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  1. I have this fantasy. I'm on duty. I pick you up with my patrol car. Drive you to a secluded location. It's nightfall. One of those moonlit nights I love. We won't be bothered. You won't be heard. Or hurt. Atleast not at first. You trust me. So you lie back on the hood of my car. I peel your clothes off and walk to the trunk. I return with some rope. I carefully, but firmly tie your wrists. I attach each end to the sideview mirrors, stretching your arms across the windshield. And then I tie your ankles, before spreading your smooth legs. I attach each end to the car's axle. You cannot move. My eyes are locked onto yours. My hands caress your body. You know what comes next. I'm hungry. And I will get my fill. I bury my face between your legs. I take in the scent and begin to feed. When you can't take it anymore, well, that's when I just keep going. You will cum on my face. Again. And again. Luckily for you that's when I'm just getting started. I'll unfasten the ropes. I grab you by the neck and pull you to me. I reach down and slide my fingers inside your pussy. And I kiss you. I want you to taste how good your pussy is. I want you to lick your juice off my scruff. If you resist, I'll slap you hard. If you don't resist, I'll slap you gently. I twist you around and force you down, pressing your beautiful breasts onto the hood. I push my hardened bulge into your ass and grind. You feel the cool steel of my handcuffs clasp onto your wrists, restraining them behind your back. I slap your ass and pull you up, before forcing you onto your knees. I unzip my fly and wrangle my hard meat out of my trousers. Easier said than done. I slap you on the face with it, before rubbing him on your beautiful lips. And I tell you to suck, but first I want you to kiss him. Gently. On my balls. On my shaft. Leading up to the head. One last kiss. And then I order you to suck it. HARD! And as much of it as you can. I hold you by your beautiful hair. My other hand at the ready. Hanging just past your face. Ready to slap if you fail me. I kneel down and kiss your mouth. And your sweet face. I call you a good girl. And I shove him back in. Occasionally removing the fucker so you can lick the cumtanks. They're very sensitive. And swollen. He's back in your mouth. I hold your head firmly with both hands and fuck your face. I go deeper. Getting turned on by watching your throat bulge. I bark at you to look at me while I do. I ask if you want my load. In your mouth? Or on your face? If you choose one, then I'll do the opposite. I groan as I release. I pull you back up to your feet and twist you around. I bend you over the car and tell you to stay there. I take off my vest and duty belt. I unbutton my shirt and remove it before dropping my trousers. Grabbing hold of the restraints, I give my dick a few strokes before pushing the head onto your pretty pussy. I rub him back and forth before pushing him in. Fuck you're tight. So fucking tight. And wet. I tease you just a little by pulling him out. And with no warning I ram him in completely. Ballsdeep. And I fuck you like I hate you. Only I don't. I lean in over you, whispering in your ear that you remind me of a woman I once loved. A woman who hurt me. So you're the one to pay. I grab your hair and pull it back hard. At this point I just don't care if it feels good for you. I'm a bull and you're my sweet hole. I ram you like you've never had it before. I go harder and faster. And I just don't stop. I just came afterall, so I can go all fucking night. Moan. Beg. Scream. If you think it will help you, but I promise you one thing. You will cum! Long before I do. Again. And again. And when I'm done with you, I'll kiss you hard and drive you home.
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