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  1. Another story I wrote for Sexforums that I'm transferring to here.

    My eyes slowly flutter open, still heavy from sleep, and it takes me a few moments to realize that something was missing. That familiar feeling around my neck, the soft chain of the necklace that I wore 24/7 was gone. My sign that I am his, was not where it was supposed to be, and I started to panic. I must of made you really upset with me if you would take off that necklace, and as I realized what this could potentially mean, tears started to fall. I hadn't meant to fuck those other guys at the party he threw last night, but I had to much to drink and I just couldn't help myself. I disobeyed in the worst way possible, and now he was going to dismiss me from his care.
    Hearing footsteps, I quickly got to my knees on the floor, and kept my gaze to the floor. There were still tears falling from my eyes, but I did not dare move my hand from behind my back to wipe them away. The door creaked open, and I could feel him staring at me, with an angry glare. I did not dare look up, but I could see his feet as they moved closer to me. Moments later I was being pulled up by my hair and tossed onto the bed. I landed with a thud and gasped as I tried to catch my breath. This was not the same loving Sir that normally took care of me, and it scared me.

    He said nothing as he pulled my head back and placed a blindfold over them, followed shortly by a ball gag being shoved into my mouth. I could not see and I could not scream. But yet, even with being scared, I could feel my pussy getting wet, this fear of the unknown, not knowing what he was going to do with me turned me on so much. He rolled me over onto my back, pushing my knees up to my chest forcefully, and started to tie my elbows to my knees with rope. Still no word was said from him, and it reinforced the fact that I was in a lot of trouble, for hearing his voice would give me pleasure and comfort, and he did not want that for me. Once he had me tied he rolled me again so I was laying on my face, with my ass in the air. I heard him spit and then felt something wet along the crack of my ass.
    The next thing I felt was one of my larger butt plugs pressing against my ass, trying to force it open. I tried to scream around the gag, having never taken one of my plugs without lube, but he kept forcing and it soon popped in, followed by a muffled screech. With the plug in my ass, and tears streaming down my face, I heard him walk away. It felt like an eternity but after only about five minutes he came back, a quick swish was heard and then a crack and a scream. The cane! I had forgotten about the cane! He's only had to use it a few times on me, and since I hate it so much, I make it a point to behave. Twenty times he lashed my ass, back, and thighs with the cane, and the tears were streaming down my face.

    He walked away and left me tied up on the bed, sobbing around the gag. I had no idea if he was still in the room, but I tried to apologize so many times around my gag, to promise it would never happen again. Twenty minutes went by when I felt the bed shift as he sat down. I felt one hand touch my ass just barely and I flinched in pain. Drops of a cool liquid were then falling onto the areas where I was lashed, and he started rubbing it in, helping it to not be so sore. His other hand reached under me and started pulling and twisting one of my nipples, making me cry out. And just as quickly a clamp was attached. He did the same to the other one, never once stopping what he was doing with the lotion. After he finished applying the lotion and he made sure the clamps were secure, he rolled me onto my back, and slammed his cock into my wet pussy.
    I felt so full with both my ass filled with the plug and his cock just pistoning away into my pussy. He pulled on the clamps and kept pulling until they each popped off, forcing another scream out of me. Once those were out of the way, he pushed my feet back as far as he could and pounded as hard as he could as if he were trying to push his whole body into me, until eventually he came deep inside. I moaned as I felt each spurt shooting out of him, and feeling frustrated because I wa so close to cumming myself. He pulled out of me and proceeded to untie me, rubbing my legs and arms as he did to make sure I still had circulation. After helping me to my kneeling position on the floor, he removed the blindfold and the gag, and I moaned as I felt some of his cum start to drip out of my gaping pussy. Looking up at him, I took one of my fingers, grabbed a dollop of his cum as it started to fall from it's wet home, and licked it clean.

    He walked behind me and I forced myself to stay looking forward, dreading what he would say next, fearing he would kick me out. But instead, I felt my necklace being put back on, and once it was securely on, I started crying, but this time for happiness. I wasn't going to lose him!

    "This is your one and only chance my pet. I do hope you learned something during your punishment." His voice whispered next to my ear.

    "It'll never happen again Sir. Oh thank you Sir!"
  2. Old story of mine I had written on Sexforums and am now transferring to here.

    All I see is darkness, and I can't tell if my eyes have been covered or if the room is just that dark. My hands have been bound above my head and I struggle to get loose but it does me no good. I can feel the drool slowly dripping out of the corners of my mouth due to the ball gag that had been placed there.

    How in the world did I end up in this situation? All I remember was being in my nice cozy bed, sleeping away and having an absolutely amazing dream. Not once did I wake up when I was being bound, and I scolded myself mentally for being such a heavy sleeper, but it was to late to do much about it. While I was scolding myself, my ears picked up a small creak and my head turned in that direction, with my heart starting to race. I tried to beg whoever was there to let me go, but all that came out was muffled mumbling. Damn this ball gag!
    I started to struggle against my bonds, trying so hard to work myself loose but whoever had tied me up was quite skilled and I remained bound. A couple of small tears left my eyes as I resigned myself to my fate. Within moments of the tears making their way down my face, I felt fingers start twisting and pulling on both of my nipples. Without even giving me a moment to recover from the sudden sensations of being touched, clamps replaced the fingers and I screamed around the gag causing more drool to be forced out.

    My legs which had been left untied kicked out upon the clamps being put on, and I managed to connect my knee with the intruder's cock. I heard a muffled groan and I smiled to myself. Teach them to try to get away with doing things to me! Unfortunately though, it didn't go without consequence and soon I was being flipped over onto my stomach, and my ankles were tied to the other end of the bed. My ass cheeks were spread apart and I felt something pressing into my forbidden hole. I started to struggle but with a hard smack to my ass I lay quiet and allowed the tears to start to fall. The object was forcefully shoved into my ass and I realized quickly that it was one of my bigger butt plugs that I owned, but how did the intruder find my special toy drawer! I felt so violated, not only was he having his way with me, but he had rummaged through my personal belongings!

    Tears were flowing freely down my face as I lay there on my stomach with my ass full and my nipples clamped and awaited his next move. Without any warning I felt the sting of a crop hitting my ass and I cried out around my gag. Twenty strikes with the crop my ass felt, and I was trying to apologize around the gag and my sobs for having kneed his cock. I just wanted the punishment to end! I could feel my ankles being untied and I was placed on my back once more. My legs were pushed against me until my knees were touching my chest and I could feel his cock at the entrance of my pussy. Even with all the torture, my body had betrayed me and I was dripping wet. So it took no effort at all for him to plunge his cock in one stroke deep inside of me.

    But when he had fully entered me, he stopped and held himself there and I could feel my body try to move against him. He removed the clamps from my nipples which brought even more cries as the blood returned to them. And then the blindfold came off. I blinked a few times as I adjusted to the light and the person I saw was not the person I expected.
    "Stay quiet my pet. You've done well so far but now it's time for me to enjoy your wet pussy." And with that he started fucking my pussy hard and fast, and I could feel my orgasm building up inside of me. I tried to beg with my eyes, to let him know that I desperately needed to cum but he just kept fucking me. Minutes later he leaned down and whispered into my ear. "Cum for me my pet. Cum!" And just as I started to cum, I could feel him shooting his seed deep inside of me.

    After he finished, he reached around my head and released me from my gag. Smiling I looked up at him, and whispered. "Thank you Master."
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