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  1. My girl has talked about her excitment well watching edging videos and has asked me if i have ever tried it. So after her asking me a few times i decided to try it myself and wow that was intense! She was very excited to hear that i enjoyed it and she looks forward to doing it to me after i told her my experiance. I tried it for awhile and it felt amazing each time i could feel it climbing through my penis then i would ease off right before it was about to go. I had one that squeezed one thick shot out and it shot up to my chest (she got turned on hearing about that part) anyways i continued to edge it over and over until my shaft felt completely swollen and my balls felt tight and ached. When i finally let it all go i was impressed with how much cum there was it was everywhere she got excited when i told discribed how much there was that she now its super excited to try and do it to me herself. So hopefully this weekend will hold some great times for us ;)
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