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  1. I think Steve said it perfectly :D
  2. "it's like winning the gueness book of world records for most STD's in your vagina "


    "big fat whore vagina"
  3. just imagine me laying on my back, legs spread wide, my bare pussy glistening. I'm waiting for you to come home - I'd already confessed that I hadn't been able to keep the plug in my tight lil ass. You walk in, "go get the brush baby"

    "please, no!" I beg you, knowing what is coming.

    "now!" I can tell you're upset with me, I run off, bringing back the round brush. though it was only about an inch wide, it had wire bristles. you'd bought it special. last time the plastic one didn't hurt me bad enough - and now I had messed up again.

    I'm back on the bed, you've tied me spread eagle. you spank my wet pussy hard making me cry out softly. then you're between my legs, taking the brush and dragging it up my slit. you take pleasure in my body shuddering, the wires scratching my clit.

    you're between my legs now, pressing the brush gently against my wet hole. I gasp as the first bristles enter me. my pussy automatically tightens, trying to prevent the invasion of the point object. you keep pressing, forcing it into my tight hole. "it hurts," I whimper softly

    you look up at me, "you should have thought of that when you ass was aching an hour ago. if you'd have left the plug in, it'd be out and your pussy wouldn't have to suffer. but since you didn't, I'm going to give you a reason to beg for everything to be put up your ass" you shoved harder, I cry out softly and look down. the brush isn't even halfway in. you twist it as you push it in farther

    "please, please, please, i'll listen next time"

    smiling, you tell me you know I will. at that point your patience is lost and you shove the brush all the way inside of me. now all that's visible is the handle. I'm crying softly, your fingers are on my clit and you begin rubbing. my pussy clamps down, the bristles stabbing my tender cunt. you don't stop until I cum.

    my body's still tense from the orgasm as you push 2 fingers up my ass, causing me to clamp down harder. you slowly pull the brush out, taking pleasure in my sobs as you pause to twist it and shove it back in. you fuck my pussy with it, my cries getting loudly. finally, you pull it out.

    I let out a relieved sigh, panting, trying to catch my breath when you push it back in my swollen cunt. I cry out, telling you it hurts so much, that I'll do anything if you stop. you remove the brush and untie me, flipping me over on my hands and knees. I feel your hard cock at my ass. "Please not that!" you remind me it's this or the brush and tell me to ask for the one I want.

    crying softly, I beg you to fuck my ass. you rub the head against my ass, smearing pre-cum on my tight hole then slide it in, not stopping til you've bottomed out. I'm panting, trying to adjust to your thick cock stretching my hole. you fuck me slowly, but my tight ass is gripping down so hard and the friction is too much. you cum inside me, fucking me slowly til I've milked the cum from your cock. you pull out, flipping me onto my back and allowing me to collapse.

    you take a few gentle licks at my clit, spreading my legs so you can see my cunthole. seeing that it's swollen up almost shut, you are pleased with the punishment and am sure that the next time I won't disobey you
  4. "you are like my own little porn star!!!"
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