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  1. Cathy was at the point of being disgusted, due to her lack of satisfaction with me, sexually. She knew, well before we were married, that my penis wasn't what she considered to be the tool of a real man. Her previous husband was almost twice my size in girth, and longer by a few inches. Fortunately, my oral skills partially make up for what my cock lacks. We discussed the idea of finding some men that would be better equipped to fulfill her lusty desires. With some trepidation and a degree of enthusiasm for having a new experience and seeing her have some erotic pleasure that I am incapable of giving her, I agreed.

    Since Craigslist no longer accepts Personal Ads, we joined a specialty site that had ads from men, some with pictures. As soon as we opened the site, Cathy was like a child in a candy store, pointing out various guys to me, and giving her assessments of their bodies, with special emphasis on their cocks, usually telling me how much more she prefers their's, to mine. I was used to this kind of thing from her, as she did it regularly on the website that you're reading this on, but this time it was very different.

    She narrowed her selections down to three men. The first, David, was a doctor, of Colombian descent. Thirty-five years old, 5'11” tall, handsome by almost anybody's standards, he had an above-average body and a cock that made Cathy very excited. The cock-head resembled a large mushroom, and the shaft was long and thick enough to qualify it as exceptional. It totally put mine to shame.

    The second fellow she chose was Steve, who was fair-skinned, 6”1' tall, 28 years old, with a Masters in Psychology who preferred his current job of cross-country truck driving. With an eight and a half inch cock that was very fat in the middle, her interest was sparked because, years earlier, she'd been with a man who had a similarly shaped cock, and had enjoyed him immensely - especially when they had anal sex, which she refused to ever have with me, saying, "Your cock isn't up to the task."

    The third man, Jamal, of African American descent, was a former Air Force pilot, who now flew international passenger flights for a major airline. He lived in a suburb not far from where we reside. He looked to be in excellent shape, 6'. tall, about forty years old, and was very muscular. He didn't list the size of his cock, but Cathy, an expert in this area, said that it looked to be about 9 inches, and proportionately thick.

    The next step was to send Emails to them, which Cathy did. Each Email included a picture of herself, her stats, a little about herself, the fact that she had a husband, and the reason she was making contact. She was in very good shape for her age, which was 51 years old. Her height is 5'3”, weight 116 lbs., with a curvaceous body. Her bra size is 34C.

    The first response she received was from Steve, the truck driver. He agreed to stop by on Saturday night, and we anxiously prepared the house for his arrival at 7 PM. Steve arrived on time, and the three of us sat down for coffee in the living room. When Steve asked what we were into, sexually, Cathy mentioned that she liked to tie me up, rub her pussy on my face as I licked her, and climax by rubbing her pussy on my leg. Growing up in Long Island, New York, she had been a Brownie, then a Girl Scout, where she learned how to tie knots. Steve's eyes lit up mischievously. He told us that he had been an Eagle Scout, was good at knots, enjoyed tying women and/or husbands up, and that he would love to incorporate some bondage into the evening's activities. Cathy agreed and went down to the basement to fetch a few lengths of hemp rope, which was her favorite type for this purpose. When she returned, all three of us went to the main bedroom, and Steve told me to undress Cathy, which I did. I sat in a chair and watched, while Cathy eagerly undressed Steve. When she took his pants and underpants down, our jaws dropped, because the picture we'd seen did not do justice to the size and shape of his cock. Steve ordered me to come over to the bed, and bring two pieces of rope which I dutifully complied with. He had me sit up on the bed while he tied each of my wrists to the bedposts and told me that I was going to get her ready for him. Cathy pulled out a cock cage that we had, flicked a finger at my cock's head to make my erection go down, and fixed the cage over my cock, essentially preventing me from getting hard while wearing it. The two of them seemed to be on the same wavelength and communicated mostly through eye contact. Cathy got on the bed, backed her ass into my face, and as I began licking her pussy, he fed his semi-hard cock to her mouth. She took it deep into her throat, and Steve began to get hard as he fucked her mouth. As previously mentioned, I was no stranger to having pussy ground into my face while bound, but this was something else. The more she sucked his massive cock, the harder she pushed against me. A low moan began coming from her, which I'd never heard before: it sounded like an animal in heat had entered the room. Once Steve instinctively felt that she was sufficiently wet enough, and his cock was very hard, he pulled her ass and pussy from my face and told me that I was now going to witness, up close, what my wife's face looks like when a real man fucked her silly. With her face just an inch from mine and my wrists still tied securely to the bedposts, he proceeded to take her by the hips and fuck her doggy style with his huge, hard cock. Her face had looks that ranged from bliss to extreme contortions, as he pounded her mercilessly. I'll never forget the sounds that she made. Her growling, low animal sounds were not that noisy, but in order to muffle her screaming, she buried her face in my shoulders and neck, and I was feeling the powerful thrusts that Steve was giving her, making her squirm, shake, and convulse. When he fucked her very hard and fast, she involuntarily bit me once or twice, but fortunately, my wounds were very superficial. Our bed had never before been rocked like this. After she had what felt to me like several major orgasms, Steve pulled out of her pussy, aimed his cock at her face, which was only inches from mine. He gripped his cock and blasted her with a huge load that spurted several times over the course of about ten or fifteen seconds, some of it ending up on my face, as well. Although she was totally used up, for the time being, she still managed to smile as she started kissing me and rubbing her face on my tongue, to get cleaned up.

    Steve left soon after this, and Cathy untied me. We were exhilarated, exhausted, amazed, and looking forward to our next encounter with somebody else from the list, or elsewhere.

    This story is mostly fiction, some of it true, and several of the ideas were inspired by real people on SF, whom I have had the privilege of conversing with. I'd like to thank everyone I've corresponded with, SexualForums, and you, the reader, for the opportunity to present this story.

    Mr. B
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