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  1. As always I was enjoying my two mile walk around the neighborhood.
    I know many people along my route..
    One such person is a handsome man who occasionally watches football with my husband..
    Little does my husband know that this particular man had been fucking me for years...
    Little does my husband know that when I leave for my walk this man volunteers to run home and get something for the party.
    I was waiting yesterday when he quickly pull into the driveway..
    I dropped my shorts then bending over his couch he pushed his cock in my love hole..
    I told him pull out and come on my pussy when he's ready.
    I pulled my shorts up trying not to disturb the come he deposited on me.
    I jumped in his car for the ride back then checked then walked to the mailbox ..
    When I returned I glanced at my lover and sat next to my husband..
    During the next commercial I asked my husband to help me with something in the bedroom..
    I looked in his eyes smiling.
    I shyly asked if he really like me being a slut?
    The neighborhood slut?
    I gave him a devilish smile and pushed his hand down my pants..
    Yes baby that's another man's come on you wife..
    Wonder who I said...then walked away.
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  2. Floating around in the pool add me so horny I figured I'd go inside and shower and watch one of my pornos.
    That's perfect, my son had gone next door to his buddies..

    After a nice shower I wrapped a towel around my waist and walked to my husband's den to shift through our videos.
    Our library contained 20 videos so far of me with other men recorded with the camera my husband mounted in our bedroom..
    I documented my sexual adventures for him to watch later..
    I noticed two missing.. To my horror the tapes where with his best friend the summer her returned from college.
    I had just saw them there yesterday..
    Not exactly sure what to do I decided to check my son's room..
    Sure enough one was in his player the other on his desk.
    A knot grew in My stomach as I realized his buddy spend the night last night..
    They must have watched them..
    I grabbed both and returned to my bedroom .
    I inserted one the player before stretching out on the bed and fingering myself to sleep..
    I woke startled when I felt something warm between my legs..I lay still as two months started licking and sucking my boobs and pussy.
    I lay still as the pushed my legs open and mounted me..
    I keep my eyes closed not wanting to know..
    I left the heat of his manhood push my pussy lips apart..
    I knew this feeling and pushed my hips to meet his..
    Then he pulled out giving his buddy a turn..
    I felt his shaft and opened my mouth to receive him..
    Reaching up with my hand I pumped his shaft while sucking his head before h e unloaded in my mouth..
    This put me over the edge and I rapidly met the thrusts of the others cock a enjoyed a massive orgasm..
    One more video for our collection.
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  3. He had decided to use my bathroom to shower before going out.
    I walked into my bedroom just as he was drying himself off.
    I couldn't help myself and had to stare..
    He was in great shape, all muscle with his cock swinging back and forth as he walked across the room..

    As I replayed that image in my head and sipping wine I noticed my nipples were rock hard and poking through the thin fabric of my top. He was so sexy I couldn't help but get turned on..
    I told myself before he arrived ,not this time, no sex..But could I resist him if he made the first move...
    I got up imagining things and kiss my husband goodnight..
    He was in bed reading as he does every night before going to sleep..
    He asked are you going to wait up?
    Yes like always I replied..
    Well have fun and he turned off the light..

    I was almost 1am when I heard the garage door open..
    He came into the living room with a big smile on his face and I knew he had been drinking.
    After drinking wine I was feeling good to.
    He came over and sat down next to me.. I turned towards him placing one leg over his..

    I asked him how is evening was after noticing him staring my boobs .
    He said he couldn't find anyone he knew or anyone interesting..
    He said I found several hot girls but the just teased him and wouldn't go all the way..
    I could understand his frustration.
    For some reason what I said next would change everything.

    I said I would never tease you.

    Oh really he replied staring at my boobs again..
    He said prove it. Take off your top..
    The smart move would have been to laugh.
    Not wanting to back on my word , I smiled at him as I peeled off my top revealing my naked breasts to him.
    He was speechless..

    I said ok mister take off your top.
    He didn't hesitate..

    He looked at me and said I don't think you'll do it ,
    But why don't you take your pants off.
    I was breathing hard even though common sense said to stop.
    I stood up and released the drawstring and slowly peeled my pants off and soon stood in only my white cotton panties.

    I pointed to his and said "Well?"

    He was soon standing in front of me in his boxers and there sticking out was one very hard cock.
    He reached out and pulled me closer.
    As my breasts crushed against his chest he kissed me..
    I felt his hands travel to my ass and pull me closer.
    Yet again I wasn't going to stop him..
    From the first time he knows how to get me in bed..
    As we broke our kiss his mouth moved to my nipples.
    I felt him push me back on to the couch..
    I lowered myself onto my back after glancing to my bedroom and seeing my husband watching.
    He towered over me as I opened my legs..
    My desire for him was a strong as his for me.
    He sucked and pulled on my nipples..
    This was really going to happen again...
    Knowing I shouldn't, he wasn't wasting any time.
    He wanted to get inside me.
    As I felt his cock head touch my swollen lips I was once more concerned ..

    I said " Easy baby take it easy."

    He slowed down and started to ease himself into me..
    He groaned telling me how tight and hot my pussy felt..
    Pushing in even deeper..
    I grabbed his ass to urge him on..
    I didn't care how taboo this was he was about to make me come.
    Fuck me harder baby..
    He was lasting longer than normal and I was now riding him now.
    Up and down on his cock using him for my pleasure while giving him pleasure..
    I had already had several orgasms and was sweaty my son was sweaty when he said oh god mom I'm going to want me to come inside you or pull out..
    Give it to me baby. He paused with his cock deep in me..His load erupted.
    It was the second time he came in me tonight.
    After the first blast he slowly pumped his sperm in me..
    This ultimate bond between a man and a woman..
    We just happened to be much closer..

    As always I got up and kissed my son goodnight before joining my husband in bed.
  4. I was thrilled when I met the young couple who purchased the house next to ours..
    I was in the driveway washing my corvette when the moving company arrived.
    They where younger very outgoing and he was very handsome.
    His wife had a similar build as myself..
    And we quickly hit it off.
    I quickly invited them over for a bbq and swim Friday night.

    We hit it off well despite the twenty year age difference.
    I had on a sheer bikini keeping everyone's eyes on me while I showed them around the house..
    She was intrigued with my husband's Harley and he requested to drive my corvette sometime..
    A few hours into our get together my husband announced that I rarely wear a bikini as he pulled the back of bikini top partially exposing my tits..
    I stood waiting on reaction when everyone started clapping so I removed it shaking my breasts for our company . Within a few minutes she joined me and we kind of paired off.
    I stood in the shallow end of the pool with our new neighbor.
    I let my nipples brush his chest wanting to kiss him..
    My husband sat on the diving board with his wife..
    The tension filled the air as I asked my husband if we needed more wine..
    He suggested I was a good time to let our new neighbor dive me to the liquor.
    Let's go.
    I began drying off and removed my we bikini bottom before I realized we had company.
    I stood nude in front of everyone..
    All of the sudden his wife jumped up removed her bottoms and said who needs wine to fuck.
    Isn't that what we all really want to do.
    She walked directly up to me and have me a big hug..
    My I spent some time getting to know your husband?
    Yes I answered .My I spend some with yours?
    She kissed me and said yes..
  5. Thank you for putting up with me.
    Thank you for getting your honey do lists done.
    Thank you for providing me a home and all it comes with.
    Thank you for being a good father to our children.
    Thank you for letting me get to know other men.
  6. Yesterday afternoon my husband's boss suddenly dropped by our house.
    I had just gotten out of the shower when the doorbell rang..
    I quickly through on a white T-shirt and shorts.

    I looked the peephole and to my surprise saw his boss..
    With a smile on my face I quickly opened the door and let him in..
    I apologize for my dress ,
    He replied not at all , you look terrific.

    We sat and he went on to say I came by to inform you that this afternoon your husband will get promoted with better pay..With this he will need to travel more..Nothing long , two or three days every other week.
    I wanted you to be the first to know...

    I stared Into his eyes and asked if he would like to have something ?
    He looked straight back into my eyes and replied yes..
    I moved closer and we kissed as I opened his shirt revealing his muscular black chest.
    I got up and led him to the bedroom..We quickly undressed.
    I could see his cock bulging in his underwear..
    I knelt down to my knees. I pulled down his underwear and was pleased to see my nine inch friend..
    I put him in my mouth. The head first , then the entire cock .
    I my head moving up and down for a good ten minutes when I felt him grab the back of my head..
    I let him take over..Quickly pumping his cock in and out of my mouth as he released his large load.
    I swallowed then sucked him dry and clean.

    He picked me up and lay me on the bed..
    He started eating me..I came in just a few minutes..
    He kissed my entire body as I played with his cock..
    When he was really hard again I told him to fuck me..

    I moaned when he started to push his cock in.
    His massive black frame Hovering over mine..
    I gasp in lust and pain as he thrust his cock into me..
    I was crushed under him. He paused for a moment after my orgasm.
    My pussy muscles contracting and relaxed on his shaft.
    He went on fucking me as soon as my orgasm had subsided this time with powerful strokes.
    He fucked me harder and faster and blew another load .
    This time deep in my pussy..

    When my husband came home I had just showered.
    The bed was still unmade. My husband smiled and said I thought so.
    Well yes honey, it was your idea..
    My husband handed me an envelope .
    I looked surprised..
    It's from your boyfriend..
    I said oh your boss.
    It's payday..We both laughed.
    I opened it.
    There was a small note saying please thank you husband for letting me enjoy your body..
    Along with five hundred dollars..

    Without changing the sheets we had amazing sex before going out for dinner on my boyfriend.
  7. I heard the key then the front door open just as my husband got out of the shower.
    I smile at my husband. And he smiled back.
    Then my son's head popped around the door and said hi mom. Here's your money.
    Thanks I replied would you like breakfast?
    That's up to you he replied adding I need to be at work by 9am.
    I glanced at the clock then pulled the sheets back.
    Their was a wet spot between my legs.
    Nothing new for the men in my life
    He quickly to his place between my legs..
    Gave me one more orgasm that his father before going to work.
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  8. As the door opened his hand quickly slide around my waist as he pushed his tongue down my throat.
    He had a finger on my clit as he pushed me to the sofa. Pushing me down he quickly unzipped his pants releasing his beautiful cock.

    My husband reminded me to pick up the dry cleaning and I nodded with a mouth full of cock..
    He snapped a few photos and left.

    We retreated to the bedroom the bed still a mess..
    His tongue dancing between my legs while he finger fucked my ass.
    I was in heaven..I began twitching ,then the first of several orgasms.
    I rolled over facing my laptop that was ready for my husband to connect.
    Laying on my belly i felt the head of his cock part my vagina.
    A deep breath and He pushed it in..
    Jason got his rhythm and steadily pounded my pussy.
    Another long orgasm .
    Then I heard my husband ask Jason " how's my wife's pussy feel today son ".
    And I lost control none stop orgasms looking into my husband's eyes..

    At my husband's request i got on my hands a knees so he could watch my Boobs bounce with each thrust of his hips..then I felt him tighten ,grunt and I moaned as I received his warm milk.

    An hour later he filled my sex .
    This time my husband and brother-in-law watched.
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  9. I woke and started the coffee as I do every morning.
    But instead of getting back into bed I shower.
    Because today is my neighbors day off.
    Once showered I poured my husband a cup then slide his cock down my throat..
    It's only fair I swallow him first.
    He will be going to work as my lover arrives.
    He was only 23 when he bought the house next door with his girlfriend..
    What was to be a one time thing at his bachelors party has lasted for 28 years..
    Every Monday morning,and every other Sunday while his wife's at church.
    I was 36 when we started and honestly by now he's almost fucked me as many times my husband has.
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