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  1. Since I was 5 years old I've been masturbating (humping) and achieving orgasms. I still masturbate and am able to orgasm from it. I lost my virginity at age 14 and I was 15 when I had my very first and only orgasm from sex. The position was girl on top, it was completely dark in the room, and the guy was 4 inches when erect. I'm not sure if it was his size, the fact that he couldn't see how I was moving, or what that made me orgasm that one time, but ever since I have not been able to orgasm from sex. I just recently tried touching myself while having sex with my boyfriend. I've gotten orgasms from that only when I concentrate really hard and have my legs in a certain position. I'm not big on foreplay because most of the time I'm self-conscious about the way I smell/taste "down there". If anyone has anyone advice for me it'd be completely appreciated.
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