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  1. It has been a while since I posted to this blog. Life has just been very busy, in mostly good ways. I still have my wonderful wife Bunnie, who continues to amaze me with her beauty and sexuality even as we approach our mid 50s in age.

    Last year I decided to I needed to trim off some weight. I am in good health, shape and still athletically active. But my sweet tooth and streaky eating habits are catching up to me and the weight had started creeping up over the years. I was up around 195lbs, but wanted to get back down to the 175-180 weight range. So, in addition to making some changes in my diet and focusing more more calorie and fat intake, I decided to add an element of sexual pleasure to it.

    The best way to curb my candy cravings was to find a substitute. So I asked Bunnie "Can you help me with this? Every time I feel the need to go eat candy, can I eat your pussy instead?

    Bunnie frowned and twisted her face into a pensive expression "Hmmm... I know how much you love candy... that's asking a lot of me... sounds like a tough job..."

    Concerned, I said "I don't want to force you to do anything you don't want to -"

    Then she laughed "Silly! you can't take a joke, can you?? Are you kidding - I'd LOVE IT! Let me show how much..."

    With that, she "pushed" me down to the floor, quickly pulled off her shorts and panties, and sat on my face. She wasn't lying - her pussy was wet with its sweet juice, and I enjoyed licking her to get her even more wet and give her several orgasms before "dragging" her off to bed and fucking her to more orgasms before I came.

    Implementation of this aspect of my diet has been quite fun. When I am the office and feel a craving I will call or text and say "I need some candy when I get home"... and when I get home she is sure to greet me either bottomless (if no one is home) or in a skirt or dress with no panties so that I can quickly satisfy my "cravings". If I am working at home I will find her and say "candy time!", and commence the festivities. Additional calories are burned as well, since after a good pussy eating Bunnie can't wait for me do to whatever I want to her, which leads to further fucking/sucking adventures.

    This has also added to our "secret word" game we play at social gatherings. Whenever I mention the word "candy" Bunnie knows I am thinking of eating her pussy...and she gives me that sweet little smile. The actions that result when we return home are quite pleasurable.

    The results: I lost 20 lbs in about 3 months, and have managed to maintain me weight in the 175-180 range since then. One benefit - I was was surprised how much my energy and stamina increased. A lot of little things that I thought was due to aging just do not happen any more. Is all of this due to eating pussy instead of eating candy? I don't know... but Bunnie (with a wink) insists that it is, and reminds of the important to continue this regimen and ensure I do not put the weight back on. :)

    Do not worry if this seems one sided - Bunnie is just as eager to suck my cock and has gone through great lengths to show her desire for that - but I will save that for another blog entry. :D
  2. I love my job. My income is more than I ever expected when I entered this career almost 30 years ago. However, with the financial benefits comes a lot of stress. Most of the time I handle it fine, as I am a
    problem solver and like these challenges. But at times the stress caused me to focus so much on dealing with the situation that my sex drive was hindered. This has never made Bunnie happy. She deals with stress in the opposite way - when she gets stressed, sex helps her to relax.

    Not long ago we had a long talk about this, and I realized - and told Bunnie - that one reason I thought my sex drive tended to go down under stress was because I was afraid of losing control of it. I felt that if that happened, all I could think about was grabbing her and doing whatever I wanted to her, and I might not be as considerate as I normally try to be. After I said this, Bunnie looked at me with big bright eyes, and shyly said "You all over me, doing what you want... at times that could be fun...", then gave me a smile. With such encouragement, what else could I do but try? So I have been working on it, and so far we are both enjoying the results.

    The last several months have been stressful - multiple active projects, associated meetings, various documents to product and review, etc. One morning I started work early, working from home to finalize a design for a final review, as well as host several project conference calls. By late morning I was already wiped out, and put my head down on my desk to relax and felt myself drifting off. I barely noticed Bunnie returning from her morning work and errands and coming into my home office. Her hands gently rubbing my back and her kiss on my cheek felt very good.

    "Are you okay, my Toad?", I heard her say.

    I turned my head so that I could see her. She had a concerned look on her face. "I am now, that you're back", I said. "It's been one of those mornings, I'm just trying to drain some stress now". Bunnie leaned over and whispered strongly in my ear "Remember... I'm happy to do anything to help you... ANYTHING.."

    "Even let me take you to the couch and fuck you silly doggy style?" The words slipped out of my mouth before I realized it.

    "What are you waiting for?" she whispered back. I stood up, and Bunnie stepped back, looking at me with a smile - and with hopeful eyes. I made an instant decision to deal with my stress - and to try to make her happy in the process. I cupped her face in my hands and we kissed. I could feel Bunnie's hands move up and start unbuttoning her blouse, but I stopped her.

    "I'll handle this", I said, and unbuttoned her, allowing me to slip my hand inside her blouse to caress her tits. My other hand slipped under her dress into her crotch. She was wearing a thong, so I easily moved it aside and began fingering her pussy. Bunnie's reaction was to lean her head into my chest and make pleasant moaning sounds. As I continued to fondle her tits and pussy, I slowly guided her out of our office area to the nearest couch in our home theater area.

    At the couch, I stopped fingering her long enough to use both hands to open up her blouse and free her tits from her bra. As Bunny unhooked the bra and her big tits burst out, I buried my face into them, licking sucking, and squeezing them, and feasting on the taste of her hardening nipples. When I moved my hands back to her pussy Bunnie happily squeezed her tits so that I could keep licking and sucking them. I could feel her pussy get wet around my fingers as I sucked. When I looked in her eyes, she had a wonderful horny and glazed look that added to my excitement.

    I continued to fondle and finger Bunnie as I lowered her onto the couch and turned her onto her back. She instinctively grabbed several couch cushions and put them under her, raising her ass in anticipation of what would happen next. I moved behind her, quickly unzipping my pants to free my now rock hard cock, and began rubbing it in her pussy cleft. Bunnie gasped with pleasure as I did this - she was wet and ready. With one leg kneeling on the couch and the other standing on the floor, I straddled her ass and slowly glided my cock into her.

    "Ohhhhh fuuuuuuuuuuuuucccccccccccckk...." Bunnie moaned, stretching out the words. "You feels sooo gooood...."

    I held her ass and pounded away. Bunnie buried her face in the couch, but I could still her her making sounds of pleasure as I fucked her. Her ass wiggled to receive my cock strokes, and it was not long before I could feel her pussy spasms around my couch and see her ass muscles twitch as the waves of several orgasms overcame her. This excited me even more, but I lasted a lot longer that I thought, even though fucking and cumming in
    her was all that was on my mind.

    When I did cum, I thrust deep into her, enjoying the feeling of ejaculating my cum deep into her pussy. Bunnie shrieked with joy as she felt me cum, and I could her her pussy spasm around my cock. I was like a machine, continuing to hold her ass tight and thrust into her as long as my cock stayed hard. However, all good things must come to an end, and eventually my cock slowly softened and slipped out of her pussy.

    I leaned over and kissed the back of her neck "I love you... that was so much fun".

    Bunnie nodded her head in agreement, and turned around to look at me. Her eyes were so sexy and so happy.

    "Why are you so nice to me?", she asked.

    "You're the one whose nice to me!", I replied. "I feel much better now - I'm ready to slay dragons!"

    I stood up and began flexing my muscles. Bunnie turned more to look at me and started laughing.

    "Wooo!", she gasped while laughing, "I'm happy to help - come find me anytime". A sly grin crossed her face. "We're alone for a few more hours, so if you can get hard again..." she did not finish the sentence, but she winked at me and wiggled her ass.

    "I love a challenge", I replied. she stood up, we kissed and hugged, and I went back to work.

    The adrenaline rush from fucking gave me a burst of energy, and I made great progress with my work. Meeting today's deadlines would not be a issue. The time flew buy and I realized that we only had about 30 minutes left for being alone in the house. Since I was now ahead of schedule I went to look for Bunnie.

    I found her sitting at a table in the family room, working on some project and humming a happy tune. When she heard me come in she turned, smiled, and then turned her chair around. She was bottomless, and she spread her legs for me to see her pussy in all its glory.

    I said nothing. I simply made a beeline for her crotch, and began my feast. Her pussy flesh tasted so good as I licked her, and putting two fingers in her to aid my tongue had her again moaning with delight. I looked up and she was furiously rubbing her tits and nipples with excitement. Her sounds and body movements were just the ticket to get me hard again. While I ate her I pulled off my pants and briefs. Once free I quickly stood up. Bunnie took one look at my cock and began undulating her pussy towards me. I squatted down, slipped my arms under her legs to raised her to get a good angle, and slowly slid my cock into her.

    Her eyes widened with joy. "You are so good to me..." she slowly gasped.

    We fucked heartily, kissing and tonguing each other. I thoroughly enjoyed looking down and seeing her tits jiggle and my cock thrusting in and out of her pussy... but I enjoyed even more looking at her face and soaking in the wonderful, lusty look she was giving me with those beautiful eyes, as well as the dirty talk she was expressing to encourage me.

    We enjoyed the fucking as long as we could, happily giving her a few more orgasms, until I let myself go. My cock throbbed gratefully inside of her as I filled her again with my cum. We locked lips and, as before, I kept pumping into her after I came, for as long as my cock stayed hard. I slowed down as I softened and slipped out of her.

    "I love made me cum so much... I thought I was going to pass out", Bunnie murmured as I kissed her all over her face. As I stood up, Bunnie reached over to caress my cock. Even though it was slick with our juices, she gently held it and pulled it towards her. I moved closer to let her put it in her mouth and lick it clean .

    "Feel better?" She whispered, with a little smile, still holding and licking it.

    "You know you always make me feel great... that's why I love you", I said, caressing her face.

    "You're so nice", she answered. "I know you have to get back to work... I just want you to be relaxed."

    "You certainly make it easy for me" I said, leaning down to kiss her.

    Reluctantly I moved away and put my briefs and pants on. Bunnie stood up and gave me another hug before going away. "I better get dressed before the kids arrive!", she called out over her shoulder.

    Before she went up the stairs, she turned back to me, rubbed her fingers on her pussy, and then licked them. "Yum, yum... next time you know where I want it", she said, sticking our her tongue and making happy slurping sounds before running up the stairs.

    I just chuckled with amusement, joy and happiness. With a wife like that, what did I have to complain about?

    I headed back to my work, but with even more energy and focus to deal with the stress - thanks to my wonderful Bunnie!
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  3. In my "birds of a feather" blog post ( ) I described how Bunnie's close friends all have a similar, wonderful mindset on sexuality in their marriages. One manifestation of this friendship, which I and the other husbands thoroughly enjoy, is what I call the "sexy wives parties". These are get togethers where the wives, regardless of their age, dress and act to deliberately turn their husbands on.

    These adventures started by chance a few years back. Bunnie and I were planning to spend an informal evening with 3 other couples for a restful Christmas party. We planned to hang out together for a few hours without any kids around, have a meal, socialize, and enjoy each others company. It was meant to be a break from all of the hectic holiday activities. Before the party, Bunnie's friend Kathy emailed her and the two other wives - Paula, the party host, and Dawn) with a request. Her husband Ryan wanted her to wear an outfit that she thought was a bit risque. Kathy is large but very pretty and curvy, and recently had a "breakthrough" in finally realizing that Ryan loved her body and did not care about her size, the result of which was a much improved sex life for them. He wanted her to wear a very sexy date outfit to the party; he felt that since we were all good friends no one would mind.

    Paula, Dawn, and Bunnie all replied it was fine with them. Then Dawn proposed that all the women dress very sexy, to make Kathy feel more comfortable. In her words "the guys will be too busy looking at their own wives to notice anyone else!" Bunnie and the others thought it was a great idea.

    Bunnie decided to wear a red halter mini dress with red and white striped tights and red high heels - after all it was Christmas. The dress was one she would have worn on our dates up through her early thirties, but (even though she looked great in it to me) now felt too old to wear it in public. I loved how it clung to her figure and emphasized her tits and ass. We drove to Paula and Mark's (Paula's husband) house with Bunnie covered up in a long overcoat. She joked that I better drive carefully. If we got into an accident, she would die if she was caught in public like this.

    We were the last couple to arrive. As as we entered the house Paula and the other women were still wearing their coats. Paula told Bunnie "don't take off your coat yet! Toad, go join the guys downstairs (they had a bar and game room there), we will soon make a grand entrance!"

    I went downstairs to join Ryan, Mark, and Tom (Dawn's husband). Since the ladies were dressing sexy we men had all "dressed for success" - suits or sports jackets and slacks with dress shirts and ties. We were chuckling about this could well be an evening to remember.

    About twenty minutes later Paula yelled down to Mark "If you put on 'Need You Tonight' (the INXS song) "you'll enjoy the result!" Mark did as told, as as the music started playing the ladies strutted and danced down the stairs. Tom summed up what the rest of us guys were thinking when he exclaimed "Hot DAMN!!" Then we guys all started whistling and applauding. It was truly amazing - while the women ranged in age from mid-thirties to over fifty, they all looked incredible in their outfits. All had on short miniskirts or minidresses, and a lot of nice legs in various stocking styles were being shown off. There was no shortage of cleavage on display. Their makeup and hairstyles also added to their sexiness. After they danced down the stairs they each went to their husbands to dance out the rest of the song. I did not notice what the others were doing, I was just holding onto Bunnie and absorbing her sexy moves. Of course I thought Bunnie looked the best of them all, but the other guys were just as ready to argue the same for their wives.

    It turned into a wonderful evening. The women really got a kick of teasing us and "accusing" us of not keeping our eyes "proper". They would say things like "Toad, I have a question but you have to stop looking at my chest first", or "Toad, you look like you could use a bag of ice to contain the swelling." During dinner Mark accidentally knocked his knife on the floor, and his wife said "That's a nice ploy - bending over to pick up it and look up our dresses!" If any guy was near the stairs when one of them went up or came down, one of the ladies would say something along the line of "she's not your wife, don't looking up her dress!" or "she's your wife, you can look up her dress!" Naturally, it kept us guys continually "defending" ourselves, but it was all in fun.

    We talked, we played board games, we laughed, we danced, we had fun. At one point the couples were all slow dancing and someone turned the lights off - and the woman all started making sexy moaning and orgasm sounds. It cracked up the guys. We took pictures - couples in sexy poses, the guys "styling and profiling", the women "vogue-ing", and so forth. One of the funnier pictures was of all the guys lying on the floor on our stomachs, with each woman standing with one foot on her husbands back.

    When we finally called it a night, you can imagine the state I was in. As soon as we got to the car Bunnie immediately put her hand in my crotch and exclaimed "I see YOU enjoyed the evening!" It was impossible to deny - and her hand just made things "worse". "It's your fault", I told her, "and when I get home you will be punished." Bunnie just smiled and kept her hand in my crotch all the way home.

    I intended to "attack" Bunnie as soon as we were in our bedroom, but she beat me to it. The door was barely closed when she grabbed me and pushed me against the wall. She quickly unzipped my pants, exclaiming "Yummy!" when my swollen cock popped out, and she wasted no time getting it into her mouth and happily sucking away. She went at it with such enthusiasm that my legs got weak, and I slowly slid to the floor. Bunnie never released her lip grip on me, and I could see her hand down between her legs, rubbing herself as she sucked me.

    This did not last long. When Bunnie stopped sucking she quickly got up, squatting over me pulling down her tights to lower her pussy onto my cock. As she bounced on me I was able to free her tits from her dress, to squeeze them and rub her hard nipples as we fucked. Her hair was tousled, and she had a hungry, glazed, intent on her face. We started exchanging dirty talk, and that tipped us both over the edge as we both came at the same time. I could feel her pussy pulsating all over my cock as the cum shot out of my cock and into her pussy. We kept fucking, my cock stayed hard and kept throbbing, and I kept pumping it into her as long as I could. Our orgasms seemed to last a very long time, until, totally spent, Bunnie fell forward and lay on top of me. We hugged and kissed, saying dirty nothings to each other even after my cock shrunk and slipped out of her. We did not want to move, and actually dozed off like that for awhile, before getting up and going to bed.

    The next morning I woke up Bunnie by eating her pussy, making her come some more before another round of fucking. When that was done we snuggled, and Bunnie commented "If this is what happens after a party like that, we need to have more of them!"

    Over the next couple of days, Bunnie and her friends "compared notes". Us husbands did not really say anything, but anytime the party was mentioned we all got big, silly grins on our faces. Bunnie soon told me that all of the women loved the party. It was interesting that they enjoyed us checking them out, it made them feel special and sexy, but they never felt uncomfortable. They all also had wild sex after party, like Bunnie and I did. As one of them put it, "the only women you guys seemed intent on jumping on were your own wives, and we were all fine with that!"

    Since that first party, we have tried to have a several a year. Normally they happen around Halloween and Christmas. as somehow the women feel more "free" to dress outrageously sexy during those times. Several of her friends who missed the first one asked to be invited to these parties, so it is growing but we do not want it to get too big. Last year Bunnie and I hosted one we called "Texas Hold him/Hold her", the guys were all in Wild West attire, and the women in sexy saloon girl" outfits, and we had a friendly Texas Hold 'em tournament. This year a couple of the women have suggested a "Pink Valentine" sexy party, where the women all wear a sexy pink themed outfit. Bunnie has a very nice pink polka dot minidress that we think is not too see through, but we will see. We have told them about our Las Vegas trip, and the ultimate "fantasy" is for a group of us, within the next year or two, to vacation together in Las Vegas, just hanging out and enjoying the sights with our sexy wives. Even Paula, the oldest, says she will wear mini skirts/dresses all the time out there, and will dare anyone to tell her that she is too old.

    It is loads of fun at our age to have friends like these. It is wonderful for me to see Bunnie have close friends who encourage each other to remain sexy for their husbands, and believe that you are never too old to dress and act in a way to please your husbands' eyes. We do not know when these "parties" will run out of steam, but we are going to enjoy it while we can!
  4. Recently I was severely under the weather for a few days with what was either a bad cold or a mild case of the flu. During this time Bunnie was, as always, doing every she could to make me comfortable. I rested as best as I could in bed (with only enough energy to go online and look at this forum). We did not have any sex for about 3 days, which never happens unless one of is out of town or very ill.

    When my fever broke I started feeling a little better and felt my strength coming back. I have a workaholic tendencies, but over the years have learned to not rush back into my normal schedule. I decided to take another day away from work to relax. We have a little home theater area in our home, and that morning I told Bunnie I was going to that area to lie on the couch and watch some of our homemade sex videos on the projector screen.

    I was very comfortable. The darkened theater area and the comfortable couch were relaxing. Seeing our recorded "sexcapades" on an 85 inch screen was, well, more than incredible. The house was pleasantly quiet - no one else was home and Bunnie was out on morning errands. Later in the morning she returned home and stopped in to see how I was doing. She arrived right at a spot where the screen had a close-up scene of me eating her pussy, with her squirming and and enjoying it.

    "I can see you're really having fun!" she said with a beautiful smile, and kissed me. She then said she had to take care of some things, and then went away. I went back to enjoying our video action.

    About 30 minutes later, Bunnie came back - and did so with a wonderful surprise. She had changed into a "stripper" outfit - a pink halter mini dress, which had the lower back of the dress removed to display her ass. She also wore pink lace suspender pantyhose and pink high heels. Her hair was brushed out long and sexy.

    "I think if our movies are making you feel better, the real thing will make you feel better faster", she said slyly, as she sensuously paraded in front of the couch to let my eyes soak in her body.

    I sat up on the couch and she lay down next to me, her feet on my lap. "Keep the movie running, but do whatever you have energy for..." and she spread her legs and guided my hand to her pussy.

    Talk about getting the adrenaline going! Suddenly I was feeling much more energetic. I fingered her pussy and rubbed her clit as we watched our movie scenes. It did not take long for Bunnie to get very excited, and she quickly pulled her tits out of her dress and began sucking on her nipples. This got me even more excited, and I slipped my hard cock out of my pants to get more comfortable. I started rubbing my cock against Bunnie's leg, and she moved her foot to run it up and down my cock - with those lace stockings the feeling was wonderful.

    Eventually just rubbing my cock with her foot wasn't enough, and Bunnie switched around to lie on her stomach, with her face in my crotch, happily sucking and licking my cock. I was able to reach over to squeeze her ass and finger her pussy at the same time. Her pussy juice was getting my fingers nice and wet, and I would bring them to her mouth so that she could lick them dry before I continued to finger her - she loved to taste herself on me.

    After a while I decided to play a game with her, one I call the "two minute drill". I stopped her from sucking on my cock - it was cute how I really had to pull my cock away from her, she was enjoying it so much - moved some throw pillows onto the floor in front of the screen, and had her lay down on them, with her head closest to the screen. There is a digital clock near the screen, and I used that guide me. I'd eat her pussy for two minutes, then I would fuck her for two minutes, and continue switching back and forth like that. This was a lot of fun while our movies were playing, to try to mentally predict what we would be doing in the movie when it was time to switch. The eating/fucking back and forth drill drove Bunnie absolutely wild. She was gyrating and rubbing herself all over and saying the dirtiest things and cumming like gangbusters while I was doing this. I was able to stretch this out for almost 15 minutes before I couldn't hold back any longer, and I came deep inside of her, squeezing her ass and pulling her tightly me to me as I came, while she wrapped her legs around my back, shaking with pleasure.

    Afterwards we just lay there for a while, me on top of her, my cock still inside her pussy, just savoring feeling each other. I started to gently play with her tits and suck on her nipples, and she smiled at me with glazed but happy eyes.

    "Better than watching our movie?" she murmured

    "Much better... you know that" I said, continuing to lick her tits.

    Finally I moved off of her and sat back down on the couch, helping her up to sit next to me. I was now feeling the exertion, and realizing that, while I was better, I was not yet fully recovered.

    We held each other, but soon our fingers couldn't help wandering. Her hand was back on my cock, which hadn't gone fully soft yet, and I started playing with her tits again.

    Bunnie looked at the screen, which now showed a scene of us fucking doggie style. She turned back to me with those big beautiful eyes.

    "You fucked me so good... if you can get hard again before the kids get home, I'd love it if you fucked me again. However you wanted. Maybe like that," she said, motioning to the screen.

    "That is quite a challenge", I said. "I feel better, but I'm not at 100 percent".

    Bunnie just smiled "I'll take whatever I can get from you", she said. "I need to get some things done, but can I come back in an hour or so and see how you are? And maybe give you some help..." She stared at my cock and licked her lips.

    I smiled. "I'll give it the old college try. Worse case, I can eat you. I'm never too tired for you to sit on my face."

    Bunnie kissed me on the cheek, then quickly leaned over and lovingly licked my cock to "clean" it of our fluids. She then stood up, giving me one last full look at her wonderful body.

    "You have got me so buzzed... I hope I don't fall going up the steps", she said, walking slowly away.

    I sat there, just watching her ass and legs as she walked,which was such a pleasant sight. When she got to the stair railing she turned back to look at me, as if she had felt my stare.

    "Why are you looking at me, and not the movie?" she asked.

    "Like you said", I smiled "You're better than the movie".

    Bunnie's face just glowed. She widened her legs and rubbed her pussy for me before continuing up the stairs. "I'll be back!"

    I sunk back into the couch, resting, hoping that I could get enough energy to please her. The screen now showed the beginning of a scene where Bunnie was dressed up in a sexy outfit and a cute wig, staring at the camera and dancing around. So incredibly sexy. I again felt so good at having such a wonderful woman in my life.

    When Bunnie came back about two hours later, I needed some oral help from her to get going, but we did end up fucking again. I was totally happy, but it wiped out for the rest of the day. However,Bunnie was on cloud nine and that made it well worth it. :phat
  5. (WARNING: This is a long post)

    Late one afternoon, Bunnie calls me at work.

    "Guess what! we have an 'empty nest' for the evening and overnight!"

    "Great!" I exclaim.

    "Any ideas?" she asks. I can sense the wicked smile in her voice.

    "You know.... you haven't been my movie star for a while..."

    "You pervert!" Bunnie exclaims. "When do we start?"

    "I'll be home soon... let's go to a hotel, can you book one?"

    "I''m on it - bye!" she says, and hangs up.

    When I arrive home, Bunnie is already packed. I pack and prepare for our digital adventure. Camera, camcorder, various accessories, laptop computer, and cables are quickly gathered. Then the really fun part - picking out the outfits for Bunnie's "performances".

    Bunnie comes in the bedroom as I finish packing. I give her a quick glimpse of the bag containing her outfits, and she kisses me.

    "Give me a few minutes to get ready, okay? Just something for a little fun during the drive."

    That is fine with me, it is worth the wait. just anticipating what is ins store for us has me aroused, which is a very pleasant feeling. I bring the items downstairs to wait.

    When Bunnie comes downstairs, she is wearing a figure fitting blue dress and light blue pantyhose, and looks spectacular. As she walks down she pulls up her dress up to show me that the pantyhose is crotchless.

    I grab the camera and take a few pictures. Bunnie manipulates her dress and flashes me so that I can get nice views of her body.

    She pulls her dress down and gives me a hug, whispering in my ear "Tell we when there is no traffic around okay?".

    We load the car and head off to the hotel. When we get off the main highway and onto a local road, I tell Bunnie now is a good time. She opens her coat and hikes up her dress. I carefully drive with one hand while fondling her with the other. Bunnie closes her eyes and smiles. I can feel her pussy getting moist as we both rub it.

    At the hotel, we check in and find our room. It is is roomy, with a king bed and a few other pieces of furniture - nice choices for exploring sexual positions. We take off our coats and hug and kiss for a while, happily grinding against each other.

    Bunnie looks at me, her eyes bright with anticipation. "I can't wait. What do I wear for the first scene?"

    I smile and open up the outfit bag. I hand her a long, dark black wig, a skimpy leopard print mini dress, crotchless lace stockings, and silver high heels shoes.

    Bunnie's face is glowing with excitement, and her body language cannot hide her joy. "Hurry up and get everything set up while I dress. And take off your pants NOW - I want to see your cock bouncing around while I get ready!"

    I obey her command, and rush to finish. But Bunnie is faster than I am, and before I am done she saunters merrily out of the bathroom, now dressed to thrill me. She struts seductively around the room in her outfit. I start taking pictures, and she starts "striking poses" she knows I will likes. Some are demure, some are explicit, but in all of them she looks fantastic.

    She sits down on the bed, crosses her legs and picks up a magazine. As I finish setting up the camcorder and start recording, she goes into "acting" mode. "Oh well", she says loudly and to no one in particular. "I hope my Toad finishes messing around with that and come eats my pussy, or I'll just have to take care of myself". She licks her lips as she moves one hand to her tits to caress them as she reads.

    I quickly go to her, spreading her legs and hiking up her dress. Bunnie obliges by leaning back, allowing me to see her already swollen clit and pussy lips. I quickly being eating her pussy. I look up at her, she is looking over at the TV monitor, which is hooked up so we can watch as we film.

    "I just love this..." she says huskily. The magazine falls from her hand and now she has both hands massaging her tits. "Do whatever you want to me..."

    Thus begins a great session full of foreplay, positions, sucking, licking, and fucking. There are brief pauses for adjusting the camcorder for different angles or taking a quick picture. When we are done, Bunnie is sitting on the floor against the bed, satiated with the sex and accompanying orgasms. I am kneeling next her after finishing on her, and she is gently licking my cock, and using it to wipe my cum off of her face and tits.

    "Did you like it? I really, really did. Was I good enough for you?", she says between licks, smiling.

    I look down at her beauty. She is so sexily disheveled. Her nice big tits are hanging out of her dress, which is pulled up to her waist. Her legs are wide open, her pussy wet and shining as she gently touches it. She is a vision of loveliness to my eyes.

    She smiles. "I love you too. Do you want to take more pictures before I clean up? Then we can watch some of our other movies...until you recover for the next scene..."

    I get up and find the camera. Bunnie again accommodates me while I snap away, making sure I capture what i want. She is so nice for doing this with me, and I marvel at her desire to create as many visual images for me as I want.


    I reflect in amazement on how Bunnie has taken to enjoying this aspect of our sex life. Sexy pictures and videos was not something I considered before we were married. I saw guys misusing this in college, and it was not something I thought was necessary or even desirable.

    When Bunnie and I started our relationship and began having sex, I was just thrilled with her sexy figure. As I had fun with her body more and more, the idea of capturing her beauty grew in my mind. After we were married for a few years I brought up the subject - but Bunnie's initial reaction was "over my dead body!"

    I did not push her on this, as I did not want her doing anything she was not comfortable with. As personal camcorders and digital cameras became more affordable, my interest for taking pictures and videos continued. I never said anything but Bunnie would sometimes tease me with "I know you're still thanking about it". I would just say "you know I'd love too, but I want you to be comfortable with it".

    Then, about 15 years ago on my birthday, Bunnie surprised me with a "coupon" for one night of making a sex video with her. The coupon came with restrictions - I had to turn the pictures and videos over to her, I could ask her to watch them but they would stay in her possession, etc. - but I did not care. I was eager to try this.

    Why did changed her mind? She finds it hard to explain. The main reason is, as we traveled down the relationship and marriage path, her trust for me grew. Trust is built from getting through challenging experiences together. A number of things happened in our relationship that grew her trust in me. In addition, she has always been body conscious, and realized through my actions how much I loved her body, regardless of her weight, which at one point was in the 200 pound range. For me it the pounds did not matter (other than for health issues) - it was her sexy attitude that did. With the above two factors, she felt, after all these years, why not give it a try and see what happens.

    That first movie time was memorable. Bunnie wore a mask and wig while I filmed us for an hour having foreplay and sex. When we watched the results I was overjoyed. It was fun seeing her getting more into it as she got excited. At one point while taping I had to leave the room to get something, but I left the camera rolling. Bunnie was watching the monitor and began masturbating, and kept watching and doing it until I returned. She did not realize the camera was rolling, and was embarrassed to see it. She was surprise at how much I loved that section, and the sexuality she displayed.

    While she could destroy the tape after a week, she held on the video for several months. During that time I watched it frequently. Each time I watched it I saw something in a different way, and it never got boring. Bunnie was amazed at how much I wanted to watch it. She was also intrigued that during this time I showed no interest in watching any porn. I rarely watched porn to begin with, but watching that tape of us made porn look even more boring and repetitive in contrast. Eventually Bunnie gave me the tape and said she would trust me with it. And, though I did not ask her about making another video, she said she would be willing to make another one if I wanted to.

    Fifteen years later, we have many hours of footage and thousands of pictures. Bunnie has transformed from nervous-but-willing to eager-and-ready. She often drops subtle or direct hints about making a video. When we go on a vacation by ourselves, she wants to set aside an evening or two for making movies. Some vacations and "quick escapes" are designated as "video/pictures sessions" where we barely leave the room for fresh air.

    She likes to "dress up" for these adventures. While we have made some with us just naked, the vast majority of them Bunnie wears some sexy costume or outfit. I gladly buy sexy items for her, and over the years she has accumulated an large collection of mini skirts, cleavage showing tops and mini dresses, crotchless stockings and bodystockings, sexy shoes and wigs. Dressing up for my sexual desire makes her feel "wicked" and even more eager to exposes her raunchy sex side to me.

    I like this "secret" side of our lives. I have no desire for anyone else to see our fun, and have instituted multiple layers of physical and network security so that only we have access to them. I love how she trusts me with them, and I intend to keep that trust.

    How long will we keep this up? I do not know. We both still enjoy it, but at 50 I am not going to try to predict the future of this. I am too busy relishing the recorded memories of the past and having fun creating more of those memories in the present. This activity is not for everyone, but it works to keep things exciting for us.
  6. Cowboy Lovers' recent thread on "how long did it take you to become good" triggered a session of introspection within me. Having only had sex with my Bunnie, there are those who might certainly say I cannot be "good" at sex since I have not been with a variety of women. However, I am more inclined to judge any "goodness" in have in this area by how my Bunnie feels about it. I am one who tends to evaluate my "goodness" based on how others view my actions (this does not mean that I try to please everyone, but that I try to do the right thing as I see it, and treat others with respect even when we disagree on a belief or a course of action).

    So I could not fully answer CL's thread without finding out Bunnie's view of the situation. One evening, as we were getting ready for bed, I asked her what she thought. Her initial response was to chuckle and just say "I can't remember when you weren't good. We started having sex, you stayed nice and loving to me, then you made me cum more and more and more, now I can't get enough of you. Why question yourself?" I wanted to pursue this some more, but at this point Bunnie was rubbing my crotch and pulling off her panties, so I knew she wanted less talk and more action. Thus began a great sexual session before we feel asleep.

    I woke up in the middle of the night to Bunnie sucking on my cock, which quickly led to a "round two" quickie.

    In the morning Bunnie shyly gave me a letter. She had woken in the middle of the night, and my question came to her mind. Sometimes she more easily conveys sexual thoughts by putting pen to paper, so she started writing a letter as a response to my question. She gave me permission to share it here (since none of you know who we are :) ):
    My Toad, the things I like about you in bed during our years together that have make you good at sex:

    - Your gentleness
    - Your strength
    - You try to please me
    - You say nice things to me
    - You go on a long time
    - Your wonderful deep voice
    - The way your eyes look
    - You smile and look like you are having fun
    - How you keep yourself slim and in shape for me
    - How strong your legs feel
    - You are tender
    - You take a long time with me
    - You smell clean and nice
    - You taste good
    - You have given me so many memories of our great sexual times
    - You make me feel safe
    - You talk to me and spend time with me outside of sexual times
    - Your mouth feels soft and nice
    - You have strong hands
    - Oh yes - I LOVE YOUR COCK!
    - Your arms feel safe
    - You make me feel like I am drowning and exploding and floating, all at the same time, and it just goes on and on and on and on...
    - You "scramble" my brain so that all I can think about is wanting to do whatever you want to get you hard again for more

    That is all I can think of right now... this is getting me way horny again!
    Bunnie said at that point is when she had to stop writing and "had to" start sucking me, and hoped I did not mind. I was now my turn to chuckle.

    Now, I do a lot of "things" to her that, taken out of the context of our relationship, some might consider "rude" or degrading. I asked her if anything of those "things" where a hindrance to making my "good" any better. Her response was "Of course not! I love that you have all this sexual energy, but that you focus it solely on me!"

    Bunnie further explained how, over the course of our lives, she has observed, and been told of, other women blatantly flirting with me beyond "normal" bounds. At times this happened when she had gained a lot of weight, was suffering from depression, and in that state actually felt I should have an affair, because (in her mind) she was not providing with the visual or emotional stimulation I needed. But she kept seeing, or hearing, how I quickly rejected those opportunities, while at the same time still continued to pursue her. All of that contributed to her feeling of how "good" I am at sex, and increased her desire to be all that I wanted.

    She reminded me of several incidents that I may put in future blog posts - in retrospect they were funny incidents, even a little embarrassing to me at the time, but they all reinforced to Bunnie how much I continue to love her.

    In conclusion, I may be "inexperienced" in sex from the view of many, but what matters to me is how Bunnie feels about it. After reading her letter, and seeing her reaction when I start doing "things" to her, I am more than happy about my "goodness" - and will continue to work to stay good for her. :)
  7. This weekend Bunnie and I attended a wedding of one of her former college students. "Kelli" was a student at the college Bunnie taught at about 10 years ago, took several of Bunnie's classes, and eventually Bunnie became one of her academic advisers. They kept in touch and became friendly enough so that Kelli invited us to her wedding .

    Kelli and her friend "Wendy" was the reason Bunnie "banned" me from the campus until they graduated. This was due to the following incident, which happened during Kelli and Wendy's sophomore year.

    I had shaved Bunnie's pussy bare one night which was followed by quite a sex romp that evening, and then me waking Bunnie (to her delight) with by eating her pussy some more in the morning. She went off to teach her classes that day in a very good mood. Her classes and student office hours were done by early afternoon, so before coming home she decided to go to the gym and work out. Then she took a shower. At the time, the school did not have the best shower facilities, and the womens shower was a room with shower heads spread along the wall, not very close together but no real privacy. When Bunnie entered the room Kelli and Wendy were there, finishing their showers. They were taking one of her classes and were among her best students, so they exchanged pleasantries.

    When Bunnie finished and came back to the locker area, Kelli and Wendy were still there. As Bunnie started getting dressed, Kelli asked "How do you find shaving? Is it comfortable?"

    The question caught Bunnie totally off guard. Embarrassed, the only thing she could blurt out was "It's fine - my hubby likes it!" At which point both Kelli and Wendy laughed and said she must have quite a husband to do that.

    That evening Bunnie told me of the incident, and was afraid that word would spread to embarrass her. Surprisingly, however, it was never mentioned, even by Kelli or Wendy, whom she saw several times a week. Either they hadn't told anyone, or if they did no one thought it was a big deal. They did both like Bunnie as a teacher, so perhaps they did not tell anyone. Bunnie thought that whenever she referred to me in conversations with them, she thought they grinned a bit more than usual.

    About a month latert I visited the campus to have lunch with Bunnie. When we were almost done, Kelli and Wendy came by our table. When I heard there names I thought they might be the ones that were part of the incident, but since their names were common I was not sure until after they left and Bunnie told me. In any case we had a nice, short chat, they told me how much they enjoyed being in Bunnie's classes, I asked them about their activities and plans, etc. Just small talk. Soon after they left to go to class I left the campus to go back to my job, and Bunnie stayed as she had afternoon classes and meetings that day.

    When I got home, Bunnie was already there. As soon as I walked in the door, she came over and with a "mad" look on face, smacked my bottom.

    "What's that all about??", I asked with a smile.

    "You, mister, are BANNED from coming on that campus again! At least until those two graduate!", Bunnie exclaimed. She was trying to act "mad", but she could not help smiling.

    Apparently, she had encountered them again later that day, and they said something along the lines of "you have a nice husband. We can see why you shave for him. If we had a man like him, and he wanted us to shave, we'd do it too!"

    In Bunnie's view, she did not want me on campus causing these two to have "shaving fantasies" when they saw me... and did not want them to "tempt" me in any way. Bunnie "refused" to listen to my protests of innocence, the "ban" would stay in place.

    Of course, later that night, after the kids had gone to sleep, I was relaxing in our bedroom reading when Bunnie came over wearing a blond wig (both Kelli and Wendy were blonds) and dressed like a "slutty" college student, saying in a "college girl" voice, "oh, you are so nice, I've shaved my pussy for you! Wanna see?", and then lifted her skirt and fingering herself. That led to a whole lot more fun, so in my view the incident was completely worth it. :)

    The "banned from campus" became an ongoing joke between us for the next couple of years. It was nice to be reminded of it seeing Kelli at her wedding. In fact, when Bunnie congratulated her during the wedding, Kelli whispered something in her ear, and they both starting laughing. Later, Bunnie told me Kelli had whispered about her husband "I love him so much, he's so worth shaving for - I hope you're still shaving for your man!" :lol

    She is, and I am still enjoying it very much!
  8. My work requires a lot of travel at times. My company pays me very well for it, and it is part of the job. But it can get old and boring; many times every airport, rental car, and hotel looks the same. Being away from my Bunnie is also not fun, but there is a definite bonus when I return. I do not masturbate when I am away because Bunnie wants me to "save it all for her", and she looks forward to me returning home and uncontrollably "exploding" any way I want with her. So, on my return trip home, that is all I am thinking about. I focus on that to the point of being barely aware of other things around me. As a result, Bunnie recently gave me a surprise that caught me off guard in a wonderful way.

    I had been on a week long trip, and thinking of Bunnie on the flight home had me very horny. I happily daydreamed of taking Bunnie sexually every which way I wanted. When the flight landed I texted Bunnie that I would be home in about an hour, and she texted back that she had a "surprise" for me, which increased my eagerness to get home.

    When the flight landed I grabbed my luggage, deboarded the plane, and quickly walked through the terminal, focusing on getting to my car in the airport parking garage as quickly as possible. It took some time for me to notice that someone was following very closely behind me. I did not turn, but maintained an "awareness" of that they were there. I was not concerned as we were in a public place, but I was already thinking if this person followed me onto the escalator or elevator, I would turn to see whom it was.

    As I got on to an escalator I felt a hand on my shoulder - it was that person touching me. I quickly turned to see who it was - and it was Bunnie! :D

    It took me a few seconds to realize it her - because she was in "disguise". She was hearing a hat, and under it one of her natural looking wigs she uses for our movies and for costume parties. She also had on dark glasses.

    "What...!" I exclaimed.

    Bunnie just smiled "Surprise! Welcome home!", and laughed.

    I stared at her, my mouth agape in amazement and joy. I now noticed she was wearing a trench coat - not unusual as it was a cool day - but I could see she was also wearing white lace stockings. I knew she had on something under that coat to please my eyes.

    "Stop staring at me like that, you're making a scene", she said, smiling, in a low voice. Then she kissed me and whispered "the fun has just begun. Let's get to your car first".

    On the way Bunnie explained what was going on. She had been talking to her friend Kathy about missing me and doing something special, and Kathy mentioned as a joke "you could meet him at the airport and kidnap him to a hotel". This comment started the wheels going in Bunnie's mind. In short order she had booked a hotel room for the night near the airport and packed some sexy outfits. When she told Kathy that she was going to carry out the plan, Kathy volunteered to drive her, and also suggested it might be fun to "dress up" to greet me.

    "I was nervous as hell", Bunnie said, "but Kathy stayed with me until we saw you come through the gate exit, then she left. I started following you to see if you would notice me, but you didn't so I had to grab you".

    By now I was just grinning ear to ear. "This is grear... I can barely walk now and you know why". I was just hoping my arousal was not obvious to other people.

    Bunnie held my arm tighter "That is the point", she said "We have the rest of this evening and the morning to take care of things".

    When we got to my car, Bunnie took off her coat. Under it she had on a tight blue minidress that definitely showed off her cleavage and curves. She spun around and wiggled to "model" it for me before getting in the car. The dress, stockings, and heels she wore were a lovely sight too see. I was glad no one else was around, so I could enjoy this all to myself.

    As soon as we left the airport property and highway, and were on a road with light traffic, I reached over and put my hand under Bunnie's dress to gently rub her pussy. As I suspected, the stockings were crotchless and she only had on a small thong over them. In no time I could feel the thong material over her pussy get damp as I rubbed it. Bunnie got a glowing, pleasant look on her face and made small squirming moves in the seat, enjoying my touch.

    We were at the hotel in a few minutes. Bunnie kept her coat off, just holding on to my arm as we walked in. If anyone looked at us as we walked through the lobby I did not notice, nor did I care - my mind was already thinking of the room. As soon as the elevator door closed Bunnie started rubbing my crotch.

    "I want to make sure you are still excited", she said as she rested her head on my shoulder. "You know you can do anything you want to me in the room..."

    Her wish was my command. When we got inside the room and closed the door, I pushed by suitcase to the side, and grabbed Bunnie to kiss her and hold her tight. Bunnie started grinding herself against me. In short order I led her to the bed to sit down. She eagerly unzipped my pants to get to my cock as I pulled up dress and put my hand under her thong. We sat there kissing, Bunnie masturbating my cock and me fingering her pussy,until we could not wait anymore. Bunnie lay down and quickly slipped off her thong. I climbed on top of her still wearing my jacket and tie, pulling my pants down enough be able to kneel between her legs. I held them legs wide, by the ankles, soaking it the vision of her sexy and happy face, dress and stockings. Bunnie spread her pussy open with her hands, inviting me in. I quickly plunged my cock into her and we started fucking fast and furious. Needless to say it did not last long. It a short time before Bunnie started having the first of several orgasms, and within a minute or so I could no longer control myself and shot my stored up load in cum deep into her pussy. I stayed hard after I came, so I kept fucking, which brought great joy to Bunnie and gave her more orgasms.

    I keep moving my cock in and out of her until I got too soft and slipped out. We lay next to each other, kissing as we felt each others bodies. Bunnie moved down on the bed to suck and lick my cock, while I reached into her dress to fondle her tits. A wonderful feeling of contentment come over me.

    Bunnie looked up at me, continue to lick my cock as she talked to me.

    "You made me cum so much... I hoped you enjoyed it..."

    I smiled at her "It was so much fun. I want to get hard again to do more things to you".

    "Well", Bunnie said, "did you notice what was next to the TV?"

    I looked - and saw Bunnie had brought my digital camera/camcorder.

    "You mean..."

    Bunnie hid her face from me in my crotch. This sort of thing she enjoyed, but at times was shy about bringing it up directly.

    "I just thought... we are in a hotel, no kids around, we have until tomorrow at noon...why not make some pictures and movies? You must think I'm awfully wicked to want that..."

    I gently turned her head from my crotch so that I could see her face, which had a shy, nervous smile. I leaned down and kissed her. "I love you so much! You are so nice to me!"

    After caressing and hugging a bit longer, we both agreed to go downstairs to get something to eat. We got up from the bed and just chatted about things as we changed. Before we left the room, Bunnie showed me the outfits she brought that she wanted to wear for the pictures and movies.

    "I can see I'm going to have to keep my energy up for the rest of the night", I said.

    "Don't worry, I see to it that you eat a good meal", Bunnie said. "But remember - too much dessert will slow you down. Instead of eating a lot of dessert, you should eat a lot of my pussy!"

    "You always look out for me - I can't wait", I replied

    "And just to be sure..." Bunnie pulled down the pants he had put on, to make sure I noticed that she was not wearing panties "You can think about this during the meal". :phat

    To make an already long story short, after a quick meal we can back to the room, and spent the rest of the evening having fun with pictures and movies. Lots of pussy eating, cock sucking, fucking around the room, and cumming happened, all of it recorded for our pleasure. We finally feel asleep exhausted, but happy. Bunnie thought she had worn me out, but was happy to find that her "pussy alarm" that she woke me up with easily got me going again.The picture and movie making continued until we finally had to check out.

    All in all, this surprise was one of the great times in my life. To be greeted at the airport by Bunnie by itself was great. But her attitude of being horny for all kinds of sex, as well as her wanting me to record as much of it as I desired, just raised things to an even higher level. It is wonderful to review the pictures and tapes we made and see how happy and eager she was throughout the episode. I am also pleasantly astounded on how Bunnie sees this as a great gift for her. A few days later, out of the blue, she gave me a little "thank you" note and wrote, among other things, "I don't know if I can surprise you like that again, but I'll be more than happy for you to take me to a hotel and treat me like that again, whenever you want". What more could a man ask for?

    P.S. I ended up buying Kathy and her husband gift cards for dinner and a movie, as a way of saying "thanks" for inspiring Bunnie. There are a few hotels not far from the movie theater, and knowing them I think they may add that component to their evening. :)
  9. Over the years, as Bunnie and I improved (and continue to improve) our sex life through better and more direct communication, we (primarily me, to be truthful) came up with a fun set of "rules" that we try to apply on a daily basis, to keep the passion and lust active between us.

    These rules are neither "obligations" nor meant to "force" either of us into doing something that we do not enjoy. They are one way that we celebrate our sexuality, how much we want to share that sexuality joyfully with each other, and how we try to keep the sex fun. In real life I try to follow the philosophy of not taking myself too seriously. Coming up with these rules was one way to continue maintaining that stance from a sexual perspective. When I first started developing them, Bunnie thought they were hilarious and silly. However, she would keep asking me if she was "keeping within my rules", and eventually she added a few of her own.

    We do keep the complete list in a document on our private computer. Every so often we get a kick of just reviewing it and seeing which rules we have been faithfully adhering to, and which ones we have forgotten. Just discussing the list is a turn on.

    Here is a "sweet sixteen" of the rules to share - one or more might be inspirational to others:

    1) If we will be in the house alone for more than 2 hours, or we have retired to our bedroom for the evening, Bunnie must be either bottomless or wear a skirt/dress with no underwear.

    2) When we go out on formal dates Bunnie must:
    - wear crotchless or suspender stockings/pantyhose under her dress/skirt
    - go commando or wear a thong.

    3) I must fondle Bunnie's tits/ass/pussy at least once a day.

    4) Bunnie must fondle my cock/ass at least once a day.

    5) Bunnie must wake we up with her "pussy alarm" (sitting on my face) at least once a week.

    6) If I doze off watching TV in the family room in the evening. Bunnie can wake me up with her "pussy alarm".

    7) If I am in the bedroom when Bunnie comes of out the shower, I must dry her tits and pussy with my tongue.

    8) If Bunnie is in the bedroom when I come out of the shower, she must dry off my cock with her tongue.
    - The allowable exception is if I come out of the shower and find Bunnie in the doggy style position, spreading her ass cheeks wide, in which case I can start fucking her like that.

    9) Whenever we play a game or sport where we are competing against each other, we each make a sexual wager.The loser must perform the sexual wager of the winner within 24 hours.

    10) In place of eating desert for a meal I can eat Bunnie's pussy.

    11) When I am working from home and Bunnie is helping me, she must wear a "slutty" outfit (micro mini dress/skirt, no underwear, crotchless stockings and high heels - or a jacket, crotchless bodystocking, and high heels). She must also be prepared to suck my cock during work "breaks".

    12) If she watches a sports game with me she must wear something that makes it easy to for me fondle her tits/pussy/ass. During commercial breaks I might suck her tits or eat her pussy. We will fuck during halftime, and again "(based on my recovery time) at the end of the game.

    13) When I take sexually explicit pictures of her I must be bottomless, so that she can focus on my cock, which adds to her excitement during the picture shoot.

    14) When I go away for an overnight business trip, we must have sex just before I leave. During that trip I am not to masturbate. However, upon my return, as soon as we are alone we either fuck or Bunnie sucks me, and I must cum somewhere on her so that see can see, feel, and taste how much I stored up for her.

    15) When we go away on vacation, just the two of us, at least one day/night will be "movie time", when we will record at least one scenario. I am responsible for packing any outfits I want her to wear for the movie (she likes to be surprised like that).

    16) If it is raining Saturday morning and any early morning plans we had are canceled, we will 69 with each other until we both cum before we get out of bed.
    Violation of any of the rules allows the "victim" to find the "violator" and thrust their genitalia in the violators face, which the violator must service for at least 5 minutes. Many times it is the violator who points out their transgression and is eagerly ready to perform the service. With these type of rules, it is fun to debate who benefits more - the one keeping the rules, or the one caught breaking them. :phat
  10. I am going from store to stores gathering items for a home improvement project, and at one store I run into Paula, one of Bunnie's good friends. Paula and I have a "express-our-friendship-by-constantly-insulting-each-other" relationship. So we tease and insult each other while waiting on the checkout line.

    Paula has bought a number of items, and I help her get them to her truck and load them for her. And the end she says "thanks - but don't think that is going to get you on my good side", and "punches" me. I feign major pain and hurt, we laugh and say goodbye.

    About an hour later I get home and get back to my project. Bunnie calls out from upstairs. "Toad, can you come up for a second? I need some help in the closet!"

    I go running up to the bedroom. Bunnie is standing by the closet. I figure she needs to get something down off of the shelf. So I go and look into the closet "What do you need?"

    "This", she says, and quickly grabs my crotch. She swiftly undoes my belt, pulls down my pants, grabs my cock, and bends over to suck it.

    I am surprised - but I am not complaining. I lean back against the wall, Bunnie kneels down and continues to greedily suck and lick my cock. I gently touch her head, moving it back and forth as she sucks.

    Bunnie stops and looks up at me "Let's to go on the bed and finish this..."

    Her wish is my command. We go to the bed, Bunnie lays on her back, opening her mouth, ready to receive me. I sit on her, pulling up her t-shirt and bra to expose her tits. I straddle her, face fucking my cock in and out of her mouth and letting her lick it while I play with her tits.

    As I cum, I pull out to shoot it on her lips. Bunnie happily licks it up as it spurts out. When I am done she puts my cock back in her mouth to suck out the last few drops. I am in ecstasy.

    I am looking down on her pretty face, her lips and chin shining with my cum, as she smiles and keeps gently licking my cock. "What... brought this on...?" I manage to ask.

    "Paula called before you got home", Bunnie says between licks. "She told me how nice you were helping her at the store. She said that I better take care of you when you got home because of that. So this is what came to my mind..."

    I know I will not be able to look Paula in the eye the next time I see her.


    Bunnie loves sex, and she wants female friends who love sex as well. When we first moved to our current area, she was invited to a pool party with a group of neighborhood women. The talk turned to men, and many of the women began complaining about their husbands/boyfriends interest regarding how much they wanted sex, and made fun of their attempts at romance. Bunnie left the party early and was upset. One of the woman, whom Bunnie had noticed was very quiet, later called her. Bunnie came straight out and told her "I am sorry - I just cannot stand women who have such a negative attitude about sex!" The woman responded "welcome to my club!" They have been good friends ever since.

    Bunnie's pro-sex friends come in a variety of colors, shapes, and ages. I find them all pretty (though of course Bunnie is the prettiest), and they consistently agree in the following areas:
    - They see sex in a positive light, regardless of their age.
    - They think sex in marriage is a great thing, and want to break the stereotype that marriage sex is "boring".
    - They are always encouraging each other to be sexually adventurous within their relationships.
    - While they all believe in monogamy, they feel that anything that is enjoyed within that context is fine.
    - They want to give their husbands all the sex they can handle, and then some. As I described above, a favorite activity is one telling the other how they observed their husband doing something nice, and how he should get "rewarded" for that.
    - They all look younger than their chronological age. Maybe it is due to their attitude, or because they keep active.

    With attitudes like these, I certainly encourage Bunnie to hang out with these woman as much as possible.

    A few brief profiles of some of her friends (names changed to protect the guilty):

    - Paula (whom I mentioned above): late fifties, slim build, English and Irish heritage, works out regularly. She reminds me of Helen Mirren. Whenever I run into her at the gym, she "insults" my workout efforts - but behind my back will tell Bunnie how good I look and how she better be "rewarding me" for staying in shape before some other woman does. Very outgoing, and jokes about how her husbands occasional back flareups are due to "him carrying me, and I don't mean with his hands".

    - Kathy: mid thirties, Scandinavian heritage, could be a shapely "larger" model (she was a model when she was younger). Dark hair, milky white skin, tall. Her build is very much like that of Kate Dillon, but Kathy is more busty. She and her husband started becoming very good friends with us when we gave them a weekend romantic getaway as a present (they were struggling financially at the time), and Bunnie also gave Kathy bodystockings and crotchless pantyhose to wear for her husband. He came to me after that weekend and exclaimed "I want your wife to keep being friends with my wife!"

    - Dawn: late forties, part Hispanic, long blond hair, slim but chesty. Reminds me of a cross between Jennifer Lopez (but her ass is smaller) and Rene Russo. Looks great in a bikini. She is probably Bunnie's closest friend (she was the woman above who called Bunnie after the pool party),they talk at least once a day or so. Like Bunnie, Dawn says the hell with fashion and does not see anything wrong with dressing sexy for your husband or boyfriend in public. Her husband and I call them the "sexy fashion twins" as they like to us go on double dates with them wearing "sexy but somewhat modest" outfits. Dawn is trying to arrange for us couples to vacation together in Las Vegas - she saw the pictures we took and the clothes Bunnie and others were wearing, and is desperate to spend time there.

    - Connie: early-mid forties, black, colors her hair brown/dark red, smaller on top (always teasing Bunnie "I need to borrow some chest from you!") but quite an ass and legs. She is very much into "dress up" intimacy. One day Bunnie showed her a couple of sites where we order stuff from, and she spent $200 that afternoon on costumes, lingerie, wigs, and fishnets. Has often remarked "If I ever wore outside what I wear in the bedroom, I'd be busted for prostitution on the spot!"

    - Janet: mid forties, short, chubby but curvy build. She reminds me of Delta Burke in her "nice and round" days. In public she is the most modest and shy of Bunnie's friends - I have almost never seen her wear a dress shorter than ankle length in public. But in her home, according Bunnie, her wardrobe consists of tight tank tops and short shorts. Janet's explanation simply is "my hubby likes to see my body, and I want to show it off to him". I can see why her husband works from home.

    When Bunnie and any/all of these friends get together, you can be sure that sooner or later the discussion will turn to sex. I have been chased out of my own house to the tune of "we are talking about 'stuff' that YOU are not supposed to hear!" (of course I do not mind - Bunnie always seems extra frisky and horny after getting together with them, so whom at I to complain?). I do not know how detailed they get, and actually I do not want to know. Although part of me is concerned that they think I am a pervert, Bunnie reassures me that they really do like me ("if they did not like you, why would they keeping telling me all the time that I better be giving you lots of sex anyway you want it?").

    These (and other) friends have had more than a few interesting adventures over the years, which I may share in later posts. These all revolve around situations that led to what I will call "mass horniness" among these woman that led them to find their husbands and have wild sex. It seems so many times when folks get to their thirties and forties the idea of sex can become childish, boring, or even disgusting. It is so much fun to see Bunnie and her friends presenting a positive, active view for as long as possible.
  11. I am busy converting my favorite songs from vinyl albums to mp3s. Bunnie comes into the room and we reminisce about these songs. Many of them are from our high school, college, and twenty-something years.

    When Bunnie hears the song "Undisco Kidd" by Funkadelic, she gets a wicked look in her eye.

    "I remember you feeling me up in college to this song", she says smiling.

    That was a pleasant memory. We had come back to my room after a movie, and someone in my dorm was blasting the song from their windows. As I heard the lyrics I started fondling Bunnie's tits and ass, she started quivering to the beat, and eventually it led to a fantastic fuck session.

    "Ever since then, that song gets me horny", she continued. "And... I'll be right back. Don't you DARE leave this room!", she says, as she races out of the room.

    I wait in curious anticipation. I know it will have something to do with sex, but wonder how it will manifest itself. In a few minutes, Bunnie calls out, before coming back into the room, "Put on that song again!"

    I do, and as the intro plays ("Bad!... the girl is Bad!"), Bunnie struts into the room - and my eyes almost explode with delight :phat. She has let her hair down, and has changed into a sparkly mini dress that clings to her curves and barely goes below her ass and crotch. She is also wearing white fishnet pantyhose stockings (that I know are crotchless), and red high heels. She has a big smile on her face, and begins moving to the music.

    I start to move to her, but she puts up her hand "Not yet, 'Kidd'... you have to wait to the end, just like the song. Just enjoy the sight for now...", Bunnie winks at me.

    My eyes are totally taken by Bunnie's antics. As she moves and dances, she makes sure I am getting great views of her ass and tits in motion. He pulls up the dress to flash her ass and pussy at me, and fingers her pussy and then slowly lick her fingers while she dances. She fondles her tits, and on occasion pulls them out of her dress to squeeze them, point there hard nipples at me, then lick them.

    She taking the song chorus to heart ("Move... your sexy body...") and is doing everything she can to show off her body to me. I am loving it. I unzip my pants to show her how hard my cock is. Bunnie keeps her eyes fixed on it, licking her lips then sitting or lying in positions to spread her legs as if saying "I want you to fuck me with you cock like this..."

    Finally, the closing lines of the song comes on ("When she wiggles, she makes the Kidd holler for more...)" I close in on her, and we french kiss while grinding against each other. I have one hand on her tits and the other between her legs. She has got my cock in a death grip and strokes it. As the song fades out we move to a nearby couch and I start sucking on her tits. Bunnie makes happy sounds, keeping one hand on my cock while rubbing her pussy with the other. And it just gets better from there...

    I love Bunnie's body. She may be turning 50 this year, but I love it even more than I first saw it in college. The funny thing is, it was not the first thing I noticed about her when I first met her. I was captivated by her face - so pretty, very pale, smooth skin, nice black hair, lovely big green eyes, and a very pleasant smile. The first time we spoke at length I could not stop looking at her face, it just struck me as so wonderful. At the time, Bunnie wore baggy outfits and campus - sweatshirts,/pants overalls, big coats, etc. - so I could not tell a lot about her figure. I thought she might be somewhat chubby - but frankly I tend to like women with some "meat" to them, so that was not a problem.

    When we became "exclusive" to each other I still had not seen much of her body, but I had hugged and kissed her enough know that it felt soft and nice. Then one day we went on a group date with a bunch of friends to an amusement park. I will never forget waiting outside her dorm and seeing her come bouncing down the stairs wearing a tight tank top and shorts - WOW! Did my Bunnie ever curves on her - her chest had felt so soft because it was big (DD), she definitely had that waist-hip ratio that attracts looks, her ass was nice and round, and her legs were definitely shapely. I held her close to me all during that date. Several of my friends said to me later "I didn't know she was build like THAT!".

    Later in our relationship Bunnie revealed to me that, she began developing a feminine body at age 12 and was a D cup by the time she was 14. Her mother essentially made sure she dressed in outfits that did not show her figure, and made her feel insecure about her body - perhaps to keep her from "showing it off". Various incidents in high school added to that insecurity and made her want to cover up even more. However, because she saw how much I liked her before I really knew how she was built, Her desire for me to see her body grew.

    When we started getting sexually involved, the more I saw of her body, the more I loved it (Bunnie says she will never forget the first time I saw her tits exposed, she thought eyes would pop out with joy). Bunnie also began dressing much more sexy for me; over time her wardrobe added lots of short skirts/dresses and cleavage-revealing tops. She really enjoyed me feasting her eyes on her body, and that continues to this day. While she has "toned down" her dress in public somewhat due to her age and career (though she is still often mistaken for being 10-15 years younger than she is), on dates and in private she will still dress sexy around me. She likes to vacation in places like Las Vegas or romantic resorts; she feels much freer to dress sexy all the time in those places, since many other women are doing the same.

    Her body, though, entices me not just by the its visual beauty, but what she likes to do with it. Bunnie loves to touch herself. She told me that as her breasts developed she liked to rub them, and was always curious to see if they would get big enough so that she could put the nipples in her mouth (they did). When we first started spending time naked together, I noticed she had a habit of stroking her pussy area while reading or relaxing. When I noticed and mentioned it, and first she became self conscious, thinking I would not like her doing this and that I might interpret it as me not keeping her satisfied. Over time she saw that I really like it, and now feels comfortable doing it even more for. And during sex... Bunnie goes wild. She loves to finger herself while she sucks my cock, and when she masturbates she likes me to hold her tits up to her face so she (or both of us) can suck them. When we are fucking and I am on top she will also shake her tits, tweak and suck her nipples, and when not rubbing parts of my body will rub parts of hers from the excitement.

    Age will eventually affect us all, but that will not change my attitude. Bunnie stays physically active and her legs and ass are in great shape. Her tits may "sag" as compared to when she was 25, but so what? As far as I am concerned, that just means it is easier for her to suck them. We recently had a funny incident when I found Bunnie searching the web looking for "natural" pictures of women over 50 with big breasts, as she was concerned how her "sag" might compare to others. So we looked together and her concern turned to humor, which then led to a wonderful fuck session. After having kids her tummy is not what is was before kids, but I do not care - in fact I find it very erotic to see her "jiggle" and "shake" when I am really thrusting my cock in and out of her.:)

    I will paraphrase a quote from the the movie "The Bachelor": It is a wonderful thing, as time goes by, to be with someone who looks at your body when you have gotten old, and still sees what you think your body looks like at its best. Bunnie says that even though she may be "old" in years, the way I am still so attracted to her body keeps her feeling like a "horny young thing" around me. I would not have it any other way. :D
  12. I am home, recovering from a week long bout with the flu. Bunnie has been doing a great job of taking care of me. I am feeling much better, but decide to stay home for one more day of rest. While Bunnie is at work, I start watching some of our home sex movies (more about that in a future post). Watching Bunnie "perform" with me always makes me feel better.

    Around noon, Bunnie calls on her lunch break.

    "How are you feeling?" she asks.

    "Much, much better. Especially since I started watching our movies?"

    "Really?", she exclaims. "Are you hard?"

    "Like a rock", I chuckle.

    "I'm coming home for a long lunch break", she says, and hangs up.

    About fifteen minutes later I hear her car pull into the driveway. I look out our window, and see Bunnie getting out of the car, and running, not walking, to the front door. I go bad to bed, and I hear the door open and slam, then Bunnie's steps racing up the stairs as if she wants to get to something quickly.

    Bunnie opens the door, I'm lying down, showing her my hard cock in full glory.

    She doesn't say anything, but moves to the bed, pulling off her pantyhose and thong on the way. She gets on the bed, hikes her skirt up and goes on top of me in the 69 position. Her pussy is already wet and tastes great. She starts sucking my cock and unbuttoning her blouse at the same time, trying to free her tits so that I can fondle them. It just gets better from there...


    Bunnie is very physically attractive to me (more about that in a future post). However the number one thing I love about her is her "attitude". Her attitude is what really enhances her physical beauty and makes it real. In my view, when it comes to enjoying sex, your partner's attitude trumps everything.

    I can best describe Bunnie's sexual attitude with me as being curious, willing to try things, willing to learn, eager and joyful. It is similar to her attitude in her other pursuits. She likes challenges, and has has success in academia and publishing because she can quickly become an expert in her areas of interest. She seems to see sexuality as a challenge in which she wants to be the best for me - and thus the attitude. Many years ago Bunnie told me that for her, sex was the number one priority in our relationship, and she wants to keep it that way.

    I also like how she nurtures her attitude by surrounding herself with close female friends who have the same view. That is easy when you are young, but gets much more difficult as one ages. I am thankful to see how see seeks out friends who encourage each others sexuality and believe you are never too old to enjoy it in creative manners.

    I am glad I am the only one who gets to enjoy it. Call me selfish, but Bunnie and I want to be faithful to each other, but in that faithfulness enjoy ourselves fully. We want do whatever we can to keep things exciting. She is eager to hear my creative ideas and try them out. While all of them might not "stick", the vast majority of them do. This gives us a large repertoire of activities to enjoy with each other. That variety along with an attitude is why sex never gets boring for us.

    When we first started getting physically intimate, we were both virgins. We had started out as acquaintances, then friends, then fell in love, then started dating. We dated for several months before beginning our sexual interaction. I did not want to rush things. I just had a strong feeling that things would take care of themselves over time, and they did.

    Bunnie's curiosity meant that every time we went to a new "level" she would ask me questions. Did I like it? What about it did I like? On paper these may see annoying or strange or silly, but she really wanted to know and learn.

    My patience and nurturing of that attitude has been very beneficial. Bunnie often jokes that if I had wanted her to do all of these things early in our sexual relationship, it would have overwhelmed her and she might have run away screaming. Instead, I did not push things on her, an let her get more and more comfortable with it. Over time, this had made her feel more comfortable and better enjoy the variety. Now she is at the point when she is eager for me to try more things with her, or do more of the things I enjoy with her because she enjoys them as well.

    Take facials. The first time I ejaculated on Bunnie's face she did not know what to think about it. But she asked me did I like it, and why. I told her the truth - It felt good, and that she looked pretty to me with cum on her face. However, I also said that I knew it was for my benefit, and I would let her control when I could do this. Her response was "okay, if you like it I think I can get used to it". Gradually she not only got used to it, but liked it more and more. Now she has "interesting" ways to let me know how much she enjoys it and wants it from me (maybe more on that in a future post).

    So overall, Bunnie's loving sexual attitude towards me is a huge foundation on which we can build all kinds of sexual excitement. It is a wonderful thing to experience!
  13. It is morning, and I am taking a shower, getting ready for work. Bunnie and I had great sex last light, and just thinking about it I start to harden again. It is a pleasant feeling - but work calls.

    When I get back to the bedroom. Bunnie is awake - she is an early riser, even though today she leaves later than me - and reading. She looks at me and smiles, then notices that I'm somewhat hard.

    "Is that what I think it is?", she says. "After all the fun last night, you're not done?"

    "When I think about it and about you, this is what happens", I chuckle, as I start getting dressed. I'm beginning to focus on the day ahead, which I know will soon kill my arousal.

    "I can't let you go out like that. You'll give off 'horny vibes' and be uncomfortable all day. Do you want me to do anything for you?"

    "Thanks hon... but I'll be okay. By the time I get to work and walk around, I'll be calm", I respond like an idiot.

    Bunnie takes the bed covers off - she's naked, as always in the morning - and kneels on the bed in a doggy style position, her ass pointing towards me. She reaches one hand between her legs and starts rubbing her pussy. "Sure you don't want to stick it in? This is your last chance..."

    That sight gets me even harder. I may be an idiot, but I am not a fool. I quickly slip my pants and underwear off, move behind her, and stick my cock in her pussy - she's wet, and it slides in fine. We rapidly screw, and we both cum quickly.

    After I move out Bunnie lays on her back, with a little smile on her face. I get dressed and we kiss before I leave "Now I feel much better", she says to me.

    On the way to work, I can only think: What have I done to deserve her?

    Many people ask themselves that question when something bad happens to them. I tend to ask it when something good that I do not expect happens to me. I am not a miserable, depressed person; I I tend to be easy going, confident, not a worrier, and generally have a positive outlook on life. But I continue to be amazed not just at my wife's sexuality, but how much joy she gets from giving me access to that sexuality and getting whatever I want from it. That morning was one example - and a mild one - of how she acts around me when it comes to sex.

    I think I am a good husband - at least I try. I feel presumptuous to claim that without into from others. My philosophy is, if you ask me if I am a good husband, I will tell you to go ask my wife and see what she says. If you ask me if I am a good father, I will tell you to go ask my kids and see what they say. Same with friends. The biggest (and most difficult) things I attempt in my relationships is (a) being honest and (b) not being a hypocrite.

    I am "old fashioned" in that I believe that a man should try to protect and nurture the woman he loves, and not take her for granted. I also have the "old fashioned" view that in marriage I am the one primary responsible for providing a home, income to live on, and to make the family feel secure and protected. However, I do not object when Bunnie wants to work, or do something independent. I am not into marriage "roles" - Whatever role needs to be done to maintain and improve our marriage, I will try. I am very easy going about things, and there are very few issue I will choose to take a stand on. Overall, I want Bunnie to feel that being married to me is (and continues to be) a great choice, and not an "obligation". I have always felt that spouses who expect their mates to do something just "because we are married" can easily slide into marital abuse. I don't want Bunnie to feel that she is "stuck" in marriage, I want her to choose to be (and stay) married to me.

    I did not have high expectations regarding sex. I knew Bunnie liked sex; we were both virgins when we met, and when we started getting intimate I saw her growing "fascination" with it (more on that in future posts). When we married (a little more than 4 years after we started dating), we had done lots of sexual activity. The prevalent perception at the time was "sex in marriage is boring and not much fun". However, I wanted to marry Bunnie for more than just sex, there were many other reasons. My attitude was - whatever happens, happens, I still want to spend my life with her.So as the marriage went on I was continually surprised (and happy) at Bunnie's continued and growing sexuality, and the sex did not become boring. When we hit a rough spot (as all marriage do), and I started taking her for granted, that (along with some other issues that we avoided instead of faced) could have imperiled our marriage. Fortunately we both realized before it was too late that we really wanted our marriage to work. We went to counseling, and started communicating again with each other. That is when I really found even more about about Bunnie's deep sexual desires - and then I started to come up with "creative ideas" to nurture that desire. Things just exploded (in a VERY good way) after that.

    I will use this blog to as a place for reflection, and to try to organize my thoughts. Maybe these will help others. Because this is anonymous you will just have to trust me on that I am telling the truth - but I totally understand of one is skeptical about the things I discuss.

    P.S. I called Bunnie in the early afternoon on the aforementioned day, to see how things were going. She was not having a good day, lots of running around and dealing with her work and volunteer projects. But she also said "if you hadn't treated me so 'nice' this morning, my day would a lot worse - that memory is what is keeping me going". Such an amazing wife!
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