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  1. Because I'm lost. The forum I came from was organized by topics and was much more user friendly for newbies than apparently this one is. We were organized by interest headings: anal, oral, what's on your mind, couples sex, sex and aging, just to name a few. Sadly they laid off the administrator who was the spirit of the whole forum and it's been dying on the vine ever since. A friend named Studley recommended this one. I hope to get reacquainted with some of my old friends from Bran X's Forum who may have relocated here and meet some new friends via cyberspace.

    Right now I'm lost beyond logging in. Is there a tutorial available? I don't have a degree in computer science and frankly at my age I don't want one. Could someone give me a quick breakdown on how to get started? I'm a married, straight, sixty-eight, soon to be sixty nine years old male and I'm still madly in love with my wife of twenty-five years who I want to please as much as she still rocks my world. I'm here to learn. HHH
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