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  1. mine starts off at a bar, im wearing a tight dress that showes off my curves. i walk to my car when a vehicle pulls up someone grabs me and holds a cloth overmy mouth and nose and i pass out. when i wake up i try to move but im blindfolded and chained to a bed my arms handcuffed above me and my legs chained to a spreader bar (idk what they're actually called but the ones that force your legs to stay pried apart). i attempt to scream when i hear a laugh that tell me i can scream al i want, but were in the middle of the woods where nobody can hear me. i ask what he wants but he just laughs again. suddenly i feel something warm around my nipple. someone begins sucking on my nipple gently at first but as soon as it gets hard he starts nibbling then moves to the other one while squeezing my other nipple between two fingers and pulling and playing with it he then switches mmoving his mouth to my other breast. my breath catches in my throat at the sudden stimulation. once both nipples are hard he sudenly stops touching me and i get aggrevated at myself as my body feels a tingling sensation as if i am missing that touch for some reason.. suddenly something cold on my nipples, i feel the chain across my chest leading from one breast to the other as the metal clamps down on my hard nipples. i scream out at the sudden painful and cold sensation. but a mouth quickly covers my lips as a hand surrounds my neck and squeezes. enough of that, keep screaming and youll regret it i hear a voice say then that hand leaves my throat and starts trailing down my body. stopping to squeeze my breasts then pull on the chain connectingvthe clamps on my nipples. i wimper at the sudden pain but then his other hand is suddenly rubbing my clit and i moan in pleasure without thinking about it. he continues rubbingvmy clit and alternating rubbing and squeezing my breasts and pulling tge clamps and despite myself i begin to enjoy it. every pull of the chain sends a kind of shock through my breasts that seems to spread through my body like a flame and i feel myself getting wet fron the combination of stimulation. i start to feel it rising. that familiar sensation starting from my clit, the heat and pleasure rising intensly until im gasping for air. this cant be happening. but it is. i feel the sensation building as i fight with myself it buildsand builds until i cant hold it anymore and i let out a defeated yet pleasured cry and let the orgasm roll over me. he doesnt stop rupping my clit. he keeps going as i twitch and beg him to stop. i hear a chickle but he doesn stop instead he slowly slides a finger into my wet hole and starts pulling in and out i push my head back into the pillow as i realize i am completely at this mans mercy and i have no choice but to accept whats happening until he decides hes done. he inserts a secnd finger while still pulling on the nipple clamps with his other hand, by not the pain is a comfort and heightens the pleasure, im ashamed but im starting to enjoy the pain. his fingers tgrust harder and faster into my hot wet pussy and i feel that sensation building again and i loose myself. i start bucking into his hand trying to get his fingers deeper i whimper as i feel the pleasure consuming me. i want more, i crave more and i start to beg despite myself. please, please fuck me, i want you in me, i want to fel your hard cock inside me, please. he again chucles then says he will fuck me if i call him master. im stunned for a minute trying to comprehend what he just said as the pleasure still rolls through me. my pride says no but the passion takes over. i nod my head in aggrence. "do you want me to fuck you" "yes, master i meekly reply my voice somewere between humiliation and a moan in pleasure" good girl he says then suddenly i feel him stop touching me unchain my arms and flip me over then reattach the cuffs. im not doggy style my arms chained in front of me, head down in the pillow, knees bent, legs still spread apart by the bar i am spread wide open for his viewing pleasure. i yearn for his touch to return, i want to be stuffed, i want to be fucked and again i beg but feel nothing, no fingers, no hands, no cock, just the weight of the chain and clamps hanging, pulling down on my breasts stimulating me with the numbing pain. i beg again. please fuck me, aster. theres a good girl he responds as his fingers return to my wanting, wet pussy he tgrusts in and out just once and i moan instantly with the pleasant sensation then he shoves his thick warm cock deep into me and i almost scream as i finally get what my bodies been craving. he slides in and out slowly, torturously slow. teasing me, driving me crazy with anticipation. i try to buck back into him as far back s the chains on my arms will allw me to go but he just pulls back and tsks. " no slave, you are not in control, i am, remember that" i wiper in defeat and frustration as he continues his slow torture thrusting slowly, filling me up then pulling out. " do you understand" i nod yes and he stops thrusting. " i said do you understand?" yes master i respond and sigh in relief and pleasure as i feel his thick warm member enter me again, my wet needing pussy now craving him. he starts to move a little faster but still slow enough to feel like torture then he suddenly smacks my ass and i scream in pleasure at the pain suprised at my reaction. he starts to thrust faster "mmmh you like that slave?" yes master i respond now completely given in, too wanting to care about anything else, i need it, i need the release. he thrusts faster, harder, his thick throbbing member now slamming into my wet needy pussy i moan over and over in pleasure as he pummels me. he smacks my ass again and i feel that sensation building again, my pussy tingling, warmth seeping over me and i know its coming. i am overcome by tge comination of pleasure and pain as he pummels my vagina he smacks my ass one more time then pulls my hair puling my body up a bit enough for him to reach around. and pull the chain connecting tge nipple clamps and i scream in ultimate pleasure. a scream of absolute satisfaction primal need and as he thrusts deep into me one more time i feel his warm cum filling me up as hus cock pulses inside me with his release i feel it sweep over me and im over the edge. my body explodes in sensation as the orgasm takes control. he lets go of my hair and i fall forward feeling my pussy clamping tight on his member. i let it wash over me accepting my fate as he pulls out of me . i accept the fact that i am now this mans sex slave. i feel pussy exposed, his cum dripping out of me and i know he is admiring his masterpiece, his new toy ready to be used whenever he calls. he is my Master and i am now his slave.

    disclaimer: this would actually be consensual and a contract signed before hand I dont condone actual kidnapping or rape ever!
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