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  1. Last night I threw myself into the fire after soaking myself with charcoal starter fluid.

    Over the past few days, I've been building a firepit large enough to get my entire body inside, and last night I did just that. I built a pit about 2 feet by 4 feet, and about 2 feet deep, and it has a removable grill top that will support me. Last night I was on the grill, in the fire, and on fire.

    I built up a fire in the full length of the grill, and sat for a while just watching and tending the fire. As i was constructing the pit i'd imagine what it would be like to be in it with a fire going. now that the fire was in front of me all I could think about was being in it. I didn't plan on playing, but I couldn't resist any longer. There was a good bed of glowing coals over the entire bottom, I got up, and hurriedly pulled on a couple layers of pants, a couple of shirts, and covered my hair. I wrapped an old and already partially burned sheet around myself. Going back outside, I threw a fresh bundle of wood onto the fireand when the flames were almost as tall as I was, I slid my grill in place and lay down on my back on it with my head and feet hanging off each side. The roaring flames parted around me and from either sideof my body was a sheet of flame rolling around me. Soon it got hot and I rolled myself over onto my stomach and 'flipped the meat'. Head hanging down, looking into the flames I could watch the flames from underneath the grill top as they wrapped around my body. What an amazing sight. It got hot on my front and I hopped off the grill, hoping my clothes would be alight, but only the sheet was burning in patches.

    I decided I needed some help to burn well, so I grabbed a bottle of charcoal starter fluidand soaked the sheet I was wearing. I knelt on the grill, surrounde by flames, and within a second there was a fireball surrounding me as all the fluid caught light.I stood up and this time the sheet was really on fire, all around me. I strolled around the fire, on fire, enjoying it all, pieces of burning clothing falling in the ground, gusts of wind fanning the flames. Soon though it was hot, and I was trying for real to escape from a burning sheet tied around me.

    After tearing off the burning sheet, I doused my legs again and jumped back onto the grill. Emerging from the fire, my legs were alight and again I walked around a bit on fire enjoying the moment. Then, even before it got hot, I stopped, dropped and rolled, basically roleplaying an out of control fire I couldn't stop. I rolled and let the flames surround me, until it got hot for real and started really trying to put myself out. It wasn't easy, I really tried and finally got extinguished.

    I wanted more, so much more. I removed the grill grom the firepit, and stood there beside the the flames, hurriedly and frantically pouring more fluid all over me. As soon as I was soaked I quickly stepped into the coals, knelt on them, and thrust as much of my fuel soaked body as I could get into the fire. The fireball that erupted from my body was bigger this time, hotter, and for a moment flames washed up over my face, al around me, and well above me as I knelt in the center of a roaring fire. My beard caught fire a bit as well, but I put it out before it burned too bad. I threw myself out of the fire and onto the ground beside it, engulfed in flames. I crawled toward where my hose was, but on my way spotted the bottle of starter fluid. As soon as the thought formed, I had grabbed the bottle and began further soaking my already burning body instead of putting myself out. It was getting hot but I kept going for a bit, I was on fire from my ankles to my chest, including my arms as I had doused them also. Burning fiercely, my clothes were beginning to burn off me and I knew it was going to get real hot real fast if I didn't put myself out, so I grabbed my hose and began putting out the flames.

    I did this a few more times, dousing myself and literally diving into the flames and coals, emerging on fire. One time I did it as calmly as possible, slowly lowering myself into the fire and emerging as if it was a lukewarm bath. I calmly walked to my chair and sat down, watching the fir while ignoring the fire on my body. I just sat there calmly burning for a bit and enjoying the whole thing.

    I had one of the best times I've ever had in my life. I just wish I could have shared such a special time with someone who would enjoy it. I've got a few minor burns from it all to remind me that last night I cast myself into the flames, emerged burning, and danced around the fire with my body alight and my being filled with joy, peace, and contentment as I burned.
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