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  1. Hi my wife and I have two daughters and don't have much time for sex and it doesn't help that we are currently sleeping on my grandmothers futon.
    I am all way horney and craving sex and she not in the mood for it because 1 we are having marriage probably( stress or tension between one another can cause lack of sexual drive to one another), 2 she just had a kid about 2 month ago, and 3 she is normally to tired to do anything once she gets home from work.
    So I have been thinking about taking a pill that will lower my libido and or my testosterone and my sperms count( went to decrease the likelihood of her getting pregnant again. Getting myself fixed whenever tax income comes in).
    Should i take pills for any or all of them? And if so are there any pills that you could suggest?
    And if i should not take any of the pills why?
  2. So my wife and I have been having marital issues for quite a while now. And I fill like it started to get really bad last year. When I found out the hard way that my wife had been sexting one of her Co workers. Now we have an open relationship. But we set some rules in place so no one would get hurt. But she broke it. And many times since then too. So any way we have had are ups and downs. her fwb and her have been hanging out again after I asked them to stop. I don't trust him. She sez that they are just friends now. But I know he wants way more. He wants to be in a relationship with her. I know this because I did something wrong and I keep doing it because I no longer trust my wife like I usto. I look through her phone. And the other night she was leaving work and told me they called her back to do some paperwork and I felt like she was lying to me again so I looked on are cars tracking device that we have for are insurance company. And I found that she had gone over to his place and not back to work. She was only over there for 30 minutes. But she still led to me. And I confronted her about it, and she denied it until I showed her proof. And I know everybody should have friends in life. But for her to have to feel like she has to lie to me to be with her friends is really bad and I don't know how to fix it. I asked her earlier today, if he tried to make a move on her would she stop it. And she said probably not. So is there any advice anybody could give me to help me save my marriage? She not already talking about a divorce and since we have two kids that's not the best option plus we only have one vehicle and we are currently staying at my grandmothers. So even if we did get a divorce we would still end up having to stay at my grandmothers because neither of us have anywhere to go. And she and I were talking earlier today and she feels that she no longer loves me like when we first got married. And I don't know exactly how I feel about her but I know I enjoy being around her. But we don't have anything to talk about anymore except for our children and our jobs when I get one every now and then.
    I think one of the worst rules that she broke was that we had a roll of must wear condoms you would think that's an easy rule follow you think and they did not follow that rule and my second daughter that my wife and I we're not sure if its hers and his or mine and hers
    And so we are planning on using our tax income money and checking my daughter to find out if she is mine or she is his. My wife asked me today if I'm going to treat her my own daughter or find intruder like she is another guy's daughter and I honestly don't know but I'm going to do my best to treat her as my own if she is somebody else's

    Please help.
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