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  1. When I was in my early 2o's I suffered and extreme humiliation in front of a girl I had been dating. At the time it was entirely a negative experience with absolutely no compensations but in recollection I get a vicarious thrill out of my humiliation and fantasize about something similar happening again.
    I shared a large house with 5 others (3 guys and 2 girls). Generally we all got along quite well but Jeff and I although civil towards each other we had a definite personality clash. Mostly we avoided each other as much as possible even though we were part of a shared social circle.
    I had been dating Catherine for a few weeks She was a friend of one of the girls in my household so i had met her socially on many occasions before i finally asked her out.
    As yet our relationship had not graduated to the physical level but I hoped that a house party might provide a decent opportunity to lure her to my room.
    Unfortunately due to overindulgence of drugs and alcohol i managed to pass out in my room alone. I recall at some point trying to persuade Catherine to come upstairs with me but little else beyond that.
    I awoke to sunlight streaming in my room, a raging hangover and a desperate need to pee. I was clad only in a t-shirt but the toilet was just across the hall so I dashed over but could hear the shower running. I rapped on the door and asked to use the toilet. Jeff shouted for me to use the one downstairs but I ignored him and after I emptied my bladder I attempted to quickly wash my hands. The combo of flushing the toilet and turning on the tap shockingly altered the water temperature in the shower. Jeff let out a shocked yelp and angrily leapt out of the shower and punced on me just as I was heading out the door. A wrestling match ensued punctuated by Jeff hurling expletives at me. He quite quickly overpowered me and had me pinned to the floor with his knees on my arms. I had never seen his dick before but it was now dangling inches from my face. His flaccid cock would make mine look puny even if I was fully erect and I could sense my already tiny dink shrivelling up as my embarrassment and cool morning air took it's toll. It was then that I noticed someone else was standing in the hallway watching. I was horrified and decidedly mollified to see Catherine looking down at us. I distinctly saw her gaze fall upon the region of my prone body just behind Jeff's backside. Catherine was checking out my "manhood" for the first time and of course it was in direct comparison to Jeff's far superior looking swinging dick so I felt even smaller and thoroughly humiliated. Jeff decided to allow me to flee and i couldnt disappear into my room fast enough as I brushed by a silent but shocked looking Catherine. She was gone before i re-emerged a couple of hours later.
    I found out from one of the other girls in the house that Catherine had been sleeping on a couch downstairs and had rushed up when she heard the shouting. She had arrived on the scene just in time to witness Jeff wrestling me to the floor.
    I called her a few times over the next week or so but she always had an excuse to avoid meeting up with me. Finally she told me she had met someone else and gave me the "can we just be friends" speech. A few weeks later I found out her new guy was my housemate Jeff. I suspected the combination of seeing him readily overpower me and massively outman me got her juices flowing but it turns out she had been lusting after him for a little while and my humiliation by him prompted her to actively pursue him and dump me.
    Now when I recall all this i find it very arousing since I developed my SPH fetish. I wish I had that bit of compensation back then. I would love to suffer this humiliation all over again but with the added spice of the girl involved verbally chastising my tiny penis and casting asperions on my manliness compared to the other guy.
  2. I openly will admit here that I am underendowed. Although this has caused me numerous embarrassments and humiliations over the years generally my sex life has been prolific and fullfilling. I want to present one example of a humiliating experience and another of a great triumph. I was holidaying in Spain many years ago and met a pretty girl in a bar who took enough interest in me to invite me back to her flat. After some drinks, a little bit of ganja and some small talk she made it plain that she wanted to have sex with me. Skipping past some of the detail the long and the short of it was she couldn't help giving a stifled laugh when she saw how small my penis is. It totally destroyed the mood for both of us and she appologized and went to her room alone after offering me her couch to crash on. It did'nt help assuage my embarrassment when in the cold and sober light of day she again appologized and said she was just surprised at how small i was (by my stature - tall and fairly well built she had wrongly assumed I had a nice size cock to match) I made my chastened goodbyes and fled back to my hotel. Some years later I ended up going home with a female friend of my sister's after a concert a grouo of us were at. This was potentially another humiliating experience because it was well known she was a size-queen. However if I shied away from every girl I suspected might find me wanting I would be a virgin to this day. She also (and not surprisngly so )was shocked at how tiny my penis is (particualarill when she saw it first in an unaroused state) She however didn't laugh me out of the bedroom and subsequently I managed to give her 7 orgasms!!! She breathlessly thanked me most profusely and openly admitted that none of her previous (big-dicked lovers) had given her as much pleasure. We were together for nearly 6 months but alas I never repeated the feat but I still cherish it as a reminder that it ain't necessarily the size of the gun - even for a size queen if they give the little pistols a chance.
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