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  1. I was driving home a really, really long day at university. It hadn’t all been good, exams are never my favourite part of being a student, a necessary evil I suppose. So fuelled up as I was now with having just consumed a black Americano I was heading home.

    A lot of worry and stress had accumulated during the past few days worrying about the exams so I was mightily glad they were finally over. Except it had left me somewhat a bit hyper, high, wound up, in serious need of something to maybe relieve the stress chemicals that’d built up inside. Just past 6pm and I couldn’t wait to get home to shower which would help for starters probably.

    While I was driving I rubbed my hand over the back of my neck for comfort then over my shoulders all the while securely keeping hold of the steering wheel with the other of course. It helped to ease a little my tightened muscles. But then I realised I’d let my hand slip down and over my left breast which elicited quite a surprisingly sensation not unlike mild arousal through my chest. If my mind and body were already zinging a bit they increasingly were doing so now as unusually while driving my I felt my awareness sort of ramp-up a whole new level and alertness, and to my own touch too, inside my shirt beneath my bra my nipple began to tingle, become very much aware of a heightened sensibility washing through me.

    I rested my hand there and began gently caressing while I drove home feeling some tension fall away but, but a whole new emergence of ‘tensions’ were beginning to make themselves apparent. I began enjoying the shivers it sent through me and fled like tiny fingers beneath my clothing so I kept caressing my breast and then the other until my fingers were touching and counting the buttons of my top that ran down my cleavage to my belly button and waist. Still driving I chose to just unbutton two buttons from the top down and slid my hand beneath to touch my bare skin which felt exquisitely warm oddly enough: my own hand, my own touch, and began playfully fingering the lace edge of my red bra.

    I drove on……

    … and drove my fingers on to continue touching my bra until I found myself slipping beneath one cup to touch my own nipple now at the very least semi-erect within the softness of the lingerie.

    For a few miles I carried on this rather unusual behaviour while driving, caressing massaging my breasts beneath my shirt which did nothing but to arouse me even further I was finding. Almost unconsciously I slipped my hand down over my tummy, and down to my thighs until I was fondling, touching my own skirt.

    Still I drove on…….

    I pressed the material of my cotton skater skirt between my legs tucking it in tightly with the side of my hand, gripping the warmth that nestled between my thighs luring me with thoughts I shouldn’t be having while in charge of a vehicle. I rubbed myself there again the fabric between my legs encouraging a tense and release, tense and release motion along my thighs and knees. I realised pretty quickly couldn’t keep driving while I was like this: clearly increasingly and seemingly unstoppably horny and getting more so. Luckily I remembered a car park tucked away behind some sand dunes by the side of the road coming up very soon. I’ll stop there, I thought.

    I drove on…….

    …….. trying to keep my focus was easy as I am used to multitasking, though not usually while my body is decidedly febrile with arousal. It wasn’t easy but I managed and pulled in to park then gasping a huge exhalation of relief. I leaned the seat back and took several deep breaths. Through the windscreen I scoured the rest of the car park and though there were other cars there I couldn’t see another soul. I got out and walked around to the passenger side and got in, there was more space with their not being the steering wheel for me to stretch out and leaned back again once seated. Almost instantly I couldn’t hold back and let my hand slip once again into my blouse, loosening more shirt buttons til it was open to my tummy. I felt and squeezed my breasts inside my bra, something not normally as arousing when you’re doing it yourself but today it seemed to be pretty good feeling. I caressed my skin til my fingers found their own way inside the bra to pinch and roll my nipple between them til I hissed with my own pinching-feeling but I continued and did it harder and harder each time a little pain then each time it lessened, then I wanted more of that feeling and pinched harder, rolled them til they became noticeably erect.

    I felt increasingly excited by where I was and what I seemed to be doing and pulled down the cup of my bra. Looking round the car park again I still saw no one so I completely unbuttoned my top and slipped my hands behind my back to unhook my bra with a huge sense of relief felt my breasts released as I let it mostly fall away exposing them, nipple and all, shirt wide open. I licked my fingers moistening my nipple with them enticing it further erect my light brown aureole almost reddening and swollen ever-so slightly. My hips shuffled in the seat as I felt such inviting warmth in my thighs.

    I unbuttoned the rest of my shirt and pulled it open and from the waistband of my black skirt, my bare tummy, breasts and bra kissed by the air. My skirt had buttons down the front so I unfastened just the top button and ran fingers under the band. Feeling my tummy rise and fall with my ever-deepening my breathing. Here between my thighs I held tight with my legs together for dear life through my continuing arousal, fabric gathered rubbing up and down between my legs I just had to touch, even here in such a public place I was compelled. One hand down the skirt along the pleated hem and underneath edging up my legs till I could touch my knickers constantly drawn to my own warmth inviting.

    I pulled down the cup again revealing a single breast and caressed my nipple, my aureole, lifting my skirt and fondling between. My legs fall open, my black and white spotted knickers moist through all this attention as I sat here in my car in this parking area.

    Tension unravelling like springs……. ​

    I was drawn to glance up to notice another car parked across from mine: inside someone, a man, staring in my direction. I was only half-aware and I didn’t stop my indiscretions, encouraging my body into vivid undulations: I knew just where and how to touch…….

    I began to find his watching itself arousing as I knew I’d reached a point of no return though I considered covering myself again but didn’t. Instead I eased the bra strap from my shoulder and exposed my breast completely and clear enough for him to see and rolled my nipple between my fingers excited even more by now. Just then I was brought back briefly too awareness of my surroundings and noticed two more men, on foot not in a car but who’d stopped not far away off to the side who were stood there staring: watching. I felt increasingly possessed, partly by my own touching but also by their eyes, staring and still I couldn’t help myself.

    Further still I lowered the side window which slid all the way down. The air that rushed into the car was such a relief cooling me but not stopping me as it brushed across every part of my now semi-exposed skin, my breast, tummy, between my thighs. I was excited by the attention and pulled my blouse from my other shoulder, pale shoulders both clear to view I knew this and continued although nervously to lower the strap to expose my other small breast and decidedly erect nipple. I was in a trance, a spell, absorbed in the moments that all had become blurred into this single moment. the upper part of my body was visible from outside the car no one saw where I had my other hand which fell again between my thighsas I teased my skirt all the higher moistening the cotton of my knickers. Just then the two men on foot had edged closer while I briefly had my eyes closed. I felt it was a game of grandma’s footsteps: they move when I’m not looking but freeze when I look. I knew they must now have a better though still obscured view.

    But still I didn’t stop. I couldn’t. ​

    I needed to orgasm whatever else happens, I needed this so much so I continued despite their watching, three men with their attention holding me fast, pinning me with just their eyes to the seat of the car. I caressed my breasts, my nipples and over down to my tummy, up again, I edged my skirt upwards and now almost beyond caring slipped my fingers down my knickers them pulling them down past my few fine pubic hairs and touched my spot between my mound now flushed and moist and noticeably pink. The scent of sex mingled with the incoming air….. and their watching. Opening my legs I my fingers do their worse, and their best. Though I was none of them could see below my waist they seemed still drawn to stay and watch with a clearly clear-view of the upper parts of me.

    They kept watching as I felt my body shudder growing closer to a climax as I tightly closed my eyes I stopped seeing them completely lost inside my own sudden lack of inhibitions. My skin was on fire while my fingers urged and goaded me, as did their eyes, on and on until I felt my body utterly surrender in an orgasm overwhelming uncontrolled I felt a moan exhaling from my mouth as my thighs shuddered made me arched against the seat as a tiny but substantial implosion rocked me whole inside. I thought I felt my heart skip a beat, maybe two, maybe three, I lost count………

    I opened my blurred and tear-stained eyes that I’d so tightly held shut for the last several minutes and saw the man in his guy grinning, maybe he had also cum, and the two men standing near had sneaked a little closer perhaps just enough to see a little more of me inside the car as I came with such intensity. I suddenly felt very self-conscious but still admittedly turned on by their watching, seeing, being there not touching nor taking part although they did in their have a part to play in enhancing that experience, that moment, those moments all caving into one illicit craving.

    I felt a wave a relief as well and thought still horny thought I better go as if I stayed who knows what might’ve happened next. The turned the key and the engine purred to life again and I pulled away tempted but not daring to glance back nor stay longer but perhaps, just perhaps I’ll come here again soon, and perhaps I might stay longer to find out what might’ve happened next.

    © Emmaleela
  2. Once, or was it twice, yes it was twice at different times, I had sex in a car in a car park a guy. He was older than me, not much just a few years and it was in his car in the spring time with the windows down in a half-lit car park behind a lay-by off an A-road…

    It was so intense, so invigorating and even though not the most comfortable place to do such a thing the sheer daring, spontaneity and risk of it in a public place where we could easily have been seen and I have a suspicion the first time it happened that at least one person saw, or watched, for how long I never found out or even if they did but still, I remember that feeling that stretched the senses to overpowering levels as to increase arousal even more than it would have been and it was already high being so exposed as we were.

    That particular time happened in the back seat, my first car park experience, while my second one called for more agility and bendability being we were sat in the front. A different man, a different place but also a car park, this one next to a public park. Before we did it we were stood outside the car when he pressed me against the bonnet leaning me over and kissing with his hands fumbling all over my clothes and soon under my tube dress pulling it higher to touch me even more intimately making me feel in the back of my mind self-conscious as how out in the open we were and doing such a thing, more of me on show than would be normal or socially acceptable. It was him who suggested getting back in the car where in the passenger seat I straddled him after releasing his substantially excited erection, holding it between my hand, feeling it throb, grow, thicken until I managed to get one leg across him and with the back of the seat as low as possible lowered myself onto it, onto him and let him sink deep into me as long as he could go as deep as was possible which on its own almost had me close to orgasm even before we’d properly started to fuck.

    We did, fuck, excitedly, both feeling the added rush of the chance of being spotted. We weren’t that time as far as I was aware and if we were I had no idea. Regardless nothing could or would’ve stopped us as we were both high on each other’s desire to just go all the way there and then and not stop until we were totally spent.

    On both occasions my lust, my other side, the one not quiet and shy and a little nerdy was allowed to escape and reap havoc on my senses and sensibility. I found the first time partly a surprise as it was and though a little unprepared felt myself all too easily surrendering to the course of events. The second time though I had done it before in a similar location it still found me surprising myself at my yet again compliance, my mind and body both on collision course with the moment as it overtook me and I let it, wanted it too, needed it too take me each time different, each time showing me more and more of my nature deep inside.

    Was I a slut or did I just find an increasing love of sex, of exploring the sexual and everything that goes with it, of saying ‘yes’ in my head to the moment and not holding back? If I am I slut is that a bad thing, why should being that be a bad thing when the before, during and after of these times just leave me grinning and deeply satisfied.

    Since then I have found in me powerful cravings towards it to happen again, and again I would hope. To enjoy and experience sex in cars and car parks, or similar outdoor exposed spaces. In me there must be a sense of voyeurism, perhaps to watch sometimes but mostly to be watched, to be seen. These urges make me want to give myself to men in these places and let them use me any way it happens, to go with the flow however much flow there is and I imagine there could be an awful lot. I want to go there, a car park, or perhaps a beach, a park, any semi-secretive, anonymous suchlike place and be open to such possibilities. Maybe I’d be taken which would itself also be exciting for me, or I would have to take a deep breath and go myself, on my own which I have before but rarely stayed long. I have even masturbated in car parks a few times having felt a need while driving somewhere so pulled in, parked and enjoyed touching myself until I came. Sometimes there were other people there and again only once can I be certain someone saw me and I am sure he not only saw but watched for several minutes.

    The next time I go and it will be soon I can feel it I will know I will be there for more than just self-pleasure, I will feel the urge to tempt whatever other possibilities might offer, or indeed might take. To be taken in such a way, used, a stranger, or strangers respectfully and maybe not entirely respectfully helping me sate this hunger I believe is in so many of us. It can’t just be me.

    I will wear a skirt most likely, and a button top, and possibly hold-up stocking, woolly ones perhaps in this weather. All clothing I feel could become dishevelled but I could still keep them on albeit opened or pulled up by hands other than my own. Even in this I can’t help but maintain a degree of the practical. Maybe something would happen in the car, or a strangers car, in the back seat perhaps? It could happen outside, against a vehicle or over the bonnet, which may indeed feel warm at least though I think my thoughts would be total preoccupied anyway.

    I will go soon, this weekend, to places I suspect such things might happen. Who would be there, maybe you might. How many and what exactly he, or they strangers all, would do I don’t know. How far it would go? I would hope all the way, all the way. My body aches with this longing having done it twice now although with both having gone there with each of them at those times. My body aches with the unknown, the before, the during and the after-rush.

    © 2017 Emmaleela
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  3. I was pulled to the edge of the bed before I fully realised how far this was going…….​

    I was no longer a virgin, with boys or other girls, even before having lost it in a gazebo in a public park one warm summer night sometime after midnight with one boy with wandering hands and raging hormones. As were mine, hormones in particular at that time and I’ve never looked back since except with smiles of pleasure and had quite a high sex-drive ever since.

    For a couple of years before that I would let boys touch me intimately, fondling my breasts through my top, letting them put their hand inside to feel one nipple, sometimes opening my top and showing them one or both with the right coaxing. I soon discovered boys liked this and I think I equally enjoyed seeing them aroused. Only occasionally did I let them feel under my skirt though in a changing room once or twice I did. Hormones have a lot to answer for with me and still most definitely do. In time I did go further and lost my virginity in a gazebo in a public park late at night after a party.

    My next I suppose could call all the way sexual encounter and this was much more full on and had the effect of opening up new desires as the guy I was with wanted to and encouraged me to do it doggy-style, on all fours, him from behind in a way that’s over the couple of years since become one of my favourite position for what I feel when I do, so amazingly aroused to ecstatic levels. This has such a special place in my erotic lusts.

    It was at yet another party, I went to lots, and still do as it happens. I was 16 going on 19 and as usual I’d spend much of the night dancing, some drinking though mostly dancing and as the hours flowed I’d find I’m engrossed on conversation with this person or other. This night turned out slightly different after some I quite fancied asked me to dance. He was really polite, in a cool way though not stuffy so I of course said yes and one dance led to the other from standing a foot apart too slow dancing wrapped around each other, until an inevitable kiss, not as romantic as would’ve been by but by dim lightbulb light. The music took up all the space one might reserve for conversation so we didn’t say much even when he took my hand started heading up the stairs to find ourselves it seems an empty room. Hard to find as it seemed the others were all pretty much occupied with other mostly couples in various states of doing stuff.

    I don’t deny I just went with it and him into the vacant room and carried on kissing once we’d closed the door. His hands were all over me as we as I just let him despite my lack of experience still I just felt those hormones again taking over as they so often do. I could hardly keep up with where he was touching me as thought he had a dozen hands coveting every inch of me pretty much. My body came alive everywhere his hands strayed and even yet didn’t: over my breasts, easing my blue blouse up so smoothly his hand was beneath before I blinked and was squeezing my small 16 year old boobs through my bra quite greedily I thought.

    Both of our breathing quickened, not in sync but each excited by the others….

    My hips squirmed against his thinking this feels like the right thing to do at this point when he pushed me up against the wall with both hands now under my blouse on my skin edged it over my head and arms til it came clear away leaving my bra. Then more kissing, more wayward hands, my breasts in particular getting more than treated arousing sensation to course through me head to toe and all the parts in between rushing, rushing to my lips expressing itself in our kiss, exhilaration electric, both hands continuing to excite and thrill me caressing like water here and everywhere enticing my nipples erect. Down to my jeans to my waistband where I felt him fumbling but successfully unfasten my belt and the top button and force his fingers beneath the waist and how tightly his palm pressed onto my skin, and how fast he got there before I even knew it with a speed I just couldn’t help but find invigorating.

    I couldn’t resist the rush of it all and found myself slipping my hand down along the front of his jeans to feel such a bulge hidden within. I grinned impossibly through the kisses as even like this was clearly quite a size. Obligingly he unzipped my jeans all the way and lead me still kissing to the bed pushing me onto it. He climbed on top like a prowling animal investigating prey, his weight urging his groin rhythmically into my hips, his sizable bulge: slipped his knees between my legs spreading me while his hand slipped into my open jeans rubbing me through my knickers, against my mound and into my open thighs increasingly dampening.

    I could hardly breathe but I didn’t want to stop.

    Strangely I became distracted for a moment by a bedside clock with luminous hands. His hands weren’t luminous but they had managed to slip around my back and quickly unhook my bra pushing it away from my breasts which now rested against my chest exposing my well-aroused nipples which he wetly took to his mouth and teeth and sucked, rolled and nibbled as though about to eat me alive his saliva liberally spread over my bare skin.

    Still not a words spoken as he grabbed my hips, flipped me over onto my tummy grabbing the waistband of my jeans and yanked at them making me hold onto to the duvet as I felt them peeled from my hips from my buttocks and down my now bare legs. Behind me he laid his body again bearing down spreading out my arms half on the bed with my legs over the edge, his knee between my thighs again spreading them. I heard his own jeans zip go down and guessed the bulge I’d felt earlier was now feral and out in the wild. I peered around best I could but couldn’t quite see it even though I was keen too, he held me there on all fours pressing it firmly against me, my knickers moistening them with his precum and pushing the material into my spreading thighs and labia.

    Fight or flight? Clearly too late for either and all I could was go with it as his fingers continued exploring me through my knickers until I felt them start to come away and like my jeans did his fingers found the waist and slid them easily from my hips to leave him staring at my naked bum in the air.

    I was dizzy.

    Feeling very naked when his hands roughly grabbed my hips and pulled me to the edge of the bed, knees apart he got between first with his fingers preparing me even more than I must’ve been, opening me physically and emotionally, discovering my tender, flushed sex, my intimate place. He freely fingered taking advantage of me, my desires, my lust, exposed as I was until his forced hi now very erect member between and into my thighs, into me and straight away fucking me like his bitch, my mind awash with chemicals of pleasure gushing though my whole being.

    I swore, oh fuck, and took a deep breath on first fully penetration, his erection thick and soaking mingling with my juices again and again he fucked his cock hungrily into me and I just took it, accepted every thrust, even wanting it and craving it more and more, this only my second full-on fucking. He didn’t stop, no room for breath he grew relentless seemed to love my tightness pulling out and back then in again thrusting deep, deeper (deeper please, I thought to myself suddenly utterly lost in it all) spreading my buttocks with his kneading hands I was helpless shuddering with every thud of his hips stretching my 16 year old body, further and further such naked abandon as our skin slid stickily against each other’s in and out.

    He was growing thicker inside me as we fucked there and then in this half-light until, until I cum almost without any warning so sudden and inescapable so much I almost passed out unforgiving as it was.

    This excited him and drove him further into me gripping my waist and even harder even faster, I craved for every breath as he kept taking me doggy-style. It felt so rough, a little sore at first but now not as I just wanted him in me more and more. I braced my naked thighs surrendering to each and every thrust coming faster, deeper, more determined to be as deep inside me as possible. Another orgasm crashing through me, is this normal to cum so much even before the guy does, I wondered as without warning my muscles again gripped his cock my body shuddered under his weight so much of him inside me now. His breathing louder, crazier, he stiffened every limb before he came very vociferously pouring what I imagined were huge amounts of sperm inside me, in my hips, my thighs, my cunt emptied completely into my sex, another thrust followed by another and another burying me into the sheets he filled me up til some found its way out… so much, so much, shuddered, swore and grinned exhaustedly!

    My whole insides contracted, tingled, such relief from my overwhelming ache my limbs gave way as I crawled awkwardly up onto the bed utterly spent, light-headed, clawing for fresh air and curling the duvet around me with still my stupid grin. Luckily he was grinning also and since then I learnt how intense this position is and could be and the size of the grins it can bring.

    © Emmaleela
  4. It was July and I was on holiday in Brittany with some friends and it was summer and of course hot.

    All of us, all four girls, shared an apartment for the week in this beautiful coastal town and luckily because of the oppressive heat was facing the sea which offered cooling respite from the sea breeze. Our rooms were also hot and of course I could’ve used the A/C but that would have meant shutting out the fresh air and I like the feeling of open windows and curtains billowing so I kept the French windows open all night every night to enjoy the company of night and all its flavours. Of course I made sure a white net curtain hung over the open doors making sure any biting nasties were kept outside and not inside feasting on my blood. Not sure it would’ve worked for vampires though but as there weren’t any (as far as I knew!) apart from my occasional tendency to bite someone, I think I was as safe as I could be.

    I drifted off to sleep each night laying half beneath a single bed sheet in a white, thin cotton short-sleeved jersey bed-shirt, drifting off looking up into the night sky and the faint cast glow of the insignificant street lights below. The longer I looked the more I saw, more stars and all the vast spaces between them all dark and mysterious and a very long, long way away making me feel like I could fall into its arms like a lover.

    The fourth night felt different. We’d been out, I’d flirted with a couple of guys, nothing serious just playful on both sides, after all who didn’t! And I was on holiday so I feel I have a right to at least slightly misbehave more than usual. Anyway, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. I declined an offer from my friends this night to carry on beyond very late for even more twilight shenanigans and slunk off back to the apartments where we were staying. Once back I had a nightcap then at the clock tripped over midnight I eyed the bed longingly and found myself there soon enough once more in my refuge of deep spaces and starry skies. I slipped off my clothes and into the bathroom for a splash, in cold water of course being far to muggy for anything else then on with my bed shirt and a clean pair of pink floral pyjama shorts and jersey shirt….. I stood on the balcony long enough to breath in and cool down a little more enough to feel I could actually crawl onto the bed and under the sheet.

    Once in bed I eventually slipped off to slumber.
    Was I?
    I wasn’t certain.
    A sound, quiet, or was it just my imagination? A movement, just outside on the balcony?​

    Was I awake?
    I still wasn’t sure, feeling still sleepy.
    I saw a shadow cast against the net of the curtains screen.
    A shape.
    Standing there.
    I stared.​

    Am I awake?
    I wasn’t scared.
    This must mean it’s a dream or a figment.​

    The shape moved through the curtains. I watched. Not scared. I heard ….. a voice?……. whispering?..... unsure….. the breeze brushed the edge from my senses.

    I tried focused but to no avail, sleep still monopolized my eyes and still I didn’t move. A shape, a person, a man. Yes, a male. I felt a sense of his presence like he was and wasn’t there, a shadow and definitely a he. I felt hypnotized as he moved and I felt no hint of threat, it was almost as if he didn’t even touch the air as he passed through the curtains and came closer.

    I heard my breath… I heard his breath now…….. no words, just breath.

    He got closer til he filled my vision. I felt all-at-once self-conscious of the thin sheet barely covering my midriff though I was wearing my bed shirt and pyjama shorts. I watched unmoving, I knew he must see my eyes open, caught in the half-light from a half moon invading my room. I couldn’t see his eyes nor expression, he was still shrouded in shadow.

    He sat on the bed beside me and gently rolled me where I now looked straight up at him, where once was sky was no his shape filling my view. He seemed familiar. Strong swarthy features, not old, maybe older than me? I still wasn’t scared though a little nervous ripple radiated through me. If anything I was mesmerized. I’m not dreaming. He brushed my hair from my face. Now I remember. From the last bar we were frequented before they went on to more partying and I came back. There were some guys we chatted, well flirted with and by coincidence found out they were also staying in this complex.

    How did he get onto my balcony? I remember, the balconies are joined and divided only by a low wall and so easy to climb over. He must be on the same floor as me.

    While such thoughts dashed through my head he run his hand from my hair down my arm and along my hip still hidden beneath the sheet until he also teased that away in one continuous sweep of his fingers. Without a pause his hand soon was travelling down my leg and off to the side at which I shuddered still gazing up at him. I must’ve mentioned what room I was in, I must’ve, how else would he have known I was here. Up to my shoulder went his firm hand to roll me over further now onto my back. At this I almost resisted, almost leapt from the bed but instead I just mutely stared up at him. I was still groggy, half asleep. It had been a long hot day and then a long hot evening and now was a very hot and humid night. My skin felt sticky: my mind felt sticky.

    He leaned down over me and placed his lips on mine uninvited. We kissed and I found myself involuntarily responding, then staring into my eyes as if to gauge my reaction. I was dazed, mouth open like catching tiny flies. Again, he placed his mouth on mine and we kissed, this time for longer. I kissed back; it seemed the most natural thing to do. A dark kiss on a dark night with this dark stranger whose face was still partially clothed in night. We kissed for what felt like a long time, soft, increasingly passionate, making little pleasure sounds. I heard myself immersing in the simple bliss of a perfect kiss. I felt drugged by the humid night air that rolled in off the sea and over the sill.

    His hand slid down my side and came to a halt on my hip where he began to caress me up and down playful over my bed-shirt. I love that part of my body being touched, it feels like nowhere else on the body does and for a few moments was totally lost in it. Our kiss grew into something more hungry, more like feeding on each other tongues and saliva. His touch sent tremors through me head to toe and everywhere in between. There was a new heat accompanying the air of the night, it was simmering in me and I think in him. We were slowly becoming two flickers about to set each other on fire: me and this shadow man. His hands now with more intent moved across my tummy while he fixed my gaze daring me to stop him as he moved his palm my breast, one and then the other. I gasped nearly leaping from my skin. Then again he was down over my tummy then quickly in one smooth move between my thighs grabbing me through my shorts. I caught my breath again before I lost it forever.

    Quickening, my breath become the loudest thing in the room. He moved and rubbed his hand across my mound briefly across my hips tracing the hollow over my sides then gathering up my shirt in his gripped fingers he edged it higher and higher. Still watching me with his dark shadowy eyes his movements were fluid, laying on my back as my shirt was peeled up along my body lift me into an small arch easily releasing my shirt exposing my tummy til just below my breasts and free of my hips. My skin increasingly revealed to the night, to the air, to the moon and stars, to his shadow-gaze. A choreograph of filigree curtains danced in tune with an insurgent breeze helping itself to my bare legs exciting thrills which swarmed through me utterly. Once again he leaned down and kissed me, his breath like butterflies along my neck, wings caressing my shoulders.

    Such lingering passions unlocked as he continued easing my shirt higher to reveal one naked breast which he tasted, kissed, sucked my tender and increasingly-sensitive nipple until I lost myself in the multitude of shivers layering over me one after another and another and another. His mouth tasted my skin just below my breast and then my tummy where his hand had previously desirously explored til he untied the waist cord of my pyjama shorts and under it flowed down across the fine hair of my mound his breath exciting me not to resist, to surrender, let be what will be; my hips moved in time, some inner sound, expectation.

    I heard myself gulped almost trembling the hush that swam through the room.​

    Down and down his whole body slithered, snakily down holding me just where he had me determined to take off my shorts which he did while I lay captured entranced by his dance which mimicked the breeze made me follow subdued as my shorts were pulled down til he bared my all for his own. Who was this stranger who had me so completely, taking me now making me do what he wanted, be what he wanted, take where he wanted to take me. I didn’t move more than a trembling til his breath returned and found my heat, my moistening folds where his fingers had played his mouth, his lips, his breath now took over, the source of my passion almost brought me to fruition as he blew soft swirls of air into me, peeling me open my sex responding readily, too readily, making me swim and almost drown. A kiss upon my lips between my open thighs, a kiss soft, teasing, another kiss, more and more each one sending me further into a spiral of annihilation. I grasped more air with my open mouth in case I might die before too long. His tongue tipped me over, over the edge of whatever abyss I was balanced reeling and spinning sucking each fold of my labia, my sex, my petals flushed pink and hot with anticipation. I almost cried with the urges it unleashed. My whole body gripped by this shadows lascivious desires.

    His mouth, lips and tongue found the very points of no return stirring my hips to ever-ecstatic screams. He raised my knees while parting me ever wider, almost s wide as my hips would go as I knew full well my sex was also unfolding, unveiling to him, his shadow eyes, his tongue, lips, mouth, kiss and breath, in and out he took me to the edge of passing out then pulling me back he slipped a thumb into my anus and caressed while feeding on my sexual tension unravelling before my widening eyes. I wanted him to stop, but not, I had to stop this as I felt I was going to die here and now, tiny death following tiny death. He continued to covet my thighs inside and out until what shred of resolve had left broke to which he gripped my hip wrapping his whole mouth over my sex, finger deep inside and kneading my anus. I shook, shuddered and grabbed the sheet over my mouth to stifle a scream, my most intimate juices flowed over his lips. He continued bringing me to orgasm as much as I could give, wouldn’t let me stop, holding me tightly daring me to come again and again, he wouldn’t let me but kept tasting until, as I soon discovered, he was ready.

    He stood at the end of the bed, looking down on me, unbuckled his jeans and let them fall along with his briefs. I could see enough in this half light to know he was no only erect but impressively and hugely so, fully erect, foreskin tight over a glistening that caught the half-light penetrating the room. At this point I was dazed beyond reacting, beyond escape, beyond anything more than stay. He knelt between my open warm, pink thighs, slid both hands down both of my insides as closed my eyes and felt his tip touch me sending even further cravings through my body, craving I didn’t even know I had.

    Then just as I opened my eyes he grabbed my hips and deftly flipped me over forcing me onto my knees on the bed, bent me over leaving, my naked bum at his mercy. I felt his erection lightly pressing, teasing, between my buttocks. I almost died! I’ve never done that before there, ever, and I wasn’t ready. Despite my internal struggle I couldn’t stop what was happening. Just then his dexterous fingers slipped down my thighs and open my vagina still wet from repeated tiny orgasms and with relief I felt his erection slide down between my buttocks leaving a warm trail of precum to my sex and forced his hardness into my sex. There was relief but also the realization that here I was letting this complete stranger who I haven’t even seen clearly fuck me in my room without me saying yes.

    But my body said yes for me and I had to give in as it was too late now to stop his naked cock penetrating me slowly and surely and ever-so deeply as he did as he pushed and pushed and spread my wide and wider and wider still. His slick bare skin slid against mine equally slick and shudderingly accepting every ever-quickening thrust til he set a pace that fitted perfect with the rapid beating of my heart.

    Into my thighs he sank his whole finding my heat ever hotter the further he went into my thighs gripping my hips spreading my buttocks, my vaginal warmth accepting and inviting him with wet anticipations. Each motion smoother than the last as out body responding releasing ever more natural lubrication as willingly I began to feel each and every thin defence I had dissolve.

    He locked me firm with his length and his grip, pulsating an insatiable hunger inside me as my began to grip his girth rubbing the back of my thighs…

    finding my fire...
    a vaginal warmth….
    On the cusp of a breathless moment, guided by a mutual desire and moving slowly now… deliberately… furtive in the dead of night and cosseted in its shadowed bliss….. I felt the shape of him urging ever deeper from behind... pushing, taking, making me feel every second, deeper… harder, my hips instinctively responded with increasing fervour. I wanted this, him, to take me, have me as we found the rhythm of the sea and stars swallow us whole, this astral waltz.

    He made me want it more and more til I come almost drowning me in its intensity when he suddenly withdrew and held his erection just on the cusp of my fluttering folds. I am sure he noticed my begging eyes staring back, a ‘fuck me now please’ look. My pelvic muscles tensed not knowing and then in he went, a thrust so hard and all-consuming I exhaled loudly. Again and again and again, each time more forceful, more demanding, more coaxing, on all fours it had become animalistic, his hands holding fast to my sweating skin as he kept impaling me over. he reached around and grabbed my breast and in he went even harder with an exertion bringing tears to my eyes. How could I be enjoying the pain of such pleasure I didn’t know.

    Stirrings in his thigh sent a heat enveloping my hips as he closed in on his own impending orgasm. The pace became febrile each thrust just fed the inevitable until another orgasm gripped my thighs from deep within making him finally surrender and with a outrush of breath he exploded into my vagina naked undeterred a stream of seed and sperm fucking all he had into me, every last drop. I collapsed onto my stomach with him falling from me, two fallen angels, shadows, utterly spent as he released so much cum that some just had to trickle out along my inner thighs my thighs.

    I closed my eyes……
    took a deep breath……
    then it was daylight……

    I was alone​

    I’d fallen asleep and he was gone. I had no idea when he’d left. I thought was it a dream but no, as I rested my hand between my aching hips to feel the sticky white remnants coating my mound. I listened to the waves from below tickle the shore.

    © Emmaleela 2017
  5. There are some urges I seem to find it impossible to resist…. sometimes........ this is just one of those such moments, a silly thing I did once, or was it twice, I’m not telling………. I go swimming at least once a week at all times of the year and mostly in the public swimming pool or a hotel gym pool, for which I either wear my swimsuit, one-piece, or any of a few bikinis I have. I usually choose bikini just because……...

    Last week I wore just such a bikini while on holiday for a week away after my exams, a red one, plain red, top with neck and back string straps and bottoms with thong ties. I always find the nearest pool and/ or gym to keep up my usually weekly exercise routines as much as possible and finding a local pool here was easy, in the leisure centre of this bustling seaside town. Yes I could’ve gone for a swim in the sea but it was actually freezing water and I opted for the indoor pool instead. I’ll go paddling on the beach another day, as for a swim, maybe, it’s have to be a hot one for me to dip into that sea.

    Having changed in the changing rooms into my bikini I walked through the shower on the way into the main pool and slipped straight in off the side from a sedate sitting position. I dipped completely underwater, total immersion all at once is always the best way I think. Toes first as I grabbed a deep breath before my head submerged spreading a waves across the surface for others swimming through as they radiated out. I pulled on my goggles and started with a few lengths, breaststroke mainly, some freestyle too.

    There were perhaps a dozen or so others there, mixed age, both male and female, all adults though. As time passed there were fewer till there was me, two men, about my age maybe a year or two younger, me being early twenties, and an elderly couple. There was of course a life-guard as there always is who wandered about keeping busy and glancing at the pool every now and then and basically being I suppose, a life-guard. I turned on my back and did back stroke for a few lengths and felt the water flowing like a tide over the top of my body as I stared at the ceiling, along my legs and over my hips and thighs, my tummy and chest as I floated almost effortless with effortless gentle strokes of my legs, out and in, letting my arms guide me in a clean straight line from one end to the other. I kept a leisurely pace not trying to wind any medals or suchlike.

    As I swam I grew more than aware of the way the water seeped into my bikini, underneath the elasticated hems of the top and the bottoms. It flowed easily between my bare wet legs in rushes as I stroked the water. The harder I pushed the more intense the wash of water across my body. I also noticed my nipples were more than a little pronounced beneath my top and I knew why as I found myself, as I often do at the most inconvenient moments, becoming aroused. Or at least keenly aware of the sensations the water and ripples and whooshes of water were having.

    Having reached one end I rested for a few minutes bobbing chest high just above the water line and looked down seeing my nipples still pretty obvious through the tight elasticated material of my bikini top. I love water and how it feels and makes me feel, in the shower, or bath, and it seems even here in a public swimming pool. Water has a certain sensuality having the sometimes inconvenient habit of arousing certain emotions and feelings within in. Today it seemed was no exception. I looked up ready to start another length in backstroke when I saw both of the guys staring in my direction and saying something to each other, but in a way hoping they wouldn’t be noticed by me.

    What were they saying, I wondered, and more importantly what has attracted their attention? I think I had an idea, and it didn’t help that I was already experiencing a heightened state of arousal within myself which I would’ve been able to suppress had it not been that I noticed them looking, and I was sure also at my more than usual prominent nipples making themselves more noticeable through my top.

    This definitely became one of those ‘couldn’t help myself’ moments as my mind raced and started to get ahead of any sense of my own decorum and credibility. Not that it would matter as no one knows me here. I rearranged my top adjusting the strap that went around my neck and the cups to ensure appropriate coverage. Phew! I thought I was still 'decent', all apart from my nipples which had against my will become more erect through the wet material. It was crazy as it was making me feel stupidly daring, daring enough to do what I did next. While adjusting one cup I pulled it slightly more carelessly and as I did it revealed a bit of my light brown aureole and just a little of my now erect nipple. I didn't dare glance up as I did this stupid bold thing and tried to remain as natural and nonchalant as possible, making them think I hadn’t noticed their glances from not far away.

    I ventured an ever so rapid glimpse their way hopefully not enough for them to notice as I made it casual as though I wasn’t even focused on them just to see if they were looking. They were definitely looking. Still with my stupid-head on this just emboldened me more and was tempted to maybe reveal a little more, small though they were.

    I turned with my back to the pool facing the side and heaved myself off as fast as I could into the lane on my back with a huge whoosh of water thrown out from me deliberately and feeling the water now washing over and definitely into my bikini top and bottoms and between my legs. I looked to see my 'carelessly' rearranged bikini top and as I’d left it slightly askew it had pulled a little more down exposing yet more of the giveaway brown shade of my nipple, and actually I’d noticed one of my nipples completely even though the top was still covering the rest of my boob. I knew they were watching as I swam within 2 metres of them and past them slowly on my back, closing and then kicking out and apart my legs propelling myself to the deeper other end. By the time I reached it I was breathless, partly with the swim and partly with the thrill that coursed through me at being so bold, and partly from the way the water played across my skin and found its way easily under my bikini to more sensitive areas.

    I’d let my top slip, just a little and when I reached the other wall at the deep end I let my body lower into the water to my neck paddling to stay afloat there, reached around the back of my neck and retied it to be ever-so slightly less tight and therefore perhaps less supportive and more likely to slip again.

    Once more I faced the pool wall and this time eased slowly away pushing my legs creating another wake on my back stroked across its surface. This time I felt and knew for certain the water and whoosh had almost kind of grabbed at my top and caused it to slip this time probably more than the last length as the waves not only washed over my usual exposed sin parts but I definitely felt them almost caress over my nipples, both now a little revealed and out of of their usual hiding place in the cups. And yes, they were looking, a quickie glance from me proved to me they were. I kept swimming under the pretence I hadn’t noticed my slip. They were looking, furtively but definitely fixed on me as they lingered now sat on the side of the pool. I felt with each backstroke my body and yes my breasts breaking the surface. I started to I was being insane doing this, but another side of me kept me doing it as both of my nipples were no longer covered up and were being openly-tickled by the water.

    I loved the feeling, as I kept a slow pace past them knowing full well what they were seeing and what I was willingly giving them. Just then one of the vanished, down under the water and I suddenly felt a wake beneath me come and then go, and then he appeared at the other side and then I knew he’d just swum directly underneath me also wearing goggles and probably I imagine making sure he could look up at me from below. Then the other dived and did the same, a rush of water beneath me within inches of my skin and buttocks and soon appeared on the other side.

    It seems we were now playing some kind of game that they didn’t know I was aware of. Unless they had worked it out too. I carried on backstroke across the full length knowing my nipple was clearly showing until I reached the other side and decided to do it once more and then I’d get out.

    Sometimes when I push off too hard my bottoms might slip down an inch or so, but usually in an instant I pull them back onto my hips without a thought. This time though because I again was still wearing by my stupid-too-horny-for-my-own-good head I loosened the thong on one side and then pushed off again. Sure enough I felt my pants loosen slightly just enough to know they had come down a little way down my buttocks and my hips though not enough to find me completely flashing all my bits. Just then they both vanished again underwater and I saw out of the corner of my eye them swim under me and this time linger a bit now wondering what I was thinking as now I knew they’d see where my bottoms had lowered slightly showing more of my buttocks than usual!

    I braved it out and kept swimming backstroke when they emerge again on the opposite side still watching me and my slipped bikini top as the water rushed and ripples and eddied across me. Once at the other side I thought now is the time to get out before I get myself into more trouble, time for some discretion I thought. I hauled myself up onto the side feeling the water trailing off me again threatening to pull down my bikini bottoms but this time, having finally subdued the stupid and overly horny side of my brain I’d retied everything so as to not make a total exhibition of myself. Of course I couldn’t do much about my erect nipples proudly announcing themselves still through the red material. I headed for the changing room with my back to the two men untying my top as I went but making sure it didn't come off completely until I was safely in the changing rooms: I wasn’t feeling quite that stupid that day.

    © Emmaleela 2017
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  6. I got a lift home from the pub with a friend of a friend who I’d met that night. Paul was nice albeit a bit hyper and very talkative. We’d all been to a live radio DJ night at a club in the town, popular place for students of course and me being one I fitted easily in to its ambience along with my group of friends I was with. His offer of a lift seemed very innocent as I know he hadn’t been drinking so knew it was safe. I’d had a drink though not a huge amount though so I wasn’t off my head in any way.

    On the way home he made a detour still talking almost non-stop and saying let’s go on an adventure. As I wasn’t really tired and was wide awake I thought why not, am open to mystery tours. Another 10 minutes or so and we pulled up into a car park on the harbour side overlooking the water with the lights of the town twinkling in the water from across the other side like fairy lights. Just a little glow from some not so close neon lights lit the car park pockmarking it with some deep shadows here and there. He asked if I was ok and I was and strangely I was.

    … but then he asked have you been here for this and promptly leaned across for a kiss at which I backed away as far as possible which wasn’t very into the car seat a sec but his lips clumsily docked into mine. For a second I was taken aback about to push him off me until all in a split second or two I was in all honesty returning his kiss.

    It happened so suddenly and I wasn’t really thinking just reacting and clearly I was feeling more horny than I’d realised which took me by surprise. He seemed to have a way about him making him very sort of easy just to go along with, and I did. The more he leaned over me the more sneakily his hand found itself slipping over my check skirt, gathering it in his fingers then up along my hips then waist then, startled as I was, over my left breast gently exploring how it defined itself through my black shirt which I soon realised was easily arousing my nipples thankfully hidden beneath. Such dextrous hand and fluid fingers finding all the best ways to arouse me more and more until I was reaching tipping point almost through my clothing until most skilfully began without pause to unbutton it having several undone before I could object in case I was going too. Though events had gone so fast I barely had time to notice never mind complain as his hand wove wantonly inside and under my shirt and over my tummy naked beneath to under my breast.

    There we were my shirt unfastened, his hand underneath and covering my bra, breast, fondling, feeling, squeezing, enjoying me through as we kissed and kept kissing there under half-lights in this nowhere kind of car park as the harbour glistened and sparkled beyond the windscreen.

    He teased away the cup of my bra enough to easily remove my breast completely to further enjoy my bare skin and I found myself just going with move and moment as it unfolded around me. Deep inside I felt a growing willingness easily crumbling to every single touch he touched me with easily forgetting where I was. His lips tasted moreish and I wanted more kissing as our lips played and danced learning each other’s moves with saliva and tongues.

    Then teasing my shirt wide open having now unfastened and loosened it completely which I was singularly unaware off with all the kissing and fondling so hadn’t thought about stopping him. In went both of his hands beneath my fabric slipping his hands around my back to deftly unhook my bra loosening it and freeing both of my breasts to the half-light night air that seeped through the half open window. Again without barely a pause nor a breath he slid his now very warm hands down my waist over my hips and quickly up under my skirt, no asking or hinting just doing as I my half-hearted attempt to stop him went nowhere as his fingers clearly did go somewhere! My skirt rose up in gathered folds along the bare skin of my thighs, increasingly wetted by his questing tongue and lips having exchanged kissing my lips to kissing my legs. All I could do was lean back and enjoy it, and I was despite the slight discomfort of being ensconced in such a cramped space as a car, my shirt falling more open I no longer cared not thinking how exposed my breasts now were unleashed from their bra. His hand again appeared to press a button which lowered both front side windows completely too my relief as the cool night air once again poured in to caress my skin. To accompany his continued caressing of the same bare skin of mine, especially my increasingly warming thighs.

    He lifted up my skirt kissing deeper into and between my thighs and I squirmed unavoidably at the sensations it sent through me. Comfort was no longer the first thing on my mind!

    Both his fingers and lips found their way to my knickers having completely raised my skirt to my waist, my soft black with white trim cotton knickers clearly visible. He encouraged me open to which I complied without saying a word but breathing ever so hard as I felt him pull them aside finding easy admittance to my moistness and running touch up and then down my skin, my mound, through my close fine wisp of hairs. As I stretched myself back even further at every touch and shudder sent through me I noticed eyes from two cars parked merely two spaces away on either, windows down and gazes clearly fixed even in this poor light in our direction.

    A sudden wave of self-consciousness overwhelmed and I almost closed my legs on his head where he kept freely exploring and enticing me into certain exhilarations til heard him whisper it was fine and not to worry and just to go with it. Without thinking I asked if he’d brought anyone here before to which he just looked up from between my wide open intimacy and grinned, as he suddenly slipped two fingers inside me without another word and I arched and almost bit through my lip.

    I cautiously glanced from one side to the other to see them still staring as I knew then and there my top half was largely exposed to their gaze, my bare breasts and unfastened shirt but I didn’t cover up falling deeper into the arousal his fingers and tongue was invoking. Being watched seemed to increase its intensity and I didn’t do anything but arch myself back feeling but not seeing their gazes penetrating my every breath til I could no longer hold back my orgasm and with a wash so extreme let it go making him finger me even more keenly making me come even stronger, his voice telling me to come for him as much as I wanted. I did, I did.

    Right after such ab huge orgasm I was half senseless and breathless and fell back further into the car seat unaware until he was already lifting my buttocks and pulling my knickers cleanly away and down my bare thighs, my bare sweating thighs. I don’t know how he did it but he slipped underneath me then lifting me up in this cramped tiny space and took my place into the passenger seat lowering me down upon him. Any thoughts of those watching now gone from my mind for now. He’d unfastened his jeans and slipped them down and I was astonished, this guy was so stealthy, I didn’t even see him do it, and further astonished at the size of his erection! Size isn’t everything but lordy it helps. My body was still reeling as he edged me back onto his hips pulling my awkwardly wide open thighs towards his proud erection. He winked and looked one side to the other to remind me of our audience and I again felt slightly self-conscious but that didn’t stop him pulling my thighs closer until against his throbbing appendage, my now very wet thighs having just come with such intensity.

    As he pulled me towards it he pushing it against me and my thighs til it started entering me and there I was letting it, letting him, cramped and hot and being watched but god knows who now seeing more of my nakedness perched on his lap. My skirt went up and I accepted him inch by inch spreading my glistening wide with every push and pull but despite the space he found his way into me deeper and deeper fucking his whole in with quickening hips. I felt him filling me up so tight as I was. My breasts on clear view he kissed and sucked as he deeply as possible fucked me here in the night with so many eyes drinking in every second and inch of my naked skin.

    I gripped his shoulders holding on for dear life with my aching body bearing down on him forced him even deeper into me and over and over against my swollen clit arousing me beyond words. My breathy gasps escaped through the open window and no doubt to the ears of those watching from both sides, surrounding us with their greedy eyes of which I could do nothing about but surrender to the circumstances I’d found myself enmeshed. One more and then another and another on and on each forceful thrust enveloped me completely leaning back against the dashboard I no longer cared who could see and how much although that thought still served to heighten each and every gathering moment no gathering momentum as our pace quickened.

    I knew he was close as was I to bareback orgasm, the moment there hunched in a car in public with an audience. The heat and sweat grew more intense his fingers digging deeper until I released my pent-up tension as I felt him do the same inside me pumping his excitement, his warm and liquid sperm fully into me I felt it spurt and just as soon some trickling out onto his lap, his naked balls until we utterly collapsed in full view of those watching. All kinds of thought rushed through my mind, my own exhilaration, surprise at how much cum he had in him that now as inside me and what the others were doing while watching and would they dare come closer.

    Just then I felt utterly exposed, vulnerable and thoroughly excited beyond words as a single cool bead of sweat trickled down my cleavage still in full public view. I wondered what this made me and also what might’ve happened next if we’d stayed much longer afterwards I wondered and still imagine.

    © Emmaleela 2017
  7. I don’t know what came over me when I went out dressed as normal planning for nothing more than a little shopping which I did. I drove to and eventually got to the hi-rise parking above the shopping centre, or mall, and promptly made my way down the stairs and into the lowers two floors making up the retail area. A bit of window-shopping and certainly likely I would come away with something, not to mention my usual sit and ponder with a coffee in the atrium café space. I do sometimes enjoy the freedom of not being constrained by someone else timetable or wanting to go here or there and simply aimlessly wander where I want on my little alonesome.

    What I was wearing is important to mention because it has a huge bearing and what happened while I was there enjoying me-time: a simple flowered midi trapeze dress, sleeveless with a hem that sat a few inches above my knees. On top I wore a dark red wool jumper, black scarf and had put on me flat ankle boots and thick rolled over socks always preferring low heels or actually flat footwear to heels. My legs were covered in lighter green leggings, and of course the usual twin set underwear of which I may mention more about as I tell you more.

    I started on the very ground floor and soon found myself taking the escalator up to the second feeling buoyant and light of mood and even found I didn’t mind the occasional smile from a passing guy, and girl of course. It did depend on who it was whether or not I’d ignore them or if they seemed nice, felt flattered. From the up-escalator I looked down into the atrium café where later I’d go for my usual coffee and for some reason noticed two young guys in particular sat at a table and was sure they were surreptitiously glancing up at me through the escalators glass panels. At first I withheld my gaze then something made me peek again and clearly their eyes were following me. It didn’t take me long to realise the strongest feeling they were looking up under my dress which loosely sway with the movement.

    As I wore leggings I imagined they might’ve been more than a bit disappointed. Once on the next floor I continued my browsing til I couldn’t get the thought out of my mind of them watching me and how it made me feel: at first a bit put-out in how dare they be so rude and presumptuous and well, men, but then I felt a kind of frisson of pleasure at their interest in me, of all people me, even though I was sure I wasn’t the first they must have ogled at today. It’s then I don’t know what came over me.

    I made my way to the womens toilets and in the cubicle decided to disrobe my leggings telling myself I was doing it because inside this centre it was warm enough anyway but also aware of this little voice in my head almost suggesting a dare. A dare which was increasingly becoming hard to resist

    Hitching up my dress I slipped them down over my hips and thighs and legs and ankles and off completely. I straightened my dress in front of a mirror and slipped them into my bag. Now bare-legged and actually feeling freer and definitely pleasingly cooler I headed to the lift and descends to the ground floor again then wend my way back to the same escalator. There they were, the same two men still with coffee and in animated conversation. I shivered at what I was doing thinking ‘what am I thinking!’ and almost backed out of what my little voice was suggesting. I didn’t and proceeded to the escalator this time stepping aboard without my leggings and bare-legged. Up It went with me on it.

    As best I could I strained my eyes to peek hoping it’d be enough for them not to notice I was looking and sure enough they’d stopping chatting and were once again peering up, at me! I think I noticed a hint of recognition as one nudged the other. I stood to the side they’d be able to see me through the glass clearly with one foot on the step above the one I was on as it ever-so slowly travelled up. Still not sure why I was doing this when and where this insane urge had come from I just knew that the way I stood would’ve gave anyone looking from below a fairly good view beneath my dress with all on show. The escalator crept slowly feeling to me this time even slower than usual as my breath quickened almost urging it to go faster but not wanting it too. It seemed to last forever as I was keenly aware of the air between my legs and under my loose dress and a tingling sensation of butterflies in my stomach.

    Another nonchalant peek and still they stared, both of them and I knew they could see at least some way under my dress. Like I said, I don’t know what had come over me.

    I stepped up one step changing legs now the other on the step above as the hem of my dress swayed and brushed my legs quite possibly affording their gazes more of me underneath deep green low-rise mini briefs, their inch of lace clung to my hips and upper thighs. I couldn’t so sure how much they’d saw and there’s only so long I could probably hold my nerve before retreating back to my leggings, but I didn’t back out and knew at the very least they seen clearly behind each bare knee and up each of my bare thighs and unquestionably my knickers, the lace, the deep green fabric.

    When I got to the top I took a deep breath realising I’d forgot to breathe all the way up. I paused by the railing and took out my phone pretending to be occupied with something on it knowing full-well I was still visible clearly as the railing was in fact also a glass panel overlooking the atrium and café where they still sat eyes now fixed on me. I leaned close, one knee against the glass and as best I could avoid their eyes still hoping they didn’t notice I knew they were watching still. I also knew from this position they would be able to see beneath my dress, perhaps as clearly as they did on the escalator if I stood as I was and by now I was alarmingly feeling aroused by my quite public exhibition I’d just done shocked at how for me I’d just so blatantly and purposefully flaunted myself, or bits of me anyway. I was still decent and properly dressed just perhaps in a slightly compromising pose where I stood and knowing from below certain parts me were visible under my loose dress. Something which I knew they were doing and I was letting them. I tried to stifle a grin that seemed intent on cracking flowing over my face and bite my lower lip still barely holding on to this pretence of almost publically exposing myself to at least two men knowingly. I feigned blissful ignorance at the same time feeling a blissful erotic thrill coursing through me.

    I turned and stood with my back lower back against the glass panel to continue this personal dare to myself. I felt almost acrophobic dizzy with the rush of adrenalin caught up in some uncontrollable madness, or stupidity, aroused by the mix of surrendering control in a way but also keeping some in how much I allowed. I turned once again leaning one foot raised on a foot rail again aware how this parted the hem beneath beneath which they’d be able to view my bare legs and underwear. I pondered heading for the womens again and removing my knickers: should I?

    Surely I couldn’t, that’s be just going too far. But I was tempted I know I was as the idea wouldn’t have popped into my head just then as it had. I wondered what went through their minds but really didn’t have a clue as just then I realised one of them has taken a picture with his phone. Quickly and without attracting attention he was doing it but I noticed it and it made me almost run away but I didn’t. I felt almost magnetically trapped to the railing and where I stood for a few more minutes. What would it matter anyway, it was just my knickers, nothing more, and my legs and thighs of course, that’s nothing much. Still I felt so aroused by the whole experience.

    Should I dare take them off too?

    I inwardly shuddered and grinned once more not able to resist my own urges once they were set in motion. A moistening warmth felt inviting between my thighs beneath my skirt.

    My little voice was telling me to do it. Why not, I’d gone this far why not further when I knew I wanted too. So weird to argue with yourself in your head but am sure we all do it. I still stood and they still stared and nudged and maybe even took another photo, I wasn’t sure. I was flattered, excited, exposed, nervous, merely the height and the glass between us.

    After several more minutes I felt I should move and started walking staying as they continued looking I imagine still catching a few last glimpses. Admittedly I’m not some wide-eyed innocent and am very keenly aware of my own sexuality and urges. I was tempted to go back and do it again but actually this time resisted instead going into a shop and chose any old skirt to try on as an excuse to use their changing room for some privacy to relieve some of the pent-up excitement still racing through my dizzy body.

    © Emmaleela 2017
  8. I didn’t close the curtains.

    It had got dark and I still didn’t close them. On the third floor of a 3- storey shared house across from a university Halls of Residence where a lot of international students live I walked into my room. Through the open curtains and fast fading light outside I saw some windows across in darkness, other with lights on and people moving around in them or sat at desks studying, and so they should be!

    I’d had of busy, busy week of running around helping people in my role as a peer guide and finally the end of the day, time to stop and spend some me-time in the weekend before next week and normal lectures of the semester begin again.

    I didn’t close the curtains but just without thinking kept the light on. I was aware that anyone, if they looked, could’ve seen in easily, especially as it was quickly getting darker. With so many windows from the opposite Halls facing my house then of course, and I wasn’t naïve when I didn’t close the windows, just decided for some reason not to do so.

    That day I’d been wearing a blue patterned skirt, skater skirt cut, not short mini, a leather braided belt and black leggings and some flat-heeled calf boots. Also a white loose lace blouse, see-through, but I was also wearing a dark blue sleeveless tee under it, not see-through!

    I discarded the boots, first thing to always come off, followed by me black leggings, letting the air to my skin again and it was warm in here so didn’t need them as much as I did outside in the winter. Sitting at my desk to the side of the window I sat and tried to get down to some quick study notes, which I managed for all of 10 minutes but kept finding my mind wandering. I was definitely distracted.

    I didn’t close the curtains.

    I stood up and facing the open-curtained window through which the outside world was all but faded into dark except for the light from some of the windows in the Halls opposite. People milling around behind them doing this and that. I found myself staring out, just two feet back from the large sort of bay window. My hands run down my neck finding their way carelessly down my lace blouse and over my breasts and down over my torso, my belly where they fanned out to over my hips over my skirt. Gathering some of the material of my skirt in my fingers I felt them pulling it up in the process. I close my eyes for a moment or more. My body felt tense, I stretched all my muscles inside my body to ease some of this. Sensations quivered in my stomach.

    Opening my eyes I stood staring out of the window not really focusing on anything as such, almost absent-mindedly. I pulled up the material some more and found and touched my knickers underneath. Feeling the lace reminding me how soft they feel to wear. Lace hems around my legs, soft, light, secure against my skin.

    I didn’t close the curtains.

    I felt let my fingers find my inner thighs under the cotton lace of my knickers. I was warm, I knew it and touched to prove what I already knew. Warmth, and I just knew also moist. I teased my skin. I felt gently dizzy, light-headed, but kept touching, lightly tracing lines of my intimacy there under my skirt. Inhaling I found a tenderness that brought a smile to my lips. With both hands I took the hems of my lace blouse and lifted it up and from me leaving me stood here in my sleeveless blue tee and skirt and breathing, breathing, breathing…….

    Once again my hands run from my neck down over my breasts, staying for a moment, then down my belly to my skirt. I rubbed the palms over my skirt teasing it up a little and down and over again. I tried resisting myself from moving too quick which was difficult. My body had come alive in ways sensual. My hands felt like someone elses. They moved all over me like someone elses, my clothing, pulling at my clothes like they were restraints I needed to escape. I pulled my tee shirt up like my lace top a few moments before and over my head leaving me wearing my corded lace purple plunge bra. My hands impatient moved over my belly again and down to my skirt, again, pulling up the hem, up to my waist not knowing why I was exposing under my skirt and my purple knickers towards the window

    I didn’t close the curtains……

    …… and fingered the small violet ribbon on the waist band slipping both hands between my legs firmly across my intimacy beneath their fabric.

    I leaned forward and bit my lip, pushing my hands between my thighs, someone elses hands, squeezing them tight. I was warm, and moist, every nerve-ending electric to each and every tiny move.

    I didn’t close the curtains.

    I rubbed my purple knickers feeling a wetness through them. I wanted more. I unfastened the belt of my skirt, unzipped the back zip, still stood by the window letting it fall away to the floor. Stepping out of it I stood there in the window in my underwear, just purple knickers and purple lace bra. A sudden bout of self-consciousness and I turned my back to it, not knowing who might be seeing, peeking, looking form across the road. One hand moved to my bra and pulled down one cup and felt my nipple making it grow erect, and aroused. Then with the other, pinching, wincing but I did it anyway and after the first did it again and again, and again.

    I didn’t close the curtains.

    With my back to the window I slid my hand over my purple knickers feeling them all over, how they sat on my thighs, against my skin, over my buttocks, between my legs. My shape beneath, my mound, my folds, buttocks and hips. I slid my hand down my knickers over my bum with my back still to the window, the open curtains and caressed, kneaded my skin and eased them down just a little.

    I pulled them down more knowing full well I was revealing my naked bum to the window. My hands moved their way to the front on my knickers sliding over my pubic mound through my light hairs and between my thighs. My knees buckled slightly when I touched tightening my legs and thighs to my fingers. I caressed inside my material relaxing although exhilarated by the sensations arising, forgetting about the window behind me. I parted by a few inches my legs while I reached around to unhook my bra letting the straps loosen the cups from my now aroused breasts.

    I left the bra loose and once again slipped my hands down my knickers filling them pulling them down a little. Should I turn around and face the window?

    I didn’t close the curtains.

    I didn’t. Instead I turned sideways and pulled my knickers down a little exposing a glimpse of my soft hairs and kept feeling, rubbing, slipping over, teasing myself into submission. I surrendered to this intimacy and the possible voyeurism unable to stop myself. Slipped over my sex I caressed tenderly, unfolding me to explore just that spot which almost made my legs collapse entirely.

    By the window I stood, beyond stopping. I firmly grabbed my breast and pinched my nipple still partly covered by my loosened bra. Again my thighs and stomach tightened reflexively, fingers rubbing my sex harder spreading moistening through my now glistening hairs and my hand. I masturbated there, side on to the glass, couldn’t stop, hands inside my knickers threatening to pull them off and away completely. I whispered no, no, but thought yes, yes.

    On and on this rollercoaster beyond help, craving, feeling my whole body screaming for release…. who was watching I didn’t know, didn’t care, felt all the more taboo and so wrong it was right because of that…. then suddenly in a rush I orgasmed, almost unexpectedly, as though I wasn’t ready but my body was, wanted it, needed it and it let me know making me scream as it seemed to swallow my whole body, demanding I surrender. I did, completely, bra falling loose, breast half-exposed, hands pulling away in my knickers and collapsing to the soft carpet on my knees still coming feeling a release extraordinarily powerful in full view of the window, the open curtains, the eyes of anyone, if anyone had, from across the road.

    I lay spread on my carpet in my dishevelled underwear, arms and legs now floppy and body absolutely sated. Will I do it again? I answered without a word, yes, yes.

    © Emmaleela 2016
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  9. I was asleep in the tent.

    It’d been a brilliant night at Download Festival, rock and metal music if you don’t know it, and I’d just seen the final night, with a band I never knew much about, Aerosmith. Who were actually awesome. Fave of the weekend had to be Black Label Society and Bring me the Horizon, also Seether and Within Temptation, all wow! Buckcherry were completely mad and brilliant and really loved Anathema. So on a high totally when we, me and friends, all finally crashed in our respective sleeping bags at the end of the night.

    There were eight of us and as the weekend went on we weren’t fussy about who slept in who’s tents. That last night I crawled under my unfastened sleeping bag in my tent in my ‘Within Temptation’ baggy tee shirt on and slipped off my jumper and jeans to crawl in some time past midnight. Julie crashed next to me and Tom, her ‘not exactly boyfriend’ but just hooked up this weekend.

    I had drifted off to sleepy-nod land only to be woken by a hand stroking up and down my hips on the outside of my unzipped sleeping bag. I opened my eyes and was facing the side of the tent with my back to whoever it was. Who was I kidding, I knew who it was, it was Julies ‘not exactly boyfriend’….. and his wandering hands were wandering, over me! I wondered for a moment if he thought I was Julie?

    Although she was on the other side of him it’s easy to get disoriented in tents. She was still fast asleep far as I knew. His hand moved carelessly along my legs and over my hips as I lay there on my side then back down and up repeatedly. When he squeezed my hip I knew it wasn’t so casual perhaps. The loosely-draped sleeping bag was then lifted off me and I’m under it, or was, in just my long black tee and underwear. His hand continued its wandering up and down my legs and hips now with no sleeping bag obstructing his progress. Up and down along my bare legs suddenly aware of his motions had eased my shirt up and over my hips.

    His hand rested and then moved over my green and white striped knickers, lingered for a moment then back down the bare skin of my leg to my knees and up again to my knickers. The early morning light though still early was gently warming the tent.

    Unless that was just our breath and bodies, my decidedly getting warmer.

    His hand guided my shirt up. I’m sure he knew I was awake by now but still I lay still. Julie slept hearing her quiet sleepy breathing punctuated by my quiet but getting slightly aroused breathing. My shirt was pushed up along my hips and waist keenly aware of my increasing exposure to his hand and eyes, unhindered but for my knickers. Up to my bra he eased the shirt then sliding down over my tummy caressing, my muscles slightly tense still on my side.

    His fingertips caught the top of the elastic of my knickers and they followed lace-line of the elastic over my hips his palm exploring my buttocks kneading and making me involuntarily shudder. It wasn’t long before I found out where he went next…….

    ….. between my still closed legs slightly bent at the knees he forced his fingers, pushing against my inner thighs and then my sex warming to this unexpected attention, my inward protestations never found a voice. Increasingly firmly and insistently he rubbed me here generating a not so unwilling heat of excitement. I couldn’t help the moistening that soaked through the material as his whole hand cupped and kneaded more my sex through the knickers each finger urging the fabric in between my folds.

    A dizzying rhythmic motion my hips moved as a reflex. He knew I was awake as he continued tempting and teasing til my knickers slipped a little aside when I felt the skin of them touching my skin, beneath, my mound and fine hairs he intimately brushed as the light increasing grew in the tent and across the still largely sleeping festival site. I was mesmerized, willingly accepting.

    My bum and hips eased back even without thinking, I knew this eased his progress even more as his fingers peeled aside my knickers and slipped a single finger between my folds I almost screamed but didn’t. Then two fingers inside me and I letting him. I felt unable to resist, my body caught in the poetry ministrations of his fingers, his touching, exploring, breaking down my defences.

    He urged me open and I heard myself moan quietly, quickening breath.

    Closer now he pulled himself to me, body against mine when I felt his erection most firmly erect. His other hand slipped under my shirt, unhooked my bra and reaching round slid his hand under cupping my breast squeezing rounding over my nipple, all the while his other hand still urging fingers to probe inside me. Any thought of resisting collapsed during this most unusual early morning wake-up call. Fingers fucked me now with more intensity, I gasped, shuddered, my breasts at his mercy.

    He fingered relentless until he felt that my orgasm, a tiny implosion, waves of hypersensitivity through my thighs, my juices seeped across my folds, my mound, now overly tender pink flesh. I almost pulled away, and tried, but his grip was demanding still.

    Suddenly closer before the next breath his fingers were replaced by something much thicker and longer as his erection awkwardly probed and slipped between my legs, my opening thighs and slick inside my pulsing sex. His naked cock encouraged me open, give, surrender, lifting my top leg he pushed… and pushed… inside me…… still getting over my last orgasm he entered me and even without having seen it I felt how wide and thick he was. My eyes closed as if it might help to let him in me, and it did as he slipped further, gripping my hips as he thrust between my lips now moistened allowing a pace to quickly embrace both our breaths.

    I felt the stretching and visualised to make it easier which just made me hornier my muscles gripping him with each release and thrust. Opening and inside I was held, trapped, and almost forgot Julie was still here in the same tent. My grasping for air was matched by his hips crashing into my bum, the sweat and the precum easing any overzealous grunting. He grew harder, even thicker, as I felt opening and opening, giving. I threw back my head feeling close to another orgasm……. the inevitable….. no going back, past the point of returning to earlier.

    His pace quickened now alongside his breathing and his hands gripped me firmer one holding one breast so I couldn’t escape, not that I wanted too, til at the same moment a sudden not unexpected welling of heat arose inside me, inside my, my tummy, my womb, spreading down my legs a flood of ecstasy as we came, both at once as I felt his pulsing emptying all of his passion into me, my hips, thighs, sex, sensing him filling me entirely. He pushed and gripped until I guessed he had nothing left. I’m sure I let out quite a vocal scream which as impossible to hold back in the circumstances as my body went into spasm almost breaking at what had just happened.

    We collapsed. He rolled onto his back falling limply out of me and me onto mine with my knees curled and closed though still some found its way out. Then I remembered Julie, and cast a nervous glance over his panting body to where she lay only to see her very awake and she’d been having also brought herself to orgasm at the same time.

    That’s a festival I will never forget.

    © Emmaleela 2015
  10. It was a crazy night. Lots of odd things had happened already but by far the craziest was finding myself being taken by the hand into a toilet cubicle by a guy whose name I was still trying to remember. He told me about an hour ago but the music being so loud made me just nod, smile and say hi.

    ‘Student night’ in the club, that’s why I was here with some uni friends. Saturday night all in a party mood. So here I was at god knows what time, this is what happens when I drink myself tipsy.

    Despite my daze at the way the night and our conversation progressed I went with him, hand in hand drawn through the sea of faces and arms. He was hot, a smile making me melt and on went to the bathrooms, the ladies as it became obvious Don’t know why and not the gents, maybe it was closer and wasn’t really taking too much in with my adrenalin pumping.

    We found our way into the Ladies and I was only vaguely aware of others in there looking a little astonished but not as surprised as I thought they maybe should be at this guy in invading our ‘temple’ with me in tow. Into a cubicle he took me, which was small cramped and more than a little strange having not shared this space with a man before. He pushed the door closed. With drink in hand he forcefully kissed me and surprisingly I responded, a reflex, as though it was totally natural to be here doing this in this tiny space. He took my drink from me and placed it on the cistern.

    His kiss was firm, determined, we were both a little tipsy and more than a little excited. I kissed him back, seemed all I could do. In the cubicle sucking each others faces like fishes gasping for air when his hands were the next thing I was very aware of. At first held my shoulders pinning me to the wall until they slid down my arms, gently as it happened across and touching my breasts through my black thin vest, above-the-knee dress, over which his hands liberally wandered undeterred.

    He enjoyed my breasts spending ages exploring and having the right effect on me getting my pulse racing and my nipples quickly hard. We kissed more as he felt me up and down firmly, unstoppable at times pushing me up against the closed door through which voices just inches away were outside, listening. The door wasn’t locked. I was aroused as one of his hands slid from my excited breast and down the front of my dress, along my tummy to find itself between my legs! I jumped as I felt him press me, grab me through the fabric of my dress and squeeze between my legs. I became aware of my warmth, a flushed sensation enveloping my skin, there under my dress, inside my knickers warm, a faint sweat broke over me.

    I nearly fainted.

    I didn’t, as he’d pulled one strap of my dress down off my shoulder, followed by the bra strap. Though still mostly decent he now had more skin to touch and explore, which he did enthusiastically. On and off I became oblivious to the absurdity of where this was happening. Every part of my body was telling me not too object and just to go with it. I did, just go along with it. A switch had been flicked and I surrendered to all and more…… his hand slipped under my dress, I felt it as soon as it touched thighs between my legs til reaching my knickers, which I knew were wetted by the excitment.

    His other hand joined it between my thighs under my dress and again I felt dizziness almost gripping the door but there was nothing to hold except him. The hem of my dress lifted, I didn’t dare look down at first until it was over my thighs exposing my black knickers. He hand fondled me there as I tightened my thighs against him me he persisted engulfing my sex in his palm and rubbing them into me firmly and now encouraging the moistening. My head spun, partly from alcohol mostly from surrender to what his hands were now doing to me and making me feel. I moaned then once again aware that we weren’t quite alone and heard other women outside the door listening and no doubt enjoying my fate.

    I almost screamed when one hand found its way into and under the elastic of my black knickers having worked its way around to my back over my bum under my dress sliding over each buttock and squeezing and pulling me closer. We kissed and his fingers kneaded me there, pulling, exploring til I felt him slide round to the front of my knickers, which now know full of his hands and finding my wetness, my sex, my vagina, my cunt. At this I did let out a yelp of a sorts and instantly felt embarrassed at how it must sound from the other side of the door I was still pressed firmly against… his fingers definitely knew what they were doing even in this awkward space and almost instantly felt myself shuddering with the first orgasm on touching just there.

    I closed my eyes and heard myself let out a quiet moan.

    I let him touch me again and again and he did, he did, more and more excitably, his fingers now slipping inside me easily along my now very moist sex, one leg held up slightly allowing deeper inside. His nail caught my skin, I yelped, but it almost made me cum again. He kept going, I felt him in me and over me, his fingers, we kissed and I felt him sliding two fingers in deeper.

    I let him for minutes on end til he grabbed at my knickers and tugged them from my hips and thighs promptly down my quivering legs. I had a feeling I knew what might happen next. I thought fast thinking this through and thought, well I’d come this far, so…….

    He pulled them down my now bare legs and up went my dress again up to my hips. I was as horny as he was by now submitting to each surging second we spent in there. In less than a breath unzipped his jeans and let out his erection that had no doubt been straining to get out. I peered down at his cock and held onto the wall. Before I could blush he manoeuvred me next to the seat and raising my leg again and pushed his cock clumsily between my legs. It tickled my already bare sensitive thighs. Without a thought I grabbed it, inhaled and guided him, to where he wanted to go, the heat, the precum, the twitching and into my folds, into my cunt I felt spread as he pushed his thick head, foreskin peeling away the tip swallowed inside and I gasped.

    He push in and in furter and I couldn’t stop him. Tightly in along on my juices we started to fuck. There in the cubicle, toilet sex, skin on skin, bare skin to bare skin… bareback. I heard myself gasp the word “fuck!”, and him say back, “yess!”. He kissed my bare shoulders pulling both straps and bra straps pulled down, with my head leaned back against the wall taking ever-deeper breaths feeling my dress pushed right up over my hips.

    My now willing thighs held him tightly inside and I felt every push in and pull out, as fast and impulsive his erection that felt as it was thickened and grew each second inside. The heat between my legs, the sweat, arousing each time he bumped and bumped against my clit. He pulled down my dress further from my shoulders exposing my bra til he eased down one cup of that too and kissed, and squeezing that breast sending shockwaves convulsions through all my limbs while my hips and my muscles gripping him tighter which just made him harder and more forcefully fuck me.

    It wasn’t too long even though it felt longer and then all of a sudden his thrusting grew faster, our breaths coincided, I grabbed round finding his hips pumping and I knew what was coming and it did as he cum in me releasing again another spasm of orgasm from me. An intensity making my legs buckle, collapse but his body against me held me up as he kept thrusting and fucking till nothing was left inside him and it was now all every drop inside me.

    My legs turn to jelly, and I felt his warm cum inside me, a trickling down my pale thighs. I was so overwhelmed.

    I felt every last jolt of his hips against mine until he was empty and I turned round and held on so not to collapse. As I gathered my thoughts, and my limbs I heard once voices outside, giggles and muttering which sounded excited by what they just heard.

    No after-kiss, just a smile. He looked as dazed as I felt pulling up his jeans and I pulled my skirt back down and retrieved my knickers. Seems I would have to go without for the rest of the night. I insisted he left first as he smiled and duly obliged.

    We opened the door opened spilling half-light from the bathroom into the cubicle for a second and the eyes of other girls in there who’d heard the whole show. I closed it again and grinned from ear to ear, for a final moment revelling in what a crazy night it’d turned out to be.

    © Emmaleela
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