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  1. Ladies, I am going to tell you why men like the strip club. Yes, there are the obvious, naked women walking around for his enjoyment (for the most part). But, did you know that there’s more than that? Let me enlighten you. Immediately upon entry there is a certain amount of honesty. He already knows what they want and they already know what he wants. They of course want to divest him of as much money as they can. He conversely wants to get them to do as much as he can without giving them all his money. Men generally like this honesty, even if it’s implied. Does this fact stop the stripper from using all her feminine wiles to get his cash? HELL TO THE NAW! She knows that men are visual, so along with her nudity, she will wear something provocative and/or revealing also. She smells sweet (or at least she should). She flaunts what she got (shamelessly). For the time that she’s with him, she’ll make him think he’s the only one that matters. She’ll touch him, rub him, blow in his ear, talk dirty, etc, etc, etc. All just to get into his pockets.

    Ladies, I ask you, why should you let some stripper do this to and for your man, when you can do it to and for him yourself. Ladies, I think that while you disapprove of the industry that the stripper is in, you have not realized what gives her power. She’s doing the things that you should be doing and charging a fee (money that would be better served being spent on you). Now you can be prideful and say that if you feed your man, clean up after him and all that, then that should be enough. It’s not. If you are not lighting his fire in the bedroom, you are leaving yourself open to an infiltrator. And guys are good for the substitution. It’s not necessarily right, but it is avoidable. This is very much what the old school ladies used to tell their daughters, “what you won’t do for your man, some other woman will.”

    So bring the strip club home. Show off your body for your man. He’s with you, so obviously you are attractive to him. Don’t be afraid to be aggressive. Kiss him. Touch him. Rub him. Let him know he’s the only object of your desire. If you can dance (even if you can’t), dance for him (you don’t even need a pole). Focus on his enjoyment so he can focus on yours. You want to go that extra step? Maybe tell him to get $100 in 1’s so he can make it rain in your bedroom (you gotta pay bills anyway right?).
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