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  1. So, my husband borrowed my computer a couple of months ago, and discovered this profile. He is not happy. Not only is my sexual exploits discovered, but he now sees my tendencies to be with other guys. He read my blog and is using it against me. He is not happy.

    I haven't been active on this site since then because we have been seeing someone for help. I don't know why he is trying to stay, I'm sure many would just leave. But he seems committed. Like this was a wake up call for him.

    But good news, he started really giving it to me now. Not sure if he is just punishing me for this profile, but it is great. He says nasty things to me. He makes me look at pictures the other guys took, while we are having sex. He is finally treating me the way that I want.

    Is this a good thing? Only time will tell. I don't know. But I can say, I no longer have a temptation to cheat anymore. Maybe this is a new start for us.

    He is a great guy. I will keep everyone updated as things progress. Sorry for not answering any messages.

    - Darci
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  2. There are 3 friends of mine who know that I am not always faithful towards my husband. One of them is more of an acquaintance that I work with. Her and I have been working together for a long time and we usually go out after work on Friday's to get drinks. Well, one day, 3 of us decided to go on a week's get away with our boyfriends/husbands.

    Well, as you can imagine, at the resort, all six of us hung out, played drinking games, hung out at the pool, etc. My husband, who was the quietest of the 3 guys with us, usually would go to bed early, leaving the rest of us out at the resort bar and/or pool.

    I did get to know the other 2 boyfriends of my friends. That is to say, we talked and joked a lot. I honestly didn't have any intentions with any of them. They are just so-so guys. Well, that girl I said I work with that was an acquaintance, her boyfriend and I talked quite a bit. Then he said something that really caught my intention, "So, I'm told that you like to cheat on your husband". Apparently, that co-worker talks to her boyfriend about me a lot. "Don't worry, I won't tell" is what he said. He then said that he has thought I was smoking hot since he first saw me. Well, as you can imagine. One night, after drinks late night. He began talking to me about what I would do if my husband found out. I naturally told him that I would feel guilty because he would probably leave.

    Then it began. He started threatening me with telling my husband. At first it was joking, but then he would say little hints to my husband during our night of drinking. "So how do you keep your hot wife from cheating?" or "I bet your wife can get all the dick she can get". Later, my husband would tell me that he didn't like that guy because of the disrespect he showed me. If only he knew what I did.

    To soften those comments, the boyfriend told me he would be quiet if I did something for him. He wanted me to give him a lap dance. So, in my bikini, I gave him a lap dance, which I thought was an innocent thing between drunk people having fun, but he had me do it in his room while everyone else was at the bar. While grinding him, he decided to start to use his hands, which was inappropriate, but turned me on. He started rubbing my pussy over my bikini and said, "I bet that is tight". He then forcefully bent me over. I asked him what he was doing and he just said, "I'm keeping quiet about your infidelity because you are letting me do this". His way of saying that I needed to do this in order for him to keep quiet. He began to finger my pussy and rub my asshole with his thumb. He then started eating me out. It felt good, and not just the feeling, but it felt good knowing that my co-worker was with an asshole (I don't like her very much). He then turned me around, pulled down his trunks and said, "Suck my dick". I began to suck his dick. While his dick was in my mouth, he undid my top and exposed my tits. He sat down on the chair and grabbed his cock and exposed his balls so that I could begin licking them. He then started pushing my head down. Before I knew it, I was at his butthole. It was gross. I did that for like 5 seconds and lifted my head up. He then threw me on the bed and started fucking me. As much of an asshole as he was, his dick did feel good. He then flipped me over into doggy and then said, "I bet your ass hole feels nice around a cock" and then began to slip his dick in my ass. He fucked me until he pulled his dick out of my ass and stuck it in my mouth so that he could cum. He didn't last very long. We cleaned up and re joined our friends, to include my husband. All in all, we were gone for about 15 minutes.

    The asshole began talking to my husband and saying the same kind of shit to him about me cheating. Of course my husband didn't believe and everyone took it as joking. The co-worker was trying to keep him quiet about my cheating because she knows my back story. I wonder if she would have done that if she knew that I had just fucked her boyfriend.

    This happened a few years ago and my co-worker doesn't work there anymore. I heard that they ended up getting married (through instagram) and are trying to have kids. Of course we don't hang out as much, but I will always remember that day that I had sex with a friend's boyfriend, while my friend and my husband were downstairs at the pool. Although I do realize that he was using me, I didn't mind because my husband wasn't giving me what I wanted at all during that trip. We would just go back to our room and fall asleep.
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  3. This story is a prequel of the "Boyfriend Revenge" story. This is the story of the day I met my husband. At the time, I was seeing a guy that I swore I was going to marry. He wasn't doing very well in college. I honestly don't think college was meant for him. However, he swore he would take care of me the rest of our lives. He had asked what I thought about him joining the military. After discussion, it felt like a fantastic idea. He would join and we could travel the world, or at least get out of the town we were in. I still remember the day he left for basic training. I told him that I would wait for him.

    Well, 2 weeks later, I was at a Halloween party with a friend of mine. While there, a guy spilled his drink on me. He was so apologetic. I honestly didn't see it as a big deal. But we ended up chatting. Turns out that this guy and I had so much in common. I actually enjoyed the conversation so much that he ended up walking me back to my apartment. That first night, we stayed up all night and talked about what we wanted to do with our future and goals and dreams. We ended up making out and that was it that first night. The next morning he took me to breakfast and it was awesome.

    The following weekend, we went out for drinks. Somehow, we started talking about sex and what we like in bed. Like I said, we were having drinks and the subject came up. I told him how I am a submissive person because I like the man to take charge. When I told him that, he grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled on it and said, "I know how to control you". That was the first hottest thing he had ever done to me. I grabbed his inner thigh and started moving up to his dick. He stopped my hand and said, "I didn't say you could go there". I was getting instantly horny and wet. I told him that we probably should be going. He agreed and started walking me home.

    On the walk home, we continued our sex talk and reminded him how I like to be dominated. He stopped me and just grabbed my boobs and said, "Well, these are fucking awesome, maybe I should just claim these as mine". That was it, I told him, "They could be if you let me go down on you". I think he was surprised because it was the middle of the night and we were outside near my apartment. He ended taking me to a side street and blocked me so I couldn't leave. "Show me your tits". I flashed him. He said, "No, take your shirt off". I took it off and my bra, exposing my tits. He then said, "Get on your knees". I did. He walked over to me, pulled out his dick and I started to suck it. "That's a good girl". I gave him a blowjob until he ejaculated on my tits. I licked as much as I could up and put my shirt back on and he walked me back to my apartment. I said, "That was great". I opened my door, and he just shoved me in and forced his way into my apartment. "We are not done". This time, he ripped my shirt off, literally, and forced my skirt off and pulled my panties down. Then stepped back and took a look at me, standing there, naked. "I'm going to enjoy this", he said.

    We ended up having the greatest sex him and I have ever had. He put me in all sorts of positions. He cummed so much that night. Fucked all my holes. He literally made me his bitch that night, although, he never called me names, he did say things like, "That's a good girl", and "Your mine now", and "Don't act like you don't love it", as if he was saying I was his property and he didn't care how I felt. I loved that. We still did all the nasty things that I don't mind doing, as long as the guy likes them, like anal, and facials, and doggystyle, and him fingering my ass while fucking me, etc. It was great. We had this type of sex for, what seemed to be, the next 3 weeks.

    After this first time, I wrote a letter to my boyfriend who was at basic training, telling him that I didn't think he and I would work out. I'm not sure how long it took for him to get the letter, but I remember him calling me after he was done with basic training, asking me why, and how shitty I was for breaking up with him, and how he was only in the military for me because he would have never joined otherwise. I felt bad, but didn't care much because I had literally got engaged to my husband a few days before my ex came home from training.

    As everyone who has visited my SF page knows, my husband and I don't have sex like this anymore. As time went on, and after we got married, the sex got more boring and more boring until it came to me just laying there while he fucks me till he cums. I would tell him to fuck me like the first night we met. He said that he doesn't have a need to do that anymore. I even told him that he can degrade me and call me a bitch and whore. He asked why he would do that to the woman he loves dearly and would do anything for. We have gone to marriage counseling where he just tells the counselor what he tells me. Somehow, they make me feel like the bad person for wanting the type of sexual pleasure I desire. It must be something they learn at marriage counseling college or something. Either way, at some point, I realized that I love my husband very much. I tried to do what the counselor told me to do, but I am just a sexual person and I can't help that. If my husband doesn't want to satisfy me the way I want, then I find it in other places, for example, here on SF, even if it's just with words and chat.

    I don't like to cheat, but I love the attention and the thrill. I don't want to hurt my husband, so it's best if he doesn't find out. If he does, and ends up leaving, I am fully aware, that it will be my fault. I am just a person who is keeping her cake and eating it also.

    But yeah, this is how I met my husband, by cheating on my ex. I guess I have always been the type to cheat and have never been exclusive with one person. I have literally cheated on every person I have dated. But now, on SF, I get enough of the thrill to keep me from cheating. At least for a little while.
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  4. Dated a guy in college who ended up joining the military because he wanted to build a better life for us. Well, while he was away, I ended up meeting the man who would eventually become my husband. I broke up with him while he was in training. I assumed he was very heart broken.

    Fast forward a few years. I went to Las Vegas to celebrate one of my girlfriends who was about to get married. We spent a whole weekend there. On one night, for whatever reason (we were probably drunk) we decided to start our night at Little Darlings, a low level strip club. Of course, being a group of girls, we got VIP access, bottle service, and most of the strippers to sit with us for what seemed to be cheap. While there, a guy walks up to me, stares at me, and says nothing. I look at him through all the cigarette smoke, and realized who it was. It was my ex boyfriend from college. He was in town for something called red flag at the local military base. He was there with friends. My girlfriends let them all sit with us because they wanted guy companionship for the night. We ended up leaving the club and went bar hopping up and down the strip. Of course, my ex boyfriend stayed by my side. It was actually nice being with him again. We had a great relationship in college. He told me that he had just got stationed in South Carolina and had just gotten back from Afghanistan. I spent the night hearing his stories.

    I told him about me and told him I was married. He shy'ed away for a bit, but then after a few alcoholic drinks from random strangers who saw our bachelorette party, I ended up telling him about my lack of sex life with my husband. I told him about my tinder account and told him about some of my cheating escapades. He admitted looking me up on Facebook and stalking me every now and then. Well, at the last bar on Freemont Street, we dancing and singing karaoke when all of a sudden, he leaned in and kissed me. I probably shouldn't have, but I kissed him back. While my bachelorette party was loosing one girl at a time, going back to the hotel, due to sleepiness or drunkiness, I ended up being the last one out with my ex and his friend.

    I must have been almost passed out drunk because I remember him almost carrying me back to his hotel room at the Tropicana. When we got to his room, he had beer in the mini fridge, so we continued drinking. I don't know what we were saying to each other, but the next thing I remember him saying was, "You really broke my heart". I felt bad. I asked him what he wanted me to do about it. He just blurted out, "How about you suck my dick, one last time". He pulled out his cock, which looked glorious, and I just started sucking. He took off my shirt. As the incident kept going on, his words kept getting more vulgar. Things like, "Nice Tits" and "You still suck like a bitch". Then he grabbed a fist full of hair, pulled my head away from his cock and said, "You fucking broke my heart bitch, now it's time for me to give you what you deserve". I was so wet by him saying this. Again, I knew I was going to be taken advantage of, which is my favorite type of sex. He flipped me over and rammed his cock in my pussy and just started fucking me doggy style. At that moment, I heard another voice say, "Yeah, fuck that whore!". It was his room mate. I had totally forgotten he was there. My ex, while fucking me doggy style, started fingering my ass. "You like that bitch?". I actually didn't like it, but I didn't answer him. He then grabbed a pillow case and tied my hands behind my back. He then tossed his phone to his friend. "Film this shit". He grabbed me by the hair, pointed my face towards the camera, and started talking to the camera. "This bitch broke my heart. It's time for my revenge." He then bent me back over and started spanking me. "Say your sorry, bitch". After every spank, I would say, "I'm sorry". He then rammed his dick in my ass. The way he did it, it probably should have hurt, but it felt good. He said, "you fucked me up when you broke up with me, now, I'm fucking you up the ass". The rest of the night, he fucked me up the ass only. "Look at the camera, bitch", he would say as he was pounding my asshole. He then said, "Get ready bitch. Open your mouth". I opened my mouth. He then said, "Stick out your tongue". I did. He then pulled his cock out of my ass and he blew a load right in my mouth. It was so much. After he was done, and I was there with a mouth full of his cum, he spit right into my mouth and said, "Swallow it bitch". I swallowed. He then talked to the camera. "This is what happens to whores who cheat on their boyfriends while they are away in the military". I remember his friend saying, "Man, this is so degrading". His friend never joined in or got naked or anything. He just filmed the entire ordeal. My ex told me to get dressed. I did. Then just like that, he walked me to the door, and said, it was nice to see you. Then closed the door on my face. I walked down to the elevator, almost crying, but I didn't cry. I took a cab to my hotel and went to bed. My girlfriend who I was bunking with, was passed out.

    The next morning, my girlfriends asked what happened to me. I told them that I just stayed out gambling with my ex and ended coming back late. I never told them what happened. This happened before any of my friends knew I was cheating on my husband, and I didn't want them to find out there. However, I was always worried, and still worried, that my ex has shown that video to all his friends. I know how military guys are. They brag. I'm scared he has posted that video up somewhere. I tried messaging and friending him through facebook, but no response. He has his facebook locked, so I can't see his pictures, but I do see that his profile pic is of him and another girl. I'm way better looking than she is. I hope that one day she finds the video he took of us and she gets mad at him and breaks up. Until then, I will admit, it was awesome being treated that way, except, although I was treating it like a fantasy, I don't think it was a fantasy to him. He was getting his revenge that he probably deserved to get based on the way I broke up with him. It's been a few years since this incident, but it still bothers me and I am still curious if he has that video.
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  5. One day, I was feeling horny. It was actually about a month since I had last had sex. But at that moment, I wanted to seduce my husband. I walked over to him, took off my shorts and bent over in front of him. I said, "Spank Me!". He asked why. I told him because I thought it would be hot. He said that he didn't want to hurt me and that if I wanted to make love, we should cuddle and get in the mood. I explained that I didn't want to make love and that I just wanted to get fucked. Well, we started arguing. I told him that I didn't understand why he didn't want to just fuck me every now and then. He asked me why I wanted it like that. When I would tell him that it's because I thought it would be hot, he would just tell me that there was something wrong with me, mentally. Needless to say, I left.

    I drove around for a bit, wondering where my life was going with my husband and ended up at a Buffalo Wild Wings. I ordered a Mai Tai and a chicken salad at the bar. At some point, a guy asked me if I was ok because I guess I looked upset. I told him everything was fine. He said he didn't want to bother, but if I wanted company, he could provide it given he was there alone also. We talked about ourselves, and then he asked why I was out alone. I told him that I got into an argument with my husband. He then politely told me that maybe he shouldn't be talking to me since I was married. Then, I just started laying into him about my sex problems with my husband. Just telling him about how my husband was a stallion before we got married and then how his libido dropped and never wanted sex after marriage. I talked about the type of sex I like and how he doesn't give it to me. I probably just blurted it all out because I was 4 Mai Tai's in after about an hour and a half, but mostly because I didn't want this guy to leave me alone. I was having a good time chatting with him. He ended up staying, listening, chatting with me, and giving me guy advice, like, I should just give up trying to have sex with him my way, and just do it his way. We continued drinking for a couple more hours, watching a college football game on the television and just having fun. It was nice not thinking about what just happened with my husband. After a while, this guy, who was extremely handsome after a few drinks, said that we should get out of there. I thought this meant another bar since we were having a good time. We got an Uber because we were both pretty drunk and the Uber ended taking us to his house. He said that he thought drinking at home was safer than drinking in a bar given how drunk we already were.

    We went inside and we just started taking shots for some reason that I can barely remember. Next thing I know, I reached over and kissed him while he was mid sentence telling me something. He pushed me away and only said, "Are you sure you want to do this?". I said fuck yes and reached in to continue kissing him as I was still horny from before. He pushed me away and said, "But your husband". I told him that I just want to be fucked and reached in to kiss him again. He then started to scold me for cheating on my husband. I started to feel really bad and got up to start walking out of the house, but he grabbed my wrist to stop me. He said, "No, you don't get to leave. Bitches like you need to learn that their husbands needs come first". This confused me. Was he about to give me a lecture about cheating? I was confused. Then it started to happen, the belittling.

    He said, "Get on your knees bitch. I'm going to teach you how to treat your husband. I'm your husband tonight". He then had me repeat after him. "I am the bitch". "I am my husband's fuck toy". "I will serve my husband and do whatever he wants" or some sayings like that. He then said, "Get naked Bitch". Now, I don't know if the alcohol I had been drinking was controlling me, but I was so wet from how I was being treated. This asshole, who was an awesome nice guy before, was belittling me. But, I got naked. He then told me to get on all fours. I did. He then said, "Bark like a bitch".. I barked like a dog. He was pacing all around me. Then he said, "Your husband gets to take whatever the fuck he wants". Before I knew it, he rammed his dick in my ass. I screamed. He started fucking my ass and spanking me asking me, "Now we are having a good time, aren't we Bitch?". He called me bitch so much that I started to believe that was my name. He flipped me over and continued fucking my ass. My pussy got no attention. He had me in the piledriver position, telling me how beautiful his bitch looked with his dick in my ass. At this point, my phone vibrated. He paused, as if he got out of character, handed me my phone and I checked it. It was my husband calling. Obviously, I didn't answer, but, noticed this guy had stopped fucking me as if he was feeling a bit guilty. It was then that I decided to do something that I thought would get him to continue degrading me. I unlocked my phone, handed it to him, and told him, "I think my husband wants pictures of his bitch". He got excited again. He took my phone and snapped 2 pictures of him fucking me in the piledriver position. I don't think he cared about taking pictures as he just put the phone down. He continued to fuck me until I felt his load empty into my asshole. He pulled out his dick and said, "Bitch, you have got to see this". He then snapped a picture of me and my gaping asshole. He then spit on my pussy. As I was trying to wipe his spit, he snapped another. He took a total of 4 pictures on my phone. I felt so dirty with his cum in my ass as he kept scolding me for being out without my husband and how I should have stayed home with him. After he was done he said, "Now let this be a lesson for you Bitch. Never leave your husband's side, you go straight home, apologize to your husband, and fuck him the way you just fucked me". He made me feel bad for fucking him, but he gave me that itch that my husband was unwilling to give earlier that night. I honestly put my clothes on and walked out the door. As I was walking out the door, he said, "Have a fun night Bitch", as if he just wanted to call me bitch one more time.

    I walked outside, ordered an Uber who took me back to BWW to get my car. In the Uber, I called my husband back, who was pissed because he had no idea where I was and was worried. I told him to not worry and that I was on my way home. I remember throwing up in the parking lot of the BWW because the drunkiness was wearing off. I finally got home and my husband and I continued our argument, but this time, I was letting him do all the yelling since I was fulfilled. It was strange, dirty, and very exotic knowing that my husband was yelling at me, while another man's sperm was still oozing out of my ass.

    That sex was fantastic and my only regret was that I didn't get that guy's number. I drive by his house every now and then just to see if I ever see him outside mowing the lawn or something, but I never do. Oh well, he taught me 3 lessons that day. 1. I need to stop giving my husband a hard time about not wanting to have sex with me. If he doesn't want to have sex with me, I'll just go find it somewhere else. 2. I don't mind my name being Bitch during hot degrading sex. and 3. Anal sex without lube kinda hurts, but then eventually feels really good.
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  6. I met a really handsome man on Tinder. After a good conversation, he invited me out. This one, I never told I was married. We decided to meet at a wine bar. He initially invited me to dinner, but I wasn't hungry. At the wine bar, we got to chatting. He was a man who was trying to start his business and was recently divorced. This got us talking about why he was divorced. Turns out, we had a thing in common. He wanted to be experimental with his ex-wife, but she did not. She caught him cheating, and then, they were divorced. I asked him what kind of things he liked. He told me that he was a dominant man, and liked belittling women. I actually played it off, telling him that this was pretty shallow of him, to look down on women. He just told me that it was a fantasy. Secretly, it was turning me on hearing him speak. Well, after about a bottle of wine at the wine bar, we moved on to a Piano Bar. It was crowded that we didn't find a place to sit. I found an empty seat at a table of 3 guys and just sat down. Of course these guys started chatting with my tinder date and I. We were having a great time. These guys were buying rounds, and I discovered the cinnamon toast crunch shot (rumchata with fireball). We had so much to drink. I remember one of the guys at the table telling me how nice of a guy my date was. He was telling me that he was a keeper and asked if I was going to give him something special. He was obviously drunk. Well, I was getting pretty drunk myself because that is when I started having memory lapses. The next thing I knew was walking outside. Then I remember giving him a blowjob while we drove in his truck. Then I remember watching a movie at his house. I remember making out, I remember him grabbing my tits because somehow I had become topless. I remember a few words he would say. I remember be spanked while I was in doggy. I remember yelling "fuck me!" Then I remember waking up and just getting dressed and leaving while he was still asleep. I had called an Uber to take me back to my car downtown.

    Later on that day, he messaged me asking if I got home ok. I told him yes. He then sent me 2 pictures of the night. One was him taking a selfie of himself with his finger in my ass. His message with this picture was "Thanks for the wonderful memories of last night". I was shocked. I didn't remember him taking pictures. I told him to delete it. He then sent another of me sucking his dick with the message "looked like you enjoyed also". Again, I only responded with "delete the picture". I went to save the pictures from the message, but found that the pictures were already on my phone, and that I had messaged him the pictures earlier through imessage. I felt embarrased. But what could I do. He told me how the night at his home went. He told me that we were watching a movie and then I just started giving him a handjob. He then told me that he started removing my clothes and we started having sex. He then told me how chatty I was during sex. Apparantly I was telling him to make me his bitch, so he did. He told me that I wanted him to take pictures. He told me that all he could find was my phone, so he grabbed it and snapped those 2 pictures only. He did admit that he thought it strange taking pictures, so he just stopped. But he did tell me that the pictures turned him on, so he messaged them to himself so he could have them. He told me that he fucked me in the ass and that he ended up blowing his cum in my mouth. After he was done, he told me that he looked over at me and that I was just asleep. So he went to sleep. That is when I woke up and left.

    I never saw him again, but I wish I knew more about what kind of sex we had. But it was awesome thinking that he took advantage of me while I was at my weak point. Everything we did, it was only because I led him on, so I wasn't mad, but I still cussed him out for having these pics. Plus, it is in line with what I like, and that is to be dominated sexually. Now, I don't want to demoralize any woman who has had an experience like this, because it could be bad. But when you are a girl like me, this kinda turned me on. Although I cussed him out after he sent these, and he apologized, we never spoke again.
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  7. Now, before I tell you this story of this asshole, and he was an asshole, I am going to say, this is the only guy that I had sex with multiple times behind my husband's back. And the only guy, I regret.

    I met him on tinder. He actually found me. He messaged me, and we started chatting about our lives. He lived in another city, so I felt like it would be easy to play around and tell this guy my fantasies, not knowing that we would ever meet. I told him about my disappointment with my sex life with my husband and how I just really wanted to be treated like nothing more that a girl to have sex with. We talked about everything. Well, after about 5 months of chatting online, he told me that he was coming to my city for a business trip and that he needed someone to be his date. Turns out, he is a very successful business man and is kind of well off. Well, the first time he asked me, it was good timing, because my husband was going with his friends on a fishing trip. So I told this tinder guy, yes. Well, he scheduled me to go meet him at his hotel on the Friday night. He was having a business dinner and he wanted me to go. When I got to his hotel, he was nice. He was telling me how beautiful I was and that he felt lucky I agreed to be with him. He told me that he had brought me a gift. He had brought me a pearl necklace. I'm sure it was not real pearls, but it was lovely. He then told me that I could have them only if I agreed to be the kind of girl I would describe I was when we would chat online. I told him yes if he kept buying me gifts like the pearl necklace. He then grabbed me by the hair, which turned me on, kissed me, which turned me on further, then he bent me over, lifted up my dress, pulled down my pantyhose and panties and stuck his fingers in my pussy. It was hot, even though, I was kind of weirded out by how he just thought he could do this. We had literally just met about 30 minutes ago in person. I actually told him to stop. But then he reminded me that I like to be dominated, and wanted to be dominated because my husband wouldn't do it. It felt even dirtier that he brought up my husband. Then, he did the first asshole thing. He grabbed the pearl necklace, and started putting each pearl in my butthole. One at a time. I remember him telling me that the necklace doubles as good anal beads. After he put the last pearl in, he pulled them out. He then kissed me passionately. Told me how that wasn't too bad and that this was the start of a good relationship. He put the pearls around my neck, without washing them. I felt dirty as we went out to his dinner meeting. Needless to say, it was hot because it was dirty. We had sex all weekend as I was his date for all his meetings and gatherings. We had great sex. He left, but we kept in touch. I loved how dirty he made me feel.

    Then 2 months later, he came into town again. I agreed to be his date again. But, before he came, he told me that he had bought me another present. I told me husband that I was going to a girlfriends home for a R&F party. Again, I met him at his hotel, wondering if he had another sexual ordeal waiting for me, but he didn't. He just told me that it was nice to see me again. How lovely I looked. But I was wondering what he had gotten me. We went out, pretty much with the same people as last. That night, he finally told me that he had another jewel to give me. He handed me a box and I opened it. It was one of those butt plugs that has a jewel on the end of it. He told me to try it on. Again, I thought, only an asshole would do this. But still, I went to the doggy position on the bed, I pulled down my panties, and shoved the plug in my ass. He was just staring at me. He then walked over to me, flipped me over, and then started fucking me while the plug was in my ass. I remember him telling me that I look beautiful with my jewels on. He pulled my dress completely off and took off my bra so that I would finally be totally naked. He started spanking me with his belt. I told him to stop. He did. Then I remember him saying that he wanted his dick in my ass. He pulled the plug out of my butt then told me to open wide because he needed a place to put the plug. He put it in my mouth and then started fucking me in the ass. He called me his bitch, and I kind of was. I was not stopping it. It was so wrong, but so hot at the same time. He pulled the plug out of my mouth, pulled his dick out of my ass, put the plug back in my ass, then made me suck his dick until he came all over my face and in my mouth. He swept the cum on my face into my mouth with his finger and told me to swallow. I did. I was supposed to spend the weekend with him, but I ended up not seeing him the rest of the weekend because, although it was hot, I didn't really like it. He was apologetic. Told me that he only gave me what he thought I wanted, which was to be degraded. I did want to be degraded, which is probably why I didn't stop it, but still, was probably too dirty. He did tell me that he was sorry. He ended up leaving, but we still chatted online.

    Then the last time I saw him. It was over the line. He told me that he was coming into town and that he really wanted to see me. I agreed, but I met him at a local restaurant. We chatted. I then confessed that I felt really bad for cheating on my husband with multiple guys. He was supportive. Listened. Told me he understood. The restaurant was closing, and he told me that he had skipped his dinner plans just to hang out with me. It felt good that a guy skipped something for me. I felt bad that he did that for me. I ended up going back to his hotel room, like a stupid little girl. And we continued our conversation. At one point, as I was telling him how I felt bad for lying and cheating on my husband, almost in tears, he said that maybe I needed to be punished. That threw me off. I wanted to leave, but also thought, yes, I needed to be punished. All I could say was, "What do you have in mind?" He smiled, as if, he was turning into an asshole. I should have known better. He told me to stand up. I did. He told me to get naked. I did. He took out his own phone and started filming. This begins the last asshole thing he did. This is the only time, another guy used his phone to take pictures or film me. He told me to walk over to him where he was sitting on the love chair. He pulled out handcuffs, and tied my hands behind my back. He told me to lay on my back. He then grabbed my legs, put them over my head and put me in the piledriver position. My arms slid underneath the love chair and I literally had no mobility with my arms. I was literally extremely vulnerable. His words, I won't forget, because it was hot. "Now Bitch, this is your punishment for cheating on your husband. You lie to him out of your ass. Maybe I should make you eat your words" or something like that. He then shoved 2 fingers in my ass, pretty rough and hard. It hurt. He then said, "I'm going to ask you questions, every time you lie out of your ass, you are going to eat your words". I whimpered in the affirmative. His first question, "Do you love your husband?". I said yes. He said that the answer was a lie. And then he pulled his fingers out and shoved them in my mouth and said, "eat your words bitch". He asked a lot of questions, like if I really felt guilty. If I really liked to be dominated. Humiliating questions like that. At some point, he switched from his fingers to his dick. This went on for about an hour. He would pause to take pictures, as I sat or layed there crying because of what I was doing. How could I let this asshole judge me and punish me the way he was doing? He eventually came in my mouth, made me swallow. He uncuffed me. I put my clothes on. And the last thing I heard him say, "Don't you feel better about yourself". I left. I got home, went straight to bed. My husband didn't even ask where I was. He just let me go to sleep. I then realized, this asshole has video of me. and pictures of this punishment session. The asshole messaged me a week later, asking how I was. I only responded to why he kept calling me. Turns out, before me, he would pay for an escort service for his dates. He told me that he would call me because I was free and only cost a good meal. The last thing I told him was, "delete the videos and pictures". He told me he would. He tried talking to me after, but I literally blocked his number.

    This is the only, and last, time I will ever be with a guy more than once. And the only time, I let a guy pull his phone out. This is also the only time, I really regret cheating on my husband. I tell this story because I have been keeping this particular story to myself for a long time, and I needed to let it out. I hope, this story gives me a little relief from the regret.
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  8. So, I married my husband when I was 23. Sex at first was great. But then I wanted to start experimenting, which he was not into. I wrote it off as if it was nothing. But then, fast forward a couple of months after my 1 year anniversary. I was out with some girlfriends of mine, just hanging out at a local live music bar. Well, the 3 of us girls ended up hanging out with a few guys. Well, one of the guys, who was really cute, started really talking to me. I did tell him that I was married. He just told me that all he wanted to do was have a good time. Well, these guys bought us drinks, pretty much the entire night. I drank so much, that I really started buzzing to the point where I had memory lapses of the night. Well, I was enjoying a drink at the bar after a few shots, then the next thing I remembered was being in the bar bathroom with this cute guy. I was sucking his dick. I immediately drew my head back, but he just grabbed the back of my head and led my mouth back to his dick. At the moment, I thought I should just get up and go, but something about that moment, I just continued. At one point, he had called me his bitch. Again, I didn't know how to feel about this. Who the hell was this asshole calling me a bitch while his dick was in my mouth. But, as much as it bothered me, it felt really hot. Needless to say, I finished him off and he came in my mouth. As I stood up, getting ready to spit his cum in the sink, he put his hand over my mouth, looked me straight in the eye and told me to swallow. So I swallowed. We cleaned up and went back to the bar as if nothing had happened. He was the cute, sweet guy, that he was before we were in the bathroom. It felt so confusing, but I thought, if he could forget, then I could forget. But as you can see, I still remember the first time I cheated on my husband. I did feel guilty about doing that because I was married, but it felt so good to have a guy treat me like that. He was giving me the attention that I think I wanted and needed at the time. My husband was not giving it to me. Although we exchanged numbers, we never called each other. However, it did lead me to realize that I was sexually frustrated after about a year of not having good sex with my husband. I tried talking him into doing things like this to me, but he just doesn't want to. A few months after this incident, I opened a tinder account. Now I meet guys on tinder or sometimes just in a bar or wherever I am at.
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