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  1. It was the day of the meeting, I stood there naked getting dressed in the outfit set out for me, I noticed there was no underwear and decided to ask why.

    "No underwear Master?" I questioned him

    "Why would you need underwear? Do you plan to lift that skirt up at all?" He questioned me.

    "No Master, but we are going to be in a room with a lot of others" I reminded him.

    "Still, if you don't plan to lift that slutty skirt up, no one will know so yes, no underwear" He looked at me waiting for me to disobey but I didn't

    I was waiting, expecting him to do something, all the way there he didn't even touch me. Maybe I was going to be okay and he wouldn't try to tease me with it been even easier access"

    Sitting in the meeting room together people came in and joined us.

    "Hello Roxanna and Mr Twist, we have everything you need ready" A women sat down, along with around 10 others.

    The meeting was boring, it dragged on for what seemed like forever.

    Master had his hand resting on my leg the whole time under the table suddenly moved it up so it was resting on my pussy.

    Quickly jumping from the shock I looked at him, others around us turned to look at me and see why I moved so sudden.

    I relaxed again, or tried, his hand just sat there teasing me making me want him to move it and play with me, but at the same time I looked around the room and remembered how many people were actually here with us.

    A few minutes later, his hand started moving, rubbing my clit building up the moisture between my legs, my heart rate quickened and the room around me disappeared, as the sensation took over me. I tried to ignore him, realising I was breathing quicker and people would notice. Lowering my head onto my hand so no one could see my face I tried to find a place in my mind to escape to.

    It didn't work, it made Master, angry so his rubbing became quicker, I was going weak and needed to get out of this room before people realised, but I can't disobey Master, so sat there trying my hardest while enjoying every touch not to make a sound.

    He quickly slid one of his fingers inside me making me moan and everyone stopped talking and looked at me. I put my head down from the embarrassment trying to hide myself from it.

    I didn't try run, I had told Master I would obey him and I was trying to change my ways. My mouth was often the thing to get me into trouble which is why it was no surprise when I whispered to him.

    "Really Master? Right here and now I don't think it is the right time"

    Master just got angry, without any warning he bent me over the table and pulled my skirt down.

    His hand came down fast and hard as it hit my ass, I moaned from the pleasure feeling myself get wet.

    Another spank again making me moan, and a third came down hard making me scream, my ass tingling and feeling like it was on fire.

    "Do not disobey me, you naughty slut" Master said pushing me back down on the chair.

    I didn't learn my lesson though as I responded which was not the best idea.

    "No Master, I don't think these people here would like to see you sat here playing with me"

    Masters, hand twitched, "I will play with my fucktoy whenever I feel like it"

    He looked at everyone, "You can either stay and watch or leave she won't mind but clearly she needs some attention"

    He didn't wait for people to leave, he pulled me from my chair "Knees now" He demanded and I followed his instruction.

    He unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock, "That mouth of yours needs shutting up, open it now"

    I opened my mouth as he placed his cock inside, I gently started sucking his cock and playing with his balls, my tongue flicking over the end as his cock went in and out of my mouth.

    I teased him, never taking it all in just a small amount so I could tease every inch of his cock. I loved Masters cock, and sucking it the taste was amazing.

    "To slow," He said as he gripped my hair and started thrusting his cock into my mouth harder and faster, every now and then going so far down he would gag me with it.
    I loved the taste, his pre-cum sliding down my through as his hands gripped my hair hard.

    I heard movement, and someone stops behind me. "Would you like some help, Sir? If she was mine she would be getting the exact same" The female voice came through.

    Master smiled at her, while still fucking my mouth hard, "Make sure my pussy knows it has disobeyed me" He said.

    The women moved, her fingers rubbing my wet pussy, she pushed them inside me making me moan and move back away from Masters cock, he gripped my hair tighter holding me up his cock moving even faster.

    Her fingers teased, moving quickly I could feel my juices running out of me, as she moved closer, her hand wrapping around me as she grabbed one of my breasts in a tight hold.

    "My pussy needs to be punished, just like your mouth" Master snarled as he moved quicker, her fingers working faster, and harder every time, I felt myself on edge ready for an orgasm, Master noticed and slapped me hard "Disobedient sluts are not allowed orgasms"

    I knew what he meant I was not allowed to finish at all that was my punishment.

    He holding his cock deep in my mouth as he exploded inside it, his cum running down my throat making me moan for more. Her fingers relentless trying to force me to orgasm so Master could punish me again.

    He pulled me up, there was only another man in the room with us. Master seemed pleased someone else stayed.

    Sitting master pulled me onto him, his cock sliding into my pussy making me moan, as he started pounding hard and fast.

    It wasn't enough for Master, he looked at the man and smiled.

    "Fuck her ass now" He ordered him, without any questions the man came and stood behind me, His cock showing and pushing into me, my ass waiting willing to take him.

    I moaned as they both worked together to fuck me in both holes, both going hard and fast, making me scream.

    "Hold her arms" He ordered, the man grabbed my arms and held them on my back while not stopping. He moved his hands and ordered the women to come sit between us, telling her to tease my breasts.

    As she did Master pulled my hair holding my head back.

    It was crazy, Master, was punishing my pussy, while the man pumped so hard into my ass, I was screaming holding in the orgasm as the women gripped my breasts in a tight hold and bit my nipples.
    I fought off the orgasm but every time I did it got stronger fighting back, Master was thrusting hard and fast, His hands now on my shoulders holding me down so he could go deeper, the man thrusting harder and harder into my ass, making me scream but wouldn't stop. I was going wild, her teeth biting my nipples and their cocks working together to send me over the edge.

    Master said I could not be fully satisfied, there would be no orgasm, as they kept going pounding harder and faster, Master moaned as he came inside me and the man gripped my neck as he finished.

    They moved, Master sat me on the chair and the man and women left, I looked at Master and couldn't help but smile. I loved it, I hated he wouldn't let me finish I was on edge, but Master said no.

    "Please, can I play Master and you watch as I explode?" I looked at him waiting.

    He nodded in approval, so I slowly slid my fingers inside me, moving them faster and harder, feeling the moisture growing. Master sitting watching me play with his Pussy, as I reached the edge, I screamed from the pleasure, Master smiled watching as I was working my fingers quicker and harder until my orgasm passed.

    Finishing, I sat back up and Master looked at him. "Your punishment is not over yet"
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