Scene Four:
    M1 - naked.
    F1 - topless bikini. Update: naked.
    F2 - same bikini. Update: naked.

    F1 smears M1s cum over her breasts.
    F1 kisses tip of M1s penis (update: remove: as she undoes and removes her bikini thong.)
    F1 lays back on a rug legs spread-eagled.
    M1 kneels between F1s legs erect penis touching vagina.
    M1 slides his penis into F1s vagina for full sex.
    F1 orgasms, M1 withdraws, F1 gushes over M1s penis. Juices/sticky/messy.
    M1 slides wet penis into F1s vagina for further full sex.
    (Main scene, M1 full sex with F1 to orgasm & gushing:
    money shots: close-ups of M1 and F1 fucking from above and rear.
    money-shots: F1s large cum-covered breasts swaying during sex.
    money-shots: M1 withdraws, close-up of F1 gushing all over M1s erect penis.
    money-shots: M1 withdraws, close-up of M1 ejaculating (real) over F1s vagina.
    F1 covered/drenched/dripping in semen - real and fake.)

    Scene Five:
    M1 - naked.
    F1 - naked.
    F2 - same bikini. Update: naked.

    F2 accidentally screams OMG at sight of M1 fucking/ejaculating over F1.
    F1 and M1 realise F2 is there and had been watching.
    F2 covers breasts/vagina with bikini. (update: grabs removed bikini to cover)
    F1 is shocked then accepts F2 seen everything.
    F1 holds M1s erect penis and invites F2 to come closer if she likes what she sees.
    F1 and F2 both suck M1s cock.
    F1 and F2 also kiss with F2 licking cum from F1s face.
    (Main scene, F1 and F2 kissing M1s penis, kissing each other:
    money-shots: F1 and F2 lick M1s penis clean of semen.
    money-shots: F1 and F2 give joint oral sex to M1.
    money-shots: F1 and F2 kissing each other and cum-swapping.)

    Scene Six:
    M1 - naked.
    F1 - naked.
    F2 - same bikini. Update: naked.

    F1 takes M1s penis between her breasts and titfucks M1.
    F2 fondles F1s breasts whilst F1 titfucks M1.
    F1 (update: remove: removes F2s bikini top and) positions M1s penis between F2s small breasts.
    F1 fondles F2s breasts whilst F2 titfucks M1 to orgasm.
    (Main scenes: F1 titfucking M1, F2 titfucking M1 to orgasm:
    money-shots: close-ups of F2 fondling F1s breasts whilst F1 titfucks M1.
    money-shots: close-ups of F1 fondling F2s breasts whilst F2 titfucks M1.
    money-shots: close-ups of M1 ejaculating (real) over F2 breasts.
    F2 breasts covered/drenched/dripping in semen - real and fake.)

    Scene Seven:
    M1 - naked.
    F1 - naked.
    F2 - topless bikini. Update: naked.

    F1 smears and licks semen from F2s breasts whilst groping M1s penis.
    M1 lays on back to allow F1 to grope his penis.
    F2 looks at M1s erect penis in F1s hands and asks F1 "can I?".
    F1 says yes (update: remove: and undoes and helps remove F2s bikini bottoms.)
    F2 naked sits astride M1 and gently slides M1s penis in her vagina for full sex.
    F1 sits astride M1s face lowering her vagina onto his tongue for oral sex.
    F1 and F2 fuck M1 whilst kissing and fondling each others breasts.
    F1 and F2 fuck M1, everyone to orgasm.
    (Main scenes: Threesome fucking all naked to orgasm:
    money-shots: close-ups of F2 lowering her vagina to take M1s penis full length deep in vagina.
    money-shots: close-ups of F1 lowering her vagina allowing M1 to give oral sex.
    money-shots: close-ups of F1 and F2 kissing and fondling each others breasts.
    money-shots: close-ups of F1 reaching orgasm on M1s tongue - juices/sticky/messy.
    money-shots: close-ups of F2 reaching orgasm with M1s penis inside her vagina.
    money-shots: close-ups of M1 reaching orgasm inside F2s vagina filling her with semen (real).
    money-shots: close-ups of semen oozing from F2s vagina over M1s penis.)

    Scene Eight:
    M1 - naked.
    F1 - naked.
    F2 - naked.

    F1 and F2 and M1 all stand kissing and cuddling.
    F1 and F2 thanks M1 for calling round, and help M1 get dressed.
    M1 leaves with F1 and F2 saying "please cum again" giggling as the door shuts.
    F1 and F2 look at each others naked bodies, semen on faces/breasts, juices dripping from vaginas.
    F1 leads F2 to the sofa, F2 lays back legs spread-eagled.
    F1 gives F2 oral sex drinking semen/juices from F2.
    (Main scene: F1 giving oral sex to F2:
    money-shots: close-ups of semen (real and fake) oozing from F2.
    money-shots: close-ups of F1 licking F2.)
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  5. The next day me and G spent the morning lazily on the beach, naked as always. We were gentle with each other, no sex, as we knew the afternoon would be full of it if Kelly was to get everything she wanted. After lunch we laid on the patio, gently arousing each other, in preparation for 2 o'clock when Larry and Kelly had said they would arrive. Exactly on time they showed up, walking round the side of the villa as we had told them to, to find us on the patio. We got up to greet them, both naked, G's semi-erection quickly becoming rock hard as I felt tingles of excitement too, seeing Larry in an open short-sleeved shirt and shorts and carrying a sarong Kelly had presumably been wearing to cover up on the footpaths, Kelly in a very minimal American flag style stars and stripes bikini. The triangle bikini top barely covered her nipples, leaving the rest of her breasts exposed, if it wasn't for the fact her enhanced breasts didn't move at all when she walked the bikini top would never have held them in. The bottoms were narrowly cut at the front and pulled exceptionally high on her hips giving her a hint of a camel toe.

    G was first to embrace her, his arms around her, hers around him pulling his bum in close to get the maximum thrust of his hard cock she had been ogling as he had walked towards her. Her nails were also painted alternatively with the stars and stripes, and looked very sexy digging gently into his bum. They kissed, for far too long, and when their embrace ended her hands ran round his hips and stroked his cock before she stepped towards me to embrace me too. Her breasts pressed against mine, so hard in comparison to mine, my nipples going hard as we kissed, her bright red lipsticked lips clearly enjoying some bisexual action as she gently grinded her hips against my body. After welcoming Larry too, who had brought champagne with him, we fetched glasses and lounged on sofas on the patio as we toasted a happy holiday. Before sitting down Kelly had deliberately turned around to reveal the thong back to her bikini and perfect bum. Who cared a surgeon had given it a lift, not me I was almost drooling at her perfect Barbie doll looks. The wine the previous night had brought the most explicit nature out of Kelly and after a refill of champagne the very suggestive nature of our conversations became ever more explicit.

    I suggested a walk down our beach to the sea, it was G being cheeky who suggested Kelly lose her bikini else she'd get tan lines, and as they got up he was already untying her top to reveal those beautiful round breasts of hers. She had said she always sunbathed topless and it was clear, no tan lines at all. But when G, who was still stood behind her from untying her top, slid his hands inside her bikini bottoms and started to slide them down, her obvious tan lines highlighted how minimal her bikini was, as a broad smile came over her face allowing G to slip them off completely. I hadn't noticed her tan lines the previous night, G had never mentioned them either, but the lightness of her skin against the darkness of her tan just served to highlight her bald pussy and tight little slit.

    She walked between us holding hands slowly down to the sea, my little breasts gently bouncing, hers completely still, G's hard cock swaying before him, with Larry alongside us. With our feet just in the sea she turned towards me and pulled my body against hers kissing me gently but passionately. Reaching behind her as she had turned she held G's cock and pulled him towards her, sliding it between her legs so the shaft was tight against her pussy. As we embraced I could feel the tip of his cock digging into me, as Kelly grinded a little, sliding back and forth, pleasuring herself. The tip of his cock was pleasuring me too, as was Kelly's breasts pressing against mine, my nipples rock hard by now. I was surprised she had turned to me first, but after a few minutes just after a deep full on kiss she backed away from me a little to turn around and face G. Sliding his cock between her legs again, and lifting one leg off the ground wrapping it around him, they kissed passionately. With her legs apart like that I fondled between them, stroking G's cock and her pussy, which I could already feel was very wet with excitement.

    She seemed to be getting carried away before suddenly stopping kissing him and running her hands down his chest, her face following as she lowered her body, kissing his chest then his tummy, before kneeling in the shallow water and taking his cock in her hands and kissing the tip of it before taking him in her mouth. If this was to be a threesome I thought we could share so stepping further into the water and turning back so Larry had a good clear view, I knelt down too and we started to share sucking his cock. Sometimes we kissed either side of his cock before kissing each other, and sometimes one of us sucked his cock while the other played with or sucked his balls. It was all very reminiscent of last night so far I thought. Kelly couldn't get enough of his cock, endlessly kissing licking and sucking it, running her fingers up and down and over the tip, and playing with and sucking his balls. I stopped to go and kneel behind her and started caressing her bum, before sliding my fingers between her legs which she deliberately parted wider for me, until she was taking his cock as deep as she could in her mouth whilst I was fingering her pussy.

    Her tight lips that were very wet made it easy to run my fingers up and down her slit, that naturally open look also made it natural to slide 2 fingers inside her with ease. I was gentle with her but I could tell she was soaking wet inside, and although our party was only just getting started I wanted G to fuck her. I ran my fingers through her long blonde hair, gently pulling back to give her a hint to stop sucking his cock, as I slid my fingers out from between her legs. She sat up on her knees in the water as G lowered himself to kneel in front her, leaning in to kiss her. As he leaned in to her she allowed herself to lean back in my arms, shifting her legs so they were in front of her and astride G, now sat on her bum leaning ever further back until she lay in the shallow water kissing him. I leaned towards them whilst they were kissing, and whispered in her ear, go on, fuck my husband.

    With one hand she held his cock and guided it towards her pussy, placing the tip of his cock on her slit, before embracing him with both hands and wrapping both her legs around his body, her legs wide open as his cock slipped inside her. My job was done as I left them to it, G being ever so tender and sensual slowly sliding his cock in and out which was clearly building her orgasm. Her face was a picture of both pleasure and shock, pleasure as she gasped as he slid inside, her mouth gaping open with a sharp intake of breath as he slid deeper. Larry has the best view, but my view was good too, his smooth cock in her beautiful bald pussy, no pubic hair on either of them, her tight lips and pussy gripping his cock as he gently thrust in and out. My fingers had got her close but now it was G's cock that was pleasuring her, it was obvious she wasn't going to take long, and without a word of exclamation she flung her head back and held him tightly as he held his cock deep inside her as she orgasmed. Her breathing became rapid as she gasped, gentle screams of ecstasy, as her body shook for a while before she relaxed and looked up and him and started to kiss him again. They kissed for a while before she whispered something to him, he withdrew his cock from her pussy and she sat up to start sucking on his cock again.

    I was quick to join in, and Kelly let me take over, licking her juices from his cock while she recovered. She laid back in the water, soaking herself, as I stood up and kissed G, whispering you naughty boy. G helped Kelly stand up and they embraced, a loving embrace, and the three of us paddled out further into the water until we were waist deep. We all hugged and kissed, Kelly lowered herself into the water to try to cool off but the water was very warm, then holding hands we walked ashore and with Larry joining us we walked back up the beach towards the patio. As we did so I could see Kelly admiring G's cock swinging between his legs, I was hoping that after what just happened that wouldn't be the end of it.

    After fetching refreshing cold drinks from the fridge indoors, we all sat outdoors on the patio furniture, Kelly with Larry, and me with G. Just to be naughty I sat on G's lap, my legs wide open facing Larry and Kelly, stroking G getting him nice and hard again against my pussy. They clearly enjoyed the view, and my fear Kelly may get dressed again proved unfounded as she sat naked with her husband. I was so horny but I had ideas in my mind for later, so for now I just slipped G inside my pussy and continued to sit on his lap, giving Larry and Kelly an explicit view.

    It was all innocent fun until Kelly gave into resistance and put her drink down and came and kneeled between our legs. With one hand cupping G's balls she carefully placed the thumb of her other hand on the base of his cock that was exposed and ran it gently up and over, until her thumb was on my clit. There it stayed as she circled my clit with her thumb making me ever hornier. She could feel my excitement as her tongue replaced her thumb. I really hadn't expected this, I had been dreaming of licking her pussy not the other around, but it just felt so good. Part of the excitement of the day was playing as a threesome, I often have sex with G but prefer the company of females for relationships, but I had only been dreaming of Kelly being in the middle of the threesome, not me.

    I put my hands on G's thighs and started to raise myself up a little then lowering down again, feeling his cock slide in and out, and Kelly's tongue clearly licking his cock as well as my clit now. G's arms were around me playing with my breasts, switching between stimulating my nipples and cupping and massaging my breasts. I lowered myself onto him and stayed there, his cock as deep as I could take, and just them play with me. I hadn't experienced this feeling before, I was like two people's sex toy, them both making use of me. I felt slutty, an enjoyable feeling, my legs spread wide open with Larry watching too as I orgasmed. The energy drained from me as Kelly moved to hold and kiss me as I sat up with G still deep inside. It felt like my orgasm wasn't going to end, my body shaking uncontrollably every so often. Eventually I calmed down, with Kelly helping me up and to another lounger to lie down, as I did so I saw G lying back too as Kelly approached him to suck his cock clean.

    I laid there watching as Kelly continued to suck him. I've never done anal in my life before, nor was I going to start now, it had never appealed to me, but for the first time in my life I could see the appeal. If G had have been in my bum instead of my pussy, then Kelly could have had my pussy to play with all to herself. With G caressing my breasts too I wondered in that would be pure bliss. I wondered until I saw Kelly licking him up and down, reminding me of one of the many reasons I fuck G, just how well hung he is, and thought maybe that size would be something to gradually build up to. Which seeing as I don't want any other guy means it won't happen, but maybe a girlfriend with some toys may be a starting place, who knows.

    I liked the way we were enjoying playing, no-one cared about the time, the fun was all very relaxed, and in between the fun we were all just laying around chatting again. Kelly, G and me had all used to outdoor showers to freshen up and cool off. Kelly was now laying naked next to G, with me and Larry on separate loungers. It was another hot day, not a cloud in the sky, a big reason why we had booked the hotel, and we were keeping constantly refreshed with cold drinks thanks to Larry. Clearly feeling refreshed Kelly got up taking G by the hand leading him just a few steps to the sand in front of the patio. The sand was so fine I knew very well from fun with G you could lay in it and enjoy some fun, and that's clearly what Kelly had in mind.

    G lay down on his back, propping himself up on his elbows as Kelly stood astride him lowering herself to sit on his tummy. Then leaning forward and encouraging him to lay back she hung her enormous breasts above his face. As his hands caressed them he started to suck on her nipples. She occasionally lowered her body a little, squashing his face into each breast, before she held the back of his head and buried his face in her ample cleavage. I wondered if he could breathe given the size of her breasts, but she clearly enjoyed it. Then she sat up on his chest, his arms reaching up to fondle her breasts, then working their way down her body to her hips, with a close up view of her pussy.

    She raised herself onto her knees with her pussy teasing him inches above his face before spreading her legs even more to lower her pussy onto his tongue. I know all too well the extreme pleasures of oral with G, he can make me cum so easily, and although I didn't have a clear view I could tell his tongue was running up and down her slit, exploring inside, until it was on her clit expertly flicking it. With her cosmetic surgery her clit was clearly visible when only slightly aroused, what it was like now only G could see, for Kelly was already on the receiving end of the pleasures of his tongue and was struggling to remain composed. She raised her body and I wondered why, perhaps she couldn't take any more, but that was a foolish idea as she turned around knees astride his face lowering her pussy back onto his tongue for Larry and me to see.

    She smiled at us, winking at Larry as Kelly reached for G's erection to give us a full view of her holding him erect, her fingers slowly sliding up and down. Then she lowered her body her breasts resting first on his tummy as she took his cock in her mouth for a beautiful 69 together. G's hands were on her bum cheeks as his tongue explored her pussy, she sucked his cock but clearly lost concentration a few times stopping to enjoy what G was doing. Then one time she just lifted her head, held G's cock erect at the base, as she began to groan with pleasure. Not long later G was getting the full experience of her orgasm in his face, something I knew he would enjoy. She began to masturbate him hard but I knew that was not the way to make him cum. It was almost like a plea for help when she looked up at me, I just mouthed the words 'fuck him'. She smiled, so I mouthed the words again, much slower, changing them slightly to 'fuck my husband'.

    G was still enjoying licking her pussy I knew how much he would have enjoyed her juices flooding him. As she raised her body I wondered if she had gushed his face was so wet. She turned her body round crouching above his cock, one hand on his chest, the other holding his cock, as she lowered her body down slipping him deep inside. She rode him cowgirl back and forth, up and down, this I knew he'd enjoy, whilst also playing with her own breasts to turn him on even more. He played with them too before she took his hands and put them by his side, pressing her own hands down into them pinning him down, riding his cock whilst she started to swing her breasts around. Hung below her they did actually move, and he was clearly aroused as he was trying to thrust into her. I could see his cock covered in juices, she was flowing by now, and their sex was starting to get rougher with every move. As she shook her breasts she was riding his cock for all she was worth, just up and down now, slamming her body down when suddenly G started filling her pussy with cum.

    She pushed down on him enjoying his throbbing cock shooting in her as she lay down on his body. He held his arms around her body pulling her close in as they lay together kissing each other now. Her lust for his cock had been wild and they were passionate now. If form was anything to go by she would soon be sucking his cock again when they eventually finished kissing. When they did she raised her body and slid down his, her breasts in touch with his body throughout, as she positioned herself on her hands and knees sucking on his cock. With her bum in the air and her legs astride G I took my chance and laid on my back positioning myself between her legs. As she sucked on his cock that had filled her pussy with cum only moments before, and would have tasted of a mixture of both their juices, I looked up at her smooth cum filled pussy that was starting to ooze right above my face.

    Kelly knew what I was up to and just let it happen. I had a lovely close up view of her fabulous pussy, dripping wet and glistening with juices, that was slowly dripping onto my face. I moved slightly so it dripped onto my tongue and I enjoyed the taste like I never had before. As with earlier, I have tasted both men and women before, but never both together, and as his cum started oozing out and dripping into my mouth I realised what I had been missing out on. I reached around and placed my hands on her bum and pulled my head a little higher and started licking her pussy, drinking and swallowing every drop of juices I could. The distinctive taste of his cum mixed with the sweetness of her juices was something special, made even more special by drinking from her so perfect pussy. I pushed my tongue right inside her and licked for all I was worth, she had been so good at fucking G she deserved more pleasure. I wish I could have made her cum again, but she had only just had a big orgasm with G and wasn't able to again. Kelly loved every moment of it, having her pussy licked whilst she had his cock in her mouth, but eventually all good things must come to an end and after kisses with cum on my lips and plenty of hugs we returned to the patio to relax.

    The three of us showered again and chilled out. We had been playing sexually all afternoon, no-one had kept track of time but it was heading towards dinner time. It would be a shame to end our fun, so we invited Larry & Kelly to dine with us. After ordering Kelly got changed into something casual of mine, I had only packed light and she had my sexy dress back at her villa, it was clear she hadn't brought it with her. Me and G dressed casually too for dinner, after which it wasn't long before we were undressing again. As soon as we did Kelly asked if she could freshen up in our indoor shower, much warmer than the outdoor cool showers, I agreed and showed her where it was. That was probably pointless as our villas were identical, but as we walked we held hands and she didn't let go until we were in the wet room where she asked if she could borrow my shower gel. I agreed, and passed it to her as she was already standing under the waterfall style shower. As well as taking the bottle she took my hand and pulled me under the stream of water and put her arms around me.

    Her lips went immediately to mine and we started kissing. So far she had seemed hot for threesome sex but had focussed more on G than me. Now I was her only focus, just the two of us passionately kissing under a hot stream of water, our hands exploring each others bodies. I fondled her breasts, the size of them fascinated me, they felt heavy and far firmer than my natural small breasts. Her fingers were between my legs pleasuring my pussy. She obviously liked my pussy, I guessed my small breasts were not that attractive to her. But I had guessed wrong, her hands working their way up my body and then caressing my breasts, gently squeezing them and running her fingertips over my nipples, before she lowered her body to start sucking on them. As her tongue circled my nipple she had a hand fondling my other breast, before switching to suck and fondle the other. And as one hand fondled my breasts the other was between my legs her fingers exploring my pussy as she started to finger fuck me. All this was very erotic and it was no surprise she made me cum, holding my body and kissing me passionately again afterwards.

    Before I even had time to think how to pleasure her she had switched off the shower and was leading me outside to Larry and G. Still dripping wet she laid me on a lounger then laid down on top of me, her breasts squashing mine, her lips kissing mine, and her pussy grinding against mine. I parted my legs and she parted hers even more, the boys would have had a lovely view of our pussies grinding together, I hadn't even realised but my mound was so swollen it was easy for her to grind against and really turn herself on. I wrapped my legs around her, I thought the best way to fuck would be tribbing, but maybe not for Kelly who just thrust and slid and grinded against me until quite quietly she orgasmed and buried her head into my neck as I held her tight until she had calmed down.

    I really enjoyed the one on one sex with Kelly, again I felt slutty doing it in front of the boys, but that had just added to my excitement. When Kelly rolled off me to lay next to me I could finally see them both, G naked and his cock rock hard. I was still horny and beckoned him over, as soon as he was near me I took his cock in my hands and trying to sit up a little I started sucking on him. Horny meant I was a little rough, but Kelly realised what I was up to and what I needed. Although I had cum in the shower I was still highly aroused and she leaned over me one hand slipping between my legs I had wide open, and she finger fucked me again with the same intensity I was sucking G's cock. I needed to cum again and quickly did so, closing my legs fast when I did clamping Kelly fingers inside my pussy.

    Kelly leaned into me further and started to try to kiss me even though G's cock was in my mouth. She succeeded by almost forcing me to kiss her instead, as she did so she whispered, don't make him cum. Why, I whispered back, wondering what was going on. Save it for later, you'll see, she replied, obviously having plans to make G cum again herself. Right now I wanted to replace her fingers in my pussy with his cock, I was so wet I knew he would fill me with cum, but I played her game and let go of G, encouraging him to lay down beside us. As he did so, and with Kelly's fingers still trapped between my legs, I felt his tongue go straight for my nipples as he started to gently play with and suck on my breasts.

    Once I had calmed down we all shared a bottle of ice cold champagne, carrying our flutes as we took a stroll around our beach and down to the waterfront. The light was starting to fade as we paddled along the edge of the sea and out and round until we were walking along in the sea past Larry and Kelly's villa. I was so relaxed by now it was easy to forget I was naked, and would have just carried on walking. We did turn back though, and back to our own beach, Kelly had held hands with G throughout, as I held his other hand, both of us enjoying his erection swaying as we all walked along. Larry walked alongside Kelly, holding her other hand, repeatedly making comments about how sexy all three of us looked naked. He especially seemed keen to point out that G had the largest cock Kelly had played with, and how he had enjoyed watching her suck and fuck him. It seemed obvious he wanted to see them fuck again, but it was Kelly pointed out the evening was getting late how about another nice surprise for him to watch.

    When we were back at our villa I sat next to Kelly on a patio sofa, her legs wide open for everyone to see her gorgeous pussy. She invited G towards her and as she did so she reached around for the suncream she had been using throughout the afternoon. I wondered why as it was getting dark now, but she squirted plenty in her hand, put the bottle back, rubbed her hands together, then started massaging it into G's hard cock. I had assumed she was about to suck on him yet again, but obviously not. Then she put her hands on G's bum, thrust her chest as far forwards as she could, leaning her head back, she pulled his body close until his cock was in her cleavage. Releasing her grip on his bum she held her breasts and started to tit fuck him, squeezing her breasts together on his cock, and rolling them around.

    Even though her breasts were enormous I could see as G started to enjoy fucking them sliding his cock up and down, the tip of his cock appearing then disappearing as he did so. Larry positioned himself for a good view as I wondered if this was enough to make G cum. I leaned forward and started to kiss the side of her breast as I reached under between his legs and started to pleasure him. Kelly was a little crude but it was just her idea of sexy talk, cum all over my babies she told G, I know you want to. Make a mess like you did last night darling, calling him darling again for the umpteenth time today. I know he has enjoyed tit fucks before as we have chatted about his experiences, but whilst I've had his cock in my cleavage before it hasn't led to anything as I'm too small. I knew sooner or later he would cum, it was Larry who suddenly leaned forward with the suncream bottle and started squirting it between Kelly's breasts and over G's cock. I guessed the more lubrication the better as Kelly was just jiggling her breasts whilst G fucked her cleavage.

    Eventually the moment came and Kelly leaned back a little but wasn't quite quick enough to take his cock in her hand before he started shooting cum. The first shot of cum went down her cleavage before she took him and aimed directly at her nipple as he shot more cum over her breast. Then she swapped and slowly started to stroke him, squeezing his cock gently to make sure he squirted every drop of cum he had over her other breast. She was quite expert at milking his cock, and indeed he had made a mess all over her breasts. What a sight that was for me, my so-called husbands cum drenching her massive breasts, I could help myself but start to lick them clean. Her nipples were tiny, smaller than mine despite the size of her breasts, but they were rock hard as I licked G's cum from them. I buried my face into her breasts, smearing his cum over my face, and licking it off. I didn't care that by now G had stood to the side and Kelly's head was turned and yet again was sucking his cock.

    To be honest, I have in fact licked G's cum off another lady's breasts before at a party. I had watched them performing, then as G had gone to play with someone else I had made my move for a bit of girl on girl action, although she was naked and I was dressed. Thoughts of that party night were in my head as I licked Kelly's breasts until I had swallowed every drop of cum and cleaned her up. She had cleaned G up too, and Larry had got us all cold drinks to relax with.

    We relaxed outdoors well into the night. Kelly's idea for the finale had been a success, and by now no-one was really capable of anything more. I would have liked to invite her into our bed, with G, but didn't know what Larry would do, so I never asked and it never happened. What did happen was that twice more that holiday, once on their beach, then once more again on our beach, we repeated our afternoon and evening of sex. There was little difference each time, although I sensed G's cock was in Kelly's pussy more than before but maybe at the expense of being in her mouth. And when Kelly had been laid on top of me both of us drenched after orgasms G had taken advantage and with our pussies so close together he had fucked us both, alternating between us, fucking us both really hard his cock slamming home each time, exactly what we both wanted at that moment and enough to make us both cum again.

    We swapped around at one point too with Kelly giving me oral just after G had fucked me and cum, her turn to drink a mix of his cum and my juices whilst I sucked on G, something she said she had never done before and found it amazing. And the final moment of it all was the cum scene with G, this time both me and Kelly kissing and sucking him until he shot cum all over both our faces for us to lick off each other.

    I did eventually get my dress back, and it was a shame when the holiday was over. I think we could have carried on doing that every few days for a long time. What's nice is that they were such a lovely couple anyway, so warm and friendly. I have since bought the same dress that Kelly wore, wearing it brings back happy memories, and Kelly has also bought the dress I wore, we have swapped photos and message so many times since. They are a lovely couple, so much so, that they have invited us to stay with them in Florida if ever we were there, with very descriptive messages about what fun we could all have. Apparently Larry would enjoy being tied up whilst the 3 of us played naked in front of him. And Larry loves taking Kelly to restaurants in very revealing dresses, they would both love me to dress similarly too, with Kelly's last message hoping G would 'dress daringly for us too'. I feel like a trip for me and my 'husband' to Florida might be on the cards.
  6. An easy blog this one, as it is a copy of a friend's blog who I went on holiday with. She is a lovely French lady I have known for many years. In it I am referred to as G:

    Everyone needs a holiday now and then, and I'm certainly no different. What I really needed though was a paradise beach style holiday. As a bisexual female though the choice of going with a female or male or just going alone seemed tricky. I quickly decided I wanted some company. In the last 8 years I've only had relationships with females, but as I'm not dating right now I didn't want to go with a female in case I had thoughts of relationships. Sex on a beach sounded idyllic, been there done that, but never on a paradise style beach. So a man was the only option, and in the last 5 years I've only been sexual with 1 man, so it had to be him. Fortunately, he didn't take much convincing, especially when I described the places I had been looking at. Eventually, we decided on a hotel on the island of Koh Samui off the coast of Thailand.

    My travelling companion, or fuck buddy as he really is, was G. By day he is a naturist masseur, offering massage mixed with sexual services to his clientele. By night he is a kinky escort allowing his clients to indulge in whatever sexual fantasies they have. I first met G at a party, the hostess had hired him as a naked butler serving drinks, the guests getting intimate with his naked body on show. When guests started getting sexual with him playing with and sucking on his cock I found myself compelled to watch, and finally join in the fun. At the end of the party was the main show, a full on sex show as he fucked a lady with the hostess openly masturbating and groping them. Along with a few others I found myself compelled to masturbate. I stayed in touch with G and saw him at other parties too, I've had him perform at my own parties, and taken advantage of his escort services. These days we are good friends and I see him socially as well as still hiring him for parties.

    So after much arranging by me, with G casually turning up at the airport in his usual laid back way, we jetted off to what I hoped was paradise. It would take 2 flights and several hours, but with good company and a lot of fondling and groping the time flew as quickly as the planes did, and after a short taxi ride we were at the hotel in blazing sunshine with hardly a cloud in the sky. Paradise found.

    When we arrived at the hotel and were shown to our villa as soon as the hotel staff left we both stripped naked and wandered around our villa exploring everything we had got. The villa itself was modern and beautiful, outside we had a patio area with sofas, tables and chairs and a nice garden, there were outdoor showers too, then golden sand leading down to the sea with various plants, shrubbery and trees to either side to keep this part of our beach private to us. Even paddling into the sea seemed private to us, unless we went far out or if anyone else was also in the sea.

    It seemed idyllic and it wasn't long before we were enjoying it even more laying in the soft sand having sex by the edge of the sea. Having been with G long enough together we were both keen, our sex is usually very gentle but I just wanted him inside me and I lay very explicitly legs wide open wrapping them around his body as he enjoyed fucking me deep and hard.

    I needed that so much and I could tell G did too as he filled my pussy with cum. After relaxing and another paddle in the sea we went back to the villa and showered together. The hotel doesn't have a restaurant only a bar, all meals are served to the villas, so we dressed and had dinner, before undressing again and spending the evening naked drinking on our patio enjoying the amazing view.

    Bedtime was still naked, slipping under the single sheet together and making love much more gently now before a decent nights sleep. The next day was a mixture of relaxation and sex, naked all day in between when dressing for mealtimes. The joy of just strolling naked on our own beach and making love whenever and wherever we wanted was pure joy. I am heavily into oral sex too, both giving and receiving, laying 69 in the sand was sheer bliss, as was just gently stroking and licking his cock endlessly until finally I'm covered in a fountain of cum just shooting all over my face and breasts before climbing on top and guiding that wet hard cock inside my pussy and riding him until I cum too.

    By the evening I had lost count of how many times we had been sexual together. We had fucked everywhere outside, more so than in the villa, most enjoyable was in the warm sea. We decided the go for a late walk all the way along the footpaths to the hotel bar. G dressed casually in polo shirt and shorts, me in a simple mini dress. It was only a small bar but there were several other guests there, all polite, and we relaxed with our drinks on a sofa with a view over the bay.

    It wasn't long before a couple came over, the man asking politely if they could join us for a short time before they left. We agreed and introduced ourselves, as did they, a couple from Florida, America, Larry and Kelly, he clearly older than her, both dressed well and very polite. Larry, probably late 50s, wore a casual shirt, trousers and smart shoes, his beer belly somewhat obvious but otherwise a very smart nice guy. Kelly, about 10 years younger than Larry I would guess, wore a very deep plunging halter neck dress showing her cleavage and clearly enhanced breasts, way larger than my extremely modest B cups. She had long blonde hair, some it tied and styled in a bun the rest just flowing, she clearly had a fantastic figure, and also wore plenty of cosmetics including incredibly long false nails painted cherry red the same colour as her lips. As they sat down she was clearly not bothered as her dress loosened to briefly reveal her breasts before the material covered them again, the outline of her nipples clearly visible. To me she looked gorgeous, like an older Barbie doll, beautiful and perfectly enhanced. I know G is now into cosmetic surgery, he prefers the natural look despite many of his clients being enhanced, and I wondered what he made of her.

    There was fun and laughter throughout before they finally mentioned they were our neighbours in the villa next to ours, casually mentioning they had seen us about. I immediately wondered just how much they had seen, whilst our beach was sheltered and meant to be private we hadn't concerned ourselves with checking just how private it really was. I dug a little deeper by mentioning we had been on the beach most of the day, it was Kelly who simply responded by saying how wonderful the beaches were and how she agreed it must be so enjoyable to sunbathe naked, although she had only been topless so far. A subtle way of admitting they had seen us, with Kelly adding that she sometimes enjoys sunbathing naked, but usually sunbathes topless, and had never just been naked the whole day and enjoyed it like we were. Another subtle response again making it clear they had not just seen us once but throughout the day, and I took the enjoyed it like we were to refer to us having sex.

    Both times she mentioned topless she had thrust her breasts as if to say here look at them, which was easy with her daring dress as she sat slightly sideways I had a perfect view of her cleavage and G did too as well plenty of side boob. I couldn't help thinking that, despite the narrow cut of the dress anyway, it didn't stand a chance of covering her breasts given the enormous size of them. I replied we loved being naked together and always enjoyed it, adding perhaps she should enjoy it more too. Quite what I meant by that I didn't know myself, and I didn't know how they took it, but with smiles all around it was Larry who excused themselves saying they had to leave but before they did could they invite us to dinner at their villa the following evening? We accepted and all got up to say goodbye, Larry kissing me on the cheek and shaking G's hand, Kelly placing her hands on my waist before embracing me and kissing me on the lips, her breasts thrust into mine, before doing exactly the same to G as I heard her say goodnight darling. We spent the rest of the evening in the bar chatting about just how private was our beach and villa and wondering what might happen at dinner the next night.

    The following day myself and G spent the day like we had the previous day, so what if Larry and Kelly had seen, there was no point hiding now. Certainly nothing was obvious, we realised we could probably kind of make out their beach if we peered through but we didn't test that theory. A day of endless nude sunbathing and sex ensued, the biggest difference being we ventured further out to sea, paddling through the shallow water until it was deep enough to swim.

    By late afternoon we were both showered and deciding what to wear for the evening. As nudists we had packed lightly but I wondered what dress Kelly would wear and wanted to wear something similar. I had a pink lace mini dress with a floral pattern, just long enough to be decent, a figure hugging style that showed my small breasts off as best as possible, revealing them through the lace with the pattern slightly obscuring my nipples. With no knickers on, my bottom was also clearly visible through the lace too, my pussy less so but visible from close up. G wore a shirt I told him to leave unbuttoned, with some smart shorts and no underwear, leaving his chest exposed and the bulge in his shorts noticeable when semi erect, obvious when fully erect. When we were ready we wandered over wondering what the evening had in store for us. We had chatted a lot beforehand and had both agreed boundaries we would stick to.

    Larry welcomed us in wearing a similar outfit to the previous night, this time a pale blue shirt. As we walked into their lounge Kelly was waiting to greet us wearing a completely sheer floor length white dress, the material stretched across her perfectly round enhanced and way larger than mine breasts, fully on show for us to view. The rest of the dress flowed from her waist, it was almost like a sheer bridal dress, and she did look stunning. As with the previous night her hair was superbly styled and she had clearly spent a while applying cosmetics, more so than myself as I don't wear much and know G isn't keen anyway. To look at her body it was obvious it wasn't only her breasts than a surgeon had worked on, her high cheekbones emphasised with cosmetics and pouting lips were a giveaway too. She greeted me first, pressing her body into mine, a more lingering kiss on the lips this time, and an exchange of words expressing how beautiful we thought each other looked. Then she greeted G in the same way, a lingering kiss on the lips as they embraced, her breasts pressing into his chest as I was sure his cock was pressing against her too, before she came up for breathe with a hello darling. Sure enough, as their embrace slipped, his erection was obvious, and Kelly was looking.

    Larry presented us with wine as Kelly escorted us to their patio which had exactly the same furniture as ours. We sat on opposite sofas with a coffee table between us, Larry suggesting we order from the menu as the food takes a while to be served. We did so, and as Larry went inside to order Kelly started to compliment me on my dress and I returned the compliments too. The conversation quickly turned to how our dresses highlighted our breasts, me quick to point out mine were way smaller than hers, with her replying mine looked gorgeous just as they were. She had always wanted very large breasts and Larry had agreed and loved how they looked too, she had had them enhanced a few times. G complimented her too and it was Kelly's choice of words that amused me, she simply said I could feel you liked them too, referring to his erection pressed against her earlier. I decided to play along a little and slid my hand into G's lap and casually ran my hand up and down his erection before leaving my hand against his thigh, Kelly watching and smiling broadly as I did so. As Larry returned, Kelly said to him how much she liked my dress, before saying to everyone perhaps we could swap dresses later, maybe the boys would like that?

    The conversation was flirty throughout the evening until dinner arrived, never too explicit, but plenty of chat about dresses, breasts, sunbathing nude, and nudism. Larry was keen to point out how much he liked Kelly sunbathing topless, as was Kelly keen to mention she often sunbathes topless and that Larry enjoys other people admiring her breasts. She was keen to involve G in our conversations as much as possible, commenting we both looked lovely sunbathing naked together and we must enjoy having such gorgeous partners to admire. Her most notable comment before dinner was asking G if having his cock swinging free whilst being naked was like my breasts being free to bounce and sway, and if it felt as sexual as it looked, making it obvious she had enjoyed looking herself.

    After dinner I decided to plunge deeper and dig for more info, turning the conversation a little more explicit. It was during a conversation about Kelly's cosmetic surgery that she revealed her surgeon had also done some intimate work. As well as lifting her bottom cheeks higher she also mentioned a little tuck here and there, and down below, was how she described it. She was happy to talk openly about her surgery, detailing the labiaplasty, vaginoplasty and clitoral hoodoplasty she had done, which in her own words had left her pussy like that of a teenagers, nice and tight was how she described it, the labiaplasty quite extreme she said leaving a permanent look of being a little open, and the clitoral hoodoplasty exposing her clitoris leaving her always looking and feeling aroused.

    It looks lovely through your dress I said, I'm sure we'd both like to see more I added, making it clear that not only G would love to see but I would too. For sure, Kelly replied, I would love to show you both, and Larry would love more people to see too, he does enjoy showing me off don't you, with Larry smiling broadly and replying far too quickly, oh yes. I bet it feels good too I added, sexually, and the smile on Kelly's face beamed as she boldly replied that's for both of you to tell me. As we had suspected all along Kelly, like me, was bi-sexual, or at least bi-curious, for there was an open invitation for both G and me to play with her pussy.

    With that, as I had agreed with G earlier if the situation felt right, we invited them to sunbathe with us on our beach the next day. That way we could all enjoy how she looked, and as she was quick to reply, they could both enjoy us nude too. Asked if Larry would be joining us naked it was Kelly who spoke first, no he was just into looking and watching not taking part himself. Besides, there is very little to see, both myself and Kelly would far prefer enjoying you both naked instead. I wanted to push and ask more, but it was G who asked next, if there was anything Larry especially enjoyed watching. This time Larry replied, oh we have dabbled in fun before which was great for both of us to enjoy. With Kelly adding, it would be nice to dabble a little more tomorrow. So I took my opportunity and pushed a little further, replying perhaps you'd like to dabble a lot more tomorrow, a comment that was met with broad smiles and no comment needed.

    Throughout our chat I had casually stroked G's cock through his shorts whenever I wanted to, his erection obvious. I had also let my dress ride up just a little, which was all it needed to occasionally flash my pussy. I could tell they had both been watching whenever I stroked G or flashed myself. After my blatant invitation for sex on the beach the next day Kelly got up and asked if now was a good time to try on my dress. I agreed and got up too, as Kelly started slipping off her dress in the middle of their lounge right in front of everyone. Daring I thought, so I did the same, and for a moment we were both completely naked. I made sure Larry got a good view of me as I could see Kelly posing naked for G to ogle. He loves large breasts but isn't that keen on cosmetically enhanced breasts, however the perfect roundness of them and their sheer size and the way they just stuck out obviously aroused him, as did her pussy which was completely bald with beautifully tight lips leaving her slit looking like it was more than just slightly open and welcoming. I stayed naked and helped Kelly on with my dress, before she returned the favour and helped me on with hers, blatantly fondling my breasts and pussy as she did so. How do we look guys asked Kelly, both Larry and G giving us wonderful comments. My dress was stretched over Kelly's breasts her nipples poking through, her breasts so obviously on show through the lace, and with the material stretched the dress had ridden up leaving her pussy and lower bum cheeks totally exposed. Surprisingly her dress clung to me too, I had expected it to be too large but it looked ok on my smaller breasts too, the sheer material very stretchy and incredibly lightweight.

    Kelly asked Larry to go and get some more wine and as he left the room Kelly sat down where I had been sitting on a sofa right next to G. She then beckoned me to sit the other side next to her. She sat right up against G's body so I sat pressed against hers too, and watched as nonchalantly her left hand slid from her lap to G's and started stroking his cock through his shorts, soon followed by her right hand slipping between my legs, just the thin sheer white material between her hand and my pussy. Neither of us stopped her, I even casually parted my legs for her, it felt like her fingers were against my pussy so thin was the material.

    As Larry returned she emphasised what she was doing much to his obvious delight, both of us joined in running a hand up her inner thigh our fingers meeting under the hem of my dress she was wearing clearly exposing her pussy. Whilst it was blatantly obvious she was looking for sex with both of us she hadn't said as much until now. Maybe the wine was making her relax more, but as Larry topped up her glass, she slid her hand inside G's shorts stroking his cock and commented how if he hadn't got his shorts on she wouldn't be able to resist. I was just about to say something when G said exactly what I was going to say, replying that he'd be naked when we meet up tomorrow and looked forward to her being unable to resist.

    I could see Kelly give his cock a gentle squeeze as her fingers pressed against my pussy as she boldly replied that she hoped to repeatedly be unable to resist his cock just like I do, and hoped I would be joining in too while she fucked my husband. I was more taken aback by the husband comment, but why shatter her illusions and tell her we're just friends, at least the truth was out, she wanted sex with us both. All I could comment was on how I bet the sight of her beautifully painted nails playing with his cock must look, a hint to remove his shorts now, it was arousing me with her playing with his cock under his shorts, but for sure I would be joining in with everything she did with my 'husband'.

    She took the hint and started to carefully unbutton G's shorts. Stand up darling I asked my husband, and Kelly finished unbuttoning them his erection pointing straight at her, as his shorts dropped to the floor. As her fingers with the false long cherry red nails went to stroke his cock so did mine, as Larry positioned himself to one side so he had a clear view. With both me and Kelly stroking his cock for a few hours now the tip was all shiny with pre-cum dripping, I leaned forward and so did Kelly as our tongues met to lick him clean. We were both ever so gentle with his cock, running our fingers and tongues up and down, Kelly smearing his cock with her red lipstick, I slid his cock into Kelly's mouth to suck as I caressed then sucked on his balls. We eventually swapped, putting on quite a show for Larry, who seemed to enjoy it the most when he could see G's cock with us both licking it up and down and kissing his cock while we kissed each other.

    I know G can last for ages without cumming but I also know how to make him cum. I thought that would be a good finale before getting fully sexual the next day. Masturbating him isn't enough, although if you do it slowly and squeeze just right you might just get a facial shower of cum. I reached under and stroked his perineum, he loves that, sliding my finger back and forward as well as over his anal hole, using slight pressure to gently insert before slipping back over his perineum again. I whispered to Kelly to make him cum and I loved the way she held his cock, not wrapping her hand around it, instead just holding it between her fingers and those red nails, sliding her fingers up and down as she kissed the tip of his cock. She needed no encouragement as I gently kept on stroking and kissing the base of his cock as her fingers slid upwards. I could feel him throbbing and we could both tell when the moment was near, Kelly opening her mouth wide but also moving back a little, maybe to give Larry the best view.

    She took the first shot of cum in her mouth, closing her mouth to swallow as she pointed his cock at her face, enjoying a full facial as he continued to shoot cum over her. I kissed his cock throughout feeling him gushing cum whilst being able to watch Kelly getting messy taking his load all over her face. She obviously enjoyed getting messy, she had cum running down both sides of her face as well as dripping from above her left eye and all around her node and mouth too. She opened her mouth again to take more before sucking and gorging on his cock to get every drop of cum he had. So much for sharing I thought.

    But then she held his cock and moved to kiss me, it was full on tongues, as she had a mouthful of cum we kept swapping between us. Her face was covered and I licked it off, but seemed to just smear it and make more of a mess. His cock was dripping and I licked the tip before kissing Kelly again, we continued for a while cum swapping before swallowing and me licking her face as she wiped her fingers over her face too licking them clean. Mmmmm, a nice way to share after all.

    Perhaps it had been too much for Larry as when we were finished he had gone to the bathroom, but all was ok when he came back. I helped G slip his shorts back on and he sat between me and Kelly, desperately needing a drink. It was nearly time to leave but we casually finished our drinks and stayed a little longer, arms around each other on the sofa.

    The conversation never became crude at all, it was just flirty and sexual. Just how sexual it would get was when she politely asked if she would need to bring condoms the next day, adding quickly she hoped not to have to. I replied no she wouldn't, adding I hoped that didn't stop her from fully enjoying herself, her smile answered but she did reply oh no I do want to enjoy it fully, emphasising the word fully, as I hope G enjoys me fully too. I'm sure he will, I added, as will I enjoy joining in while you fuck my 'husband', repeating her words from earlier. Kelly leaned towards me and kissed me on the lips, then she kissed G and called him darling again, before looking at Larry and smiling then softly saying I'm sure me and Larry will enjoy me fucking you both, as I hope you'll enjoy me joining in as you fuck each other. Oh we will, I replied, it will be our pleasure. Ours too, Kelly replied, adding, I've never had a cock that big cumming in me before. Don't forget to share I added, laughing as I said it, not really meaning anything specific, although I took her reply of ooh yes definitely as she'd enjoy me giving her oral with her cum filled pussy. When it was time to leave Kelly decided we stay in each others dresses and exchange tomorrow. A way to guarantee us seeing each other tomorrow, not that we were going to back out anyway.
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  7. So this is fairly easy to blog as I haven't got much to write myself.

    I get asked what the role of an escort is, and sometimes it is to act out a clients' fantasy exactly as they wish. Last night I did just that, my client is a nurse, here is the fantasy that she emailed to me:

    I have another fantasy scenario I would like to do. I am naked at home one evening and you ring my front door bell and I open the door to see you standing there in tight skimpy bulging shorts and boots nothing else but you have hurt yourself and need help. I ignore my nakedness and welcome you inside and lead you to a sofa where I sit you down, hold you gently, kiss you softly, and offer you the drink I was drinking. You are in some mild pain all over and I need to nurse you better.
    I slip off your boots and skimpy shorts so you are naked and semi hard, then lay you down on the sofa and get my medical kit and gently apply creams to everywhere it hurts, leaning over you my tits brushing your skin constantly. I spend a while massaging the creams into your body, as I do I see you dick harden. I decide your dick may be in some pain too and massage cream into it using long strokes up and down. I decide you need a warm bath so I get up and put the tv on for you and go up to the bathroom.
    Without me realising as I leave the room the tv comes on and is showing the lesbian porn channel I was secretly watching. My secret is out but do you tell me I was caught? When your bath is ready I call out, you turn off the tv and I come downstairs still naked, and lead you by the hand upstairs to the bathroom where I help you into the bath to lay down.
    The bath is so full of soapy bubbles it is close to overflowing, I take a sponge and very gently run it all over your body. As I lean over my tits get covered in the bubbles. I can see you smiling as you look at me, enjoying the view of my tits, although you also keep glancing down at my pussy which I make clearly visible to you as I stand with my legs slightly apart. Your smile broadens as you appreciate I had a Brazilian wax first thing this morning, leaving the tiniest of landing strips and my labia completely bare.
    I decide to get in the bath with you and kneel between your legs so I can reach up and run the sponge over your chest. As I do I feel your hard dick brushing against my tits and in my cleavage. I run the sponge down your body, down your legs, and clean you from head to toe. Despite all the bubbles I see your hard dick peeking through and place my sponge on your balls and run it up the length of your dick and gently over the tip. I look up and you are smiling, starting to feel better, and I continue to play with your dick and balls.
    You sit up a little and reach out for me, I tease you by letting you fondle my tits for a second, then tell you to lay back down again in the bath. I bury my head below the bubbles and start sucking your dick in the water, cupping your balls with my hands. I am gentle as I suck you, and when I kiss and suck the tip of your dick I caress and stroke your dick with my hands.
    Eventually I move my body above yours and gently guide your dick into my pussy as I lower my body down onto your lap taking your full length deep inside me. Using just my hands I massage your chest and slowly rock my hips up and down feeling your dick sliding all the way in and out of me. I ease off as you get excited, sitting with you deep inside me, playing with my clit as I get close to orgasm too. Then I feel you throbbing more and more, I can tell you are going to orgasm, I clench my pussy tight around your dick and when I release we both cum together as I enjoy the warm feeling as your dick shoots your cum inside me.
    We slowly relax, I lean forward to kiss you, then lift my body off yours and climb out of the bath covered in soapy bubbles and towel myself dry. I help you out of the bath and gently towel you dry too. You hold me closely, pressing your naked body against mine, I can feel your dick against my pussy, my hard nipples against your chest, as your kiss me and thank me and tell me you are feeling so much better now.
    I hold you by the hand and lead you back downstairs where you lay naked on the soft rug in front of the fire to keep warm. I go to the kitchen and return with 2 flutes of champagne, I go to lay down next to you, we chink our glasses, sip champagne, then cuddle up close together in front of the fire. I so want to make love to you again, your dick is lovely and hard again already, but first I take it in my hands and gently lick and suck it. You hold me, fondling my tits then reaching down and fingering my pussy.
    Our embrace becomes more and more passionate and the inevitable happens and we make love on the rug in front of the open fire. First I am on top of you then we roll over and you thrust your dick slowly in and out of my pussy, teasing me. I want to cum and we roll over again and I rock my hips, I can feel your dick throbbing uncontrollably and then suddenly feel your dick squirting warm cum in my pussy which instantly triggers my orgasm.
    We relax in each others arms, take a sip of champagne, then lay back holding each other, cuddling up close, as I reach for the tv remote and switch it on. I turn to kiss you and as I do I can hear the lesbian porn on the tv, I am embarrassed, but you hold me and say nothing, as though it is all ok, and we kiss and cuddle and press our bodies together as I start to feel your hard dick against my skin.
    I glance down, reach down with my hand, stroke you then hold you, and have the beautiful view of your hard dick in my hand and in the background two naked ladies embracing on the tv. I have always wanted to try deep-throating you but never have and had to look up earlier in the day what to do. As I take you in my mouth I should never have worried, I am perfect at it and clearly enjoy it as much as you are.
    As I am doing it you encourage me to position my body so we can 69, my legs wide open above your face for the most explicit view possible. God that turns me on, feeling your dick throb as you stare at my completely smooth pussy, lips slightly open in anticipation and no doubt already dripping on your face as I am wetter than I have ever been before. I feel your tongue on my labia and almost instantly orgasm, but I able to relax and enjoy the pleasures as it explores my clit and my pussy. I am building for an almighty mind-blowing orgasm that will sap every last bit of energy I have, I wank your dick vigorously whilst continuing to suck it, and as you fill my mouth with lovely cum I feel my pussy relax as I lose control with an intense orgasm that floods your face with my juices.
    We are on the rug for well over an hour, cuddling and watching lesbian porn together, until finally we are shattered and I lead you upstairs to my bed where you sleep soundly in each others arms for the whole night.

    So that is her fantasy that I acted out with her almost exactly as she described above. The only real difference was right at the end, whilst laying on the rug after our love-making was over it wasn't time for bed and neither of us were tired, so we drank the rest of the champagne, and had some other wine and some snacks whilst we watched the porn. The reality was that neither of us are particularly into porn, so instead of it arousing us we laid there laughing about it and about how we could do a far better job! Eventually we went to bed sleeping naked with each other, laying in bed in the morning which included more sex as soon as we were both awake and then again in the shower before I dressed to come home. I really enjoy doing any clients' fantasy role-play, and all in all, I would say this was a really fun one.
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  8. An old friend I used to work for invited me to take part in the launch of his new adult club in Germany. I arrived late morning and was introduced to a number of people who are going to run the club as well as some of the performers for the launch. Launch shows are far more about the girl performers rather than the guys and all the girls were equally stunning. My partner unfortunately did not speak any English but we were told separately what was expected of us as we sat together on a sofa. Despite the language issues it was obvious we would get on well as we sat cuddling and clearly bonding well. For our performance our instructions were for us to be completely nude and fully oiled up with slippery nuru gel and slide around on a mattress massaging each other with yet more nuru gel finishing with an explicit sex show. I spent some time looking around the club which I found very impressive, then relaxed having a look around town, before having a light meal and returning to the club to get ready for the launch show.

    The next time I saw my partner we were both nude being made up to go out onto a stage built in the middle of the club. We were both being oiled up and having make-up applied, with her body being covered in glitter too. The club itself looked great with a central performance area and many darker alcoves and private rooms for guests to play. For the launch the performance area had a temporary circular stage and rigged lighting with special effects. For our show there was an inflatable king sized mattress already drenched in oil for us to slide around on. It was easy to be erect as we walked out, partly because my partner for the show looked stunning with long blonde hair, tall slim body, very long legs and huge perfectly round enhanced breasts, and partly because I had a fluffer to keep me erect whilst another girl was smearing nuru gel and oil all over my body. As we walked onto the stage the club looked full with plenty of journalists, photographers, and other people who work in the adult industry all gathered around the stage, the closest right up next to the stage leaning against it.

    The performance went very well with us both enjoying the other showing us off explicitly, so much so that her legs were always spread open as she loved showing off her completely smooth pussy. Even when I was laid back for her to stroke me she had her legs parted as wide as she could, in a position for the audience to get a full view of her pussy. The massage went very well, it was very slippery with plenty of mutual masturbation, oral, and full sex, she faked orgasm a few times, and every time I looked up the audience seemed to be enjoying the show. For the sex show we started off with her facesitting me and masturbating herself right at the edge of the stage, then moving along the stage a little she knelt before me and performed oral on me, as we moved on a little further I could feel us being groped as I lay down for her to ride me reverse cowgirl style with her facing the audience and putting on an elaborate show as she made herself cum, then it was her turn to lay down right at the edge of the stage and let people grope us as we had sex. As we stood up at the end of our performance she went back down on her knees in front of me and masturbated me vigorously, deliberately holding me so that when I orgasmed I shot cum over several people right at the front of the audience, before licking me clean and standing up to acknowledge the audience.

    As we stood after in front of the audience it seemed the applause and cheers were just as loud as and maybe louder than some of the other performances so far. The whole show felt great to do, the audience was about 150 to 200 people mostly journalists invited to review the launch show in various websites and magazines, and it felt incredibly erotic to be stood before them at the end completely drenched being cheered and paraded around with oils and gels dripping from us. As I walked around the edge of the stage behind my partner I could see long beads of cum and juices mixed with gel dripping between her legs, at least some of her orgasms had been genuine, a gorgeous sight I could tell from the audience reaction I was able to match with the same mixture of fluids dripping from the tip of my cock.

    We left the stage to shower separately and unfortunately I didn't see my partner after that, nor did I see any more of the show, including the main act. I stayed for a few drinks afterwards and was interviewed by some of the media, I didn't know much about the club but of course I only said positive things about it. However, I didn't stay long as I know very little German and it was difficult casually chatting to many people. So I left the club, and such is the glamorous life of porn I ended up on my own in a bar drinking German beer and watching German football on a huge screen until it finished, then went back to my hotel and stayed in the lounge bar drinking and reading a book for quite a while, trying to take my mind off the party as I still felt pretty horny. After what seemed like a long time a lady I recognised as a journalist from the launch party smiled and waved as she walked towards me. It became obvious she was staying in the same hotel and I offered her to join me for a drink, which she accepted then excused herself to go her room and change and be back soon.

    Not long later she returned having got changed into an incredibly daring evening dress and came over and asked if she could sit in the armchair next to the sofa I was sat on. She politely spoke English to me although she was clearly German, and started talking about the launch show. She was a slightly curvy lady, with jet black long straight hair, and wore shiny very high heeled red stilettos with a platform sole, and a tight red metallic mini dress cut daringly low almost to her navel to reveal the cleavage of her extremely buxom chest and cut so high on the leg it barely covered her, with the cut-outs down the side the dress barely covered her at all. When she sat down the dress rode up to reveal her hips and as she crossed her legs I got more than a glimpse of a tiny gold metallic g-string. I ordered a drink for her and offered her to sit next to me on the sofa, which she did and sat very close to me too.

    We had a great chat, she was very interested in my performance and my previous experience, and I was very interested in her work too. She used to be a model and performer but has now given it up and turned to journalism and media work instead, editing a few of the many adult magazines available and an associated selection of websites that specialise in 'MILF' and 'Cougar' fetishes. Several things became clear during our chat. We had similar backgrounds and experience in the adult entertainment industry and both enjoyed our work and discussing each other’s experiences, although she was far more experienced than me. I agreed to do an interview and photo shoot in the near future for her magazine and she offered me good payment for doing so, as long as the photo shoot was as explicit as the show had been. She kept asking if I would do different very kinky fetish scenes, each question got more kinky, I said yes to all of them and even shared experiences of performing such scenes before. We had other similar interests and got on very well with each other. But her offer of a photo shoot was giving her ideas and she kept coming back to my launch party performance which she clearly remembered in detail.

    She blatantly admitted it made her feel horny at the time, even admitting she had wanted to masturbate during the show, and openly admitted she still felt very horny now. The fact that by now we were cuddling on the sofa, she had one leg draped over me with her gold g-string fully exposed, as well as her cleavage almost in my face at times, only enhanced how horny I felt too. She made no effort to stop me when I started gently fondling her breasts which were almost exposed, in fact she positioned herself to make it easier for me, as she started to gently play with herself openly. When she placed my hand between her legs I could feel she was already extremely wet as I stroked her, whilst she was busy stroking my cock through my trousers. When we had finished our drinks we got up and headed for the lift holding hands. In the lift I pulled her close to me with my hands on her bottom and we kissed as she lay her hands behind my head, grinding her hips and thrusting her pussy against my erection, her high heels making her about the same height as me. As we kissed she was unbuttoning my shirt and running her hands all over my chest. We both got out on the same floor and started walking hand in hand along the corridor until stopping at the door to her room. She continued chatting as she got out her key card and opened the door before taking my hand again and leading me inside.

    I immediately slid her dress down over her as she slipped off my shirt and undid my trousers. She had me nude before I could get her g-string off and was already sucking on my cock. She had a kinky side to her nature and with us both nude except she kept her heels on throughout the evening she put both bedside lights on so the room was dimply lit then led me over to the full length floor to ceiling windows and continued to suck me in full view of the buildings opposite and anyone looking up from street level. That was just the start of a long sex session with her, she did everything I enjoy and I spent a long time pleasuring her too especially when she crouched over my face for me to lick and when we were 69 with each other. The sex was nearly all gentle, the only time it got even slightly rough was when she was riding me as she brought herself to an intense orgasm. She even massaged my cock with oil then turned over on the bed on all fours and offered me anal as long as I was gentle. By the windows again she was facing outside in full view whilst I fucked her from behind, it became obvious we were being watched from the building opposite so she led me out onto the balcony and carried on where we had left off with her leaning against the railings in just her high heels as I fucked her. After that intense orgasm of hers she continued to cum quite easily and I had to support her as she came again. Re-creating the final scene of the show on the balcony she bent down and masturbated me to those watching, she was clearly a lady into exhibitionism. After several orgasms myself and the pleasure of cumming in both her mouth, which she made an exaggerated point of swallowing, and her beautiful pussy we eventually curled up nude in bed together and fell asleep.

    The porn industry is full of people making false promises to get what they want, but to be fair to her she kept in touch and has become a friend and lovely person to work for. I did do the interview for a magazine along with the massage photo shoot with a 'Cougar' model older than myself, everything just as explicit as the show was. I have also done some photo and video work for her websites, as explicit as can be, each time with older models and role-playing various fetish scenarios with kinky themes. As well as paying very well there's also the added luxury of every time I see her we share a hotel room together afterwards too, each time doing exactly the same as we did the first time we met.
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  9. I was staying for just one night at a hotel and decided to spend the late evening quietly reading my book down by the swimming pool. I had intended just to relax, and it was also an opportunity to have a shower before bedtime as the shower in my room wasn't working. I got changed in my room into my swimwear, as a naturist I'd prefer to be nude but I stuck to the hotel rules and wore swimwear although mine is very brief and only just covers, then put on my bath robe and wandered down to the pool area.

    It was only a small pool, it was only a small hotel and not fully booked either, and when I entered there was a couple relaxing by the pool, another couple in the pool, and 2 ladies swimming. I got myself a cup of tea from the drinks area and walked to the far side of the pool, took off my robe and sat on a lounger casually watching the others in the pool whilst I drunk my tea. When I finished I started reading and was unaware the couple lounging by the pool had already gone when I looked up to see the other couple also leaving. That left just me and the 2 ladies, who were now lounging at the other end of the pool near the drinks area. I continued reading for a while then after a few chapters I decided on getting another cup of tea.

    By now it was late and very unlikely anyone else would come down to the pool. Leaving my robe by my lounger I walked down to the drinks area in my swimwear, a bright blue pouch at the front to show off my bulge, and about a quarter coverage at the back to show off my bum. Both ladies smiled at me as I walked passed, I smiled back as I saw too lovely older ladies in bikinis lounging by the pool, one in a neon orange bikini the other in a bright red bikini. I put the kettle on and turned to look back at them asking them if they would like a drink too.

    As I was facing them I could feel my cock quickly getting harder and bulging my swimwear more, which had obviously got their attention as neither were looking at my face initially, until both looked up and asked for cups of tea too. I could see both their bikini tops were triangular and similar in style, one showing off a little more than the other. My eyes lingered a little too long too as I felt myself now fairly erect and almost bursting out of my swimwear. Turning to face away and show off my bum to them I made fresh tea in cups, placed them on saucers, then placed all 3 on a drinks tray and walked the few paces to the ladies. Taking their teas from me I was more than happy to be asked to join them, and soon found myself on a lounger between the 2 of them.

    To my left was Angela, 56, in the red bikini, a petite lady with red hair, small breasted and had narrowed the triangles to show off her cleavage. Her bikini bottoms were narrow sided tanga style with only moderate coverage at the front, pulled nice and tight between her legs. To my right was Rita, 53, a larger lady with significantly larger breasts, the triangle tops of her bikini barely covering her nipples, her long blonde hair looked like it might cover more, and looking down I realised they in fact wore exactly the same bikinis just in two different vivid colours.

    They thanked me for their tea and we chatted innocently to start with about what books we were reading, and about the headlines in the newspaper Angela was reading, but quickly the conversation grew a little more flirty. I complimented them on their bikinis, which they had bought together, with Angela making her top ever narrower to compete with Rita as to who showed off the most. They complimented my swimwear, asking where I bought it, commenting about how we all liked bright colours, and adding that just like Rita's top my swimwear barely held me in, and that either of us may fall out and be exposed so easily. The pouch was ergonomic and stretched as I got harder, and laying between these 2 ladies I was now fully erect stretching the lycra material to its maximum. They liked the minimal rear coverage too, and whilst openly telling me and comparing their bust sizes and describing how they needed to trim to not show off any pubic hair in their tanga style bikini bottoms, my cock was just pointing straight out now which both ladies described as brave, well hung, and very sexy.

    I wondered how far this flirty chat might go when I mentioned I originally only came down to use the shower before bedtime as the one in my room wasn't working. They looked at each other and Angela quickly said the showers in the pool changing areas weren't working either, with Rita quickly adding I was welcome to use the one in their room especially as it was the room opposite mine. My first thought was wondering how they knew which room I was in as I hadn't seen them before, then a thought that maybe the changing area showers might work, before smiling at the invite back to their room which I quickly accepted. The chat got ever more flirty without ever being crude or directly suggestive.

    At around 11pm we decided to make a move and go back to their room. They both offered to walk back to my original lounger to collect my robe and book and shower bag, and as they walked off I got to see their bikinis covered less than I thought, about half rear coverage, so it was only fair to comment on the lovely view I had. It was a lovely view as they walked back too, the triangular bikini tops offering no support at all, the ladies breasts bouncing and swaying as they walked, especially Rita whose much larger breasts nearly escaped her bikini altogether.

    With robes on we then walked back to their room and I followed Angela into the bathroom. She slipped off her robe and hung it up so I did the same. She laid out the bath mat for me, hung my shower bag from the shower hook, and turned on the shower until it was flowing nice and hot, asking me to check if the temperature was ok, which it was. I thanked her and she turned towards the basin and started running the cold tap to brush her teeth, which I could clearly see in the mirror that took up the whole width of the wall. If I could see her from anywhere then it was obvious she would be able to see me, so I slipped off my swimwear to give her a brief full frontal view then turned to step into the shower facing away from her. The shower curtain could be drawn further than it was but I decided to leave it and join in the fun.

    I lathered up my body then turned around to give her an explicit view in the mirror, briefly noticing she was clearly watching, as I continued to lather up my body, soapy bubbles dripping from my body including my erect cock. Angela finished brushing her teeth then turned around and gave me a broad smile as she looked me up and down then turned away again. Next I knew she was standing right at the edge of the shower trying to talk to me. I genuinely couldn't hear and took one step leaning towards her to hear her, placing one wet hand on her shoulder. As I did I felt her hand on my thigh as she told me she had placed a towel on the top rung of the towel rail for me to use. I thanked her as stood up straight again and as I did so she gently stroked my cock before turning away and leaving the bathroom.

    Only a few seconds later Rita entered the bathroom still wearing her robe. She walked up to the shower just like Angela had to talk to me, so I did the same thing again and stepped towards her. Again, as I placed my hand on her shoulder so she placed a hand on my thigh and asked if I would like her to rinse my swimwear through, that she was holding in her hand along with her own and Angela's. I said yes please and almost as though Angela had just told her what happened, Rita did exactly the same and stroked my cock before turning to the basin and filling it with water to rinse all of our swimwear through. I could sense her watching very clearly so put on the same show for her of lathering myself up which clearly caught her attention.

    When I had finished I stepped out of the shower just as she turned around to hang our swimwear up to dry. I grabbed a towel and started drying myself without making any attempt to cover my erection from her view. Just like Angela had, Rita looked me up and down and gave me a broad smile before turning to face away from me and slipping off her bath robe, hanging it up, and walking off naked back into the room. So Rita was naked, Angela's robe and swimwear were in the bathroom so I guessed she was also naked, so when I finished drying myself I hung the towel back on the towel rail and walked naked into the room myself. There, laying on either side of the bed, with a gap down the middle of the bed, were 2 completely naked ladies staring at me inviting me to lay between them.

    No sooner had I laid down on my back and put my arms around them did both ladies slide down the bed a little, hands on my cock, with Angela the first to take me in her mouth. Their focus was purely on my cock and balls, both playing with me at the same time, sharing me, as soon as one stopped sucking me the other started. It felt lovely to have two mouths on me constantly, and to have my balls played with and sucked just as much as my cock. It was Rita who seductively and without looking up asked 'cum for us darling', with Angela quickly adding in a more demanding tone 'yes cum for us darling'. I laid back and relaxed and enjoyed every moment of what they did to me, and although it took a while, both ladies sensed when I was about to cum. They positioned themselves for me to shoot in their faces, hoping to take as much in their mouths as possible, and when I did cum I could feel myself squirting straight at them. They took every drop of cum I squirted and swallowed it all, very sensuously licking me clean afterwards.

    Without saying anything Rita got off the bed and went to the bathroom and immediately turned on the shower. Angela turned her body to face me, then swung a leg over my body to sit astride me, gently held my cock and lowered her body slipping me inside her pussy. Looking straight into my eyes she said we had exactly 15 minutes, as though this was obviously some plan they had discussed together. My hands went to her small breasts, caressing them, then she leaned further forward and started kissing me as we started fucking. We rolled over and Angela wrapped her legs high around me clearly loving how deep I was and asking me to fuck her harder. Her legs lost their grip around me as she orgasmed, and she was quite noisy when she did, drowned out only a little by the sound of the shower. She slipped me out of her pussy and started masturbating me vigorously, then slipping her legs to one side she turned over and slipped her legs either side of my body and raised up her bum. Her pussy was dripping wet and her bum looked inviting too, but before I made up my mind she had reached down between her legs and grabbed my cock and slid it easily into her pussy. Under instruction to fuck her hard, very hard, I built up a rhythm slamming my cock deep inside her with every thrust. Suddenly I felt her whole body tighten, her pussy gripping my cock tight, as her body fell flat onto the bed as she started screaming with her 2nd orgasm. I thrust down deep into her and held it there, then when I felt her body relax I pulled out and lay down beside her and we started cuddling.

    The cuddling became kissing and then with the sound of the shower being turned off Angela announced our time was up. She seemed to struggle to find the energy to get up but did so and walked off to the bathroom. They clearly chatted briefly but about a minute later Rita walked back naked towards the bed where I laid on my back waiting. As she climbed on the bed she whispered it was now her 15 minutes, in her seductive voice.

    She immediately knelt astride me facing away from me and took my cock in her hand. Then placing her bum on my chest she leaned forward and placed my cock between her breasts and started to titty fuck me. My hands were on her hips when she raised her body up slightly and slid back until she could feel my tongue on her pussy. As I started to lick her I could feel her mouth exploring my cock again. Her pussy was freshly shaven and scented from the shower, her only pubes were trimmed neatly above her pussy, and my tongue explored as deep inside as I could as well as circling around her lips and her clit. Soon I could taste her juices as she was getting more aroused, as I felt her holding the base of my cock and deep throating me. It wasn't long before I sensed her juices flowing more and with my cock deep in her mouth I was more than prepared for the small flood of juices I took as she orgasmed. She was very gentle as she got up and swung her legs over me until she was sat on my tummy with me looking up at her. She flicked her long hair over her shoulders and lowered her breasts for me to suck and play with. They were huge, way larger than Angela's, and she clearly considered them her greatest asset as she swung them towards my face. After a good play fondling and sucking on her breasts she sat up straight again and raised her hips slowly moving back down my body. My cock was rock hard and without using any hands she positioned herself so the tip of my cock was against her pussy then very slowly lowered herself until she was sat on me taking me deep inside. She did everything slowly, no thrusting just grinding against me with both of us enjoying how deep inside her I was. As she grinded she played with her breasts swinging them around to turn me on. I could feel her pussy clenching my cock inside her and her face continuously looked like she was about to cum, so much so that when she did it was both unexpected and immensely pleasurable as a warm gush of juice drenched my cock. As she orgasmed she leaned forward and laid on top of me with me taking her weight. As she regained her composure, and when her 15 minutes were up, she gave me a very big kiss and climbed off me and went to the bathroom where Angela was waiting.

    I laid naked on the bed whilst Rita freshened up, it was several minutes before both ladies walked towards me from the bathroom and knelt on the bed beside me. They could see I was clearly still excited and up for some more fun, it was Rita who asked that now they'd had their fun if there was anything I would like to do. As soon as I suggested a threesome Rita had a huge smile on her face and immediately turned around and swung her leg over my body to position her pussy right above my face. She was clearly still wet from when she had cum and I placed my hands on her bum as she lowered her pussy onto my tongue. I slowly licked the juices from her labia before pushing my tongue inside her beautifully wet pussy. My face was immediately getting drenched as she leaned forward giving me a better angle to lick inside. First I felt her large breasts resting on my tummy then without using her hands I felt her mouth on my cock. I had sensed Angela moving to the end of the bed and as Rita started licking and sucking my cock I felt Angela cupping my balls and then licking and sucking them too. Angela really was quite expert at sucking my balls, her tongue slowly licking as she sucked, occasionally moving her tongue to either lick the shaft of my cock or to lick my perineum. Very slowly Rita moved her mouth down lower on my cock until I could clearly feel she was deep throating me, and as she did so I felt Angela slide a wet finger in my bum. As I ran my tongue around Rita's clit which clearly excited her I could feel more juices running down my face. I parted my legs as wide as they could go, gently arching my back as Angela's expert finger started to massage my prostate. It was only a matter of time before one of us orgasmed, and it was near simultaneous as Rita suddenly gushed all over my face flooding me with juice quicker than I could lick and drink it, quickly followed by me filling Rita's mouth with cum.

    Rita slowly sat up astride my face, raising her hips so her pussy was a few inches above my lips, juices just dripping from her into my mouth. Angela was almost pushing her up as she had slid her finger out and had grabbed my cock quite roughly and was now sat astride me facing Rita and lowering her pussy onto my cock. Angela fucked me as hard as she could, sliding up and down my cock as she started swearing at Rita who had clearly dribbled my cum from her mouth over her breasts. Although I couldn't see I could easily sense than Angela had leaned forward to lick my cum from Rita's breasts and when finished the two of them were now kissing and playing a game of swapping my cum between their mouths as they did so. Eventually I felt Angela's pussy tighten then completely relax as she orgasmed with my cock inside her. Cheekily Rita announced my 15 minutes were up and I'd had an extra 15 minutes too, and with that both of them gently climbed off me and again went to the bathroom.

    When they came back I went to the bathroom myself to freshen up. When I returned I found them both tucked up laying either side of the bed. The invite was obvious and I climbed into bed and lay between them. We cuddled for a while, there was simple small talk about what we had done, with everyone clearly appreciating the whole evening, with both ladies saying the whole thing was a first for them, something they had often talked about but never done. The only surprising thing for me was when they mentioned they had never done anything bisexual before, that was also first for them, as they both said, it seemed natural to do it and things had just happened. And with the bed lights going out that was the end of a fantastic and unexpected evening as I lay naked between two lovely naked ladies and fell asleep.
  10. Five years ago I had an appointment at a suburban house in a built up area with a small group of ladies. At first there were 3 ladies, all dressed up very sexy in mini dresses and heels as though this was a sexy night out, it was in fact only 11:00am when I arrived. At 12:00 another lady arrived who couldn't make it until then. My role was simple, a CFNM party with the ladies where I spent several hours with them completely nude posing for them to do as they liked with me.

    Such a small intimate party was a lot of fun. Initially the ladies spent time undressing and hugging me, kissing and stroking my body, enjoying feeling my erection pressed against them. It was certainly easy to maintain an erection with them; they were a very erotic and sensual group of ladies, extremely sexy to look at, whose conversation was very varied but always containing a common theme of sex. One moment they were all chatting about various mummy porn books they had read, Fifty Shades being the conversation starter, before discussing other books, offering to share them, and discussing which would be the sex scene they would most like to be part of. Then the conversation would easily change and they would be discussing where to buy the sexiest lingerie from, which high street shops were selling the most revealing bras and knickers, and where to buy stockings and suspenders to match. Shoes were discussed at length, with many shops now selling very high heels with platform soles; indeed all of the ladies were wearing incredibly high heels. Then cosmetics and what shades and tones look the sexiest. And so their conversations continued, involving me at every opportunity.

    All 4 ladies were in their 40s, all had worked for the same company at one time or another, and all were extremely good fun. You could tell they shared a lot together, such as they all had the same hairdresser and as such they all had mid length or longer length wavy hair. All were dressed very smartly, with dresses that whilst just about decent they barely covered, with one of the ladies much larger than the others and constantly looking like she was in danger of bursting out of the top of her dress at any time.

    They all made good use of me too, I never felt like an outsider to their fun, whenever I was standing someone was always hugging and stroking me, whenever I was sitting it was always between them with someone sitting on my lap either sideways or astride and facing me. Dresses were so short that when sat on my lap my cock was pressing against their tiny knickers. There was a lot of cleavage on show and my cock was often being squeezed between what was on show of their breasts. Each of the ladies took it in turns to have a personal play with me whilst the others watched, all giving me oral and all giving it in a similar slow style and enjoying sucking on my balls too.

    We all shared a very nice lunch together, after which they continued the food theme by laying me down and smearing cream into my body and placing strawberries all over me so they could eat and lick them from me. My cock was placed in chocolate éclairs for them to eat, before they just got carried away squirting cream and chocolate sauce all over my cock and balls to lick off. They played other games including kissing my cock to create a rainbow of lipstick circles all down my cock to see who could take me the deepest and leave the lowest circle of lipstick. Eventually their dresses came off to leave luxurious lingerie, and not long after off came the lingerie too with all of the tiny knickers being hung from my cock.

    One of their many conversations had been about waxing and bikini lines and now on show for me were 4 beautifully trimmed pussies in varying but similar styles, 3 with narrow brazilian landing strips and the black lady with a completely bald pussy. It was a joy to play with 4 naked ladies, all in high heels and one also in stockings, the fun went from massaging each others bodies, to gentle fingering and masturbation, to sensual but fun lovemaking.

    Sex was limited to each taking me deep inside and just holding me there, usually whilst sat astride me, so they could masturbate with me inside as others watched with a little joining in too. It was pleasurable too for me to feel each of them reach orgasm with me inside. Afterwards, as the finale to their day, they laid me down on my back and I had 8 hands on my body as they masturbated me to orgasm with each lady taking it in turns to lick me clean.

    Before I left they told me they had already made a decision that they would like to invite me back on a monthly basis for regular CFNM fun. Sharing the cost between them it's much more affordable for them too. On my first visit back they told me how the monthly visits would work. They would like exactly the same as the first visit, but also they would take it turns for one of them to go all out and enjoy a full sex session with me whilst the others watched or joined in. There were also some fetishes and sex positions they wanted to try too. That second visit got messier than the first with them pouring warm custard over my body to lick off as well as slide around in as they rode me. It turned out to be a fetish of one of the ladies to try sex in a bath of custard, something we did several appointments later. The lady who requested the first sex session started off on top in the 69 position where surprised herself by cumming in my face. She then sat up and rode me very gently in a cowboy position whilst the others were groping between our legs. It was very sensual being so deep inside her and the others fondling us, plus I had a wonderful view looking straight up at her small pert breasts with lovely hard nipples, so it was easy when she encouraged me to cum inside her.

    On another visit one of the ladies had never experienced anal sex before and wanted to try it, so with the help of the other 3 ladies and a lot of lube she was eventually able to take my cock inside her, although being her first time I didn't thrust at all just gently penetrated until eventually I was deep inside. Yes it was a little bit painful for her at first, but yes she is glad she has now experienced it. It was only afterwards that 2 others admitted they hadn't tried either and went on to include it in future appointments. Other appointments went on to include a fair amount of mild S&M, all influenced by their reading Fifty Shades of Grey.

    About a year later they invited me to a spa they regularly go to, it's one I had been to before, and whilst nudity is not allowed they had chosen swimwear for me with a very obvious bulge and they knew full well that when it's quiet no-one takes any notice of others stripping off in some of the saunas, steam rooms and other relaxation rooms, which is exactly what they did with me. Whilst none of them stayed nude for long they did strip briefly to play some sexy games and indulge in their fun. The day ended with a lovely routine of me helping each lady gently inserting her knickers in her pussy and pushing them all the way in so that were soaking wet with a mix of their juice and my sperm, before removing them and slipping into their knickers and pressing them against their pussies leaving them all wearing wet knickers as a reminder of the day.

    After about 2 years they invited a 5th lady to join in their fun, a lady very similar to the others who had also started working at the company that had originally brought the other ladies together. Five years after the first appointment they still enjoy their regular monthly appointments, and so am I.
  11. Sarah and David are very good friends of mine who love extreme exhibitionism and invited me round for an evening they had organised. When I arrived early evening David was already dressed smartly in a suit as he usually does, all ready to go out. Sarah is a slightly larger lady, very large breasts, and always wears very revealing tight dresses with heels and nothing else. When I arrived she was only wearing a bath robe, later for going out she had chosen a peach colour dress that would only just cover her bum and leave most of her breasts on show. I was to be dressed exactly as they wished, with Sarah dressing me and doing my make-up.

    I was led to a bedroom and asked to undress and sit naked on a chair next to the dressing table. Sarah slipped out of her bath robe and sat naked facing me, sideways to the dressing table, with her legs wide open and as close to me as possible. On the dressing table was an assortment of make-up, which by the time she had finished I was wearing false nail painted bright red, dark eye make-up with thick eye-liner, bright red glitter lipstick, and a long blonde wig. All throughout my make-up session I'd had a lovely view of her naked body, but with my nails drying I hadn't been able to touch her.

    I stood to allow her to dress me, as Sarah left the room to go and collect some clothes from another room. When she returned she only held a small pile of clothes, it looked like I wasn't to be wearing much, just I expected from our other nights out together. Sarah slipped on me a pair of pink sheer panties that about half covered my bum but were completely see through, gently caressing and stroking me as she did so, doing nothing to ease my erection and let my cock actually fit into the panties. She was open to being fondled as she dressed me, and I got my first chance to play with her luscious breasts. She fitted me with a pink bra filled with silicone padding to give the impression of very large breasts, a tight bright pink lycra stretch top to show off the fake breasts, a black pvc suspender belt with 6 straps, a 9" long black flowing wet look skater skirt that was not quite long enough to cover my bum and clearly showed off the suspender straps holding up a pair of black fishnet stockings. To complete the look she fitted me with 5" high stiletto patent court shoes.

    The theme of the evening was simple and the same as always, I was to obey instructions and be used as requested. Once we were all ready, as Sarah walked towards the door, it was clear her dress was never going to stay covering her bum, as it had already ridden up an inch or two to show her off. As she turned around her breasts swayed as the dress did nothing to hold her in place, her cleavage fully on show, the dress barely covering her nipples leaving part of her areolas exposed. My pink panties were working hard to keep my cock in place by now.

    David drove us quite a long way to a town centre and parked the car in a private parking area behind a members bar. My first thought was just how many people were out and about in the town, but as the members bar was our destination I didn't have far to walk. The whole purpose of the evening was for them to control me, to do exactly as they say, and they know from previous experience that I will always do whatever they have in mind to humiliate me as I have trusted them for many years never to do anything I am not comfortable with. As we walked into the foyer we were shown immediately upstairs to a private bar, although we were already attracting a lot of looks. I felt like the slut they wanted me to be, there to serve them for the evening. We walked through some double doors into a room full of leather sofas and armchairs, coffee tables, and a bar all along one side. It was busy, although no-one turned to look at us, and we walked to the bar.

    At the far end of the bar was another couple, the lady wearing a fishnet top and denim hotpants that revealed far more of her bum than either me or Sarah. When she turned around I realised I recognised her and she recognised me, she subtly winked to me and in some way I found it comforting to realise that my friend Leanne, a prostitute, was being entertained by a gentleman. At least I wasn't the only one being used that evening.

    As we walked to the bar Sarah's more than ample breasts bounced unsupported beside me and it was also evident David had no underwear on either. We stood at the bar and David ordered champagne, it was while it was being served I was subjected to my first embarrassment. Sarah whispered in my ear to put my hands on the bar in front of me, part my legs and keep looking straight ahead. I felt my skirt lifted up a little and Sarah's hand caressing me and playing with the elastic of my panties and my suspender belt straps. She then lowered my skirt and I was allowed to turn round and we were shown to a sofa and chairs by a waiter who also brought the champagne over. David had requested we sit in the far corner where there were some partitions to restrict peoples view, offering us some privacy from the main lounge although others in the same area would have a good view of us if they wanted to. I lounged on a sofa cuddled up to Sarah as David sat opposite in an armchair with a perfect view of the two of us.

    Sarah's hands were on me as David watched, she ran her fingers up and down my body and I did exactly the same to her. We kissed as I fondled her breasts, the straps of her dress falling easily to fully expose them, as her hands ran up my thighs and under my skirt, lifting it to expose my panties as she stroked me. I tried to look to see if anyone else was watching, I could see Leanne with her gentleman and realised she wasn't wearing a bra under her fishnet top, there was also a group of four people probably two couples that could also see us, otherwise two pillars and a tall bookshelf full of old books blocked other peoples view.

    A waitress brought over a tray full of shot glasses, far more than just one each, and placed them on our table. She glanced at me and Sarah, getting a full view of what we were up to, and simply smiled and said 'enjoy your evening'. After the waitress left, Sarah placed a shot glass between her breasts and I was instructed to stay sat down as she got up and leaned over me so she could pour it in my mouth. Surprisingly I got the full shot as she swung her breasts in my face, taking the glass away after I had drunk from it and smothering my face between her breasts. Another shot glass followed between her breasts and again I drunk from it, I was going to need plenty of alcohol tonight and I welcomed each one that was thrust in my face, downing 3 or 4 fairly quickly. The last shot Sarah swung her breasts over my face and poured it all over them, the alcohol dripping in my face at first then encouraging me to lick her breasts which I did whilst also playing with them. What I hadn't realised at this point that was all the while Sarah was leaned over me of course her dress has ridden up even more giving David sat opposite a full view of her pussy.

    The games continued for an hour or so, first Sarah knelt on the sofa astride me so I could play with her pussy and her breasts whilst she stroked my cock through my panties. I was aware of the two couples enjoying our little show which went on for quite a while. At one point the waitress came over to serve more drinks whilst Sarah was giving me a blowjob, again she smiled and just said something like 'looks fun'. With my panties slipped to one side and my skirt now removed, eventually Sarah sat on my lap, lowering her body and sliding my cock inside her pussy as she did so. Loving sex followed, no thrusting, just Sarah sat still on my lap constantly tightening her muscles and relaxing until she orgasmed.

    As Sarah slipped my panties back over my cock and put my skirt back on for me, David was busy on his phone, first what looked like texting, then taking a call. We relaxed with drinks for a few minutes before he indicated to Sarah it was time for her and me to go and use the rest rooms, passing her a small bag as we left. This involved me and Sarah walking past the two couples near us, then along the bar all the way to the far end of the lounge. As we walked our stiletto heels clattered on the hardwood flooring like an alarm going off to get everybody's attention, which it did as we felt eyes looking at us all the while we walked. It didn't really matter who they were looking at, but with Sarah's breasts swaying as her dress did nothing to hold her in place, and it didn't quite cover her bum either, I guessed most men’s eyes would be on her. There were also quite a few ladies in the lounge, not as many as there were men, and I wondered who they were looking at.

    In the rest rooms Sarah slipped off my tight pink top and black wet look mini skirt. From the bag she took a pastel pink baby doll dress and helped me into it. It was tight over my fake breasts, and then the rest of the dress just flowed from under my breasts with several layers of completely sheer material, so the overall effect wasn't quite so see through. Like the skirt I wore previously, it was too short, and this time I realised my sheer pink panties were probably showing a little at the front too. It would certainly sway a lot as I walked and probably reveal a lot more than I could see in a full length mirror I was standing in front of in the rest room. As I looked at myself I wondered if the dress really did pass as a dress or was it just lingerie. As Sarah was fastening the dress at my back I could feel her hands on me, and realised it was only tied high up on my back. Sarah slowly ran her fingers around the hem of the dress, starting off high up my thighs as her fingernails slowly rose up over my bum and then up my spine. The dress was backless with a split straight up the middle and although I couldn't see in the mirror I realised most of my bum must be on show.

    Sarah changed too, slipping out of the peach dress easily, and slipping on a tight fitting semi sheer little black dress with cut-outs all the way up each side. It was tightest around her large breasts and her nipples were quite obvious through the material, with the sides of her breasts on show from the highest cut-out. She re-did her own make-up, and then did mine, and placing our clothes back in the bag we walked back through the lounge alongside the bar. I could sense people were looking but we walked confidently back to David who had been joined by another couple. He introduced them as Will and Marie, who both greeted Sarah before turning to me. Will shook my handed and greeted me with 'a pleasure to meet you', then Marie greeted me by hugging me, a kiss full on the lips that intentionally lingered far too long as she pressed her body against mine.

    Will and Marie sat on a sofa next to ours so they could see David sat to their right and me and Sarah to their left. As soon as we sat back down Sarah immediately started fondling me openly in front of everyone, so I did the same to Sarah. David had clearly ordered more champagne which the same waitress brought over, placing the ice bucket and glasses on the table and introducing herself as our waitress to Will and Marie. As she turned to leave she looked at me and Sarah and simply said 'nice'. I got to know Will and Marie as we chatted and drank, Will looked smart just like David in a suit, Marie in a cocktail dress showing off large breasts and deep cleavage without revealing as much as Sarah's dress had previously. After a while David asked if me and Sarah would excuse him whilst he had a private chat with Will and Marie, a cue for Sarah to escort me to the bar. We only walked the shortest distance possible to the nearest end of the bar, and I didn't turn around to see how many people were watching, but I was well aware of my bum on show barely covered by any material, probably the suspender straps were covering more than the dress was.

    After about 5 minutes a couple came over and tried to chat us up, which would have been fun if it wasn't for our evening already being planned. We simply said we were taken for tonight but they left us their phone number should we be interested for another night. Whilst they were very polite and decent I really did feel like I was a prostitute just taking a booking for another night. They were still with us when David came over and invited us back, I could sense them ogling us as we walked away, checking where we were going.

    As we came back Will and Marie were just off to the rest rooms. David indicated to Sarah that all was well and Will and Marie would be back shortly. He then turned around and partially drew a curtain between the two pillars to make the area more private. I had seen the pillars and the curtains before but had assumed they were just for decoration, now I realised they were functional I realised they had been left undrawn deliberately to give the two couples a clear view as well as anyone else in the area. He could have drawn them fully but instead left a gap so that only the two couples could see us, albeit with a slightly restricted view. I was stood cuddling Sarah, grinding a little against her, as she lowered her hands down my body and lifted my dress. She gently held both sides of my panties and as she bent down she lowered my panties until they were on the floor. I stepped out of them and with her face right in front of my cock she started to suck me whilst cupping my balls. With me fully erect yet again she stood up and stepped to one side giving the two couples a full frontal view of me. Whilst they had already seen everything before this was deliberate and blatant.

    With Sarah stood behind me she whispered in my ear to go and ask the two ladies from the two couples to come and join us. As she whispered she was also gently pushing me towards the curtain. With my erection clearly on show I pulled back the curtain a little and facing the two ladies I smiled and asked them if they would like to join us. Immediately Sarah asked the two gentlemen if they would like to join us. After a quick discussion they agreed and as I held out a hand to help the ladies up from their sofa and escort them to our table, Sarah held the curtain to one side for the two men. David assisted by gathering their drinks and bringing them to our table, pulling the curtain closed behind him. We introduced ourselves to the two couples, I shook hands with the two men and embraced the two ladies, one of them being very gentle not to push against me erection, the other thrusting herself into me.

    There was enough seating for everyone to sit down, although the two men chose to stand, as did me and Sarah who stood in the middle kissing cuddling and fondling each other. Even though I wasn't naked I felt like I was with my erect cock and bum clearly on show. I placed my hands on the hem of Sarah's dress and slid it up over her hips. She raised her arms in the air clearly assuming I was taking her dress off completely, so I thought why not, and soon Sarah was stood cuddling me completely naked except for her high heels.

    When Will and Marie returned they had clearly expected the current situation of our new guests joining us. They briefly introduced themselves to our new guests and as Will sat down next to David then Marie came over to embrace me and Sarah. In some ways I was a little surprised she was still wearing the same cocktail dress, although she did look amazing in it. As Sarah thrust her body into mine, tucking my cock between her legs so it was brushing against her pussy I felt Marie parting my dress behind me and playing with my bum. She slipped her fingers down to caress my balls before deliberately running her fingers over my bum pressing them against my hole. She played for a short while, teasingly almost slipping a finger inside then not doing so before she ran her fingers up my back to play with the fastenings of my dress. Before I knew it she had undone it and my dress had fallen to the floor leaving me standing there in a heavily padded bra, suspender belt, stockings and heels, nothing else.

    Sarah instructed me to keep looking at her, which was easy as we were snogging and grinding together, our hands all over each other. I glanced at the two men who were clearly enjoying the view of Sarah's naked body, and then I glanced at the two ladies sat on the sofa who had the biggest smiles possible. One sat cross-legged but the one who had pressed her body against mine had clearly raised her skirt a little as I could see her stocking tops and her legs were definitely parted a little. The next thing I knew Marie was caressing my back again, running her fingers up and down my back and over my bum. Then she leaned into me and put her head over my shoulder and gently kissed my neck, cheek and ear. As she did so I felt her naked breasts pressing into my back soon followed by her entire body up against mine with what was obviously a strap-on dildo pressing against my bum. I reached behind me and ran my hands up Marie's legs, it was obvious she was naked too except for the strap-on.

    I turned to face Marie and we snogged as Sarah groped me from behind, everyone watching was getting a full view. As we did so our waitress returned, David had ordered more champagne, she excused herself as she slid back the curtain and didn't seem shocked at all by what she saw. In fact instead of leaving the drinks she asked David if he would like her to pour and serve drinks. He agreed and she poured champagne for everyone and handed glasses to the two ladies, the two men, then to Will and David. Sarah, Marie and me had stopped cuddling and she offered Sarah and Marie a glass, looking straight at two completely naked ladies she simply said 'wow, lucky guy'. Then she took a glass and looked at me, clearly looking down at my cock first before handing me the glass. The fact I was fully exposed and also dressed in lingerie didn't seem to matter, still smiling she said 'and wow, lucky ladies'. As she walked towards the curtain she turned to look back, and asked David if that would be all. He said yes, and just as she turned to leave she said 'I'll leave you all to it' before cheekily adding 'if only I wasn't working'. With that she was walked away drawing the curtain closed behind her.

    Marie bent down in front of me and pulled down on my cock dipping it in her champagne glass then licking the champagne from my cock. Soon Sarah had joined her and did the same. To my surprise both of the ladies got up from the sofa and then also did exactly the same. As Sarah told them they could both borrow me for a while, Sarah and Marie approached the two husbands. Soon each had a naked lady to cuddle as Sarah and Marie grinded against them as Will and David watched. I had two ladies, one bending right down and cupping my balls with one hand, stroking me with the other as she sucked me, the other lady kissing and cuddling me and with one hand reaching down as it felt like she competed with her friend to stroke my cock. As the first lady stood up she simply said 'your turn' and they swapped what they were doing.

    I had no idea this had been going on for when David stood up and tapped his glass and announced we should have a toast. More champagne glasses were offered around, by this time I was feeling more than a little drunk. 'Ladies and Gentlemen' he announced, 'time for the main show I think' he added, 'please raise your glasses for our three sluts'. I drank the champagne more than a little bemused, I had no idea there was to be a main show although I could easily guess where that strap-on was going, and also a little amused as both David and Sarah usually call me their slutty whore.

    With the sofa cleared and everyone gathered around, I was asked to lay on my back. It was a large very soft sofa I really sank into, so felt very comfortable. First Sarah climbed on top of me facing away from me, shuffling her body back until her pussy was over my face, lowering herself so we could 69 together. I also felt some hands on me and assumed Sarah had hands on her too, especially as she was on top and more exposed. It was slow gentle oral sex, Sarah deliberately raising her head up several times to show off my cock as I felt more than just her hands on me before lowering her mouth back down to suck me. Her pussy was getting wetter and wetter until I felt a warm flow trickling down over my face as she orgasmed.

    Next she shuffled forward on my body still facing away from me until she was sat on my tummy. She grabbed my legs and pulled them towards her, exposing my bum. Keeping hold of my legs I could feel hands on me, presumably Marie's, and then the feel of her strap-on dildo pressing against my bum. With Sarah supporting Marie she slowly and carefully slid the dildo into my bum until it was all the way deep inside. Next Sarah held my cock and with the support of David and Will she lowered her body onto my cock slipping it deep inside her pussy and she and Marie kissed and cuddled each other. It felt so good to have my cock deep inside Sarah with Marie deep inside my bum. The only downside for me was I could only see Sarah's back and couldn't see Marie at all.

    Everyone seemed to be gathered round looking at Sarah and Marie snogging each other as they both fucked me. I could tell from comments that everyone had a good view of Sarah's pussy with my cock deep inside, my balls, and the strap-on dildo in my bum. Gradually both Sarah and Marie started to build up a rhythm as Marie fucked my bum harder and Sarah grinded and thrust up and down on my cock. As Marie started to thrust hard in my bum I could feel her, or at least I presumed it was her, tugging at my suspenders and stocking tops and ripping my stockings. My hands were on Sarah's back just because that was the easiest place to put them.

    One of the ladies was stood nearest watching and I reached out and ran my hand up her leg. To my surprise she turned towards me and bent down, doing nothing as I ran my hand over her stocking tops. For some reason she apologised for ignoring me saying was enjoying the view of us fucking. I replied it was fine and she could watch all she wanted. Her hands caressed my face and she started kissing me, seeming to lose interest in watching and doing nothing to stop my hands lifting up her skirt. My focus of attention was now on this lady bent over kissing me. I unfastened the side of her skirt and was surprised that was the only fastening as it fell to the floor. As she carried on kissing me I decided just to carry on and see how far she would go. I unbuttoned her blouse and she was more than obliging to slip it off her arms and throw it to one side. There she was now leaned over me in just her bra, panties, hold-up stockings and heels kissing me. Both the bra and panties were see through, her nipples hard, and a small triangle of thick dark pubes visible through her panties. I caressed her breasts through her bra before reaching down between her legs and slipping my hand inside her panties and fondling her pussy. She slipped her hand inside her panties too, on top of mine, pushing my fingers into her pussy. She was very wet already and it didn't take long for her to cum.

    By now I was close to orgasm too and Sarah could feel it. We've had sex often enough for her to know when I'm going to cum and at exactly the right moment she lifted herself off me and grabbed the base of my cock. I was throbbing in her hand as she gently squeezed and I immediately started gushing cum. It felt like I couldn't stop such was the build up of sexual excitement as I felt myself shooting more and more cum. From the comments from everyone apparently I had squirted mostly over Sarah's breasts and straight up into Marie's face too. As I felt myself squirt more cum Marie exclaimed 'oh God it's all over my tits too'. Marie stopped thrusting at this point and Sarah slipped me back inside her pussy as the two of them seemed to concentrate on licking my cum from each other’s body.

    As everyone started to relax a little Sarah got off me first and them Marie slipped the dildo out of my bum as Sarah helped me up. We all stood and started kissing and cuddling, the lady in her lingerie joining in too. Marie took off the strap-on dildo and grabbed me by the hands pulling me to one side. She turned around and bent down placing her hands on an armchair and spreading her legs. It was obvious what she wanted and I slipped my cock inside her pussy. Crudely she said 'Fuck me hard you fucking sissy girl slut' and I did so, slamming my cock deep inside her with every thrust. She was absolutely drenched and it didn't take long for her to orgasm, I kept fucking her as she continued to cum, until she couldn't take it anymore.

    When I looked up I realised at least one of the men had been wanking, possibly aided by someone else, as he was doing up his trousers again. I helped Marie to stand up and she turned around flinging her arms around me and holding me tight. 'You are one fucking dirty whore aren't you' she said as she thrust her naked body against mine, tucking my cock between her legs. I put my arms round her placing my hands on her bum and pulled her close to me. 'Stand still' she said, as if I had any choice, as she started kissing me. 'Dirty whores deserve dirty punishments' she added, and I wondered what would happen next. She continued to kiss me for a while then reached down and grabbed my stockings ripping them even more. Then her hands were on my bum pulling me as close as possible and I felt a warm trickle starting run down my legs. She squeezed my bum tight as the trickle became steady warm flow of pee running all over my cock and down my legs.

    As she stepped away Sarah was already dressed again in the cut-out dress. 'You ok?' she whispered to me as she helped me back on with the babydoll dress. I was fine and I asked her too, she was very happy, and added that last bit with the pee wasn't meant to happen, not that I minded as well she knew for we sometimes have pee fun together too. The men had gone to get cleaning things to clean up the mess as we all got dressed and ready to leave. When we were ready we checked we had got everything then withdrew the curtain and stepped out back into the lounge. There were other people at the table now where our new friends had been, I'm sure they would have heard everything going on. They certainly looked at us as if they did, and the look was a little disapproving from one of them. I noticed Leanne had gone, presumably back to her gentleman friend’s house to earn some money.

    Time to brave it and go I thought. I was passed caring too much what people thought, the babydoll dress didn't cover much and my stockings were ripped and drenched in pee, and I had pee in my shoes too. We all walked confidently out of the lounge and to the rest rooms. I took off the ripped and pee soaked stockings and binned them, and cleaned up my shoes. I took off the suspender belt too and the straps were holding anything up any more, and just carried it. When we were ready Sarah, Marie and me went down the stairs to meet the men in the foyer. It was very busy now, as was the downstairs bar, and plenty of people saw us, even more when we walked straight out of the door into the busy street. Goodbyes were said, along with a check everyone had exchanged phone numbers as necessary. Back in the car and home after a naughty evening out.
  12. This is actually a blog by a friend, in it I am referred to as "G".

    I was on holiday with my husband and a group of friends in Thailand relaxing on a beach when yet again a beach seller approached us. This time it was 2 ladies, one wearing a big baggy t-shirt, the other a full length sarong, offering a beach massage. There were 9 of us and probably because of our swimwear and because we were cuddling each other, the 2 ladies focussed on me and a friend G, probably thinking he was my partner, even though my husband Tom was actually there too lying opposite us. Nudity is banned on Thai beaches so I was wearing a bright blue slingshot bikini, enough to cover my nipples and pussy but very little else. G was wearing a tiny thong, tight fitting like a condom and showing off his erection as it stretched the lycra to the maximum. They offered us what they called "best massage" and quoted us a price, then looking directly at me one of the ladies said "sexy massage". Before I had chance to reply there were calls of "yes" from our friends, including my husband, at which point the other lady mention "VIP massage" for some more money. I was keen, G didn't really have a say in it, as friends clubbed together and money was handed over.

    To the amusement of our friends we walked with the ladies along the beach, our bottoms on show, and my breasts and G's cock swaying as we walked. As usual with that bikini it does nothing to hold my breasts in place and they were bouncing as I walked, the tiny teardrop of lycra only staying in place because my nipples were erect. They took us to their beach sala, a square wooden shack, not of the same standard as the hotel beach salas, although inside were 2 luxurious massage beds. The sala was at the back of the beach, built like a massive four poster bed where 2 sides were bamboo and wooden slats we could slightly see out of, one was a mix of net curtains and beads where we came in, and the other facing inland was open with net curtains pulled back. We were assured by the ladies, and another 2 girls who we met inside who were both also wearing baggy t-shirts and were introduced as our masseuses, that whilst we had a good view out, the view from outside looking in was restricted. We weren't so sure!

    But looking forward to our massages we didn't care who could see what at that moment, it was a very pleasant sala inside. After a quick chat between themselves one of the ladies asked "You have best sexy massage", quickly adding "VIP" afterwards. We had deliberately avoided the downtown salas that just offer sex with young girls and no massage at all, not our sort of thing, the 2 ladies who were on the beach were probably in their late 30s or early 40s, the 2 girls were in their 20s, and we naively assumed the "sexy massage" question was probably because of our swimwear. The extra money for "VIP" we wondered if that was for a happy ending for each of us, something we looked forward to if it happened, but didn't expect. I was wondering if my sexy massage would be anything like those that G does for me, although with him being a guy it certainly wouldn't have the same very happy ending I'm used to.

    The lady in the long sarong continued to prepare a mixture of warm massage oils. The lady in the baggy t-shirt led me round to the other side of the massage bed and without asking she started to undo all the tie sides to my slingshot bikini helping me out of it. Then she asked me to lay on my front on a massage bed as she folded the bikini and placed it on a small table. G was facing the other lady, semi erect, when she reached out and placed her hands on his sides. Unlike the other lady she asked "You undress too" but without waiting for an answer she had slipped his bikini off as if the question was actually an instruction, folded it, put it on the table with mine, and asked him to lay face down on his massage bed. With us both laying face down next to each other with our faces poking down through those holes they have in massage tables, unable to see each other or our masseuses, we reached out and could just touch each others hands, much to the ladies delight one of who said "ahh lovers". That may well be true but not in the sense she thought as my wedding ring is for my husband back on the beach! But I always have his full approval.

    The massage itself was lovely, very slow, liberal use of oil, and quite sensual even though the masseuse was climbing all over me. I assumed the same was happening to G. It was only after a while it dawned on me my masseuse couldn't be wearing the baggy t-shirt any more, although clearly she was wearing something as I could feel it, but I could also feel a lot of bare skin. Occasionally one of the older ladies was joining in to provide a 4 hands massage. I was massaged from head to toe, including my bare bottom and between my legs, sensuous rather than sexual, although deliberately massaging my pussy occasionally. I loved it when she poured warm oil over my bum, parting my cheeks to let it run down over my bum hole which she also ran her fingers over, then the oil ran down onto my pussy. It was my pussy that was the last area she massaged before asking us both to turn over I was extremely wet as I laid on my back. I could see G now, clearly excited, and with him naked on his back on the bed next to me with no towels over him it was easy to see his cock was rock hard.

    This was going to be an extremely enjoyable massage lying naked and uncovered as I sensed it would slowly get more erotic. The 2 girls then appeared standing behind our heads at the top of the bed, walking round to the tables at the side where the massage oils were. From behind I could see my masseuse wearing white hotpants and loose white cropped vest top, G's was wearing black hotpants with more of her bum on show, and a loose black crop top. As they turned round I could see the white cropped vest top of my masseuse doing little to hide her breasts and nipples, and the white hotpants were tight and slightly see through too. G's had black hotpants, so tight they showed a lovely camel toe, although it was the loose crop top that caught my eye first as well as his, not quite long enough to cover her breasts and immediately exposing them as she bent over him. Both looked very sexy, both were slim, G's masseuse was taller than mine, both with fairly small and pert breasts. I suddenly wondered if they were younger than I had originally thought, but not by much, late teen or early 20s.

    As mine stood behind my head to massage my head and breasts giving me a view up her top of her breasts, G's did the same massaging his head and chest, his masseuse deliberately letting her breasts go as near to his face as possible. Again the massage was head to toe, slow and sensual, I was enjoying being massaged between my legs as G's masseuse gently cupped his balls as she massaged between his legs, holding his erection in one hand as she massaged his tummy and around his cock, before running both her hands up and down his erection very slowly a few times. We were both totally drenched in oil, easily as much as G uses for his massages, my skin extremely slippery by now. I looked across at G and could see the oil running down his glistening body, the light reflecting off it. I was so horny being massaged and pleasured with a beautiful view of G receiving the same. The mix of full body massage combined with sensual massage was just what I had been wanting, not purely sexual up to this point, just sensual and erotic, like G does when he massages me, slowly building up to a purely sexual ending. In one of the many moments in the massage where they climbed on us we both had our girls sitting on our tummies, mine kept running her hands up over my breasts and over my shoulders, or round my neck and on my face. As she did so her crop top left her breasts clearly exposed and I looked over to see G enjoying the same as he decided to gently caress her breasts. Her reaction, along with my masseuse, was to pull her top over her head and lay it by the side leaving them both topless.

    We both enjoyed playing with their breasts as we were massaged, G's occasionally reaching behind her to massage his erection, mine reaching behind to massage my pussy. When they got off they walked to the top of the beds leaning over us massaging our faces, their breasts teasingly in range of our tongues, before placing a warm towel over our eyes so neither me or G could see.

    The next I knew was warm oil covering my breasts, running down over my tummy and over my pussy too, as well as all down my arms and legs. As a pillow or something similar was placed under my bottom, hands started to massage my inner thighs and more hands massaged my breasts as I could sense one of the older ladies behind my head. After massaging in the oil all over my body, the next I knew my masseuse was sitting astride me having climbed on me yet again, this time on my tummy but facing away, massaging and pleasuring my thighs and pussy, her legs astride me and clearly from the feel no longer wearing her shorts. A cool breeze blew through the sala and I was reminded people could possibly see in as we were far from being enclosed, I could hear beachgoers walking past, maybe I could only hear them now as my eyes were covered playing with my senses. I could hear from G's reactions that he was being pleasured too and although I couldn't see I knew his masseuse must be naked on his tummy pleasuring his cock.

    The lady behind my head was moving her hands over my breasts and then gently running her hands over my face and through my hair, almost like being lovingly caressed, it was very sensual. As she sensed I built towards orgasm she removed the towel and I could see my naked masseuse pleasuring me whilst the lady behind was at least topless and maybe also nude, her breasts gently touching me every time she leaned forward, I had the most amazing view of them and she was quite busty. At the moment when I reached orgasm I could sense G was close too, although disappointingly I couldn't see her playing with him as she was sat on his tummy and blocking my view. My masseuse caressed my face and turned me towards G to get a better view. The lady behind his head caressing him was naked, so I guessed mine must be too, and he still had the warm towel covering his eyes, unable to see she was even bustier than mine. I saw his masseuse lift her bottom off his tummy just as I groaned far too loudly still on a sexual high from orgasm. His masseuse got off his massage bed, turned around facing him naked, climbed back on top of his thighs and massaged his cock in full view. With one hand she cupped his balls, with the other she gently massaged the shaft of his cock, running her thumb over the head. I was so excited as I was still being pleasured and hopefully about to see G orgasm too.

    It was at that point G's girl shuffled forward on his body, raised her hips, and lowered herself onto his erection. She was clearly also drenched with oils as he slipped inside easily as she gently lowered herself with a few groans of her own until he was taking her weight. She looked slightly uncomfortable as if she was initially unable to take his full length until she leaned back a little then a huge smile beaming across her face now. I couldn't quite believe what I was seeing, they though he was my husband yet he was not just being pleasured like I was but I had a full view of his cock penetrating her pussy as she openly had sex with him. I had almost lost all my senses at that point only to feel something slip inside me, I had been so concentrated on G I hadn't taken in that my masseuse had also turned around and was naked facing me pleasuring me with a dildo. As one girl rode G's cock so the other had slipped the other end of what was obviously a double ended dildo inside herself and both were pleasuring themselves now against us, mine full on grinding against me, our wet pussies sliding against each other. It was just after I orgasmed again that it became obvious G was about to, and at the perfect moment his masseuse raised her body and I could see him shoot sperm all over her pussy and up over her tummy and breasts. The "VIP" treatment had turned out purely to mean full on sex.

    From that point the massages were more about relaxing us after our "VIP" treatment, or so I thought. G had the towel removed from his eyes, allowing him to see what I could see, these 2 lovely Thai girls completely naked one with his sperm all over her breasts, tummy and pussy that she left on her skin to mix with the oil, it was a sexy look. As they walked to a corner the 2 older ladies both came into full view, both naked, breasts swaying, perching on the side of each bed. "You enjoy" said mine, whether she was referring to my massage, the sex, or the view of her body, the answer was yes. G had clearly said more than yes as his lady leaned into him her breasts on his chest as she kissed him, his arms around her as she climbed on top of him, legs astride him, her bottom in the air above his cock. I held my lady in an embrace where she could gently caress and fondle me, my legs spread wide open for her, as one of the girls returned and reached between G's lady's spread legs and slipped G's cock into her pussy as she lowered herself down. So my pretend husband was now getting fucked twice! She stayed laid on top of him snogging him and thrusting her hips, their oiled bodies sliding against each other, her breasts thrust into his chest and slipping to the side they were so large and oiled, until the point where it seemed she genuinely orgasmed. Meanwhile my lady had been fingering me expertly whilst I had grabbed the long dildo and had slipped it in my bum, gently sliding it in and out, as G with his lady still lying on top of him got a full view as they watched. When she eventually got off him she pointed to a clock indicating we had time left "to act as lovers" is what I think she said, and the 2 girls encouraged me and G to embrace each other.

    Naked and still on a massive sexual high the embracing quickly turned to fondling which quickly turned to me with my hands on one of the beds legs spread apart as G slipped his hard cock in my bum, gently at first then building up a rhythm to the point where he was thrusting in and out. All the oil made a loud slapping sound as he pounded my bum, as did my oiled breasts swaying wildly slapping against each other and my body. I realised the ladies and girls had all gathered round, gently caressing us both as we fucked. There was only one thing I wanted now and that was his cock in my pussy, which my somewhat crude language made clear.

    I sat on the edge of one of the massage beds my legs wide apart and high in the air as G stood between them pounding my pussy. His older lady sat on the bed behind me her legs astride my body her arms around me cupping my breasts, her breasts pushed into my back as she held me tightly. The 2 girls were caressing G, one of them reaching under his bum playing with his balls as he fucked me, the other reaching to touch the base of his cock as it slid in and out of me, pouring massage oil from a bottle over his cock and my pussy as we fucked. My older lady was stood watching, one leg up on the table next to me, openly masturbating herself. As G slammed his cock deep inside I felt him throb and then gush warm cum inside me, the feeling of which soon made me orgasm again. With me close to collapse my lady laid me down and gently cooled me with towels as one of the girls provided bottled water. I seemed surprised but really shouldn't have been that the lady who had been masturbating had taken my place, and as I relaxed G was now thrusting his cock deep inside her until she had the mightiest orgasm her whole body shaking as one of the other girls held her.

    My pretend husband had now openly fucked 3 of the 4 ladies and I lay there thinking why not the 4th then, she might as well enjoy him too. Like me though he was now shattered and that 4th lady, the girl who had originally massaged me, laid him on his massage table and provided cooling towels and water as we both rested.

    It was a superb massage that was sadly over now, the girls now with towels round them to cover up, and the ladies with towels round their waists with their luscious breasts on show, all helped us both back on with our bikinis. G's lady stood far too close to him grinding her body against his as what should have been a kiss goodbye was more of a snog. Mine did the same, with both of us quite busty our breasts were pressed tightly against each others. Then something happened that took me completely by surprise, after a lingering kiss she whispered in my ear "you stay in hotel here?". I whispered "yes" and the name of the hotel, then she replied "you and husband want friendly visit? no money". Before I had even thought about how that would play out and the explaining that would have to happen I had already whispered back my room number. What happened will have to be another blog. With broad smiles all round and a quick kiss and hug from everyone, and a bottle of water each to take away, they saw us on our way back along the beach to our friends, and to my real husband, who wanted to hear all about it.
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  13. I was on holiday in the Caribbean with a few friends, 2 married couples in their 40s and 50s one with a daughter in her 20s, and 2 other ladies one a girl in her 20s the other in her 40s, so quite a mix of age groups. The 8 of us hired a boat with a crew for the day to go sightseeing, the crew being a married couple who owned the small yacht. There was plenty of drink on board and the crew had brought some food and promised us a BBQ with fish we would catch on the trip.

    When we got out to sea some of us sunbathed on the front deck wearing some very skimpy swimwear, including me. Mine was semi sheer, bright blue, and ergonomic, a thong fitting like a condom at the front to highlight my penis. Another guy had tight shorts on and some of the ladies had very skimpy g-strings on. The guy, Tony, skippering the yacht wore colourful board shorts and his wife, Cathy, a very nice plain black swimsuit cut very high on the leg.

    Cathy brought drinks to us all and we asked politely if anyone would be offended by our swimwear on our trip. We were told the islands we would visit were uninhabited and that Tony and Cathy had seen it all before and we could do what we liked. With that information one of the girls was quick to slip out of her bikini and sunbathe nude on the deck. Another lady immediately went topless, then another slipped her bikini off and came to lay by me and started stroking my penis before moving to suck it through the semi sheer material. Next I knew she slipped the swimwear off me and gave me a wonderful blowjob.

    As I looked up I could see the 2 married couples playing, one of the guys taking photos of the other with the 2 ladies. Some partner swapping went on and at one point I found myself naked on my back with one of the married ladies between my legs sucking on me whilst the other married lady sat astride me with her beautiful glistening pussy in my face.

    We reached an island and everyone put swimwear back on because it felt like the decent thing to do, even if the swimwear itself was not so modest. The island was deserted except for numerous iguanas which we hand fed berries to. Back on the boat, and back naked again, we sailed for a short while before reaching another island. This time Tony called out that there was no need to get dressed so with several of us naked we went ashore.

    Some of us sunbathed whilst others waded out to sea with fishing lines and nets to catch some fish. I was one of the ones who fished, the water was so clear and shallow for so long it was an amazing experience. Although it wasn't my first time in the Caribbean, I have been a few times before; this was something I hadn't done before. Tony and Cathy were great hosts not minding the nudity; in fact both clearly enjoyed the views on offer.

    The BBQ was leisurely and I did some sunbathing myself as well as going for a stroll along the beach with the eldest lady and Cathy. We walked arm in arm, me and my friend naked, Cathy in her swimsuit. Cathy told us they had had guests before who got topless or naked but none quite as sexual or fun as we were. Others had got dressed after sex but we just stayed nude, something Cathy admitted she liked. We walked along a very sandy beach and round to a cove just out of sight of the main group. After some persuasion Cathy eventually rolled her swimsuit down over her breasts and then not long after and with more than a little help from me she slipped it off completely. It was beautiful walking arm in arm between 2 gorgeous naked ladies who both commented they enjoyed watching my erection.

    We walked back towards the boat and lay and sunbathed with the others, with some persuasion Cathy had remained naked. I laid on my back and my friend began to suck me before climbing astride me and slipping my penis inside her right in front of Cathy, who moved round to kneel behind my head, placing my head in her lap and stroking my face and hair whilst watching me being fucked. Although I couldn't see secretly I was hoping Cathy was fingering herself as she kept taking one hand away for a short while.

    Cathy didn't seem to mind that Tony was with the 2 younger girls back on the boat and although he still had his shorts on, they had clearly been playing with him although I hadn't seen how much.

    When my lady had finished fingering her clit as she rode my penis bringing us both to orgasm she got off me so I turned myself over so I was now staring face down in Cathy's lap. She was indeed very wet as the sun glistened from her pussy, tiny strings of juice visible in her short dark pubic hair. I gently licked the juice from around her vagina before running my tongue over her labia. Her hand reached out and with her middle finger she started to flick her clit. I ran my tongue up over her clit and with her frantic flicking she climaxed ever so quietly holding my head between her legs.

    Eventually she lifted my head up and moved to kiss me, my face covered in juice which amused her. A wash in the clear sea and we all boarded the boat again, most of us still naked although Cathy had her swimsuit back on. The sail became an orgy as after recovering my energy those who were naked quickly started openly fucking. My penis had the pleasure of all 5 ladies pussies as well as their mouths, with 2 of them enjoying anal too. The highlight was on my back with the 2 girls in their 20s squatting above me, one riding my penis the other riding my face, whilst the other 3 stood and knelt close by at the sides allowing me to finger them.

    All throughout Tony and Cathy watched and took photos as we drifted at sea. Once the sex fest was over we all lay sunbathing on the boat with the anchor lowered and Tony and Cathy sunbathing with us. After a while they returned to sail the boat to another island. We went ashore with most people swimming in the sea to cool off.

    Eventually we realised Tony and the 2 younger girls were back on the boat, Tony's shorts off, both girls pleasuring him. I looked across at Cathy who soon noticed and lay floating in the water staring for a while before continuing to swim. I was laying in the sand at the waters edge, the gentle tide running up and over me, watching what was going on. The water was shallow and I noticed Cathy stand in the water a fair way out starting to wade back ashore. She walked towards me and lay down next to me. I felt awkward not knowing quite what to say before Cathy leaned into me and smiled and said 'someone got a bit too tempted!'.

    'Do you mind?' she asked, without waiting for a reply. Cathy had already slipped her swimsuit down round her waist before looking me in the eye and saying 'I guess we all give in to temptation eventually'. Her swimsuit was off, thrown behind her, her body leaning into mine, the side of her breast touching my chest as she ran a hand up my leg before going straight for my erection. 'Do you mind?’ she asked again. I needn't reply, putting my arms around her as she threw a leg over my body, her head above mine, her breasts resting on my chest, my erection between her legs throbbing against her pussy.

    With all the sun oil I had on, plus we were very wet, no hands were required as she positioned herself with my erection between her lips before slowly lowering herself onto me. She held me deep inside her pussy extending her legs out so she laid on top of me at full stretch. We laid still for a short while as I enjoyed feeling her pussy clenching against my cock, and she made it known she enjoyed feeling me throbbing inside her. We rolled over until I was on top then again until she was back on top at which point she started to rock her hips and fuck me. The kissing was passionate, the feel of her breasts on my chest erotic as they slid with all the sun oil, the water splashing up between our legs and over our bodies.

    My friends had gathered around to watch what was now a bit of a show, as Cathy rolled over so I was on top. I took control as Cathy lifted her legs high up over my shoulders. Words weren't needed I could sense what Cathy wanted, I slid in and out pounding her hard going as deep as I could. She screamed out in ecstasy as she climaxed and relaxed her grip on her legs, only for others to take over holding her legs wide open for me to continue. Her arms reached out to my face until with one deep thrust I too climaxed for the last time that trip.

    In the burning hot sun as Cathy reached out for me I almost collapsed on top of her, still inside her, the water splashing over us. Cathy held me tight and kissed me, holding me so tight she almost seemed to be hiding under me. I whispered in her ear asking if she was ok, she replied whispering in my ear simply saying 'yes, amazing, hold me'.

    Little did we realise that Tony and the 2 girls had joined the others to watch until Cathy had looked up and seen. My friends reached out for me to help me up, slipping my penis out of Cathy's pussy gently, before rolling me over to lie down. Then they helped Cathy stand and helped her on with her swimsuit before Tony approached her and wrapped his arms around her. Thank goodness all was well between them and we enjoyed the rest of the evening and the sail back again.
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