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  1. Sex is more than just being physical. The art of sex involves being mentally and emotionally stimulated as well. Establishing that kind of connection with someone can last a lifetime and is utterly priceless. I love being able to connect on that special level with a man. A lot of times just hearing what a man wants and likes from a woman is enough to make me so hot, that I keep cumming over and over again.

    What is your favorite fantasy?
    My most favorite fantasy of all is being taking to the beach in the middle of the night. Under a clear starry lit sky, I lay naked on the sand as I’m making slow sensual love to the roar of the ocean waves. My nipples are getting perkier and harder as the breeze of the ocean waves brushes past them while they are being licked and caressed. Lay between my buttery cocoa thighs and roll with me across the sands as our bodies become one and in tune with the earth and the moonlit waves that keep us company through the night. Taste the sweet nectar of my vaginal walls, as you pull my legs around your neck and plunge your tongue deep into my wet, soft, pretty pussy until I’m cumming over and over again. Screaming loud enough for the whole world to hear.

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