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  1. Since around ten last night I've gotten my rocks off three times with the waitress and I want more.

    Who the hell turned up the thermostat on my libido?

    Oh ya, she did!
  2. I was standing inline at the counter of a convenience store. A woman in her forties or so was standing in front of me. She had just finished her purchase and gathering her things as the clerk looked at me and asked how she could help me.

    "I'd like to order a smile, please." These clerks see me quite often so they know what to expect from me. The woman in front of me didn't.

    As she left the counter I watched her start to walk away. Ya I was checking her out.

    If I have a fetish it's redheads. She was one.

    She might have thought her self overweight as most women often do. She still had her curves. They were soft and round, not super model flat and sharp.

    Like most women she had eyes in the back of her head. She turned her head as she walked away. She caught me admiring her womanly figure.

    She flashes me a grin as if to say "hope this puts a smile on your face."

    Ya, it did more than that.

    Love a flirtatious woman.

    Did I mention the soft curve of her ass?
  3. She's a dark raven beauty
    Hips that curve with a flare
    Curves that taunt a weak me
    To take her if I dare

    How can one resist
    My sultry wicked wench
    You know I must take you
    So I'll splay you across the bench.

    Firm hands manhandle thick thighs
    Legs spread wide open
    Your mine for the taking
    Rough play is what your hopen.

    My lips lap at your slit
    Tongue wagging at your clit
    I feel you start to shiver
    With intense orgasmic quiver

    You scream and cry for more
    As my member enters your door
    Filling all your goodness
    Pushing all into this goddess.

    I fill you with my seed
    Leaving no more want or need
    Hold me now with whispers more
    For the one I do adore.
  4. Yesterday and into today my libido has been exceptionally active. Can't keep my hands off myself.

    Ya I know TMI

    Been doing a lot of edging. Just seems to make things harder (sorry for the pun).

    Random thought: if I were deaf, sex wouldn't be as much fun. I love listening to a woman's voice during sex. Big turn on.

    Enjoy your weekend.
  5. .

    A smile wasn't the only thing on my lips this weekend.
  6. I walked into a restaurant the other morning for breakfast. As I'm being seated a waitress behind the counter catches my eye. She's about my age, a slender built blond. She sees me and smiles. That smile captured me in the moment.

    Normally I'd just look away after that. This time I didn't. I kept my eyes on her till she looked back again for a second glance.

    I think she notices my interest! She came to my table as my server.

    I like to flirt a bit. I do it often. With her, my flirting went into overdrive.

    Long story short, I have a date this weekend.

    Just saying.
  7. Notice how much more clearly you think after an orgasm. Now I can focus on something other than sex. Well, for at least the next 15 minutes. [BANANA][/BANANA]
  8. I've scanned through the pics of so many of you beautiful women and I wonder this: would she mind if I stroke my hard cock from the arousal she creates in me? Would the thought of a man fantasizing about having her body and doing naughty things to her be a turn on or turn off? Guess it might depend on the fantasy.
  9. At this moment my hand is wrapped around my hardness stroking it deliberately. Damn it's hard.

    I watch my hand traveling up and down, my thumb and index finger forming a circle. It flows from the tip of my engorged head, past the fleshy rim. It slips down to the hard sides of my swollen shaft down to the base.

    Continually stroking myself slowly my mind travels to a moment in the past when a brown haired vixen with perfectly shaped breasts played with my cock in a similar manner. Hidden behind bushes at a public park on a lake I had opened her blouse and layed bare her bossum. I sucked on her nipples and made wet circles upon her aeriolas. In turn she tugged on my balls and kept me on the edge of orgasm with her fingers wrapped around my cock.

    My head is cocked to the side. Hips making ever so suddle movements up into my hand. My cock is inflexible. It yurns for but one thing. My hand moves slightly faster.

    I think of the brunette with the bulbous ass. Her ass cheeks would fill hands as I'd plunge deep into her over and again. Or she'd ride me cowgirl, grinding out her orgasms. I loved the feel of her ass in my hands, squeezing and slapping it. Her orgasm would start silently and end explosively. I love her ass on my face as she sucked my hardon dry.

    My eyes open and I see precum seeping from my slit. I rubb it around the head of my cock with my thumb. My fingers now fully grasp my hardon as I begin pounding faster.

    I need to cum so bad!

    I think of the petite blond with the small tits and pointy nipples. She came up to my hotel room. No sooner was the door shut than I had her pinned up against the wall. I gnawed at her blouse while my fingers ravaged her pussy. She climaxed quickly and often. I then pulled off her panties, hiked her skirt up, freed my cock and fucked her hard against the wall with her legs in the air. She was a screamer.

    My loins tighten.

    Cock oozes more precum.

    I slow my stroke. I want to enjoy this.

    My testicle Asends Breathing slows to a stop.

    I feel my cum start to strain against the base of my throbbing member.

    Tell me you want it.

    Beg me to fuck you harder.

    Gawd I can't hold out.

    The head of my cock swells.

    Fuck yes. Arrrggh.

    What a mess.
  10. Have you noticed how difficult it is to eAt spaghetti and still look sexy?

    On the other hand, it worked for L ady and the Tr amp.

    So, what's your sexy entre'?
  11. Ever have one of those work weeks that just don't seem to ever wanna end?

    Why aren't vacations like that?
  12. My mind is a little slow on the uptake today. Lack of sleep combined with only a twelve once cup of joe tends to slow the cerebral process.

    Ok. Let's get stimulated!

    o there is nothing more captivating than a woman's eyes that can look deep down into your soul from across a crowded room.

    o few things cause you to turn your head faster than the tenor of a woman's voice. Nothing is sexier than hearing the crest of her orgasm.

    o nothing can calm you like the smile on her face nor is there a more wicked look

    o I admire a round fleshy ass

    o it's not the size of her breast but the nipple puffy and pointed that demands to be sucked

    o vuluptuous curves that entice ones eyes to follow closely

    Ok, what's your list?
  13. Having breakfast at my favorite cafe. A place where the wait staff is friendly and flirty.

    Keeping a mans cup of coffee full is always key to a good tip.

    Offering him a sweet piece of ass goes along way too.
  14. I strolled into a corner store the other morning searching for a newspaper. Out of the corner of my eye I caught site of a raven haired woman. I stared for a moment, returned my gaze to the newsstand and then looked once more.

    Her eyes... They had grabbed my attention. You know the type. Eyes that can look at you from across the room and reach deep down into your soul.

    Eyes that can say:

    O Come hither or out of your league

    O you fascinate me or you disgust me

    O I need you to fuck me or go fuck off

    Eyes can say so much. Hers told me "quit staring".
  15. I had a hard working weekend. Projects started and finished.

    Sex, on the other hand was a bit of a let down. I got my face full of wet succulent pushy pleasure. All I could crave. The little prick let me down.

    It happens. But not usually to me. Fortunately my partner understood and eventually I was able to cock slap her tits hard and stroked a rope or three of jism onto her tits.

    I think it was part blood sugar and partly reading to many stories and staring at pics of you women that was the culprit. I guess self stimulation 3 times a day is a bit much.

    Can't help it.

    Ya just know how to arouse the beast within.
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