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  1. I have sometimes been asked where is the most unusual place that I've had sex. I would have to say that it was on the deck of my sailboat in a deserted cove at an offshore island. Several other boats were there for the night, but the next morning they all left, and my wife and I were there by ourselves. We stripped naked and went skinny dipping off of the boat. It was a warm sunny day, and with no other boats around, we stayed naked and laid out on the deck. It was such a relaxing feeling, being naked in the sun, that we both got horny and started fucking like rabbits. The deck cushions were wet from out sweat, and her cute ass was sliding around on them as I fucked her. I finally shot a huge load into her pussy, slowly withdrew my cock, and watched my cum drip out through her cute pussy lips and onto the wet cushion. Her ass was now sliding on cum as well as our sweat, so we finally got back in the water to wash off. She went below to get a towel to clean my cum off of the cushions. That was a great experience.

    Personally, I believe that there should be more legal outdoor opportunities for sex. Some couples like to fuck on a secluded beach, and as long as it's only adults there, other people usually don't care and will sometimes come and watch. I think that those opportunities are more prevalent in Europe than the U.S.
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  2. Note- this is a true story, but didn't happen to me. It was told to me by one of the participants and I am retelling it from the guy's point of view. Some things have been embellished to make it more interesting.

    "I had just turned 18 and really wanted to attend a rock concert in a city some distance away. As a birthday present, my mother bought me a concert ticket, a round trip bus ticket, and gave me money for a motel room.

    The bus was late getting in the night of the concert, so I didn't have time to get a room before heading to the stadium. Fortunately, I didn't have a suitcase, just a backpack with toiletries and a change of clothes. There was festival seating down in front, so I found a spot on the grass. I didn't have a blanket to sit on, but there was a gal next to me who offered me a spot on hers. She was somewhat older than I, probably late 30's, but she loved the band as much as I did. We talked between sets and I learned that she is divorced and lives alone nearby. Sometimes, she would put her hand on my leg when making a point, and I found it arousing, as I was wearing shorts and no underwear. Her name was Cindy, and, during the intermission, I asked her if she could recommend a motel in the region. She said, “You can crash at my place, if you want. That sounded good, so I readily accepted.

    When the concert ended, we walked over to her car and drove to her apartment. Her place only had one bedroom, so I assumed that I would be sleeping on the couch. Little did I know that she had other plans.

    It was late and Cindy asked me if I wanted to take a shower. I was somewhat sweaty after a long day non the bus and the concert, so I said “sure”. She gave me a washcloth and towel, so I went into the bathroom, stripped naked, and got in the shower. Shortly, Cindy walked in, completely naked and joined me in the shower. Cindy had a nice figure with firm tits and erect nipples. We soaped each other down, scrubbed each other's backs, and then she got playful. Standing behind me, she started stroking my soapy cock, so I reached behind me and slipped my finger into her wet pussy.

    By now, my cock was rock hard so she rinsed it off, turned the water off, got on her knees, and started sucking it. “Wow! You're driving me crazy” I said. I wanted to prolong the pleasure and was afraid that I would cum too soon. Cindy sensed that too, so we dried off and headed to the bedroom. On the bed, she continued to suck me, but I wanted to return the favor so I asked her to stop for now. At 18, I didn't have any experience going down on a woman, but I was drawn to her large clit and started sucking. It didn't take long before she started shaking and moaning with her first orgasm. Her pussy was dripping wet, my cock was hard, and she cried out, “fuck me!”

    Cindy's legs were spread, and she pulled her pussy lips apart as I slid my cock in and started fucking her. Being 18 and fairly inexperienced, I came sooner than I wanted to.

    I was hoping that she would cum while we were fucking, but I didn't last long enough. After I pulled out, I massaged her clit, which was now lubricated with my cum. She came again, and we collapsed into each other's arms. We laid there for about an hour and I started to get hard again. Cindy noticed that and started stroking and sucking me until I was as hard as before. She laid on her back, spread her legs and again guided my throbbing cock into her waiting pussy. I lasted much longer this time, and she came twice while we were fucking. I shot another load, not quite as much as the first time, but it was enough to get the sheets wet again as it dripped out of that gorgeous pussy. As we laid there together, our asses were each in a wet spot on the sheet.

    We drifted off to sleep and awoke about 8 hours later. As often happens, I had a morning woody, and Cindy didn't it to go to waste. She sucked my cock while I fingered her pussy, and in no time, we were fucking again We showered and had breakfast. Cindy then asked, “Do you really have to go home today? You can stay longer if you want”. I had no reason to go back right away, so I called my mother and told her that I had gotten acquainted with someone and wanted to stay and see some of the sights around town. That was fine with her, so I said that I would call her when I was ready to leave.

    Cindy obviously wanted me to stay so we could fuck again. She had a collection of sexy movies, some were soft core and a few were hard core. She also had some videos of herself fucking other guys. Those really turned me on, knowing that my cock had now been where the other guys' were.

    That afternoon, we were both naked, watching a sexy movie and it didn't take long before my cock was hard and her pussy was wet. We went into the bedroom for another fuck session. I remember thinking, “Wow! This is unbelievable. I have known her less than 24 hours and have already fucked her four times.”

    It went on like that for two weeks, with us fucking three times a day. Since we were fucking so often, I didn't cum right away, so we both got more pleasure out of it. There were cum stains all over the sheets, and I think that a few of them had been left by other guys,

    Finally, Cindy told me that I should leave for my own good. “ I've spoiled you” , she said, “You are not likely to find another sex partner who wants to fuck three times a day, so you need to get back to reality.”

    She was right, of course, in the ensuing years, the only way that I had sex that often in the same day was with different people."
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  3. Some years ago, I first read about “smoothie” clubs in the Netherlands, where couples who like to shave their pubes would get together and socialize, in the nude of course. At the time, I thought that it was an unusual basis for a club. I've heard that some of these clubs still exist, in the UK as well as NL.

    Here in the United States, I first saw pubic and genital shaving in porn films. I idea, of course, was to show even minor details of a cock and pussy as they fucked for the camera. Now, porn films with pubic hair look rather antiquated.

    When I first became a social nudist, most of us trimmed our pubes, but not many were completely bare. I started shaving my pubes, cock, and balls several years ago and really like it. In recent years, I have noticed that nearly half of the members of my nudist club, both men and women Tanned and shaved.JPG are completely shaved there.

    So, what is the attraction? As a nudist, I like being completely smooth there, especially when I have an all-over tan. Some guys like that their cock looks a bit longer because one end of it is no longer hidden in the bushes. A shaved pussy is attractive, no matter how old the woman is.

    Of course, there are sexual reasons that some people like to stay bare down there. Oral sex is the obvious reason. Some women like to say that sucking a guy's cock with no hair in the way is the best, and any guy who likes to give oral loves a shaved pussy, with no hair in the way of those pussy lips and clit. At the naturist city, Cap d'Agde in France, many nudists who are also swingers like to vacation there. I am told that virtually all of the swingers shave their pubes and genitals.

    To shave or not is a personal preference, just as growing a beard or mustache is for a man. Personally, I don't think that it's a passing fad, any more than shaving your face is.
    Some people find that pubic hair is erotic, and, of course, they should keep it.
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  4. As a long-time nudist, I am often asked about sex at nudist campgrounds and resorts. Many people who have never experienced social nudism believe that being naked must be sexual.

    The truth is that at the mainstream nudist clubs, those affiliated with the American Association for nude recreation, open sexuality is not allowed. But, does that mean that nudists are not sexual? Quite the contrary, being naked is such a relaxing and liberating feeling that nudists feel more sexual, but they confine it to their rooms and trailers.

    I had a girlfriend, who, when we were in my trailer at the nudist resort, would start sucking my cock when the door was open. If someone walked by, saw us, and reported us to the office, that could get us kicked out, so I would make her stop until I closed the door. Usually, when people are banned from the club for improper behavior, it's late at night, after the dance and they have had too much to drink so their inhibitions and good sense go out the window. One lady was sucking one guy's cock and stroking another guy in the hot tub and was reported to management. Unfortunately for her, she had some very distinctive tattoos all over her naked body so management immediately knew who she was.

    Sunbathing, swimming, playing tennis and volleyball are not in themselves sexual activities, although it is exhilarating to do them in the nude.

    What about a hard-on? That's the most asked question by men. Since it's not a sexual situation, it rarely happens, and if it does, you roll over or cover it with a towel. Over the years, I have been with literally thousands of other nudists and have only seen a couple of erections. One was a teenager who fell asleep on a lounge beside the pool and when he woke up, his cock was standing straight up, just like a "morning woodie". He quickly jumped in the pool and the colder water took care of that. Had he strutted around the pool showing hard cock off, he would have been told to leave.

    I have often been asked about swingers at nudist clubs. Of course, anyone who is sexually liberal enough to be a swinger will likely be a nudist also. All clubs have swingers, but they keep a low profile, and only swing in private. If you are not a swinger yourself, you wouldn't know who they are.
    There are a few non-AANR clubs that are adults only, cater to swingers, and allow open sex. I know of one club which used to be a mainstream nudist club, but they switched to swinger because they could make more money. They even have "fuck couches" next to the dance floor.

    There are resorts in other countries that cater to swinging couples and sexual activities are often seen in the nude areas. One lady told me about being at a resort with a nude beach. A large group of the guests were sunbathing naked and one lady started to put suntan oil on her partner's body. She oiled up his cock and started stroking him. He protested, but she insisted and kept stroking as he got harder and harder with everyone else watching. When he finally shot his load of cum, the group applauded!
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