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  1. For those who may be interested, I have posted some exerpts of an erotic novel entitled 'We Are Visitors'. This was posted as a blog, because the forum upload process doesn't work, but blog uploads work fine.

    There is little character development, and little description of places like Hong Kong, because these are small exerpts of a much longer work. Much of the description and character development happens outside of these specific sex scenes. Also, with mainstream erotic, steady pacing is expected.

    There are other shorter sex scenes which are more entangled with the plot, but these ones work stand-alone.

    For the chapter 'Saturday Afternoon in Canberra', the main character Sue has a past: her parents divorced when she was young, and she was traumatised by this, until she met and married David. All of the characters in this chapter are mid-twenties, and the same-room sex scenario came about through Sue reminiscing about her past, and David regretting that he had only one girlfriend prior to meeting Sue.

    For the chapter 'Saturday Night in Wan Chai', for those who haven't been there, this is the red light district of Hong Kong. There isn't much description of the club or the district, because this is their second visit. They discover that Anne has gone to Hong Kong and is working as a stripper, and they are visiting all the clubs in Wan Chai to find her

    For the chapter 'Saturday Night in Canberra', they find that Anne is being forced to work as a stripper and prostitute by a Triad gang, and they decide to hold a sex party for the Triads, in order to separate the gang boss from his bodyguards. The girls from Anne's strip club get together with the Triad members, with one girl receiving the attentions of two Australian business associates.

    For the chapter 'Saturday Night in the Country', Christine is feeling homesick.
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