Yes yes yes

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At this moment my hand is wrapped around my hardness stroking it deliberately. Damn it's hard.

I watch my hand traveling up and down, my thumb and index finger forming a circle. It flows from the tip of my engorged head, past the fleshy rim. It slips down to the hard sides of my swollen shaft down to the base.

Continually stroking myself slowly my mind travels to a moment in the past when a brown haired vixen with perfectly shaped breasts played with my cock in a similar manner. Hidden behind bushes at a public park on a lake I had opened her blouse and layed bare her bossum. I sucked on her nipples and made wet circles upon her aeriolas. In turn she tugged on my balls and kept me on the edge of orgasm with her fingers wrapped around my cock.

My head is cocked to the side. Hips making ever so suddle movements up into my hand. My cock is inflexible. It yurns for but one thing. My hand moves slightly faster.

I think of the brunette with the bulbous ass. Her ass cheeks would fill hands as I'd plunge deep into her over and again. Or she'd ride me cowgirl, grinding out her orgasms. I loved the feel of her ass in my hands, squeezing and slapping it. Her orgasm would start silently and end explosively. I love her ass on my face as she sucked my hardon dry.

My eyes open and I see precum seeping from my slit. I rubb it around the head of my cock with my thumb. My fingers now fully grasp my hardon as I begin pounding faster.

I need to cum so bad!

I think of the petite blond with the small tits and pointy nipples. She came up to my hotel room. No sooner was the door shut than I had her pinned up against the wall. I gnawed at her blouse while my fingers ravaged her pussy. She climaxed quickly and often. I then pulled off her panties, hiked her skirt up, freed my cock and fucked her hard against the wall with her legs in the air. She was a screamer.

My loins tighten.

Cock oozes more precum.

I slow my stroke. I want to enjoy this.

My testicle Asends Breathing slows to a stop.

I feel my cum start to strain against the base of my throbbing member.

Tell me you want it.

Beg me to fuck you harder.

Gawd I can't hold out.

The head of my cock swells.

Fuck yes. Arrrggh.

What a mess.
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