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  1. View attachment 274638 View attachment 274638 You've had a long day at work, and come home to find that I have made a nice dinner for you.... As we eat i excused myself to go and start your bath.... I light a few candles in your favorite scent and returns to finish my meal with you.. As you finish up your food I take you by the hand and we go to the wash room, where I help remove your cloths and you slip off into the hot bath. I go and puts you two towels in the dryer so they will be warm when you are ready to exit the bath. You exit the bath and I wrap you in a warm towel while you wrap your hair. I take the towel wrapping you and dry you off as i walk you to the bed and lay you down. I reach and grabs both your wrist and tie them together and pulls them up to the head board. Tie to head board. I go down to each foot and pull each out and tie them off so you are spread eagle on the bed. I reach into the night stand and get your favorite toy out and i run it over your nipples and traces it all over your body making sure i never touch your pussy. I start at your ear nibbling kissing and sucking my way down your body. I pass your pussy working my way down to your feet, i kiss your toes and soles of your feet and works my way back up to your pussy and suck your clit into my mouth getting it good and wet then i sit back put the toy on your pussy and just let it lay there. I get up and goe to the chair by the bed just to sit and watch you squirm around wanting more. After a few minutes of watching you, You beg me to come show you the attention your body is craving oh so bad i return to your side and place my cock inches from your mouth you start reaching hard as you can just to touch it. I am teasing myself too. Im wanting to force my cock in your mouth but seeing you beg to turns me on more and is working wonders in my dark dirty mind. I reach down and grab the toy away from your pussy and drag it ever so slow up your chest to your nipples it’s covered in your wetness. I smear it all over your nipples and lean down and suck each one clean. I look you in the eyes and ask are you ready for more you can only shake your head yes. I grab an anal plug from the bedside table Lube it well and crawl in between your legs and slowly push it into your anus i look at the pain and pleasure cross your body oh how im enjoying it. I have the plug all the way in and I lean down and lap your pussy with my tongue ..... slow and wide strokes a few times. I suck your clit into my mouth and hard and softly bite it in between my teeth while working my tongue over it between my teeth. I continue thid for maybe 15 minutes.. You have climaxed twice in my mouth and is begging me to fuck you. Im so horny i can’t stand it but i control myself so i can back away and admire your beauty and your body shaking and heaving from your heavy breathing. I grab the toy again and turn it on full force and holds it to your clit as i move just the tip of my cock into reach of your mouth. You are sucking it for all it is worth. I feel myself getting excited.. I pull away grab my belt from the floor and brings slow steady strokes across your chest just hard enough to bring a little redness all the while your cumming climaxing again on my face and mouth. While i eat you i twist your nipples .. you hit who knows what climax of the night.... i crawl up your body pressing you down with my weight and slip the head of my cock on your pussy as i kiss you.... making you taste yourself from my lips you are begging me to push all the way in. I whisper in your ear.... I love you and for you to calm down. I reach up untie your hands and slowly slide down your body kissing and licking along the way to your ankles and i untie them.. I crawl back up on the bed look you in the eyes and say make me cum love. You crawl on top of me and your pussy is dripping wet you get in the 69 position and suck my cock all the way in your mouth while i slowly lick the wetness from your lips. You have my cock soaking wet with spit.. You turn and slam your pussy down onto my hard cock and ride me hard. Your riding me so hard my waste is getting sore but im so close to cumming i can’t make you stop... I arch my back close my eyes and moan very loud as i fill your pussy with my cum. You can fill my warmness fill you full you just collapse down on my body wrapping your arms around my neck kissing me And telling me you in love. We lay there maybe 15 minutes or so just basking in the joy you still have the plug in you , i say time to shower dear. I have you lean over the bed i remove the plug we walk to the shower together and we bath and caress each other all over sharing kisses while cleaning up. We go back to the bedroom after drying each other off and still nude we change the soaking wet sheets together then we climb in bed cuddle up and are fast asleep

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  2. We are thinking of adding photos of Mrs Cheshire to a paid site to generate some extra income.
    Southern Charms has been recommended but any other recommendations would be welcomed

    Thanks in advance
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  3. 20180102_042654.jpg 20180102_035447.jpg From @ Wizard1002

    I’d love to see @Blondie29 on all fours with her naked ass the air with Mrs @Cheshire20 in the same position alongside. Two gorgeous ladies with beautiful bottoms - the choice between the two would so difficult to know which would be the best. I think I’d be in heaven trying to decide!!

    Please add pics of them together with your edits 20180102_035447.jpg 20180102_035447.jpg
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  4. image(7).jpeg Guy and Girls.
    Putting it to a vote.
    Should Mrs C grow the landing strip back on her pussy mound or keep it clean shaven?

    Its 50/50 we need more votes please

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  5. image(10).jpg Her husband and I had chatted on SexualForums for a while, enjoying talking about his wife's pictures. I told him what particular pictures I liked and what I was fantasising about.
    He told her about what I'd been imagining as it turned her on knowing that guys were getting off looking at her body.
    After a few private conversations the concept of a live Skype show was discussed where she would strip as I watched. She really liked the idea but was a bit shy so we just shared our thoughts on how we would imagine it.
    One night out of the blue I received a message from them saying "let's do it".
    I was in a hotel so I logged onto Skype and made the call. When they answered all I could see was her standing with a black blouse, short skirt, stockings and high heels. She was wearing a black silk eye mask as she still felt a bit shy.
    Her husband said hello and asked me to tell her what to do. I told her to sit on the chair in front of the camera and spread her legs.
    Her skirt rode up her thighs exposing her black panties and stocking tops.
    "Unbutton your blouse" I said.
    She slowly unbuttoned her blouse revealing her braless tits.
    "Touch your nipples, pull them and pinch them and look at me".
    She looked at her husband who was standing at her side and he nodded.
    She started playing with her lovely tits making her nipples hard.
    "Now suck him"
    Her husband presented his hard cock to her mouth and she started licking his shaft.
    "Hold her head and fuck her mouth" I said to him.
    He held her head and proceeded to do so. She took every inch and he held her head so that his full length was deep inside her mouth.
    "Now play with your pussy as you suck him"
    She pulled her panties to the side and started to tease her pussy with her fingers. It was shaved smooth and glistening with her excitement. She rubbed her clit then slipped two fingers inside her as she sucked harder on her husband's cock.
    I then told hubby to stand away from her.
    "Now take off your skirt." She let her skirt fall to the ground and stepped out if it.
    "Now walk slowly to me. Now stand there with your hands on your hips and watch me jerk my cock."
    She looked at her hubby then me. I was stroking my cock showing her how excited I was.
    "Now play with your pussy and watch me stroke myself."
    She was clearly getting more and more aroused as her fingers were soaking in her juices and her nipples were like bullets.
    "Now come and face the camera and go on all fours."
    She crawled over and stared at the camera - her face flushed - on her hands and knees with her ass up in the air.
    "Now I want your hubby to fuck you from behind as I watch. I want you to look into the camera and watch me jerk as he ploughs your warm wet pussy. And I want you to tell me what you feel."
    Her hubby knelt behind her and as he rubbed his cock up and down her cheeks she let out a groan and for the first time speaks. She looked behind to him and says:
    "Yes, fuck me as he watches. Fuck me as he jerks his cock."
    Then she stared directly at me:
    "You want to see him fuck me don't you? You want to imagine your cock inside me don't you?"
    She stared right at me.
    Then hubby entered her pussy and her eyes shut and her mouth opened.
    "Fuck her hard." I said.
    "I want you to fuck her hard and imagine I'm kneeling in front of her as she takes my cock in her mouth"
    I was jerking my cock hard right at the screen and she was just looking at it as her husband fucked her.
    "Now lie back on the chair and rub your pussy"
    Her husband pulled his hard cock out and she staggered back to the chair.
    She started playing with her gaping wet pussy and looking at the camera.
    "Start jerking over her" I told the husband.
    Her husband started playing with her tits and squeezing them hard as he jerked his cock.
    "I want you to keep jerking until you're about to cum and then I want you to place your cock tip inside her pussy and cum inside her"
    She was fucking herself with two fingers now watching as I jerked. Then suddenly her husband lifted her off the chair and placed her on the floor right in front of the camera. He then opened her legs and placed his cock into her pussy.
    She groaned as just his tip throbbed at her lips. He jerked his shaft hard and then moaned as his seed pumped inside her.
    "Show me his cum" I said.
    She turned around showing me her gaping pussy and held it open with her hands. His cum oozed out between her cheeks.
    "Now tell me you want more."
    She licked her cum covered fingers and said "I need more cum. Give me your cum now".
    I was at the point of no return and watched her rub her swollen clit until I couldn't hold back any longer. I came so hard covering the camera with my spunk.
    She came right up to the screen and just watched as my cock twitched and throbbed in my hand.
    Then she logged off leaving me drained but happy.

    Written to us, not by us
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  6. Hope you all got something nice in you're stockings
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  7. image.jpeg She knew what effect she had on me when she started working as my secretary a couple of weeks ago.
    Whenever she walked into my office my eyes glazed over and she always caught me looking at places that I shouldn't, her lovely ass, those long legs with heels and stockings, or at her firm tits which she seemed to be very proud of.

    But she was always aloof and quite prim and proper so I just assumed it was my little fantasy.
    Yesterday I had to close a deal so I asked her if she would mind working late to help me out. She said she would and there we were, the only people in the office but unfortunately for me because of my workload I wasn't thinking of taking advantage of the situation.
    I finished at about 11pm and when I put the phone down I leaned back on my chair and stretched looking out my door to the main office. I was about to tell her to go home when I saw her sitting at her desk looking directly at me.

    I just stared at her stockinged legs and my eyes wandered up to the flash of thigh. I couldn't believe it, here she was actually flashing her thigh and panties to me after all this time.
    She got up and turned around before bending over her chair showing me her lovely panty covered ass and stocking tops.

    I got up from my desk and walked over placing a hand over one of her firm cheeks and squeezing it. She looked around and just smiled. I peeled off her panties revealing her lovely smooth and clearly wet pussy.

    She then stated in a very demanding voice that under no circumstances would I be fucking her but I was more than welcome to lick her.
    I was slightly disappointed as my cock was stretching my trousers and I had fantasised about taking her in my office for so long but I nodded and bent down to her sweet pussy.
    I held her cheeks apart and started licking gently. I licked from her lovely pussy lips all the way up to her tight arsehole and back savouring her taste. I then focused on her pussy and started to lick a little more purposefully, letting my tongue open her lips. She was clearly enjoying my work as her juices started to flow onto my tongue and soon it was inside her.
    My tongue flicked and probed deeper and deeper. She was moaning loudly and when I flicked her swollen clit she gasped and told me to suck it and put a finger inside her.
    I decided I needed my own relief so I took out my cock and started jerking with my free hand, slipping a finger inside her wet pussy and sucking her clit.
    All of a sudden she screamed and squirted juices all over my face as she orgasmed. Her pussy clenched around my finger as she convulsed.
    She stood up and looked down at me and told me that in return for my efforts she would finish me off.
    She lifted a leg onto the chair and took my cock in her hand and began to wank it furiously.

    I knew I wouldn't last long and as she jerked me she rubbed my cock over her stockinged thigh.
    In no time at all I was cumming, spurting my load all over her leg.
    She wiped her hand on my trousers, pointed at the mess I'd made and in a stern voice said "Now clean that up".
  8. I'm lying on a sun lounger by a small private pool in a luxurious and exclusive resort for adults only.
    I've been watching your wife across the pool for the last half hour or so. She's lying on her lounger wearing a skimpy blue wet look bikini and her body is glistening with lotion. Whilst her lovely body has me interested what really arouses me is the fact that she's actually wearing killer heels too.
    Anyway, you've disappeared and there's absolutely no-one around.
    I go for a swim, struggling to get to the pool without my cock popping out of my trunks. As I swim across the pool your wife parts her legs and clearly rubs her pussy in front of me knowing that I can see what she's doing.
    I watch from the pool, smiling and getting more and more aroused. She's wearing dark sunglasses but I know she's looking at me.
    I climb out of the pool and walk past her then I turn round a few metres from her. I look around and still no-one has appeared so I take out my cock and start jerking it. She can't see me but knows what I'm doing as the sound of me stroking my wet hard cock is unmistakable.
    Feeling braver I decide to stand closer, in fact I stand directly above her head and continue to jerk my cock. She slips a hand inside her bikini top and cups one of her lovely firm tits, then tweaks the nipple. Her other hand is rubbing her pussy.
    I decide to walk to the other end of the lounger so that we're facing each other and I continue to jerk. She lifts one leg up on the lounger and slips a finger inside her pussy letting me see her smooth lips and how wet it is.
    I realise that a younger woman is now watching me from a lounger to my right. She has a very tight firm body and is topless, small tits with bullet nipples. She's playing with her pussy whilst watching what's going on.
    Your wife now has two fingers buried inside her pussy and has pulled her tits out of the bikini top playing with her nipples. She still hasn't even acknowledged that I'm there, jerking my cock in front of her.
    All of a sudden the woman next to us gets up and comes over, standing next to me she puts one leg on the lounger and replaces my hand with hers. She's jerking me whilst watching your wife play with herself. I look up suddenly aware of another presence and there's another couple watching the three of us from a balcony above and he is fucking her from behind.
    Your wife takes off her bikini top and pulls on her lovely tight nipples as I continue to be jerked off above her.
    Then you appear from the bar - taking it all in and calmly you take off your shorts and climb onto the lounger between your wife's legs and slip your cock into her dripping wet pussy.
    The woman who is jerking me calmly walks over to you and drops down to her knees. She starts licking around your wife's pussy as you pound her.
    You take your cock out and let her suck you. She's licking your wife's juices off your cock and taking you all into her mouth as she rubs your wife's swollen clit.
    I'm standing above your wife's face jerking harder now ready to explode and soon I am cumming all over your wife's lovely tits. You cum too, filling the woman's mouth and she finally brings your wife to her well deserved orgasm.
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  9. Hmmm so she wants a few more
    details does she...?
    Deciding to meet in a
    hotel is a better option, I make my way to the hotel very
    excited about what may happen in the next few hours...even
    if I just jerk off in front of you both that’s cool...
    I get to the hotel and meet your husband in
    reception. We shake hands and grab a quick drink to chat
    about what’s about to happen as you finish preparing
    yourself in the room.
    I can tell he’s as
    excited as I am by the bulge that’s straining to be
    release from his pants too...drinks consumed we make our way
    toward you, anticipation building. He opens the door and
    lets me in first. What greets me is amazing. There YOU are
    wearing your green bra & panty set just lying
    seductively on the bed awaiting us both. He enters the room
    locking the door behind him, walks over to you and kisses
    you passionately whilst you remove his

    I take a seat,
    rubbing my crotch through my pants as you proceed to swallow
    his cock and expertly suck him off. This is so hot, time
    for me to wank too, so off come the shoes, socks, boxers
    & pants as I begin to fondle my dick as you suck your
    husband off expertly...
    I play with myself
    for a while enjoying the show you are putting on, you then
    beckon me to you and start to suck on my cock whilst wanking
    your husband off...AMAZING!! if this is all that happens
    then WOW..but no. He makes his way down to your juicy shaven
    pussy, pushes your panties to one side and proceeds to eat
    you out as you eat my cock..
    I can’t
    contain myself much longer due to your expert tongue &
    mouth and I explode in your mouth. Your husband continues to
    eat you out as I get myself hard again and watch has he
    slides into your pussy and begins to fuck you. I move toward
    your breasts and start to
    suck on
    your nipples as you stroke my cock for
    me...(My cock is hard typing this!)
    point to the dresser where there’s a tube of anal mind is racing here!!! I grab the lube and rub
    copious amounts into your ass hole as hubby carries on
    fucking you. I lube my cock up for you and slowly (and as
    painlessly as possible) ease into your tight ass and begin
    to fuck your ass as hubby fucks your cunt. Never in my
    wildest dreams did I think this would happen when I met
    hubby in the reception!!!
    We both bang away
    at your holes for a good while, driving you crazy with
    passion & you buck several times so we know how turned
    on you are...hubby then withdraws, taps me on the shoulder
    saying he wants your ass now. I withdraw and make my way to
    your pussy to slide into you and fuck you hard as hubby
    fills you ass...we fuck like crazy until everyone needs to
    cum. Hubby fills your ass with his cum, I fill your cunt
    with my cum as you soak me with your gorgeous pussy
    juices. We both withdraw
    and you grab our cocks, taking it in turns to drain our
    balls of cum. We then both proceed to eat out your pussy and
    clean up all the lovely mess we made down there...

    Round two is only a few
    minutes away....can’t wait!!

    How was that? Hope it gets her
    all worked up and she fucks you
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  10. well that was unexpected!!! I knew bike riding was a good way to lose weight, never knew I'd get a fantastic fuck out of it too!!!!
    So there I am just riding down the cycle path, now miles away from civilization. I stop to rehydrate myself, when out of the corner of my eye I see something. Curiosity getting the better of me I wander over and have a look in the bushes but there’s nothing there.I turn to return to my bike, when there's a snap as a branch breaks. Stopping I turn back around and there you are, slightly disheveled, wearing only panties (very damp), thigh high boots & a long coat folded over your arms concealing your breasts. Another crack of wood and a male follows you, again looking rather disheveled...
    A flash of embarrassment runs across my face before you smile and say 'don't be embarrassed, we could use your help...'

    I gulp and you approach me, your hands going straight for my crotch, rubbing it sensually, before you turn to the male, who is clearly your husband and asking for permission. He smiles at us, so you proceed to unzip my shorts, and tease my cock whilst still caged in my briefs. You lick over the fabric as my cock awakens, before you push them to one side to begin eating my cock.Your mouth is so warm and inviting that my cock grows to its full length quickly. You slow down the pace a little before, replacing your mouth with a hand as hubby wanders over, cock in hand which you then begin to wank too…
    It’s not long before you’re taking it in turns to suck us both off, even sucking both at once but it’s a little crowed for you so you concentrate on hubby. As he fires his first load of cum you greedily swallow it, continuing to wank me at the same time, slowly to ensure I don’t cum until you want me too. After you’ve swallowed all over hubbies cum you concentrate on my cock, expertly using your tongue up and down my shaft whilst gently squeezing my balls…
    A finger penetrates my anus and I cum hard, squirting a large amount of cum all over your face. You swallow as much as you can before wiping what’s on your face onto your fingers, greedily cleaning your hand up.
    Relieved at this experience I pull up my shorts ready to carry on with my ride. You pull me back toward you saying ‘where d’ya think you’re going. We’re not done with you yet!”
    “Err...ok” I reply. “Let me chain my bike up first though, hate it to be stolen!”I find a good tree to the side of the path and chain it up, before I make my way back toward you both. Hubby & you are both deep in discussion, as I approach an evil grin flashes across both of your face. I wonder what that was about I think to myself…
    We all make our way deeper into the woodland until we come to a small clearing. I can tell you’ve both been busy here already as there’s a blanket, cushions & lube already here. I look at you both knowingly, aware of what is about to happen. This is my kind of bike ride!!
    Taking my hand you lead me to the blanket before lying my down as you rub my cock, to resurrect it from its slumber, hubby sat on the side, playing with his cock.As requested I lie down as you place your breasts in my face, urging me to suck on your erect nipples. Who am I to argue against such a request??? I take a nipple into my mouth, sucking on it gently, whilst my free hand tweaks your other nipple. Your hands rub my dick until it’s fully alert again, before you impale yourself on my pole….
    You cunt is so wet that you slide up and down me with ease, your muscles squeezing tight around me, bringing me to the edge of climax before easing off. I thrust deep inside you as we find our rhythm and begin to fuck each other.
    Out of the corner of my eye I see hubby approach you. Positioning himself behind you, he slides his hard cock into your ass. As he enters you buck a little on my cock, before readjusting yourself. All three of us then sync into a steady rhythm as you are now fucked in your tight ass & sopping wet cunt for a good while….
    Our rhythm is so good that we all begin to climax together. You cum first, your juices soaking me, then I cum deep inside you, before finally hubby fills your ass with his cum. Exhausted I lie on the blanket, my mid racing as I comprehend what’s just taken place.Bringing me back to focus you stand above me, telling me to ‘eat the cream pies’.It’s then that I realize what you were discussing. I’ve never tasted cum before so I’m a little uneasy, but my state of sexual arousal overcomes this so I hungrily start to lick from cunt to ass, eating you out and taking as much cum as I can. Tastes a little funny at first but I soon get used to it as I devour you. Sliding my tongue deep inside your cunt first, before tonguing your ass and ensuring you’re as ‘clean’ as I can get you…

    Once you have cleaned up yourself, hubby begins to pack away the blanket etc. & I realize this has come to an end. I dress myself, before heading back to my bike to continue my journey. As I leave the clearing, hubby places a piece of paper in my hand & whispers “see you soon mate”…
    As I return to my bike I study the paper. It has your phone number and address on it…I[PG1] guess next time we meet the surroundings will be a little different.

    I mount my bike and make my way home, the biggest dumb grin on my face I’ve had in a while. Now THAT was a ride!!!
  11. 68876-1491716140-59b628576317af00221469e6b752b22f.jpg Hello, she looks like the kind of woman i would love to fuck. Can imagine her in a club and talking to her. She would be wearing a low cut top, short skirt and heels. After a few drinks getting into a taxi to my house.

    On the journey kissing her and pulling her in close, rubbing her breasts and feeling her hard nipples. Running my hand down her body and placing it onto her thighs. She would open her thighs slightly and her dress would ride up. My hand would follow her legs up and onto the outside of her panties. I would feel her lips through her panties and gently rub her, i would be able to feel her wetness.

    At the same time she would be rubbing my hard cock through my trousers, wanting to get it out and suck it.

    Back at my house we could get down to business. After some more alcohol i would take her to the bedroom. Kiss her whilst we both sat on the bed, again i would rub her tits through her top. This time i would slip my hand up under her top and feel her erect nipple through her bra. I would run my hand around to the back of her bra and undo it. I would then place my hand under the front and feel her tits, feeling both of them and tweaking her nipples and getting very hard as i felt her erect nipples.

    I would pull her top up and take it off and expose her breasts, she would be exited that a stranger she had only just met could see her tits totally exposed, i would kiss her and play with her tits whilst she rubbed my hard cock through my trousers.

    I would then put my hand up her dress and gently push her legs apart, pushing my hand onto the outside of her skimpy panties and rub her clit, feeling the damp patch between her legs. She would be pulling my top off and then undoing my trousers and slipping her hand into my trousers, feeling through my pants my hard erect cock, rubbing it and getting more wet feeling my cock for the first time, wanting it in her mouth.

    I would slip my hands inside her panties and she would open her legs to allow me to feel her now wet pussy and swollen clit, i would rub it gently listening to her moaning as i did. In return she would pull my trousers down followed by my pants, letting my now large erect cock exposed for the first time to her, i would pull her dress down and then i could see her lips through her skimpy panties, she would lean back and let me take her panties off totally exposing herself to me, all the time this was happening she would be looking at my erect cock.

    I would then kneel next to her and she would take my hard cock in her hand and place it into her mouth, feeling my swollen head throbbing as she sucked it and pulled the skin back rubbing it. I would now look at her as she lay with her legs parted and her lips exposed, i would rub her clit gently with one hand whilst parting her lips with the other.

    When i felt the cum raising in my cock as she sucked it and played with my balls i would place myself between her legs, the tip of my cock touching her pussy, i would kiss her hard and gently lower my cock into her, she would feel this new cock entering her wet pussy and filling her up.

    In addition to this and what she would not know is that i would of text my two male friends to come around whilst in the club, arranging to leave the back door open so they could let themselves in. They would be waiting for me to enter her before entering the room. As i was fucking her they would come into the room and take their cloths of, getting their big hard cocks out and watching her tits bouncing up and down as i was fucking her hard now.

    She would open her eyes and see two new cocks in the room, two new people who were looking at her totally naked and getting fucked, one would kneel next to her and place their cock to her lips, she would open her mouth, suck it and wank it off, he would rub her tits and gently thrust his cock in and out of her mouth.

    I would fuck her until i shot all my cum into her, pulling my cock out and her pussy dripping with my cum as i did so. The third man who had been wanking himself would immediately get between her legs, his cock bigger than mine slipping into wet pussy, giving her a good fucking until she came.

    They would both keep fucking her until one came between her legs and the other in her mouth and she drank his cum.
  12. image.jpeg I was thinking of was a glory hole scene. You know when you go into a sex show and there's a room that the woman enters. It has a number of holes in the walls and guys put their cocks through them. The woman can suck, jerk or fuck them without seeing who owns the cock.
    I'm imagining her doing that - you're there at one hole, I'm at another and there's about 4 others. She's wearing her bikini and heels and she crawls around the floor sucking each one. Then she starts fucking them. She pushes back onto them and makes them all cum either in her mouth, pussy or tits.
    When everyone has cum they all leave but you and I go into the room and have another session fucking her cum soaked pussy and mouth. I'd even lick her pussy clean.
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