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  1. This crossed my mind and I thought I would share: About ten months ago I had my first random sexual encounter. I was out of town on leisure for a weekend staying in a nasty hotel in Tacoma. Friday when I checked in I met the girls that were staying in the room next to mine. One was a 5'4"blonde with layered hair and a fair completion, cute. The other was a beautiful, caramel skinned, 5'10", athletic girl with a pixie hairdo. I bumped in to them at the ice machine, we chatted and then as we walked down the hall to our designated quarters we found that our rooms were together.

    All that night I listened to them moaning no doubt frotting, fingering and toying each other. I was unbelievably aroused. The next day they were stealing muffins, no pun, at the continental breakfast and we mad small talk. I learned Michelle, the blonde, and Jamie, the brunette, were open partners and that they were in town to so Michelle could visit her Christian conformist parents.

    I was back in my room at about 6PM that evening when there was a small knock on the shared door between the girls room and mine. I opened it to find Jamie in booty shorts and a tank-top with a slight smile she said she was lonely and that Michelle had spent the day with her mother and sisters. Then she just walked in and sat on the small sofa with her legs spread. As I stood baffled she asked if I could entertain her. To play along I said "what do we have that I can entertain you with?" to which she said "you have a cock, don't you?" She walked over pulled my pants to my knees and slid down my body. She licked my semi-erect shaft making it and myself snap out of the shock and prepare to perform. She sucked until I let off in her mouth. I pulled her up to her feet and put her on the bed I peeled her shorts off to find her tan, shaved crotch dripping. I went down and only came up when her moans had sufficiently aroused me for penetration. For almost 30 minutes I vibrated my tongue on her clit and fingered her slowly. When I stood and she saw that my cock was ready for her she layer back and beckoned me into missionary. As I penetrated her she squealed and pulled me deeper. It took a ten second pause to remove her shirt and I immediately started licking and sucking her dark nips making them instantly hard. Then she put her legs over my shoulders allowing deeper entry and within a couple minutes she came. I pulled out and licked up her fluids from off her asshole and taint. She started rubbing her clit so I decided it was round two time. I asked her if she would do doggy style and she rolled over and put her ass in the air. I slid into her and found a good rhythm and started manipulating her clit in pulses. After about 20 minutes I asked if I could cum in her. She said "only in my ass" I kept going until I was ready and I came on her ass. She said "what the fuck!? I wanted it in my ass not on it!" She jelqued me to keep me hard and told me to fuck her ass hole. I used my leftover cum for lube. She was moaning in seconds it seemed and every time my body hit hers she felt wetter. We both climaxed in about 15 minutes and were absolutely exhausted. We ordered room service and she waited for Michael's car to pull in to go back to her room and shower.

    I heard moans again that night. The next day I bumped into them again at breakfast. Jamie thanked me for my company and I thanked her likewise. I never saw her again after that.
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