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  1. To all the readers i just wanna say this isnt made up. These are real events in my life that i want other peoples opinions on...

    Im in my mid 20's an i have pretty much always considered myself a pervert porn watcher, heck i still watch porn even thou i have a girlfriend an can get some whenever i want.. But i have this fetish with panties that i cant help. Growing up i was this horny little kid that grew up in the country.. Only a few neighbors but there was this girl that i had a crush on. I remember me and my other neighbor broke into her house one time when they wernt home an i remember going into her panty drawer an sniffing her panties.. I wasnt even a teenager yet so i kno i had this fetish since i was young.. But wen i was older i say around my high school years when nobody was home i would go into my sisters room an go into her panty drawer too. I would sniff them an i would look for her laundry basket an sniff her used panties as well. I would prefer her used ones cuz i loved the smell of juicy sweaty pussy on my face as i would masterbait an cum all over the crotch area. Or i would put my cock on the crotch part an cum all over it. For some reason i would have these little fantasies about me an my sister. I was attracted to her big breasts as well an i would read the sizes on her bras just to see her size. I knew all this was wrong cuz she is my sister but i couldnt help it sometimes. I would say to myself "imagine if i get caught one day". The embarrassment i would have to go threw!! I finally stopped im older now and i finally got over the whole fetish thing with my sister but that was only one experience..

    Another experience i had was when i used to work with my brother in a different town. I moved inn with him and his girlfriend at the time to work for sum construction company. Now his girlfriend worked at some bank an me and my bro got off work at the same time. His gf would get off a few hours after we would. One day me an my bro got home an he left to the store. I went into their room an got into his gf's panty drawer.. She had different types put i always prefered thongs, g strings,or booty shorts.. I sniffed an masterbaited picturing her pussy and savoring the smell an cumming all over the crotch part. I did it a few times an one day he came home faster then i thought an i was still in their room. So what i did was i laid down on the floor and acted like i was asleep. He woke me up an i said it felt good in their room cuz they had good a/c in the room but the rest of the house would be hot cuz it was summer at the time. So i dodged a bullet there. After that i stopped an moved back home to my parents which leads to my last bro ended of breaking up with his gf and moved back home to our parents house as well. I was single at the time an my bro met someother girl.. I remember we went to a club to drink an have a good time. I was feelin good had some drinks an dancing with random girls. Some pretty dirty dancing i would say. After a bit i was standing with my bro an his gf just chillin an she was tryna get my bro to dance. He was shy cuz he wasnt a dancer. He then goes to the restroom an leaves us. She asked me if i wanted to dance an in my head i was like what the..... I told her my bro might get mad. She was standing in front of me an i felt her ass touch my cock area. I was thinking in my head is this forreal? No way im trippin... This isnt happening... I backed up a little bit an then here she goes again backing her ass up on me. I wanted to grab it. My bro starts walking back so i backed off an told her hes coming.. We then went to a different club an by then i was wasted. I remember actn stupid an tryna fight people. I dont remember why but me an my bro ended up arguing over something so i lfft walking.. I guess his gf followed me. I was so wasted i remember fallowing an laying on my back. Next thing i know shes sitting on my cock area an were making out.. My bro an his friend start looking for us so we split up.. That was the end of that nite. Well my brother is still with his girl today as i type this. I guess me and her kinda just acted like this never happened.. I felt like telling my bro what kind of gf he had but i waited to long an now its been years so i just left it alone.. Anyways back to my fetish.. A few months ago wen i was home alone i went into her used laundry an got her panties. I did the usual with the sniffing an cumming.. I couldnt help it wen i smelled the sweaty pussy juice on the panties.. Its a smell i cant get over. I cum on the crotch part an put them back. I have even done it on her clean panties, but then i wonder "can she get prego if she puts them on with cum all over the crotch area"? Anyways i havnt done it to her panties anymore. I have been with my gf for 4 years now an as of today i have only done this to my gf's panties once! Which is kinda weird to me..why dont i do it to my gf's panties instead of other girls? I think its the risk of getting caught and the thought of smelling other girls pussy threw the panties.. It turns me on an gets me hard.. I love cumming on their panties an leaving my mark i would say..

    Now that i have told my experiences what do the readers think? Do i have a problem? Is it normal? Any others out there like me? Feel free to comment..
    Thanx for reading
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