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  1. The other day I ordered a vibrator to augment the big Panasonic Wand we have. This is one of those traditional style ones which came with a silicone sleeve cock to slide over it. We sometimes use the wand for enhancement. But I got this one to experiment with insertion. The vibrator insertible part is about 9" long and about 4 3/8" around. Not sure how much of the length my wife can take. it has me beat by 2". The girth is just about my size. But when you put the sleeve on the girth becomes almost 5 1/2". While it may not sound huge, it sure looks it. The length of the sleeve is a lit short of 8". I probably stand the chance of making myself obsolete but I sure look forward to my wife laying on our table and me sitting between her legs and inserting the vibrator/dildo into her delicious pussy. Now time to go to the store and get two "C" batteries....well, maybe I should get a bonus pack :)
  2. In my relationship my partner provides the curves (BBW) and I supply the bend. We actually met at a party back in the 1970's where everyone had paired off and were having sex throughout the house. I obviously spotted her from the start but did not manage to get paired up with her. As luck would have it we shared a large couch with our partners. Of course we all looked around at others while pursuing our individual adventure. After my partner for the night were through I went to the kitchen for a beer. A few minutes later the BBW from the couch approached me and asked if we could get together another time. I said of course and we left for the night. We met up later that week for lunch and it was then that she told me she was watching me at the other end of the sofa and said she was intrigued by my curved cock. While we had both had sex on a couch with others I was still surprised to hear a woman say such a thing. I told her I was watching her as I really like larger women. Well we finished lunch and went back to her place to explore each others uniqueness.

    I recently purchased a vibrator for her to try something new. She picked it out online and insisted on a curved one.

    I would love ot hear from others about their bend and curve experiences.
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