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  1. I am 49 years male, I help peoples as much as I do I like to friendship all over world without any hesitations.I love human kind and Nature.I prefer friendship with any aged women.I like to have deep relationship. I am cool and calm as a gentile, but my desires and sexual action is wild and hard, I?m crazy about oral sex and like to give one as good as I get. I love to wrap my tongue around a woman?s. clitoris and suck on it until she moans for more which is the most exciting feeling as the aim is to please and get pleased.If any woman wants me to do, I will do clean shaven of top and bottoms also. No money matter, Time waster and money earners excuse me, purely friendship only, I keep secrecy and confidential.And I expect you same.If you are interested, I will make you happy with emailing and chatting at yahoo for ever, this is my promiss.u can contact at moderator removed e-mail address. Use PM only..
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