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  1. I lie sometimes.
  2. Nigger..?
  3. I sent this to a friend of mine:

    I fell in a very deep love with a girl I knew for two years. I was hesitant, but we had sex after she practically begged for it for several months. She wanted me to ejaculate in her. I was drunk. I did so. She spent the remainder of the night in my arms and all of the following morning. She told me she loved me. I believed her. We were cute for two days then she begins ignoring me.

    She was pregnant. I was zealous. I adored the idea of us creating a human together. She was taken aback when I shared my sentiment. She aborted the kid at one month. I was irked. I finally visited her last night and she told me that she didn't want me and thus I was discarded.

    Then I wrote her the following:

    It wasn't directly about the sex. I just wanted you to do something I said; as in obedience. Yeah sure I've been that way in the past, but you aborting what I presume to be your child and mine, the constant binge drinking and pill popping, etc basically let me know that I wasn't wanted and probably haven't been for a while. Regardless if you only felt that I was just supposed to be a couple nights stand you should have been upfront with that. Now the pain and anger still resounds within me. Like I said before " I'm human garbage." You're M.O. is to usually tell me that you love me after passing out in your car. If you're tired of apologizing-- good, because it means very little to me and I got tired of seeing it. It was a matter of principle. I dislike the way you live. You obviously don't care. Why have sex? Why hold hands? Why kiss? Why even exist in each others lives if you can't remember who you slept by the night before. Maybe your mother should get custody of you. You want to change me into you. That will never happen. Drugs and alcohol are fine in moderation, but at your rate... blowing a 1.15... That's just self abuse. I do not want to be coerced into changing. I have my own pace which is, apparently, too slow for you. In fact I might not even change. As I don't feel the need to. You should accept me for who I am. I believe I do a well enough job of accepting whatever it is that is you.

    If you want someone more like go find him/her. I don't want to have meaningless sex or spend time with or around someone who can't remember my first name when she's drunk. I'm over this this shit, (persons name). And I'm over you.
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  4. They brought the blogs area back.
  5. I'm a piece of shit as a human being.
  6. I feel that my attraction to you is inappropriate. Of course this is preposterous as attraction is a fire where even smothering it acts as an instrument to further instigate the fire's ferocity. Even where dying embers lay, after a spring shower there remains the, albeit minuscule, chance that the flames will reignite and scorch the earth beneath them.

    What is mostly inappropriate is that I have found myself utterly consumed by this fire without the thought or want of reprieve. The ends of each flame flickers and dances above my head just out of my reach. At times one will lower in intensity as the crackling beneath my feet and the roar above my head begin to dull in animation only to quickly deprive me if reaching it.

    The pain is unbearable at times. Anticipation diced with excitement and self-disgust swarm my pickled mind. The pain is a guide which leads me down uncharted roads where bliss becomes fear and fear becomes denial and denial becomes acceptance which most humans use to compartmentalize and repress or rationalize the fantasies the fire depicts. They're thrilling. They're disgusting.

    I am revolted. I am intrigued.

    The yellow and golden red flames that lick the heavens restrict me from simply leaving as they shoot up in jest.

    Here I am safe despite the anguish.
  7. Holy macheral (sp).
  8. She was introverted and a bit nutters. She had terrible self esteem. Her reclusive nature, seemingly calm demeanor, and lack of pulchritude were all attractive features. Let's be honest, quite often males are compared to predators. Predators, like to go for prey that they can surmount. That's the role she played at a latter time.

    Initially I just wanted to be her friend and we became very close. I'd take her food when she went to Full Sail one night and I got tired. She said she wanted me to sleep with her on her bed. This was after she was rejected by a lad by the name of Person_1. I didn't want to, as it wasn't proper, but she insisted to the point of anger. So I did it. I woke up, saw that the sheet had been lowered, and her nightgown had been raised above her kPerson_1ers. I gingerly replaced both items to their natural position. Perhaps she was trying to entice me, perhaps not.

    At the time Person_2 also had a crush on her. I'm presuming The_Girl had a crush on me as she asked if I wanted to date her, and, if so, if I would. I told her that Person_2 liked her as well and that I couldn't do that to him (I doubt Person_2 knows about this because similar things happened with two other dames).

    After that the relationship between The_Girl and me changed for the worse. She no longer seemed like she enjoyed my company and enjoyed my presence as a conversational partner even less. So we drifted apart. She told me Jordan thought that I was attractive, blah, blah, blah. Then she began making passively aggressive snide remarks about this-or-that so I started the final decaying period of our friendship with "I thought you were attractive; but damn you need Proactive."

    Fast forward, she invited me over one afternoon and she wanted to see my phone because she got lotion on it. I refused to give it to her, so she struck me three times, told me to get out, and proceeded to push and prod me until I left her house. I cried on my bike ride back home.

    It got so bad that she invited me over once and she told me about some anti-elaborate plan to strike me multiple times with a golf club but that the only reason she didn't was because she talked to my mother earlier and she seemed like a nice person.
  9. How backwards can you get? It seems like people adore fallaciously lobbing all republicans into one malicious, hateful, conspiring, cry-baby, under-handing, bigoted category.

    I'm a proud-as-hell republican- but I happen to be a centrist. I'd have a disgusting opinion of all liberals if I based my opinion(s) off of people like Ben Carding or Julianne Malveaux, or (hell) most of the yacks on MSNBC). But I don't.

    This blind and blanketed dislike for all republicans/conservatives should stop. It's rather hypocritical, really. Especially for those who consider themselves advocates of reform, progress, equality, and facets of that nature. How forward-thinking can someone be when they have a heard mentality? It pretty much slaps proper logic in the face, spitss its grandmother, and pisses on its dead sibling's grave.

    I can understand disliking some of Christie's philosophies, or thinking Boehner is a complete yahoo. Just stop the bread-crumb trail of idiocy that seems to follow after any GOP party-head chatter.
  10. you disgust me. And it's irrevocable.

    Cest, cest a vie.
  11. I don't completely agree with this. But I'll put that aside.

    If I decided to get a vasectomy sans any council I'm sure there'd be issues.

    Of course I understand the differences.
  12. I was at my gf's house. My dad called to see how I was doing. We chatted for a few minutes. He said that he was going to get off of the phone so that I could have more time to "pucker and kiss her."

    I completely heard "to fuck her and kiss her."

    This was especially funny because he's quite religious (comes from a family of preachers, deacons, etc) and usually strays from using curse words or being too crass (I'm the opposite). I think I've heard him curse three times in my life.
  13. I've loved it since middle school.
  14. One of my friends cheated on her boyfriend. It went beyond kissing.
  15. Wow

    There's a softcore pornographic personality who I've watched over the years. She has became one of my favorites, if not my favorite. Approximately 13 minutes ago I found a video of her engaging in actual sexual activity (ala coitus) with a fellow. I was instantly depressed. I didn't know I had a crush on this personality who I've never encountered.
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