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  1. I invited K round this morning and I hadn't checked the blog in a few days! So I didn't know she was bringing me knickers that she had came into! Do you guys think its normal for me to be excited by the fact she came in her knickers and gave me them?

    Anyway, she arrived at mine and gave me the plastic bag with them in and told me the story! I was very excited by this and K knew it!

    It wasn't long before we were naked in my bed, she kept her "sexy socks" as I call them on. I took a photo which I will upload shortly! You can see for yourself how sexy they are!

    I love K's feet, I love everything about them! K started rubbing my penis and balls with her sexy feet in her sexy socks. I became rock hard. I asked K to come back to the top of the bed which she did, I began to slowly and gently rub her clit with my finger. I was slowly making circles with the very tip of my finger which was getting K really really wet, I could feel and hear the juices moving around as I started to rub her vaginal lips together.

    Whilst this was going on K was pressing on the point between my balls and bum with one hand and was rapidly rubbing my penis with the other! I couldn't take it any more so i climbed on top and entered her. She really was very very wet and I could feel her warm juices wrapping around me. I could hear the noises of the juices and K as I thrust in and out of her.

    I kept on rubbing her clit as I was thrusting and I got quicker and quicker until I let out a pretty loud sigh and started coming inside her. Very soon after this K violently came as she twitched and let out more of a scream than a sigh!

    The whole room stank of us :) It was both unexpected and amazing!

    A :)
  2. Well what can i say.... my lovely boyfriend, A, sent me another picture last night, i couldn’t believe it, i was so turned on and frustrated by the lack of sex we’ve been able to have recently, i was going to pleasure myself but then was too tired and went to sleep. Don’t worry though, here’s why...
    Every few hours in the night i awoke and felt myself throbbing with previous excitement from admiring A’s picture, that was it, as soon as it reached a reasonable time and my mum had left for work I was going to play myself silly!
    I waited for the usual sound of the front door shutting and I lay back in bed and placed my hand over my already wet knickers. I started tapping over my clit, and rubbed my vaginal lips between my fingers. My juices were practically running out of me, and as i was rubbing and teasing myself I remembered about mr pink. Well i’m sure you remember our good friend mr pink the vibrator. I reached into the draw next to me, turned him on and put him inside me so when i tensed my inner muscles i felt the vibration even more! I left him there to pleasure my inside as i continued to circle my clit thinking about the pic from A still with my knickers on allowing my lady cum to collect in them.
    After about ten minutes of not allowing myself to cum and teasing myself to the absolute maximum i let myself go and let out a rather loud moan.
    As a thank you to A for sending me the picture to enable me to have such an amazing masturbation session I saved my girly juice knickers and took them round for A later thisafternoon!
    I now feel fully satisfied and thoroughly looking forward to being back in the flat in the near future. Until then, expect a post from A to find out whether he used my knickers....

    K x
  3. We finally did what K has always wanted to do :)

    I went to pick her up around 9PM, K looked stunning and was dressed very appropriately - she was wearing a skirt, stockings and a low cut top.

    As soon as she got in the car I could tell the atmosphere was very sexual and tense. I was hard and K knew. It took 10 minutes to drive to the beach car park and I wanted to get K excited as I have known about her beach sex dream for years. For most of the journey I was rubbing the front of her knickers with my left hand - I could hear her moaning very quietly and softly as I drove.

    After a few minutes of this K had the biggest grin on her face, She was wet and wanting me inside her. My hand was absolutely soaked and so was the car seat! K had a lot to give tonight.

    I parked the car and looked at K, she was holding her knickers in her hands and smiling at me, she placed them in the glove box. I was throbbing and could smell the strong scent of K's vaginal juices. This was going to be a good night!

    We held hands and walked into the wooded area before the beach. I could still smell K's juices fairly strongly, this just got me harder and harder. We walked into the darkness and found a nice secluded area. It was under the cover and darkness of trees and the ground was very soft and sandy. We sat down and began kissing.

    We started things slowly, kissing for a while and getting used to our surroundings. I slowly and gently started caressing K's breasts and then moved my right hand down towards her vagina. I started again where I left off in the car and slowly and very gently started rubbing and ticking her clit. I wanted to tease K and get her really wanting me. As i was doing this I felt K unbuttoning my jeans and slipping her hand down my boxer shorts. She started playing with the head of my penis, teasing me by rubbing the foreskin backwards and forwards over the head. I felt a little cum leek out.

    We both wanted needed it. I pulled my jeans and boxer shorts down and K carefully climbed on top of me - still with her skirt on. I wasn't finished, I started rubbing the head of my penis up and down her vagina, paying a lot of attention to the clit. She was still moaning softly as K does when shes really really turned on.

    I entered her. K did most of the work thrusting me in and out of her. She started slowly at first and as the time past she started to squeeze her legs and thighs against me and increased the pace. She was enjoying this and it was her night. She then brought her hand down and started rubbing her clit, the moaning increased. I could feel the juices leaking out of her and onto my legs.

    I started thrusting harder and harder and I could feel K's legs getting tighter and tighter - she was shaking and could not control her movements. We were both bordering on orgasm. I felt K's pelvis start to shake and she let out a long soft moan. As I heard this I violently blew my load into her. By now she was squeezing so hard it was starting to become painful!

    K eased the tightness of her legs off and we just lay there for a few minutes. We had finally done what K had always wanted and I was relieved we didn't get caught!

    As I pulled out there were juices everywhere! I didn't know what was cum and what was K's juices! We grabbed a few wipes and cleaned ourselves up.

    I pulled my pants up and we sat next to each other and began talking. We both had really enjoyed the night. I could see a huge smile beaming across K's face.

    Hand in hand we walked back to the car, K pulled her knickers out the glove box, slid them back on and I took her home. We kissed goodnight and I drove back to mine.
  4. This is a continuation of our other post and is written by K.

    So pretty much everything that A said was true..apart from the funny and also slightly embarrassing bits... the first funny thing is that A definitely did not go to buy condoms as far away from home as possible haha, we both went during my lunch break at work and muggins here went to the counter and paid for them alone..because mr A was embarrassed, bless him! and the second funny thing is, our intention was to have sex and then have a shower together, when infact, i was so hung up about my body and i think A was a little subconscious about his too that he had a shower before me and i went in after, only to laugh about it ten minutes later at how ridiculous we were being, so ready for sex and not ready to look at eachothers bodies in a shower! Haha, for everybodys info though, we don't go a day without having a bath or shower together in our lovely flat.
    It was such a lovely night though, valentines day, had a meal, and I agree that I also have no idea what film it was...maybe 'rain man'? or maybe we were even just watching tv... but anyway, after a while of playing with eachother on the sofa and knowing that we'd planned this night to be our first time, it wasn't long before we looked at eachother and knew what was coming. We got to the bottom of the stairs and A checked i was still up for it, which I clearly was...I knew he was the one!
    I can't remember how long it was before he entered me, but it was a rather funny/anxious/nervewrecking moment when we realised the condoms and lube were downstairs. Like A said, I was on the pill but I could tell A was still terrified that I was going to get pregnant, and even now, slowly approaching our 3 year anniversary we haven't had what I'd call a pregnancy scare, even though I know A secretly sh**s himself a lot! not that that is a vital part to this post haha.
    Yeah anyway, it was the best night ever, it wasn't how I expected sex to be, didn't cause as much discomfort as I'd imagined it would but at the same time, it was completely different to how I expected.
    A's penis felt huge and I could feel his pulse pumping inside me, causing me to get wetter and wetter whilst holding him between my vaginal lips. The rest of the sex experience is a bit of a blurr because I was too busy wondering whether I was doing it right and whether A was enjoying it!
    It turns out we both enjoyed it thoroughly and we celebrated by having sex number two the day after! Lovely :)

    Our blog: AandK
  5. This is taken from our blog

    AandK's Sex Blog

    A's version of events:

    It was a few months into our relationship that I decided K was the girl of my dreams and I didn't want anyone else, luckily for me she felt the same way. Very shortly after this realization we decided that we were going to have sex...or "make love" as I think we referred to it.

    I always thought that it would be something that just happened however we ended up having a conversation and as it was a couple of weeks before valentines day we decided that was the night for us!. I was excited but along with the excitement came worry and panic. I wasn't sure what to do?! I had seen porn so should be I expecting that? Will she get pregnant?!

    All this was running through my head and K being the lovely girl she is was completely open to talking about it. A week before the big day she started the contraceptive pill and I travelled as far as was humanly possible away from where I live to go and buy lube and condoms... I remember thinking "should I buy a cock ring too?...what does a cock ring even do?!?!" I decided against it.

    So anyway, after the weeks of torment the big day finally came. Valentines day 2008. I was excited and very, very scared. After a meal round at K's we settled down on the couch and decided to watch a film - I can't even remember what film it was, I literally paid no attention at all.

    Whilst watching the film we were kissing and cuddling, I was afraid to take it any further!. As time passed we started getting a little more intimate and shortly afterwards we both had our hands down each others pants.

    I was ready to explode right there and K was really, really wet. I plucked up the courage and whispered "Shall we go upstairs?".

    It was such a beautiful moment, K didn't reply but she softly took hold of my hands and led me up the stairs.

    Before we knew it we were under the covers and started back off where we left off on the couch. I was stroking her clit really really gently and she had my penis and balls in her hand and was slowly rubbing them both together.

    We slowly started to undress each other, I pulled her top off first and then bra. We started really snogging each others faces off at this point! K still had me in her hands and I was gently squeezing her boobs with one hand and stroking her clit with the other. It was time.

    I realized I had left the bag with the lube and condoms in downstairs so at a pace that could rival Usain Bolt I ran down the stairs and grabbed the bag. K stayed in exactly the same position and as I returned I could see she was as excited as I was.

    She slowly leant back and parted her legs slightly. I put on the condom, lubed up and stretched over her. I then slowly entered her, I could immediately feel how tight she was and could not believe how nice it felt. I could tell it had caused K some discomfort so I asked if she would like me to stop but I was told to carry on.

    It only lasted a few minutes but its a few minutes I will never ever forget. I was thrusting my hips as slow as I possibly could and could feel K twitching with every cm that went inside her. We held hands, we kissed and declared our love for each other.

    I came pretty violently and remember being really, really happy. I think K felt the same way. We took a nice long shower together and snuggled up in bed. I was no longer a virgin and had just slept with the sexiest woman in the world. If I had died then, I would have died a happy man.

    A :)
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