wnt2begoodlver Aug 15, 2012
I came home early one afternoon, I found my wife in bed with her 3 best friends, and a bagload of sex toys. I thought she was getting off, with the Rabbit I gave her along time before, so , when I heard the moaning upstairs, I stripped down to join her. Well, Hello, Surprise, as I entered the room, they were all gonna scatter out, until they saw I was into it, if you know what I mean.
My wife introduced me, as if she was the M.C.
She gave me head in front of them, not to a climax, and we all had sex together.
When I was doing both of her friends, she was getting eaten by her Best Friend. We never left eye contact with each other.
Since then, sex with her,1 on 1 is always good.
No secrets!