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View attachment 274638 View attachment 274638 You've had a long day at work, and come home to find that I have made a nice dinner for you.... As we eat i excused myself to go and start your bath.... I light a few candles in your favorite scent and returns to finish my meal with you.. As you finish up your food I take you by the hand and we go to the wash room, where I help remove your cloths and you slip off into the hot bath. I go and puts you two towels in the dryer so they will be warm when you are ready to exit the bath. You exit the bath and I wrap you in a warm towel while you wrap your hair. I take the towel wrapping you and dry you off as i walk you to the bed and lay you down. I reach and grabs both your wrist and tie them together and pulls them up to the head board. Tie to head board. I go down to each foot and pull each out and tie them off so you are spread eagle on the bed. I reach into the night stand and get your favorite toy out and i run it over your nipples and traces it all over your body making sure i never touch your pussy. I start at your ear nibbling kissing and sucking my way down your body. I pass your pussy working my way down to your feet, i kiss your toes and soles of your feet and works my way back up to your pussy and suck your clit into my mouth getting it good and wet then i sit back put the toy on your pussy and just let it lay there. I get up and goe to the chair by the bed just to sit and watch you squirm around wanting more. After a few minutes of watching you, You beg me to come show you the attention your body is craving oh so bad i return to your side and place my cock inches from your mouth you start reaching hard as you can just to touch it. I am teasing myself too. Im wanting to force my cock in your mouth but seeing you beg to turns me on more and is working wonders in my dark dirty mind. I reach down and grab the toy away from your pussy and drag it ever so slow up your chest to your nipples it’s covered in your wetness. I smear it all over your nipples and lean down and suck each one clean. I look you in the eyes and ask are you ready for more you can only shake your head yes. I grab an anal plug from the bedside table Lube it well and crawl in between your legs and slowly push it into your anus i look at the pain and pleasure cross your body oh how im enjoying it. I have the plug all the way in and I lean down and lap your pussy with my tongue ..... slow and wide strokes a few times. I suck your clit into my mouth and hard and softly bite it in between my teeth while working my tongue over it between my teeth. I continue thid for maybe 15 minutes.. You have climaxed twice in my mouth and is begging me to fuck you. Im so horny i can’t stand it but i control myself so i can back away and admire your beauty and your body shaking and heaving from your heavy breathing. I grab the toy again and turn it on full force and holds it to your clit as i move just the tip of my cock into reach of your mouth. You are sucking it for all it is worth. I feel myself getting excited.. I pull away grab my belt from the floor and brings slow steady strokes across your chest just hard enough to bring a little redness all the while your cumming climaxing again on my face and mouth. While i eat you i twist your nipples .. you hit who knows what climax of the night.... i crawl up your body pressing you down with my weight and slip the head of my cock on your pussy as i kiss you.... making you taste yourself from my lips you are begging me to push all the way in. I whisper in your ear.... I love you and for you to calm down. I reach up untie your hands and slowly slide down your body kissing and licking along the way to your ankles and i untie them.. I crawl back up on the bed look you in the eyes and say make me cum love. You crawl on top of me and your pussy is dripping wet you get in the 69 position and suck my cock all the way in your mouth while i slowly lick the wetness from your lips. You have my cock soaking wet with spit.. You turn and slam your pussy down onto my hard cock and ride me hard. Your riding me so hard my waste is getting sore but im so close to cumming i can’t make you stop... I arch my back close my eyes and moan very loud as i fill your pussy with my cum. You can fill my warmness fill you full you just collapse down on my body wrapping your arms around my neck kissing me And telling me you in love. We lay there maybe 15 minutes or so just basking in the joy you still have the plug in you , i say time to shower dear. I have you lean over the bed i remove the plug we walk to the shower together and we bath and caress each other all over sharing kisses while cleaning up. We go back to the bedroom after drying each other off and still nude we change the soaking wet sheets together then we climb in bed cuddle up and are fast asleep

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