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  1. What happens when you find a friend that is too irresistible? That is where I found myself a few days ago. I was given an opportunity to share my most lust-filled desires about her. Then, as if she could not be any more perfect, she encourages me to share an exchange. NOTE: This entry has been posted with Pepper_Vines' permission.

    If there is ever anything I can do to help you forget your troubles, if only for a brief time, let me know.

    Some mad passionate love making would make my troubles go away.

    Hmm... If I could get on a plane right now. As soon as you opened the door, I'd pull you close to me and give you a passionate kiss. Hands would be unable to control themselves and would begin to roam all over - from your back, to your hips, down to your ass, pulling you even closer to me. You'd want to lead me to the bedroom and, when we get there, I'd be tugging at every piece of clothing you have on so that I could ravage you with my fingers, mouth, tongue, and...

    Now that I have you naked, you're standing right next to the bed. I kneel down and begin to slowly kiss around your nether regions, teasingly close to your mound. My hands glide up and down your thighs, then up and behind as fingertips graze over your ass cheeks. You feel me clutch at them and pull you close just as my tongue makes first contact with your sensitive pussy lips.

    It travels slowly upwards along your slit, right up to your sheathed clit; then, just as slowly, lick my way down. I do this again and again. Slowly up... slowly down. When I see you become relaxed, I gently guide you down to the bed. As you lie on your back, I part your legs without any resistance from you. I return to licking, only now my tongue slides in between your lips as it slides up and down.

    Now that I'm naked...I've cum 3 times today already. It's just after 2pm!

    I would love for you to feed me your cock. Rubbing the head of it on the inside of my cheek and gliding it deep into my throat...

    Once more you feel my hands on your body. Now, reaching across your torso, hands feeling for your breasts, clutching at them, squeezing them. Fingers trace your curves to find the swollen nubs pointed upwards. You feel me pinch both of them at the same time. Rolling them between my fingers. Twisting them. Tugging on them.

    As I tweak and tease your nipples, my mouth begins to work feverishly on your pussy. Lapping harder and faster as each stroke upwards comes with more pressure. Soon enough, I see that your clit has has emerged from its hood and I seize upon it. My tongue flicks at it over and over and over again. It flutters over it in every possible direction before my lips clasp over it and begin to suckle, nibble, and tug on it...

    While I attack your clit, you feel one hand release your nipple and slide down the length of your body to your thigh. It slowly moves toward the inside, then upwards before you feel a finger push past the tight barrier of your pussy. It eases in... first past one knuckle... then the second... all the way to the third. Just as slowly as i pushed it in, I slide it out... repeating the motion over and over and over. I can feel how wet you've become as I continue to feast on your clit and play with your nipples.

    Now, you feel a second finger slide inside your pussy. Fingers begin to move faster - in and out, in and out. I peel my mouth away from your clit and lick up along your tummy until one of your nipples is firmly between my lips. Where my mouth once was, now my thumb begins to rub the sensitive nub, keeping rhythm with the fingers fucking your pussy...

    My teeth begin to tug on your nipples as you feel the intensity of my desire increase with every passing second. My hand, between your thighs, begins to twist side to side as it moves in and out of your pussy. As I move my body upwards to kiss you once more, I see the look of complete lust in your eyes.

    What are your feelings about light anal play?

    I enjoy light anal play, warmed up properly...

    My mouth pulls away from yours and I lick back down your body. Once more, I find my way to your clit and begin to suck and lick it harder and harder as my fingers begin to pump faster inside your wet pussy.

    My palm turns upwards and my fingers begin to drag across your button. Slowly, you feel the intensity of the pleasure increase more and more. My fingertips are unrelenting as they stroke your g-spot again and again.

    You feel my mouth pull away as my fingers inside you work faster, rubbing your sensitive g-spot. The pressure builds and builds and builds until you let yourself go and your body writhes all over my hand. I imagine you bucking as the waves overtake you. Within the maelstrom of your pleasure, I remove my fingers and hold your thighs open. Leaning down, I lap at your pussy lips, tasting your sweet juices before I plunge my tongue as deep inside of your pussy as I can. Your body bolts against mine, but I hold you firmly while I begin to move my tongue in and out of your orgasming pussy.

    You eventually give in to my desire and relax your body as best as you can, feeling another tidal wave eminently approaching. You feel my hands slide underneath your ass, clutching your cheeks as I prop your body up as tongue-fuck your pussy. I'm so filled with lust that I can't help the next action...

    You feel one hand slip over to the middle, and pressure being applied to your taut rosebud. My thumb has begun to trace and lightly tap at your asshole. Then, in between deep thrusts of my tongue, I slide out and lick downwards, over your taint and press the tip of my tongue against it before moving back to tonguing your pussy...

    While I move my tongue in and out, I feel your pussy begin to clutch at it. I hear your gasps. I know what it coming. I plunge my tongue in as far as I can with as much force as I can manage. Then, it happens... you cum again... all over my tongue and mouth. I lap at your cunt as much as I can, licking up every drop of your pussy juice.

    As I watch you writhe in orgasm, I slide away and begin to remove my own clothes. Under heavy lids, your eyes fixate on my hard cock, pulsating as it points aways from my body. One of your hands immediately slips down your body to cup your pussy. You lightly tease it as you watch me take my cock in my hand and lazily stroke it. I walk to the other side of the bed and gently pull you to the edge. With your head resting almost over the side, I take my cock and hold it in front of your face. The feel of your tongue gliding up along the underside is exquisite. As it nears the head, a drop of precum drips onto your tongue. You then lick down the base until you reach my balls and lightly nip and lick them. I want to feel your mouth around me in the worst way. I guide the head back to your mouth and gently press forward. You eagerly part your lips and let me slide in, taking me as deep as you can, sucking on my cock while my hands reach out to clutch at your tits once more.

    As I feed you my cock, moving it in and out, your hand begins to rub your clit eagerly. The sounds of you slurping and gurgling on my cock, while moaning from your delicate touch on your clit makes my cock even more rigid and I can't resist the urge to begin moving a little faster in your mouth. I so desperately want to cum, but I am torn - do I allow you to feed on my hot cum, or do I remove myself and slide inside your pussy to fuck you the way I have so desperately wanted to?
  2. So, what seems like a very long time ago - we call our life BK (before kids) and AK (after kids) - the wife and I were rather adventurous, as one might expect without the worries of having to contain ourselves (noise level, location, frequency) when it came to sex. It was then that we would play out certain fantasies, which evolved into some roleplays. Some we talked about we did; others are still on the list of unfulfilled (for a very loooong time now!). With nothing changing "AK", I've decided to share the RP fantasies...

    1. Photographer
    I'm a photographer who’s been hired by a lonely housewife to take a few pictures. As the session progresses, I manage to convince her to loosen up a bit, even getting her to remove her jeans for a few erotic shots. As I click away with my camera, I tell her which poses to do and her how sexy I think she looks. The words begin to cause something inside of her to stir and she allows herself to show more skin - taking off her top to show off her bra, then pulling down the cups to reveal her breasts and erect nipples, until she is only in her panties. I finish the session and show her the pictures I took. I describe how hot she looks and she notices my arousal. Before she knows it, she's started to kiss me. My hands have a mind of their own and I remove the last bit of clothing before turning her into a position so I can lick her pussy. My tongue and lips have the desired effect and the urges become too much for her - she begs to suck my cock, which she does with great enthusiasm and licks and sucks in a way that she never had for her husband. Soon enough, she mounts my cock and begins riding me deep and hard. She cums all over my cock before my own urges reach a peak. I flip her over, straddle her and stroke myself before cumming all over her mouth and tits. I watch her lick me clean and then ask her when our next session will be.



    The wife is a high-end fashion photographer who has hired a male model to take pictures of her client’s new clothing line. As she snaps away with her camera, she begins to have some very unprofessional thoughts about me. She skips most of the shoot and tells me that she wants to do the underwear pics next. As she waits for me to change, she sits and steals a few rubs of her pussy, even slipping a finger inside to satisfy herself as best as she can. She resumes the session and finds it difficult to maintain her professionalism. As she leans in with the camera, the sight down her blouse of her bra barely containing her breasts causes me to harden. Seeing the bulge in my briefs, she can’t contain herself and approaches me, asking if I wouldn't mind doing some nude shots. She says they will be just for her, so she could use to masturbate. I refuse, but the thoughts have already done their work and the bulge grows larger. She doesn't help when she begins to touch, despite my protests. The feel of her breath on me, along with her hands, are too much for me and I give in. My hard cock in her hands awakens her desires and she pulls open her blouse and pulls ,e down to suck on her nipples. She never gives up control, as she directs me onto my knees to lick her wet pussy, and then to tongue-fuck her. After she cums, she instructs me to plow my cock into her pussy and fuck her hard, bringing her to two quick orgasms before she jumps down to her knees and sucks me off, capturing all of my hot cum on her tongue to swallow.

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