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  1. The most aggravating things is when a man wants sex soooooooo bad. Yet he's still flacid ....see my issue isn't this my issue is having tooooo much sex drive I can have sex everyday allday . I love women and they're boddies from a to z I love how they get turned on and do little subtle things to get my attention or just flat out say " I wanna fuck" " I wanna suck you" .. one of my most fond memories is when I had my apt at age 22 I woke up one morning and thought I wonder how many girls I can have sex with in one day.... Me thinkin I couldn't go past the first one called katina a girl from hs that I always wanted she was dark skinned and sexy she came over and we fucked for an hour she left and went to work ,I took a shower and called demerica she was thick and caramel skinned she came over sucked my dick till I came (because she couldn't take the dick because she messed around with girls for 4 years so she wasn't used to being penetrated) and she left, I showered and called courtney my sicilian beauty with loooong hair she sucked my dick I came then we showered and fucked for 2 hours before she went to work, after I showered I called tara my "redbonelatte'" lol she was sooo damn sexy she was like fresh water when she got wet and so smart and just a turn on.... We fuck 3 times and she went back over her baby daddys house , after my shower I was sooooo energized I couldn't believe it so I called melody .. my newest freak at the time and she came over after a bobby valentino concert and I ate her pussy on the living room floor we fucked showered fucked again ate and fucked again..... Just when I was gonna reshower she said she brought an over night bag hope I didn't mind .. I would have kept calling chics but I didn't wanna be rude lol
  2. How is it possible to not have a gag reflex? I love it but it baffles me its like magic lol
  3. I for one have neeeever gotten anything less than stalked for my cunninglingus skills and no one ever taught me ,I just aways went off of the vibe of the woman... A lot of people think experience comes from numbers of people but I beg to differ when I say its not about how many you eat its about how in tune you are with a womans anatomy and hers and your sexuality. You can't bite or nibble unless she asks , and you can't use a lot of fingers unless she's into that. I for one like to start off kissing and licking the clit till she gets moist then sucking the clit and lips systematically till she grabs my head the I grab her hips and move her body to let her know its ok to grind my face and I suck kiss lick and make her grab my head tighterr and shake as she cums over and over then I slide one finger inside and stroke her gspot as I lick suck and kiss her majora and minora (pussy lips) doing this allows her to squirt and you might ask "why not start off like this?" Reason being to squirt a woman has to trust herself with you and by allowing her body to relax thus where the multiple previous orgasms came into play with those under your belt she trusts that she can feel extacy with you (trusts you sexually) .... That's how I roll now tell me ladies what do u like?
  4. Well for the longest (since I was 17) I didn't know how I liked my dick sucked. I first got it sucked in the backseat of my girlfriends mothers car behind her mothers seat while her mother was driving. She was laying in my lap and just started sucking I was like wowwwwww ,although I didn't cum from getting it sucked until I was 21 years old I loved getting my dick sucked with no hands lol, until when I turned 21 I was at work and a co worker asked to use my phone and I said yea and forgot I was in my photo album and left a pic of my dick up. And the next day she called me when I was working out and asked could I come in ealry and let her taste it .... It blew my mind a woman 5 years older than me approached me like this so I came in early and she sucked my dick like the world was revolving around it and her life depended on it she used 2 hands,slurpped on the head, deepthroated,a lot of spit, and swallowed my nut .... My back caved in because she still did this while I was cumming .... That is how I like my dick sucked I thought to myself
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