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  1. Hi Ladies,

    I am from Long Island and looking for discreet sex therapist or trainer for free. I can exchange for (whatever you want me to do for you). I am just interested in meeting a woman who always be willing to experiment with me, training my sex talents and giving me the full joy of my life with lots of experiences

    What I look for in a person:
    Gender: White or Latino women
    Age: 18 to 45 with a trained professional friends, single, marriage , 1 on 1 sex , discreet relationship , couple (2 women/Lesbian)

    Talking about my sexual concerns with a trained professional can improve my sex life and intimacy with you. I hope you would help my needs. You will discuss ways to resolve my concerns and help me learn skills and techniques to improve my intimacy (really you) I also want learn how to stroke my cock like Circular Technique of Penis Massage. My goals are exercising to lengthen the penis (bigger) and developing a strong muscular and healthier penis (harder)

    Can you help me make my penis bigger?

    Thank you
  2. Hi ladies,

    I need an honest answer, I have basically been not able to have sex because I am embarrassed about my size. I only have a 5 inches length but 5 inches wide thick.

    Does any ladies enjoy smaller penis?
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